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APRIL 2010


Soraya Vaher Violator

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photos by Aleida Rhode

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


pring is a time for change... for blooming and spreading those wings and taking flight. Likewise, AVENUE metamorphosises in many ways this Spring. AVENUE is excited to have several notable fashion icons joining us this month on several fronts. Our new sim and headquarters, AVENUE at GOL, is the mark of a new partnership with GOL and a new era for AVENUE as a whole. At our new sim, we bring you a unique high-end shopping enclave called Couture AVENUE that hosts top couture fashion designers like Baiastice, Chantkare, CheerNo, LeeZu! Lelutka, LG Concept, Nicky Ree and Stylissimo... all under one roof. Join AVENUE Magazine Readers group, for your exclusive gifts and first notice about exclusive designs created by these fabulous designers only available at AVENUE at GOL. I would also like to warmly welcome two new additions to our team, who are stellar fashionistas in the industry - Thalia Jie and Khea Karas, Thalia will be bringing you unique and in-depth perspectives about fashion and Khea will be lending her creative design on the graphic design team. Join me also in congratulating Vixie Rayna in her new promotion as Fashion Editor. So I hope you enjoy the new profferings that all of us at AVENUE continues to bring you... we have also spruced up our layout and design to bring new dynamism in an effort to enhance your reading pleasure too. Happy Spring!

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Aleida Rhode

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


appy Spring everyone! Spring often times bring in inspiration for change, for rebirth. It is during Spring that we do our “Spring Cleaning”, and try to start over. Like trees whose leaves were lost during winter, we sprout out new ideas and ventures that promise to bring a sense of renewal and allows us to look forward to the rest of the days with anticipation. This is the case for our issue this month, as we lay out a refreshingly new layout for you to enjoy this month, along with the season’s freshest looks and ensembles. We haven’t lost our edge and our gorgeous cover image will attest to that. We know there is always new in this crazy virtual world, so each month is a chance to see SL through new eyes, so we gather them all for you to make things easier. In this issue, there are DJs, clubs, interesting places, and new hobbies to immerse yourself in for the month. So here it is, our work of love and devotion to what makes the virtual world go round.


34 Cover Story VIOLATOR

Fashion Icon Applonia Criss

AVENUE Magazine April 2010 cover Featuring Soraya Vaher of Violator Photographer: Divine Tokyoska



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Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Aleida Rhode


F ierce Creative

Awe-inspiring T

hese are the first words that come to mind when you first enter VIOLATOR. Flamboyant, colorful gowns adorned with all the works adorn the store, making you feel as if you’re walking down the corridors of the Fashion Hall of Fame, instead of the brand’s mainstore. The design team of Soraya Vaher and Minx Glaz have created something so unique, so innovative, so on the edge of fashion that they have inadvertently raised the standard for formalwear to a level most designers will never be able to attain. For the April issue, AVENUE was fortunate enough to sit down with one-half of the incredibly talented duo to find out more about the mind behind the designs.

With a name like VIOLATOR, there was no doubt that this line was destined to be in the limelight. Asked about the choice of name for the store, designer Soraya Vaher made it clear that this name was not an accident: “I desired a ‘masculine’ strong name for a fashion brand that was mainly ideated for females, even if I later started to create for men as well. I liked the dichotomy of that and the idea of showing different aspects of femininity, such as an archaic, strong, powerful creature versus an enchanting monster that sometimes desires just to lie in submission. There is no way to categorize what is real feminine and what is not if you don’t play outside the normal stereotypes and supposed gender ‘roles.’ I consider our fashion very ‘sexuate.’” (A term coined by French Philosopher Jacques Lacan, which refutes the notion that gender identity is biologically determined, but is rather determined through roles chosen in childhood.)

Vaher continues on to tell of her passion behind creating her gowns. “A customer should feel the apotheosis of femininity when wearing one of my gowns and to feel free to use the gown to express all of her moods, desires and contradictions. The dress is a way to make your own character unique, seductive, intense… to not be static, but always in motion. I grew up with computer games, since my parents worked in that field, and I like to associate that with haute couture.”

"The dress is a way to make your own character unique, seductive, intense" Interestingly, it was her love of mixing styles that led Vaher to get into creating. She began roleplaying and experimenting with different styles of dress and adding accessories to create what she calls her “hybrid style,” and after constantly being asked where she bought her “creations” she decided to create her own line to really be able to bring to life her creative concepts and her “concrete imagination.” After creating a few pieces that she wasn’t satisfied with, she finally struck gold with the first piece she ever put out for sale, an ensemble appropriately labeled “Golden Swan.” With the debut of her new line, much of the fashion world seemed to be in shock that they weren’t seeing the

usual t-shirt and jeans of a newbie, but rather the sophisticated and unique creations of a talented designer. What most didn’t know was that her designs were so polished because she took her time and didn’t rush to begin selling her immediately. Riddled with doubts about the quality of her work, potential reactions to her work, and questions of whether she even wanted to share her work with others or keep it for herself, Vaher stalled in making a decision. Fortunately for the fashion community, she says her designing partner, Minx Glaz, didn’t have the same doubts, and as a result, VIOLATOR finally came to be. And what about the fashion community? Although they’ve received nothing but praise, Vaher admits that there was never any desire to make a footprint in the fashion world. “When Minx and I started VIOLATOR as a kind of Art Design Project, we only concentrated on creating our own criteria and how to implement it. This is true for everything, from our gowns to our stores, our shows, music, vendors, how we interact with our customers and so on. VIOLATOR stands for its own. This means there is no special intention to make an impact or statement in the fashion world. We don’t care what the fashion world thinks about our criteria. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we don’t appreciate or enjoy any impact or effect that results from our efforts.”

When it comes to her designs, there is no lack of inspiration for Vaher. “I find inspiration from everything and nothing. Friends, lovers, movies, books, theatre, travels, life, all of my experiences, which then culminate into a design from my imagination…mostly. Sometimes it’s really just a mood or a far memory from the past that suddenly comes out. Sometimes it’s even fear or a bad dream. And sometimes I just start to build by playing with the material that I have,” says Vaher. With such a complex mind and design style, it is no surprise that Vaher doesn’t just relax when not designing. In fact, she doesn’t even consider herself the relaxing type, but instead the “strong experience freak,” who relaxes with some BDSM. Yet, it is this contradictory nature of hers that allows her the freedom to realize the extravagant and lascivious designs that we’ve all come to expect from VIOLATOR. So what can we expect next from VIOLATOR that will push the boundaries of fashion? Vaher replies teasingly: “a transparent gown which no one can see.” You have to love her amusing way of telling the world she has no idea what’s to come. Her final words of advice for up-and-coming designers? “Recognize yourself, because you are your biggest friend and enemy…And, if you are a smoker, try out A e-cigarettes!”

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Applonia Criss

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Trinidad Anatine A fashion icon: One with such grace, elegance and a classic sense of style that years after they have faded from media attention, and decades after passing, that icon is still remembered for his or her impact on the world of fashion.

AVENUE | Fashion Icon


hough there are many names in Second Life(tm) that come to mind when you think of fashion, very few will linger on the minds of the masses once they relinquish the spotlight. Yet one thing is for sure, this month’s Fashion Icon, Applonia Criss, owner and designer of Chantkare, whose name has become as famous as her brand, will long be remembered, even after the designs stop flowing and she is done gracing this virtual world with her presence. Sensuous Soulstar: Congratulations on being selected as this month’s fashion icon! It was definitely overdue for you, as you and Chantkare have been paving the way for fashion for awhile now! Tell me, how long have you been involved with fashion, whether it was designing, working for others or even modeling clothing?

Applonia Criss: Wow, let me say a big “Thank You” to you all! I’m so honored to be here. I have always been crazy for fashion, whether in real life or my virtual one. I have been involved with fashion for what seems like forever, lol! When I first arrived I was like, “Ok after Orientation, where do I get clothes, skin and hair quick!” As far as modeling goes, well, (laughs) I was never asked for that. I recall when I wanted to model, which was awhile before I started creating, I was at Lelutka shopping (it was Minnu at that time), and this woman from a very well known

exclusive agency scouted me out and wanted me to join her agency. I had no clue who she was, so I passed on that opportunity. So, who knows maybe if I had become a model I probably wouldn’t have become a creator. But I love and admire all my model girlfriends and the hard work that goes into it. SS: Now we all know who Chantkare is, as you’ve put it to us before, “Funky, Fabulous and Fierce, with Sexy thrown in for good measure.” When did your passion for fashion become so strong that you decided you had to combine funky, fabulous, fierce and sexy all together as one and decided it was time to open a store? AC: HAHAHA! That came about one day when my partner, Long, and I were sitting at home talking about what we like in regards to fashion,

music, art, etc., and we wanted to combine all of that in our avis with our sense of style. And somehow, we were both so passionate about our style that we said “hey, lets if we can sell this to the public.” I was nervous as heck, but he and some really great friends convinced me to go for it, and as they say the rest is history! But you know what, a small secret; I still get nervous like crazy before I release a new collection. (Laughs)

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Mischa Cuttita

SS: Tell me about some of your inspirations, not for the clothing that you design, but for the outfits you choose to wear yourself. Would you say that your personal style can be categorized, or styled after someone/something? AC: Here’s my secret to my sense of style in one word: DARE. Dare to be different. Dare to be Unique. I’m inspired by all that I see in RL fashion obviously. But, I know my avatar, if that makes sense. I know what works on her shape and proportions. Not all things work on everyone in RL, and that rule applies in SL as well. I personally love the classics, but with a twist. My style icon for my avatar comes from three women in RL whom I consider style Icons: Iman, Tina Chow, and Daphne Guinness. I mix all of that in a pot and you get Applonia! SS: Who or what inspires your creations and your style? Are there any RL designers that just make you want to get up and create after seeing their work? AC: OMG!! Many RL designers push my creative


buttons. I see John Galliano and I melt! YSL, Oscar De la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and Viktor and Rolf...the list is endless. SS: Speaking of RL designers, we just lost one of the most daring fashion geniuses of our time, Alexander McQueen. I know you’ve done a tribute piece for AVENUE’s tribute show “For The Love of McQueen.” Tell me, what, if any, inspiration did McQueen have on you or your designs? And what was your inspiration in deciding which piece, color, style, etc. to create for the show? AC: Wow, where do I begin. Mr. McQueen was and IS a fashion genius. I loved his concept of fashion and how he pushed the envelope. I was inspired by the people he loved and that he admired in his circle. One person I knew of was Isabella Bow, who also passed away suddenly. I tried to capture her essence as my tribute to Mr. McQueen. I created the hat first, and then the dress came from that.

“Here’s my secret to my sense of style in one word: DARE.”

SS: Alright, let’s get into the new Spring collection, and maybe see if we can get the inside scoop on the Summer collection as well. I’ve seen a few of the Spring releases on your blog, and I’m in love with Spring Affair! What is the focus for Spring 2010? Are you focusing on a particular color, or maybe another artistinspired collection? And when should we expect the full unveiling of the collection? AC: HA! I like how you finally asked that, lol.

Well darling, I’m so excited to share that with you. Spring 2010 at Chantkare is HOT! We now have a Menswear designer, Boston Westland, and he is FABULOUS! Our Spring collection is called “inMOTHion.” It was inspired by the patterns of Moths and Butterflies, and other creatures of the Rainforest. We wanted a play on texture, color and patterns to brighten your days and nights. We threw out the idea of pastels for Spring. It’s going to be an exciting, FABULOUS Spring for all! The big “unleashing” of Chantkare Spring 2010 will be on March 29th. But first the big event will be a fashion show with Avenue on March 28th. We are so excited. We’re like little kids running around the workroom. Did I mention we will be unveiling our Resort Collection as well? Like I said, so many things are going on at Chantkare, it’s hard to keep up! SS: As always, I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? AC: Hmm, let me see. Well, I will say this: Never be afraid to try different things. Challenge yourself creatively, and always keep positive people around you who feed your creative side, as well as people whom you TRUST. All the rest will fall into place in time. As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A

AVENUE | Headlines


The New Face of an Empire Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann & Annough Lykin


hat do you get when you combine a fashion and entertainment empire with the visionary designs of a building genius? The newest home for the AVENUE empire: AVENUE at GOL. The entire sim was designed exclusively by Dakota Neumann, the creative mind and founder behind the famous GOL sims that are known as some of the most stunning in Second Life®, and is situated with the other family of GOL sims. Created through the vision of Neumann and AVENUE’s founder & CEO, Rusch Raymaker, AVENUE at GOL is home to the new AVENUE headquarters, the A Lounge, and the newest addition to the empire: Couture AVENUE.

On Saturday, April 3rd, AVENUE officially launched its grand opening of the sim with the usual grandeur that the company is known for, beginning with a preview of some of the exclusives to be featured at Couture AVENUE, followed by the usual AVENUE “party of the decade.” It was a rare treat, and a feat of perseverance through the lag, to be able to see eight of the top designers’ creations all on one stage. Couture AVENUE houses exclusive designs from eight of the top fashion designers in Second Life: LG Concept, Casa CheerNo, Nicky Ree, Baiastice, Chantkare, LeeZu, Lelutka, and Stylissimo. Premiering never before seen pieces from their Spring collections, the designers debuted a variety of styles, with the unique features that we’ve come to expect from these big names. Raymaker and her staff managed to successfully tease attendees with a sneak peek of the elusive designs and ensured that Couture AVENUE would be a regular stop for Second Life shoppers who want to get their hands on exclusive pieces from these much sought-after designers. The sim itself boasts a tropical theme, with a modern twist, and follows the simple, yet brilliant design of other GOL sims which create an almost lag free environment - a shopper’s dream. This, of course is a huge bonus for the famous AVENUE runway which has been known to be transformed into magic for especially themed shows. Guests will be greeted with a design simple enough to keep the lag minimal

and to allow visitors to rezz as quickly as possible, with enough seating to easily seat the many that faithfully flock to any show with AVENUE’s name attached to it. Of course the sim is filled with gorgeous landscaping, a staple of GOL, which aims to make sure that beauty comes first in everything they design. As a creation of Neumann’s, the AVENUE at GOL sim houses the beauty you’ve come to expect from GOL, with the sophisticated, modern, trendy look that you’ve come to expect

The newest addition to the AVENUE empire, the A Lounge, is an ultra-modern posh spot done in conservative earth tones with a radiant shade of red splattered throughout to add a funky feel to it. Here you will find a place to relax with friends or dance the night away listening to the sounds of the guests DJ for special parties in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, a welcomed change from the overcrowded, disco ball-filled clubs that many residents are used to.

"The AVENUE at GOL sim houses the beauty you’ve come to expect from GOL, with the sophisticated, modern, trendy look that you’ve come to expect from AVENUE" from AVENUE. Together, the combination is a unique design that not only invites you to shop, but also invites you to just enjoy taking in the view itself. Leisurely stroll around Couture AVENUE and even take a stroll over to the main office or even the A Lounge just to spend a little extra time chilling amidst nature.

With gorgeous scenery, a fabulously simple modern design, zero lag, and of course the exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs of Couture AVENUE, it is clear to see that Raymaker’s savvy business sense and Neumann’s design genius are the perfect match. A


AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Vixie Rayna, Dakota Neumann and Boe Cortes


n case you missed last month’s installment from GOLden Shopping, we’re back to share the best accessories. The sim is full of wonderful designers and each month we will share the hottest releases with the readers of AVENUE Magazine.

cc esso rized

GOLden Shopping is part of the GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to find your own personal style. As soon as you arrive you’ll discover brands such as Aoharu, Anexx, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo, LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Alphamale & Blacklace, Cynful, So Many Styles, Naith Smit Design, Addict, Marcopol Oh Studio, AMG Boudoir, Sr3d Poses, Dezno, BOA Creations, Elymode, HLD, Kiliebe and Berries, Inc. We have everything from clothing and accessories to dance animations and furniture. This month we share the hot new shoes from Anexx, along with the playful accessories from Addict and the fashion-forward jewelry of Marcopol Oh Studio. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!



(Left to Right) Laceup Boots in Mouton Pink Leather Rider Boots - Gray Fringe Sweed Sneaker in Yellow



(TOP - Left to Right) Diamond Bitch Heart Necklace [GOLden Shopping EXCLUSIVE] Gold Peace and Love Necklace Treasured Peacock Necklace (BOTTOM - Left to Right) Ice Cream Paint Job Kicks Brooklyn Glasses Cheetah Hate Knuckle Ring Love Knuckle Ring


Marcopol h Studio

(TOP - Left to Right) My Faith Earrings My Ring Cheri (BOTTOM - Left to Right) My Bangle Lacroix My Bangle Precieuse *Set - Lamp Lily from Marcopol Oh Studio* A

AVENUE | Featured Designer

Angelina Eizenberg Free to Be Who She Wants to Be Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Mischa Cuttita


ou’re not one-dimensional, and neither should your style be. This is Angelina Eizenberg’s mantra, and it’s a good rule to live by. With so many designers focusing on one main line, or one particular style of clothing, Eizenberg brings a breath of fresh air to the fashion world. With her clothing line, Indie Rose, specializing in not just one look, but a variety of styles, Eizenberg gives women the freedom to be who they want to be...or at least look like it.

Sensuous Soulstar: Hello there, and welcome to the sacred Hall of Featured Designers! Kidding! But thank you for taking the time to sit down and give AVENUE a little of your time. Without further ado, let’s get into the questions! Let’s first talk a little about you, tell me, what was your first impression of fashion here in Second Life? And how did you actually get your start designing? Angelina Eizenberg: Fashion here really blew my mind. It was so awesome to see such beautiful creations; works of art really. People wearing these magical gowns, or classic, timeless pieces from the 50s. I just loved it. I love the idea of representing our inner, playful selves through an avatar and being able to wear anything we like to express ourselves. I was at a shop with a girlfriend, and we started talking about becoming creators here and the type of things we would make. It was just a simple conversation that turned into a reality not even a month later. I wanted to create pretty things that I could share with my friends and hopefully share with other people.

SS: Tell me about the first piece you ever designed and how it turned out. AE: I will never forget this! Lol, I made an attempt at a t-shirt. Simple enough right? WRONG! I forgot the back portion of the shirt. So, I had a lovely half shirt. Lol! So I made a note--”remember back of shirt.” And so far I have been pretty consistent with that.

AE: I’m a big fan of the Indie music culture and this name just popped out to me. My designs reflect a very wide range of feminine styles and its non-conformist. I don’t think people here should be one dimensional. You can be and dress and pretend to be whoever you want here. Fashion allows you the freedom to do that.

SS: (Laughs) I think that’s definitely a great example of learning from your mistakes, although, I’ll admit a cute half shirt might not be a half bad idea! How long were you designing clothes before you felt comfortable enough with your designs to open your first store, and how did the community receive you? AE: Oh, I probably created for a few weeks. Just simple dresses, then I rented a small shop at a mall. When I decided to move my shop to a bigger mall-with more promotion and such, I started to get bigger crowds which meant people came up to me and either said they really liked my creations or gave me suggestions as to what other things I could make that they would like to see. So I got a lot of positive feedback and a lot of constructive feedback as well. I took all of that into consideration to make my brand better.

SS: I love that you have variety in your styles. There’s a rocker look, a couple of innocent sweetheart looks, and even a sexy night out on the town with the girls/ clubbing look. (One can never go wrong with a satin ruched mini skirt!) What was your goal in creating these items? Did you feel there was something missing here in SL that you needed to bring into the fashion world? AE: When I came in here, I found a lot of beautiful creations. While I could find bits and pieces from many different shops that I could combine and put together, mostly every shop had a main line focus. They specialized in one thing or were gigantic brands that did it all. I like the fact that my shop is small but you can still find a variety of high quality, unique styles that don’t hurt your wallet. For me it was important, and still is, that my customers have a wide range of choice and are satisfied with the end product. I just try to create unique, pretty things and hope that people like them enough to take them home.

SS: Constructive feedback is absolutely crucial to continually keeping the customer interested in your brand. Now let’s get into your line. Tell me about Indie Rose. Let’s start with the name, where did that come from?

SS: Now you not only design clothes, but you have started creating skins as well. Tell me how you got started and what we can expect next with that? AE: Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a person that likes to try to do many things, learn and gain experience. So when I ventured into skins it was with that purpose: to learn how to create skins and see where it took me. Keeping in mind the concept that I wanted to provide my customers with a little bit of everything, and

them is by season! Yes, look forward to more colorful and intricate fabrics, more flowy dresses and beach wear. It’s all about female sensuality and femininity for me this Spring/ Summer. Delicate, flowing, floral fabrics to make you feel pretty. I also have a shoe line and accessories coming out soon. I’m working on a few pieces for the Spring and Summer collection; very special pieces to supplement my fashion designs.

"Keep trying, keep creating, keep growing, keep learning and you will succeed" give them choices. I don’t create skins often so I don’t know in what direction that will go, but for now there are no plans for future skins. My main focus is fashion and while there might be a few odds and ends in my creations, fashion is always the center piece. SS: So, what should we expect next from Indie Rose? Anything pushing the boundaries of fashion coming out for the New Year? Any details that you want to share about the Spring line? Should we be looking for an emphasis on a particular color or look this season? AE: Expect the unexpected! My ideas come from left and right field. The only way I control

SS: And as is my signature interview ending, is there any advice that you would give to up and coming/aspiring/struggling designers trying to make a footprint in the SL fashion community? AE: The most important piece of advice I can give to anyone is just to be patient. Stick with it. It’s important to take the good with the bad. Keep trying, keep creating, keep growing, keep learning and you will succeed. SS: Such lovely advice from such a lovely woman. Look out for the upcoming Spring/ Summer Collection from Indie Rose and ladies, get ready for gorgeous, flowy florals! A

AVENUE | Featured Editorial

collections presented by major fashion houses. Sissy Pessoa’s designs reflect her understanding and knowledge of Italian fashion. As a resident of Italy, she’s influenced by the vibrant and exciting world that is Italian fashion design.

Writer: Thalia Jie Photographer: Natasja Schumann


n the world of Second Life® fashion, Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice needs no introduction. Each season, we have come to expect and anticipate new season collections from Baiastice. In the same manner as the real world fashion houses, Baiastice presents autumn/ winter and spring/summer collections which range from evening and day wear to casuals and accessories. But Baiastice does far more than just mimic the

Italian fashion stands amongst the world’s most important fashion design industries and has always been a vital and dynamic part of the culture of Italy and its society. Many of the major Italian fashion houses are household names: Gucci, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavelli, Versace, Fendi, and Missoni to name a few. “The fashion industry is an important aspect of Italian culture” Sissy explained “Milan with its longstanding traditions of excellence and creativity in design stands as the world capital of fashion and behind it is an entire industry from model agencies and recruitment, to event management to fashion marketing and publications.” “Milan also hosts a fashion week twice a year, and we have fashion events throughout Italy from the North to the South in seaside towns

and resorts as well as many fashion shows on television and fashion magazines. Milan’s upscale fashion district, the “’quadrilatero della moda’ is a famous tourist destination” explained Sissy “and a wonderful place for window shopping.”

“You can say that Italian people are born with a fashion attitude” laughed Sissy. “It’s very much a part of our daily lives.” From this wealth of creativity and hotbed of fashion innovation, Sissy has always had a particular favorite. “I love so many designers in the world, but my predilection is always for Armani” explained Sissy. “The Armani style is always recognizable, both in shapes and colors.” It’s no surprise that Sissy Pessoa would cite Armani as her favorite designer. Armani is well known for his use of fluid lines and sophisticated and sensual styles. That same subtle elegance defines Baiastice gowns. Giorgio Armani was recently quoted as saying that “fashion should evolve rather than change radically from year to year.” He commented that he had always tried to do things that are new but that can be combined with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe. That same influence extends throughout the Baiastice collections, especially in Sissy’s casuals, daywear, and accessories, pieces that can be combined and matched to create a range of different looks from a few basic pieces.

The ease of mixing and matching pieces reflects Sissy’s second choice of fashion influences when she says “This last year my attention is going on Antonio Marras, fashion designer and art director for Kenzo. He composes, decomposes, and reassembles pieces.” Sissy went on to explain that “it’s a particular feeling that you have when you are looking at a Marras style. The clothes, the separate pieces ‘dismantle’ into different parts but still with an Italian ethnic touch from his Italian birth place.” However, Sissy believes that “In this new century, we live in a big cultural melting pot where everything is a mix and match of styles and influences.” Sissy went on to explain that “I live in that same melting pot, and so many designers are inspirational for me. I have a real predilection for haute couture and a designer like Hussein Chalayan has changed my point of view about dress shapes.” One of the enduring style influences in Sissy’s work is her reinvention of 1980’s fashion styles. “I was born in 1980,” said Sissy, “and I think I have a nostalgia for something that’s known but never lived. The 80’s were years of renewal for fashion and represented the emergence of styles still relevant even this season.” Whatever criticisms and limitations, and there are many, are pointed at the Second Life® viewers and meshes, Sissy Pessoa has taken her love of fashion design, her Italian fashion

heritage, her awareness of the wider world of fashion innovation and translated it into Baiastice – one of Second Life’s® major fashion houses. A

AVENUE | Featured Designer

Aurelia Scarpulla

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Mischa Cuttita

Formula for Fashion T

here are designers in this world who step outside the box to create, this month we meet with Aurelia Scarpulla of Wardrobe Outfitters. Her latest collection, “Mugshots� was released to rave reviews. Her work offers a social commentary on the lives we lead, first and second. Join us as she shares the inspiration for her designs and her formula for future expectations.

Vixie Rayna: AVENUE Magazine is very happy to share you and your work with our readers this month!! How did you find out about Second LifeÂŽ? What made you want to stay? Aurelia Scarpulla: Oh wow, actually it was an RL friend of mine who had started some projects here and told me about this world. I was interested for sure and simply curious,

but did not really know what it was all about. Once I got here, I was hooked ^^ Too much to see and too much to experience. VR: It’s hard not to get hooked once you see what this world has to offer. Were you immediately drawn to the fashion scene? What made you decide to become a designer?

AS: Actually no! First off I was in to the Role Play world, 18th century style, then one needed clothing, so I started creating my own. Prims all over the place, but hey, one has to start somewhere right? :) And from there I started to incorporate my personal style. VR: That’s a great place to start! AS: Well at least some place hehe :) VR: Your clothing is playful and fashion-forward. You balance the inspiration of surrealism with wearable fashions. What inspires you to create? AS: Wow... I always find that question tough. I get inspiration from everywhere. Initially the modern stuff was inspired by things I wanted to wear myself RL. Still is, but later on it is everything I can grasp... music, art, TV commercials, people in the street etc., etc.

"I get inspiration from everywhere... music, art, TV commercials, people in the street"

VR: The Mugshots collection was recently released. How did the concept for that collection evolve? AS: Sure was! Hehe, actually it was based on a conversation I had with some friends. Why in the hell we people tend to have this ability to put people in certain columns? We criticize far too easily and make them “criminals” for no reason at all. VR: Sort of like we are judge and jury? AS: Well exactly so Vixie!! Whether they are “too blonde”, “too big boobs”, or “too slutty”.

VR: Do you feel like that is more common in SL™ than RL? AS: I found it interesting that we have that presumption RL, should not be so SL™... but still exists here. I don’t think it is more so SL™, but rather equal. We have this idea that it should be more free to be whomever you want to in here, but that is not the case according to me. So therefore I just created something I wanted and if people dig it, then funky! VR: I think that is a wonderful outlook! What can people expect to see from you in the future? AS: Well... expectations in my point of view can be a good thing... but also dangerous.

drooling about your next work! AS: But what I can say is that it will appeal those who want to stand out and do not wear a ballgown at Frank’s. VR: SL™ just as RL is about balance, what occupies your time in SL™? AS: Work, communications, work... work, communications, work... work, communications, work. Before I had other priorities ^^ But it has come to this..:P

"Expectations should not be the same as a definite answer in an equation. In my equation the answer is x"

VR: Like too much pressure? AS: Expectations should not be the same as a definite answer in an equation :) In my equation the answer is x. VR: Yes it should allow for adjustments. :P Are you working on anything now? AS: Nah, well yes, always working ;) VR: So spill the beans missy lady! AS: I never kiss and tell ;) VR: Lolss!! I just want the readers to start

VR: Is it all work? Not any play? AS: Hehe... well 80 % work 20 % fun :) So it is alright ...:) But working is fun, so I see that as game as well...:)

VR: Yes it’s good to make time for fun! What do you do for fun? AS: No, but for fun I usually get together with old pals here, dropping a tune or two and get together and express our hate for all the prim cocks walking around here .^^ VR: Thank you so very much for speaking to AVENUE Magazine! It was wonderful having you with us! Is anything you would like to add? AS: Thanks so so much for having me Vixie! :)) Ppl! Stay true to yourself!! Remember it is a second life! Use it well and let your imagination let loose here! A

AVENUE | Fun with Fashion

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pring is the time of the year when designers predict the upcoming trends and styles. The future is here, and Second Life¨ fashion is pushing the boundaries. Almost every designer has sheer looks, some are over-the-top sexy and others exude daring confidence. The stark desert is a perfect background for cutting edge fashion this month and we’re going to bring LeeZu, Baiastice, and Cynful on our trip to the sheer future.


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LeeZu always wows us with her inventive styles and unique designs. The newest release known as the Bon Voyage suit is a futuristic marvel. It has a sleek silhouette complete with daring transparent areas over the bodice and dramatic sculptural shoulders.

Bon Voyage ////////////////////////// /Hair Lelutka Pompai in Burnt /Skin KA Bardot Vivienne Pale Make Up 01 /Eyes MADesign Dimensional in Twilight /Lashes Glow Studio Drama 02 /Earrings Glow Studio Glass Set in Black /Outfit LeeZu Bon Voyage /Shoes Lelutka Saffron in Black

/////////////////////////////////// Zig-Zagged /Hair Labieja Elina in Blanc /Skin KA Bardot Agnes Pale Make Up 04 /Eyes MADesign Dimensional in Hidden /Lashes Glow Studio Vanity in Feather Fly /Necklace Modern Gypsy Pride in Silver /Bangles Marcopol Oh Studio My Bangle Lacroix /Ring Marcopol Oh Studio My Cross Ring /Dress LeeZu Kiss Sarah Flexi, SinSin Flexi & Kali Layers /Shoes Lelutka Saffron in Black

LeeZu does such wonderful blacks. I had to showcase the Kali dress with it’s zigzag cutouts and sheer glitter body suit. The dress layer is stylish by itself, but the flexi skirts from the SinSin and Kiss Sarah dresses really make this outfit unique.

The daring energy of sheer is harnessed in the Baiastice cage top. It’s a sheer wire corset with zippers that wraps you up in architectural chic. The zipper pants and booties from COCO tie the outfit together for a bold statement look.

//////////////////////////////////////////// Caged /Hair MMS (Now Lelutka) Hera in Autumn /Skin KA Bardot Agnes in Make Up 08 /Eyes MADesign Dimensional in Twilight /Lashes Glow Studio Vanity in Feather Fly and Drama 2 /Earrings Glow Studio OMG! /Bracelet (Right) Grunge Beads and Trinkets /Bracelet (Left) Calypso Giano Razorblade in Classic Black /Corset Baiastice Cage /Pants Coco Zipper Leather /Shoes Coco Zipper Bootie

Sheer Volume /////////////////////// /Hair KA Bardot Blonde /Skin KA Agnes Bardot Pale Make Up 04 /Eyes MADesign Truth Blue 07 /Lashes Glow Studio Bolder in Black Crow /Earrings Glow Studio She /Shirt Cynful Neckholder in Black Sheer /Poncho Sweetest Goodbye Desire in Black /Skirt RunoRuno After Ballet Class Skirt /Shoes Lelutka Saffron in Black

Up-and-coming designers like Cynful have been releasing tons of see-through fashions. This casual shop is full of separates that are perfect for mix and matching. The Neckholder top is a fitted and completely sheer tank that works wonderfully for layering. The After Ballet Class skirt from RunoRuno is a silk masterpiece of volume. To balance the look, I’ve topped it off with the Sweetest Goodbye poncho. The rugged textures of the poncho give the outfit a more disheveled feel.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Even you can be daring and modern in the new sheer trends. Take some time to find your own way to interpret the sexy see-through styles. Until next month, remember that fashion is fun! Love, Vixie


AVENUE | Edge of Style

Spring into Aoharu Photographer Writer Stylist AVENUE Model: Boe Cortes


pril showers and blossoming flowers as we enter the new season, so lets Spring into Aoharu with the latest release of suits by Machang Pichot. This well tailored Elegant Suit comes in a range of 12 different colours, now guys, you’re maybe thinking “I will only ever wear black and I’ll wait till my partner drags me off to another wedding event”. Well, weddings don’t happen everyday, so here are some ideas on how to make the most of all the colours, by mixing and matching the elegant suits with a range of extra options to create different styles. /Skin Lelutka Ismael /Jacket Aoharu ElegantSuit in LightBlue /Shirt Aoharu ElegantSuit as Option/Shirt in Pink (Upper/Under) /Tie Aoharu ElegantSuit_Option/Shirt in Cream with LightBlue Tie (Collar/ShortTie) /Vest Aoharu ElegantSuit in Cream /Pants Aoharu - ElegantSuit in Gray (Slacks_Under) /Shoes Redgrave Casual Loafers in Creme /Hat Lelutka GASTON hat in white

The elegant suit comes with a white shirt with short and long prim tie, and sleeves with or without jacket. The Jacket itself has a vest attachment, and both can be worn individually with many options, with resizeable script menu. With 13 different coloured shirts available to buy, you can choose from 3 different options, the Open Wild collar with no tie, the closed collar with long or short tie version that allows you to change tie colour via a menu, and lastly for the more geeky or tux style, a bow tie shirt also with a menu driven colour change. Who needs a wedding to dress in the latest Aoharu suit, when it’s just as stylish to casual it down with all the extras for all occassions?

/Skin Lelutka Ismael /Hair MADesigns HAIR -JAKE - GDBL III /Shirt Aoharu ElegantSuit as Option/ WildShirt in Yellow with Short /Sleeve (Upper/Under) /Collar Aoharu ElegantSuit_Option/WildShirt in Pink /Vest Aoharu ElegantSuit in Pink /Pants Aoharu ElegantSuit in White(Slacks_ Under) /Shoes ANEXX FringeSweedSneaker in White /Suspenders Kari New School suspenders in White

/Skin Belleza Thomas v2 Med /Hair Buried Hiroshi in Midnight /Shirt Aoharu ElegantSuit - Option/ WildShirt in Gray with ShortSleeve /Shirt Collar and Cuffs Aoharu ElegantSuit_Option/WildShirt in Light Blue /Pants Aoharu ElegantSuit in LightBlue (Slacks_Pants) with Black Belt /Shoes ANEXX HorseBitLoafer in Black/ Crocodile_Silver /Necklace ROZOREGALIA CORNUCOPIA*NECKLACE[SI]

/Skin Belleza Jonas /Jacket Aoharu ElegantSuit in Red /Shirt Aoharu ElegantSuit as Option/Shirt in Green (Upper/Under) /Tie Aoharu ElegantSuit as Option Shirt_ BowTie(ShirtCollar) in Blue /Pants Aoharu ElegantSuit in Blue (Slacks_ Under) /Shoes ANEXX HorseBitLoafer in White with Crocodile_Silver /Hat Argrace Hunting Cap in White

/Skin LaVie Mark Full Beard Pale_tattoo by Shina Shan /Hair Lelutka TYLER Hair in Natural Brown /Vest Aoharu ElegantSuit in Navy /Pants Aoharu ElegantSuit /Slacks in Violet /Shoes Aoharu WALK_MeshBeltSndals in Brown /Bracelet Sey Leather bangle in turquoise /Necklace Arai necklace_brop

/Skin Belleza Jonas /Hair Lelutka ZAC Hair in Caramel Brown /Shirt Aoharu ElegantSuit as Option/Shirt in Wine tucked /Tie Aoharu ElegantSuit_Option/Shirt in Brown (Collar/LongTie) with Gold Tie /Pants Aoharu ElegantSuit_Brown (Slacks_ Pants) /Shoes ANEXX HorseBitLoafer in Light Brown with Crocodile_Gold


AVENUE | Homme


pring: A Time for

Photographer Writer Stylist AVENUE Model: Jarl Soderstrom


s I am writing this the snow is finally melting off of the mountains. The flowers and trees are starting to bloom. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It must truly be spring! And as fashionistas we all know that spring is a time for change. It’s the time where we take all those heavy jackets, gloves, scarves and other winter whatnot and stick it into the back of our virtual closets. While most Goths, witches undertakers and lawyers might feel fine wearing black or other dark and somber colors during this time, most of us do not. As spring come our thoughts turn to lighter things, lighter clothes and lighter colors! So what I have done for this month is put together three outfits that I really hope you will enjoy as we transform our wardrobes together.

Transformation My first outfit is inspired by flowers, in fact the jacket from Shiki is titled: “bouquet nouveau” and it really lives up to it’s name! It’s a virtual explosion of colors and flowers, the vibrant reds really make this beautiful jacket a feast for the eyes. I coupled it with a simple pair of white plaid shorts from KG. And rounding off the casual springtime look is a pair of boardwalkers from surf couture to keep that really laid back spring look.

For the second outfit you might want to don a pair of sunglasses because it really is a blinding array of colors! The centerpiece of this outfit is obviously the colorful hoodie from Zoobong. Nothing says relaxed springtime like this hoodie vest in bubblegum from Zoobong. Also from Zoobong we have a casual pair of white pants that are stylish enough for running about town or relaxed enough to sit in a nice hammock under the tree in your garden. To keep the vibrant colorful mood set by the hoodie top, I added a pair of Porn Star hightops from Urban Bomb Unit and wore them in lemon yellow.

The final outfit I chose for you is not as colorful as the first two outfits but it’s still very urban, outdoorsy, and adventurous nevertheless. The first thing your eyes are drawn to is the lovely leapard skin jacket from Casa CheerNo, so soft and lifelike you can almost hear it purring. I matched it with a grungier pair of shorts from GRASP. These shorts have patches of leopard skin of their own along with a baggy urban design. Continuing on the safari/leopard theme I added a pair of leopard skin shoes from CheerNo and finished everything off with dreadlocks from Capleton and ethnic wooden jewelry from Rozoregalia for a truly unique urban safari look. A

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda



2010 Masterpiece

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Annough Lykin & Tillie Ariantho


hantkare has done it yet again. On March 28th, Applonia Criss’ Chantkare debuted it’s Spring 2010 Collection “inMOTHion,” as well as its new Men’s collection, ChantkareMale by the newest Chantkare addition, designer Boston Westland, to a full house and, as expected, it left the audience drooling for more.

"Chantkare brought the daring, shades of turquoise, red, beige, and over-the-top Gorgeous green played the background to beautifully intricate patterns that reflected the theme fashion statement of Chantkare’s Spring Collection: moths, butterflies, and other beautiful creatures of the As each of the male-female model that we’ve all come to rainforest. pairs graced the runway, it was clear to see just in sync Criss and Westland were in creating expect from this line" how this new collection. The duo have managed to create the perfectly complementary Spring wardrobe for men and women, and both genders will be able to exude a sense of sex appeal with these pieces. Legs were abundant with most of the designs, and both designers showed that either gender can pull off a little extra sexiness by showing just a little more leg! Although, in the battle of shortness, Criss won by a large margin with a few dangerously short designs that stopped just shy of flashing the crowd, showing the world that she can safely push the boundaries of fashion while still allowing a lady to be a lady.

New Chantkare designer Boston Westland has certainly outdone himself this Spring season with sensational patterns, and adding to the bold statement that the Chantkare brand is so well-known for through the use of bold colors, unique designs, and an experimental use of different patterns and textures. ChantkareMale brought out sexy casuals and beachwear that are sure to turn the ladies’ heads. Jackets, high collars, and rolled cuffs were a big part of these designs, and while the usage was a bit heavy, this was easy to overlook since the combination of the three mixed with the colors and patterns chosen for the season made each piece an instant hit. Never one to disappoint, Chantkare brought the daring, over-the-top fashion statement that we’ve all come to expect from this line, with fierce hair and even more fierce accessories to match. By bringing together the best of the best, with CheerNo and Lelutka providing the models’ flawless skins, and the one-andonly goddess of shoes herself, Stiletto Moody, providing her new Bare Spring Collection as the perfect complement to the already stunning women’s collection, Criss ingeniously put together the ultimate Spring look, with her Chantkare line at the forefront. Even the hairstyles of the female models were perfectly over-the-top, and a welcomed accessory to the creature-inspired clothing.

As the crème de la crème of AVENUE models strutted, and even ran, across the beautifully crafted runway, thunderous applause rang, mouths dropped, and the fashion bar was raised about two more notches. Using a gorgeous interplay of the moth/butterfly concept with not only soft, subtle colors, but also a few bold, radiant hues for Spring, these awe-inspiring, creative minds showed that not only could they utilize the patterns of the moth and the butterfly, but that they also took inspiration from the shades of these often overlooked creatures. It is safe to say that the Fashion Icon has done it yet again. She has brought together the perfect combination: a superbly talented male designer, a low lag, high quality production, gorgeous, well trained models, the most delicious skins and shoes in Second Life®, and a clothing line that makes her a legend in the fashion community. As Ms. Criss once reminded us, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, maybe not, but “inMOTHion” just made us fall head over heels in love with A Spring in just one show.

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Mischa Cuttita

Vixie The Versatile


ixie Rayna has been in Second Life since 2007. Since then she has been made quite a name for herself and having a ton of fun along the way. Vixie is AVENUE’s Model of the month! I had the privilege of speaking with her and got to find out more about her life in SL. Read what she has to share about her experiences thus far.

AVENUE | Model of the Month

“I was so impressed with the styles and really just amazed at the life you could build. I saw it as an opportunity to really enjoy fashion!” Augusta Carver: You have been named AVENUE’s Model of the Month for March, Congrats! So tell me, how long have you been modeling with AVENUE? And how has the journey been so far? Vixie Rayna: Wow! Thank you so much, this is such a wonderful honor. Modeling with AVENUE has been such a rewarding experience. I’ve been with AVENUE since October of 2008. It’s been great fun to be a part of all the shows and shoots, I still can’t believe it’s been well over a year. Time flies!

AC: How did you hear about AVENUE Modeling Agency? VR: I met Rusch while working with CAPTURED, and immediately was drawn to her professionalism and positive attitude. It made me curious to find out more, and I was blown away by the work AVENUE was doing with the Magazine and the Agency. I submitted an application and Rusch took a chance on me. The rest is history. AC: Why did you choose to become a model? VR: I came to SL in search of this fashion scene that people were talking about online and in television. As soon as I rezzed it totally stole my attention. I was so impressed with the styles and really just amazed at the life you could build. I saw it as an opportunity to really enjoy fashion! JCNY was one of the very first stores I found, and I was smitten with JD’s ad campaign. The models were so stylish, and the photography so impressive. It led me to Elysium Eilde and my entry into the JCNY contests. She was totally responsible for setting me on the right path with an amazing portfolio. It gave me the confidence I needed to network and learn more about the industry. Those connections led me to several agencies who took me on and trained me in runway and print.

AC: How was your very first show with AVENUE? VR: My very first show with AVENUE was Boudoir Secrets in Winter 2008. It was and still is my favorite AVENUE show, the production was top notch. It was fantastical really, and I was very honored to be a part of it. AC: Are there any goals you have set for yourself in SL modeling?

“I love knowing that I’ve taken on a challenge and succeeded.” AC: What drives you to succeed?

VR: I’ve been so very lucky in SL with my modeling career, it wasn’t the typical path but it worked for me. I never attended modeling school in SL. It really has been about taking chances that felt right, working with people I enjoy both professionally and personally. I love being part of a community and for me fashion has been a home. My work in modeling has led me to all the things I enjoy today. It’s taking me from the winner’s stage at the JCNY Model’Fest to a top model with AVENUE, MAD Agency, and Modavia Supermodels. It’s brought me connections which landed me current work as a Fashion Editor with AVENUE Magazine and Manager of LeeZu. All of my experiences combined prepped me for my work with GOL, and most of my goals are about shining a light on our wonderful community. It’s very unique in both worlds, a place where one can immerse themselves in architecture, shopping, music, and life.

VR: It’s within me...I love knowing that I’ve taken on a challenge and succeeded. That reward is a bit addicting, and it’s probably why I work so very hard. AC: Outside of modeling, what do you like to do? VR: Besides the modeling work I do in-world, my SL is very busy with my family and friends plus my other jobs. I am Assistant Fashion Editor for AVENUE Magazine, Store Manager for LeeZu, and Creative Director for GOL. For me I love working hard in both lives really, I get antsy when I don’t have things to do. I have a wonderful life here, I have a loving partner in Dakota Neumann and a beautiful family with my girls Cal and Ash. They make all the hard work worthwhile! I get to go home to them each day to relax and have fun.

AC: Do you have anyone who inspires you (a role model)? VR: I have to say that my friends and family all inspire me. Without them, I wouldn’t even want to be in this world. They bring love, laughter, and unconditional support. I can’t thank them all enough: Kota, Cal, Ash, Boe Beanie, Laya, Chalice, Kallis, Dimi, Beer, Maile! Really all the ones that know they are special. AC: Do you have any favorite stores you have to shop at when something new is released? VR: Oooh goodness you are a tough interviewer! That’s like asking a parent to name their favorite kid. Can’t I name them all? Okay... so my favorites...please don’t shoot me for the long list! LeeZu of course, she’s always fashion-forward and so very creative. I also adore the work of Aoharu & Anexx, it’s stylish and fresh. Plus Machang is a doll! LG Concepts is amazing!! Ooh oh and I adore Maitreya, Coco, Baiastice, Miamai, So Many Styles, Nardcotix, Glow Studio, BOOM, Marcopol Oh Studio, Elymode, Diram...really I could go on forever. Now you know why I work so hard... I have a major shopping habit to support! AC: Name one thing people might not know about you if you never told them:

VR: Many assume that I work in the fashion industry real life. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, I’m a nurse and I wear very unfashionable hospital scrubs to real life work every day! I think that is what drives me to be creative in Second Life, it’s my chance to express myself with style and to really immerse myself in world with others passionate about fashion. If this was my livelihood real life, I’m not sure I would like it as much. My SL isn’t really work, it’s fun! AC: If you could give one piece of advice to models and potential models what would it be? This world is probably a truer reflection of self than even our real lives. VR: We are here because we are passionate about our interests. If modeling is a passion of yours, then make it a priority. Modeling is very competitive, and you must realize up front that nothing will be handed to you. If you want to succeed you have to put in the time and effort. That means investing in your avatar, with clothing, accessories, poses...everything really. You must take the time to learn the skills needed for the job, either through your connections or enrolling in a reputable modeling school like AVENUE. It’s not just about being a pretty face, there are a thousand with perfect avatars. Your determination, personality and drive are the real secrets to success in SL. A

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Road to Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Aleida Rhode



nce again it’s time to meet the lovely ladies selected as My Precious Princesses for the month of March. These three beauties have earned an opportunity to compete for the coveted My Precious Queen title and extraordinary prizes totaling over 250,000L. AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious

Queen Contest and will provide the winner with an opportunity to be the featured cover model in an issue of AVENUE Magazine as well as provide the winner with a scholarship to attend AVENUE Models Academy. The March winners are Arkaine Cazalet, Enchanteddreams Bebb, and Ananya Mai. Here’s your chance to learn more about them.


Arkaine Cazalet Royal Princess – March 2010 Arkaine is a fun loving and free spirited person who enjoys shopping, photography, socializing, and exploring new places in SL™. However, her passion is modeling. She finds it to be a challenging yet rewarding career and she strives to be the best model that she can be. As it relates to style, Arkaine prefers vintage looks with some sort of modern twist. Favorite My Precious Design: “No contest, my favorite is the Forever Gown because it is pink, frilly, and extravagant. It is heaven in dress form. When I wear it, I truly feel like a princess, just like I've been transported into one of the fairytales I loved so much as a child.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “A Queen is someone who is the best of the best, regal, elegant, and poised. I always strive to embody these qualities to the very best of my ability. Additionally, I am entranced by the elegant, stunning garments showcased by the My Precious label. I have been entering this contest for some time and I want this so badly. It would be an honor to have the chance to represent My Precious as its Queen. I would represent the brand with the dignity, poise, and grace.” Beauty tip: “Be unique, but be true to yourself. In a world where a ninety-seven year old man with a limp and no teeth could theoretically be a top female model, standing out from the crowd is paramount. I look at myself every day and ask, what makes me different? If my answer is nothing, then I'm not doing something right.”


Enchanteddreams Bebb Royal Princess – March 2010 Enchanteddreams is an easy going and carefree lady who describes her sense of style as ever-changing. She enjoys building, photography, scripting, and shopping. She is also a gifted model who wants to educate and mentor aspiring models and one day head her own agency. She’s been in SL since 2007 and continues to be amazed by the diversity and creativity that exist in this world and loves the fact that there are no limits to what she can achieve here. Favorite My Precious Design: “It would be hard to say I have one favorite, I like them all! However, if I had to choose just one, it would be Agnes Moment White. This dress has the look of innocence. It’s subtle but very stylish and free flowing.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown:” I feel that I would best represent Agnes Finney as a good will ambassador because of the experience I can bring to the table. I offer excellent runway and communication skills. I am also a true fan of Ms. Finney’s work and believe that I will make a strong and positive statement about her brand.” Style tip: “Accessorize any outfit you wear. Carefully pick jewelry, eyelashes, and shoes that complement your clothing. Also ensure that all prims fit properly and that you select the right poses for your outfit.”


Ananya Mai Royal Princess – March 2010 Ananya loves to laugh and have fun but is serious and driven when it comes to achieving her goals, especially her goal of becoming a fashion show organizer. She is an avid shopper who found herself intrigued by the professionalism and organization of the SL fashion industry and decided to try her hand at modeling. Four months later, she’s proving that she’s definitely someone to watch. Ananya’s hobbies include dancing, styling and spending time with her RL and SL love, Modokun Republic. Favorite My Precious Design: “It is Agnes Moment White. I just melt while I wear it. I love the way the fabric moves, it’s so light and soft. I love the contrast of the beautiful black bow against the stunning white silk. I will often put it on and just spin around to watch the way it moves. It is an amazing dress.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “Oh I seriously don’t know what to say to this question. I love every piece Agnes Finney makes and to be able to say that I was her Precious Queen would be a dream come true and a complete honor.” Style tip: “Stay informed of new goodies and styles and be open to the creativity of likeminded fashionistas. I enjoy reading blogs because I always pick up handy hints. When styling, leave your unique fingerprint on it and always have fun with it.” If you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney in world to learn what you need to do to enter and shop for some of Second Life’s most beautiful gowns. Who knows, you just might find yourself being featured in next month’s issue of AVENUE Magazine. A


AVENUE | Shopping in SL™

A Woman’s Shopping Paradise

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Trinidad Anatine


econd Life® is a haven for shopaholics around the globe. And if there weren’t already enough stores, malls, and stalls lined around your favorite hangouts to drain your Lindens, owners are now making your shopping experience more personalized. One of the best examples of this can be found at ALBERO, a shopping mall, or shall I say experience, tailored just for women.

There are 79 active stores, all on a handy map located on different sides of the mall area, which comes in handy especially if you’re on a shopping mission and don’t want to spend hours walking around the entire area. The setting could not be more beautiful: an outdoor mall/outlet feel, with beautiful décor, lush green grass, and paved pathways leading the way to each store’s front door. The stores are very diverse: you can find everything from clothes and accessories to pets to tea sets and even supplies for you own record store! This place has something for every type of woman. And don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of the well known names, such as Djinn and Tonic, LOLO, D-Lab, LaGyo, The Black Canary, Fab Pony, Icing and others, as well as some hidden gems that every shopper should visit at least once! A word of advice ladies: pace yourself! This place is huge, and if you’re not careful, you will spend your entire account balance on just the first half of the mall. Get a look at everything, and break up your visits if you find you just can’t stop spending! Instead of focusing on the bigger brands, this time the focus is on the not-so-famous names, the hidden gems that contain some of the funkiest, the sexiest, and even the most unique pieces that women won’t find anywhere else! Take a look at the list, and make sure to visit ALBERO during your next shopping craving. You will NOT be disappointed!

Hidden ~ R2 Fashion: Sexy, sassy, colorful designs that scream “put me on this minute and show me off to all of your friends because I’m just that sexy!” “Can’t miss” item: The Nani Ankle Boot ~The SeaHole: A store definitely for the Gaga fans. Here, a little grunge is mixed with a little sex appeal and produces a whole lot of skin. They are even a few skins upstairs to complete that rock star look. “Can’t miss” item: StarKiss Mini dress



~(Elate!): Classic sexy with a twist of modern color options! This store takes the basic fashion staple, a simple, short dress, and gives it to you in options that lets you either find the perfect heel or the perfect flat to match. “Can’t miss” item: Tuli turtleneck dress ~TOSL: Three words: formal retro elegance! Here you will find party dresses that bring out the regal queen in all of us. “Can’t miss” item: Punk Princess Party Dress

~Stitch by Stitch: Funk meets Sexy meets Flower Power; ok, so maybe that was a little much, but this place takes retro chic to a new level, and brings sexy back to the 70s! “Can’t miss” item: The Vivienne

~Gbberish: Here, girly chic is mixed with a little edge. Result? Pop princess fashion meets Southwestern color, and does it very well! “Can’t miss” item: Rina dress

~Icing: Only this place can make retro look so chic, and make innocence look so subtly sexy. Find classic dresses from the 50s and 60s era with a sexy twist to give you that elegant look without having to show too much skin. “Can’t miss” item: Evening at the Opera

~Miel: Yet another girly chic store, but this time girly chic has left the city and hit the Boardwalk! These outfits are reminiscent of hanging out around the Shore and enjoying a relaxing day near the water. “Can’t miss” item: Cali Top with Hood

~Milk Motion: What is an outfit without the right accessories?! Find a host of sexy, unique accessories to “punk out” any outfit. Go from boring to rocker with just a few of these perfectly placed accessories. “Can’t miss” item: The “Wings” Boots ~Doppleganger Inc: You’ve seen the “boyfriend shirt” and other aptly named adaptations of men’s clothes. Well, this store is full of just that concept: a twist on men’s clothing made to suit a woman. These pieces are mainly conservative, but yet still trendy. “Can’t miss” item: The Woodcutter’s Overalls ~Sugarcube: What kind of shopping mall just for women would be complete without something extra girly, prissy and frilly? Even the most sophisticated dresser has to have at least one frilly, lacy dress just for those “girly” days, and this store has you more than covered. But don’t worry, they manage to keep the frills to just the bare necessities of girliness! “Can’t miss” item: The Belted skirt ~anuenue: Oh flower power chic! Who says you can’t go green while looking incredibly stunning? Certainly not this designer! Here, find your “Earth-friendly” wear that will have you turning heads while saving Mother Earth. “Can’t miss” item: Oleana Dress

~Sway’s Creations: Not all of the can’t miss stores were just about clothes! With such a diverse shopping selection here, to not include one or two nonclothing items would be a crime! This store was full of the most adorable animated furniture that you won’t find anywhere else in SL! We’ve all seen the standard animated items, but what about the more fun things that we ladies use in our day to day lives? Odds are, you’ll find it here, including the can’t miss item, which most of use daily! “Can’t miss” item: Animated Pedicure Pillow ~aDorkable poses: If a picture is worth a thousand words, with these poses, somebody has a lot of explaining to do! Here you will find the most absolutely hilarious and unique poses that you won’t find anywhere else that any great photographer must have. These are for the big kids at heart that don’t just want the sophisticated look, but rather want the camera to tell a story, and with these poses, there’s going to be some interesting stories to share! “Can’t miss” item: The “Yes You Do” Pose (for those grooms dragging their feet down the alter!)

~*BamaLama*: Walk in and you can’t help but to exclaim “how tres chic!” For those ladies who want a more comfortable, down-to-earth feel in decorating your home, this is the place. The pieces are low on cost and low on prims, and who doesn’t like that idea! Here you can get your earthy colors, in a fun, simple, yet funky feel. “Can’t miss” item: Flea Market & Laundry Center Decorations ~*Tweedle*: Oh how there is no more fun than lots of color splashed together with a funky design! Here color abounds, while odd shapes with eerily realistic textures turn everyday furniture and prefabs into creative fun. Why waste time with that boring furniture when you can enjoy just sitting at home as much as you could exploring SL. “Can’t miss” item: Hidden Forest Skybox ~Nordari: Amazing textures, simple designs, low prim counts. That’s what you can expect to find here in this cute little prefab shop. Geared more towards skyboxes, this store proves that you can have an amazing place to call your own without the heavy prims, but you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality. “Can’t miss” item: Dark Chocolate House A



AVENUE | Sports SL

e than just Martial Arts Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


hen one thinks of Martial Arts, one would think of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li but when one teleports into the Wulin area of the Penghu sim, one would feel that they have teleported into a world where Honor and Virtue are still revered. In the literal sense, Wulin is a Chinese role playing sim where the inhabitants have knowledge of martial arts and practice an honor code known as the Code of Xia which differentiates between the Virtuous and the Evil. The virtuous inhabitants are grouped into the three different sects that are associated by most Western devotees of Kung-Fu, the Shaolin, the Emei and the Wudang. The evil are those who do not adhere to the Code and are the killers, murderers and other criminal elements within the forest that have a very bad reputation until one from one of the virtuous sects rights the wrongs that had been committed by the evil adherents of the dark way. The three schools are revered and its adherents are looked to advise the inner circle within Wulin. From these advisors, a leader will be nominated to lead the sim and its participants for the greater good of China. Like the times that inspire Wulin, the code of Morality and the line that differentiates Good and Evil is absolute and crystal clear unlike the Real World where the line between Right and Wrong has been blurred by many shades of gray that cloud most actions taken there as proved by the actions of politicians and lobbyists in most Western governments.

There are areas within the Wulin part of the Penghu sim such as the Bamboo Forest and Lake Pavilion in which combatants are able to fight on the water around that are inspired by such Martial Arts films such as The House of Flying Daggers and Hero which the scenes from each film are shown on YouTube at the following links. kFw&feature=related c&feature=related

Wulin is the only Chinese martial arts sim in SL according to Kafka Moody, the owner of the Penghu sim, with most of the martial arts as practiced the clans that reside in Wulin are expressed in wars which are re-enactments of historic events or exercises in tactics. A recent example of this would be 20 avatar vs. 20 avatar exercise between the Sengokumusou and Tora alliances which has been posted to YouTube at watch?v=aMSBFBSOlaU

These exercises are conducted and planned according to Sun Tzu’s Art of War. These campaigns are orchestrated very much like a Real Life Military campaign with reconnaissance and sabotage operations by Ninja and other special forces for a campaign scheduled for April 3rd 2010 at 6:00 AM Second Life Time which will be spread over three sims. There is also a Ninja contingent known as the Notoriously Bad Ninjas who attack without warning and have been known to attack strangers, namely this writer and kill for a price. Two examples of their nefarious deeds were the assassination of Kafka Moody on her rezzday and the attacks on the Wulin Mall that they carry out without warning.

Most martial arts sims including Wulin use the CS:I system of scripted weapons such as swords, spears, and staffs. The trial version of the CS:I sword is on the sparring grounds of the keep level of the Wulin sim. The sword and the included HUD, replicate the basic attacks and moves that one would associate with wielding a weapon such as a Katana even in the shortened form, the HUD keeps track of the users life while giving the user access to the world map and also providing for defensive moves such as a crouch and other moves. When seeing users of the CS:I system in actual combat, the sounds and the sight of the swords moving and striking were realistic and the damage that the swords caused when they hit the opponent’s avatar was evident by the blood spraying from the wounds. The CS:I system is widely used throughout most of the martial arts sims on the grid and in the opinion of this writer, the easiest to learn and to use.

On April 3rd 2010, the clans that make up the CS:I sims fought in a 30 versus 30 battle through the sims of Kakamura Jidai and Togukawa. The objective for the attacking Sengokumushu Alliance which includes the Sanada and the Emei Pai clans from Wulin, was to kill three practice dummies which were situated in the Kakamura Jidai and Togukawa sims. As the battle raged, the Sengokumushu Alliance with their strategic prowess and the efforts of Glucosamine Bailey, Volk Xue and Sasuke Selona, were able to kill the practice dummies and win the campaign. The campaign has been posted to YouTube and can be accessed at this link. gDw

To say that Wulin is just a martial arts sim with role play thrown in is an understatement. When one enters Wulin, one is immersed in the culture and the philosophy of Kung Fu and the various sects. When one sees and hears the swords clash and sees the blood spurt from the wounds that the swords cause, one easily forgets that the battle is being fought in SL. Wulin and sims like it are a world unto themselves which just happen to be in SL One has to experience Wulin and sims like it to understand Martial Arts and the philosophy behind them in SL. To teleport to Wulin, follow these Slurls. Other photos that were taken of the campaign by Masamako Slade and can be accessed at this URL. Penghu/128/129/22 masmakoslade/100403slt30vs30# Penghu/84/45/58 A

For the Love of RFL in SL

Clothing Fair 2010 Relay for Life

AVENUE | Clothing Fair 2010 Written By Rachel Carstenz Photography by Tillie Ariantho


ftentimes, we spend hours shopping in Second Life, buying things without giving much thought about it past how it’ll look on us. From March 13th until March 21st, residents in Second Life were given the option to buy designs from over 150 designers while also donating money to Relay For Life, a wonderful real life organization that raises money for cancer research and support. After attending Hair Fair in 2006, Nevar Lobo, Pips Fetid, and Chabliss Crabgrass got together and realized that there was a huge market for fundraising in Second Life. The idea of having a clothing fair seemed like the appropriate thing to do. As Nevar says, “People needed clothing, people love to shop, and people in Second Life fashion community love to show off their stuff.” From that point, they started speaking with Rebel Hope, who was one of the first designers who participated in the first Clothing Fair in 2007. It was also she who suggested Relay for Life to be the organization that the Clothing Fair fundraised for. In March 2007, the first annual Clothing Fair took place. There were 34 designers present, and the event took up 2

sims. Since then, it has almost tripled in size. This year, for the third annual Clothing Fair, there were over 150 designers who set up shop on over 8 sims. The theme for the event this year was “Fashion Cities of the World.” This theme paired the idea of fashion being universal with the idea that cancer is non-discriminative. Cancer does not care who you are, where you come from, or how much money you have. In one way or another, it affects everyone, and this was the reason behind this year’s theme. It was very important to both Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin that residents came together during this week and got together for the common good: to raise money for Relay for Life. At the end of the third annual Clothing Fair, that is exactly what happened. When teleporting to the event, residents were set in the middle of a fountain-styled statue of people connected by beams of light coming from a model of the world in the middle. Surrounding the large statues, flags of the world face inwards, surrounding everyone who teleports in. This brings the idea of togetherness

early on, and it continues throughout the sims. Eight sims were set up with each sim to represent a city: London, Milan, Rio, New York, Paris, Melbourne, New Delhi, and Tokyo. Vendors were set up in each store with objects (outfit, jewelry, shoes) that were auctioned off to the highest bidder. In addition to this, kiosks were set up throughout providing a space for people to donate lindens. Each day, events such as concerts, fashion shows, photo contests, and hunts were done held on the sims to help raise money. In addition to the fun events being held, there were also numerous things that reminded residents of the reason why we were all there. Dedication walls were set up with three panels: one for survivors, one for caregivers, and one memorial wall. On Sunday, March 21, 2010, at the end of the Clothing Fair, over 4 million lindens have been raised that will be sent to Relay for Life. From 34 designers in 2007 to now over 150 designers, Clothing Fair has and will continue to grow along with the love and dedication that Nevar, Amethyst, and their “armies� of helpers have. Everything that Relay for Life stands for is represented through the design and thoughtful detailing of the site for Clothing Fair, and because of this, we are sure to see donation totals rise each and every year. A

AVENUE | Club of the Month


ratin Celeb

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Natasja Schumann



f it’s house music you crave, then you must check out the SOL House Music Lounge, AVENUE Magazine’s Club of the Month. SOL is definitely the bright star at the heart of the House Music Island SIM. That’s because it provides house music fans with a drama-free environment where they can relax and vibe with like-minded people who enjoy good fun and good music. At SOL, there always seems to be a party. At any given time of day it is likely that you will find a crowd gathered and dancing to the glorious sounds of house music that is always streaming through the airwaves.

In fact, there are about 120 DJs who have played at SOL and there are approximately 3040 live events each week. The club is owned and operated by Billybob Halsy and Florecita Zabaleta. The couple opened the club with just a few clear objectives. They wanted to create an environment that would remind patrons of beer, the beach, and good times. They also sought to provide guests with a venue that showcases house music and DJs from all over the world. Since opening the doors, the duo has gained a large group of awesome followers that they affectionately call SOLers, who Florecita describes as “fun nice people with an urge to party and make friends.” SOLers are loyal and come from all over the world to hear the wide variety of house music featured at the lounge. Judging by the size of the crowds I’ve seen at the lounge, I’d say that they have accomplished those goals and then some. People seem to frequent SOL because of the laid back atmosphere and the huge variety of house music styles that are played there. Featured styles include: Soulful; Deep Funky; Vocal; Electro; and, Jackin just to name a few. SOL is also popular because it features some of the hottest House DJs on the grid including: Tasty Hax; Sebastian Neiro; Absyth Zwanger; MauroB Nayar; Hakuei Enzo; Gino Aichi; and, March DJ of the Month Blade Unsustainable.

fun nice people with an urge to party and make friends

A big reason why the lounge is so successful is because its owners are passionate about ensuring that their guests have a good time and they are committed to finding new ways to make that happen. Specifically, Billybob and Florecita are very active as it relates to planning SOL’s activities and work diligently to ensure that fun serves as the primary reason for everything they do at the lounge. While it is evident that the couple has worked hard to make SOL successful, they are quick to point out that they are not the only contributors. Instead, they give much of the credit to their amazing General Manager Misdolfie Yuya, reliable managers, warm hosts, and all of the talented DJs who spin at SOL. Put simply, the couple is grateful for the dedication and hard work of the SOL staff and for all of the wonderful people who keep coming back night after night.

SOL recently marked its 1st year anniversary with a weekend long celebration that featured a huge party and a fantastic new build. The party featured great crowds and fabulous music from a line-up of 10 prominent SL DJs. However, the new build was clearly the star of the show. SOL’s trademark beach lounge was given a facelift that gives it a more modern and stylish look that is intended to combine the beach and the city. There are also additional areas for guests to hang out and listen to the music. Overall, the fresh new look is inviting and will make you feel at home. The duo believes that the new build, the addition of more DJs, and the inclusion of even more styles of House music will bring SOL even more success in the future. I believe that they are right. SOL has a great formula for success and the new and planned additions are sure to bring them even more new guests who’ll keep coming back for more. Indeed, SOL’s future is a bright one. A

AVENUE | Featured Club

Club Cons New Club on the Grid Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


he SIM was crowded with people ready and excited to celebrate the debut opening of Club Conspiracy. There was great House music playing with DJ’s Jezy Bellic and Gonguitas Greggan that had everyone moving to the beat. This was a one of a kind event that included a much talked about fashion show from CheerNo, Diram, Hucci, Osakki, R.cielli, So Many Styles, A&C Design and Aleida by AVENUE Models. Fresh colors, bold patterns, and funky designs that make a hot and daring statement. Not only did the models walk the runway but they danced to the music as well. This was fun unique event that everyone enjoyed.


"to run a club so you have to really love what your doing" I had the pleasure of meeting the two owners of Club Conspiracy, Danni Dollinger and Sammie Dumpling to find out more about their new club venture. Augusta Carver: I noticed that the two of you have been in SL for over two years. What brought you here? Sammie Dumpling: When a friend told me about it, it struck my interest and I decided to check it out. I was hooked my first week. I loved the idea of being able to chat with people and actually feeling like you were face to face with a person rather than a computer screen. AC: Did the both of you decide on doing a club together? Danni Dollinger: We were a part of the original owner group. I built Conspiracy. I am the creative one, Sammie is the organized one. AC: Sounds like you two make an awesome team. SD: We work very close together. We are a great team.

AC: Have you two always been interested in the music/SL club scene? Or did that just start? DD: I’ve always loved the club scene in RL. I was into them the day I could wear a pair of high heels. I love concerts and have met lots of famous people including INXS. I dated a DJ for a few years, but when I left Australia for London, house music was not that popular in Aussie, I found it in SL. AC: Is House your favorite type of music? DD: That’s a hard one. It depends on my mood, but mostly deep funky house. AC: What makes Conspiracy so different from all of the other clubs in Second Life? DD: I believe anyone who opens a club in SL to be unique, it takes a lot of time and expense to run a club, so you have to really love what you’re doing and not have any expectations. You can hope everyone loves your club, but there is never a guarantee. I also believe there is room for many successful clubs in SL and myself and a few other club and event groups want to see the house music industry survive in SL. As for the build, it is different and reflects my creativity. I tried to make sure the club offered a nice environment where people would love to hang out. AC: So what made you decide to go with AVENUE for a club opening/fashion show? SD: We had heard about them on the grapevine.

AC: I loved the concept of it. DD: Yes, us too. Basically, I spoke with Rusch and said what I wanted and the crew took care of everything down to our dresses for the day. :) SD: They were great to work with. I also made some great friends out of it. AC: Are you interested in new more things with fashion or was it just a one time deal? DD: I already have our next designer sponsor for the next event. The next event will have more dance choreography also. We will be working again with AVENUE for sure. AC: Oh great, I cannot wait to see what you two do next! DD: Watch this space! AC: What has been your favorite part of this whole process? SD: For me, it has been just watching the club grow from the ground up, the friendship I have with Danni and the love of AC. You cannot beat a good party. I had a lot of fun. SD: It was an awesome party. AC: Any words of advice for people trying to start their own club? DD: Live your dream! SD: Just always strive for the best and don’t let the disappointments get you down. You have to keep giving your all. A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Vera Canning


any lovers of house music describe it as a feeling that can’t easily be defined. It just takes you there. House music is also considered DJ Music because the music can only take you there if the DJ possesses the talent to perfectly blend and mix beats in a manner that keeps you grooving in that indescribable space. Great house music DJs are artistic, creative, and knowledgeable. Additionally, they are outgoing, energetic, and have an undeniable passion for music and moving people. That description fits this month’s DJ of the Month, Captain Clipper (aka DJ Cappy). DJ Cappy has been DJing in world since late 2006. In that time he’s built a sizable following and a solid reputation. He is the Music & Events manager for GOL’s Element, the 7th Club and also DJs there every weekend. While he loves his job, he makes no bones about the fact that he is a DJ first and foremost. Music is

the biggest part of his SL and it shows through his energy and excitement about his craft. Imani Enzo: Hi Cappy. Tell me how you got your start as a DJ? Captain Clipper: I used to DJ in RL so I was happy to learn that I could do it in SL. Not long after I learned the basics, I got my very first club slot at GOL. I haven’t looked back. IE: How would you describe your personality and style as a DJ? CC: I would describe my DJ personality as diverse, eclectic and energetic. For example, I play Electro House with a throbbing bass line and lots of energy on Fridays. I play Trance and Progressive House that takes the audience on a musical journey on Saturdays. At all other times I play anything from Old School House to Dance Chart Remixes.

IE: Describe your listening audience. CC: I will play to anybody willing to listen. My audience includes mothers and housewives in London to techno savvy whiz kids in Tokyo. I aim to please and hope my audience appreciates what I do and enjoy my sets.

“The SL fashion industry has played a big part in the evolution and growth of dance music in SL.”

IE: What can one expect from a Captain Clipper set or party? CC: You can expect variety, energy and great tunes. I have a lot of fun with people as I play. IE: In your opinion, how has the music scene evolved in SL over the last few years?

IE: To whom or what do you credit for your success as a DJ?

CC: SL has changed a lot over the last 3 years. When I first started there were great clubs but they all seemed to focus on Rock, R&B, and Pop genres. They seemed more like radio shows as it related to formatting and it was hard to find dance or house music. Fortunately, there has been a natural evolution of SL clubs and they now mirror more of the dance and house music influences that we see in RL. The SL fashion industry has played a big part in the evolution and growth of dance music in SL. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of it and good to see!

CC: I give credit to my friends and family at GOL Element and its patrons. They have supported me when I have needed it and I have always aimed to give something back. I also credit my partner Beertschi. She is the most amazing person I have met on SL. She is clever, talented, and a pleasure to spend time with. I love her very much. IE: What other genres of music do you like to listen to? Who are some of your favorite artists?

CC: I love all sorts of genres. My influences are diverse and include Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Leftfield, The Prodigy, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Cold Cut, and Michael Jackson. IE: Ok, let’s have a little fun with the next question. Name some songs that you would feature on the soundtrack of your life. CC: I’d have to pick the following songs: Fragma’s Toca Me (the original version); Energy 52’s Cafe Del Mar (Out of Office Mix); Leftfield’s Not Forgotten; Daft Punk’s Around The World; Coldplay’s The Scientist; Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s Move for Me; and, A bit Patchy in Bulo (Tate Redub) by Switch.

IE: Lastly, what do you like to do for fun when you are not DJing? CC: I like relaxing on my home SIM. I built my House and my partner decorated it. We both furnished it and enjoy pottering about there. Shopping is fun too! If you haven’t had the chance to see this talented DJ in action, you can catch him on Fridays and Saturdays at GOL’s Element, the 7th from 2-4 pm SLT. A

AVENUE | Media Mojo

Lucy Listens T

Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Vera Canning

he saying goes, advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive. Lucy Eberhart knows this to be true first hand. Winner of MBC/Phaylen Fairchild Productions, “I Wanna Be a Celebrity” Lucy chose to take her prize, creating her own television show, and use it for others. “I’m friendly and approachable,” says Eberhart. “I treat everyone with respect and I don’t judge. I’m easy to talk to as well and I really listen to the issue at hand. I enjoy helping others. I like to teach and share my knowledge as well.”

The show is called ‘Lucy Listens’ and has been advising people on real life and Second Life issues for almost a year now. I had the esteemed privilege of sitting down and talking to Lucy about this accomplishment. Carissa Sockington: Why did you pick advice for your show? Lucy Eberhart: Well, I must get about 10 IMs or note cards a day from friends and residents seeking advice. So, I figure I must be doing something right. I just turned that into a show. CS: Is there anything in your life that you think has better prepared you to help people with these problems? Life experiences, etc.?

Charleston, SC. I met people from all over the world. I heard stories from their lives and past military experience. My term ended just before 9/11. CS: And how is life now... do you stay home with your children? LE: Yes, I work as a freelance artist for an advertising agency, and am currently pursuing my masters of fine arts as well. CS: Tell me about life with four children. Do your children teach you things? LE: It is hectic... there’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure. With packing lunches, catching the bus, homework and sibling rivalry it fills up a day. My children teach me patience, and the

"My children teach me patience, and the value of solitude. They also teach you love in a way you never knew before and wonderment; we forget that as we grow up" LE: Oh yes! I am full of life experience! I have four children, including a set of triplets. I’m also a veteran of the ARMY, with valuable lessons learned there and relationships.... I’ve had my share. CS: Tell me about your time in the Army. LE: I went in the ARMY right after high school and served for 4 years while I attended college. I was never deployed and worked mostly in San Antonio as a dental hygienist. It was a wake up call, as I grew up on a rural farm just outside

value of solitude. They also teach you love in a way you never knew before and wonderment; we forget that as we grow up. CS: Tell me about ‘Lucy Listens’ and the making of an episode. Do you do the voiceovers? LE: Yes, I do my voiceovers. An episode starts with my email. I read them all. I try to pick one that is a bit different than a previously asked question. Each episode has me in a different job. A job of a person one might go to for advice; a teacher, a bartender, a sister, customer service, etc.

CS: What type of questions do you get most often? LE: I get a lot of relationship questions, and I also get a lot of general SL questions like how do you build this, or script that. I do photography in SL and teach with PhotoLIFE and so I get loads of questions about lighting and editing. If someone wants to ask me something, they can email CS: In closing, and if you can... what is the hardest question you’ve ever had to answer? LE: Some things are just too personal to air even though I do respond to every letter sent to me. The hardest one and most heartbreaking was a woman seeking advice on what to do about her abusive husband. The letter broke my heart, she went into such detail that I could feel her agony. I just wanted to hold her. I get all sorts of questions. Some people don’t even send it anonymously. This person did. I wish I knew who it was. I’d love to know if she took my advice or not. CS: I’m sure there are a lot of hurting people here. What did you tell her? LE: I told her to get help; she had to break the cycle. I gave her the number of a charity called My Sister’s House, that specializes in assisting abused women to leave. If you need a place to run to, or bus fare to get there, they provide it. CS: I admire you for what you do. Taking people’s burdens upon yourself and helping them. LE: I think as women we do what we have to in order to survive. A

Lucy Listens is one program in this virtual world that also deals with the real feelings of the people behind their avatars. Catch Lucy Listens on blog/category/shows/lucy-listens/.

The Little Fisherman Story: Written By Candy Starsider Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Inside the World of Machinima


pyVspy Aeon, machinimist and owner of spyVspy Productions, is making a big splash in Second Life®. He recently produced and published his “Little Fisherman Story: A Lesson in Life”, online. “It’s the passion and dedication I put in my productions,” said Spy. He believes his works stand out because he maintains a community of machinima works on real story telling. “Indeed the public might have a sign of my vision, at least those who follow me and I really don’t like to repeat myself, so each new work I am producing is more different then the previous,” said Spy. “I am always playing and mixing different techniques, background goals and editing works.”

Spy reeled in the idea of making movies in SL while watching Halden Beaumont’s The Labyrinth. “What inspired me went beyond Beaumont’s creation,” said Spy. “The power to

create a dream and catch it on a video made me smile, and upon first sight, I realized what I could do on machinima.” He creates films primarily by making the video to the rhythm of his ideas without putting anything on paper “changing my vision to become every time more and more effective.” According to Spy, in December 2008, he desired to swim in deeper waters by moving up the level of tools, software, and knowledge. During brief contact with a professional director in real life, he studied the director’s techniques very carefully. Spy bought a space navigator (3D mouse) as an experiment, and after an hour, created a basic video. Next, he sailed into editing programs such as: Adobe Premiere, iMovie, and Final Cut Express for better productions. “Working with scripts of the entire course of

machinima requires camera positions, scripted lines, characters, costumes, scenery, sound, and soundtrack,” said Spy. “I have my own definition of machinima,” said Spy. “Machinima is real time capture, and in time, machinima concepts will evolve.” Understanding art and loving art is all about understanding the context of it or making it understandable to others, which is his main goal even if the viewers don’t fully understand the message. “The Little Fisherman Story I guess it’s quite understandable and easy for anyone to feel the magic and the power of the tale itself, like the moral given at the end,” said Spy. “What the water gives, the water takes.” The Little Fisherman Story is a real life tale from Brazilian folklore. As a child, Spy spent his

school holidays at his favorite village in Brazil, Sabará, a beautiful place over the mountains. “There a friend told me that story just once and I still remember,” said Spy. Now, the childhood memory that floats in his mind reflects the story he envisions in a six minute video. Spy sincerely believes bad stories don’t exist. “What really exists is a matter of taste and a taste that doesn’t judge any story other than as a personal opinion,” said Spy. “Bad stories don’t exist as well to encourage the other aspiring artists and give them more incentives to produce story telling, tales and real stories.” “I feel that it’s very important to keep the essence of storytelling alive in the machinima world, much more on Second Life® to evaluate what the general public likes most,” said Spy. “What makes this story perfect is its combination of

all: perfect voiceovers by Pooky Amsterdam, Scorpinosis Nightfire and Slim Warrior; the wind light settings that I choose; the lettering at the beginning, and the recreation of a flood in Second Life®. It’s the combination of various talents and people who helped make the final work possible.

their talents. “If in any case you might need some help or orientations, I may be busy or AFK from Second Life®, but I will answer as soon as possible,” said Spy. “Feel free to share your questions with me.”

Spy created a non-commercial website, called yourmachinima, which was built for any machinimator who works on story telling and related themes. Spy welcomes and invites new ideas. “If anyone has ideas, a story or experience they would like to share, please feel free to contact me by dropping a notecard in-world, or visit our non-commercial website located at” He assures aspiring individuals that there is plenty of room in the virtual world for them to share

The Little Fisherman Story: A Lesson in Life can be viewed at:


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AVENUE Magazine April 2010  

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AVENUE Magazine April 2010  

An issue of fashion greats spring forth : Violator, Chantkare, Baiastice and Wardrobe Outfitters. AVENUE celebrates new sim opening and unv...