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Photo courtesy of Tazi Alexandre

Tazi Alexandre

AVENUE | Exclusive

Cover credits Photographer & Model: Mui Mukerji Outfit: Alexandre Starlette

Under the Radar Wriiten by Roland Zepp Photography by Mui Mukerji


ne of the realities of the grid is that lots of really good and very successful designers develop strong niche followers but don’t necessarily become widely known. Tazi Alexandre is one of those. While lacking the name recognition that might be expected of a designer of this caliber, Alexandre Skin and Fashion has been quietly developing a following for the last three years.

Dress: Alexandre Burlesque

AVENUE Magazine asked Tazi how he got his start. “In real life I am a biomedical engineer, and I’m used to dealing with numbers all the time. But actually I am a fashion fan and I used to watch many fashion shows in real life so when I saw the opportunity to make my own fashion line in Second Life ®, I didn’t waste a second because it’s -- for me -- like a dream come true.” A tour of Alexandre Skin and Fashion reveals a nuanced use of texture and design. We asked Tazi about that. “I come from many different cultures. I have also traveled to many places around the world. Both of these gave me a huge inspiration and extend my fashion. A huge influence in my designs comes from my passion in fashion, and I really like to use this method in life: quality > quantity. My major fashion influences are many, but to be honest, I credit the advice of my Second Life® father Paresi Dover; in real life he is one of my oldest friends, and we have traveled a lot.” The ladies’ line at Alexandre is extensive – everything from casual to formal to lingerie – and we asked Tazi what’s next in women’s wear. “Well, I still have more outfits to show from these lines, but I think if am going to make something new, it will be Gothic.”

Dress: Alexandre Delicate in Blue

"I would really love to thank everyone who supported me, stood next to me, and assisted me by giving me comments that put me on the right track" Alexandre’s also has a small but very well thought out men’s line, and Tazi had this to say on the subject of mens wear. “I never thought about making men’s clothing before, so I just focused on female outfits and the different categories that is possible for my fashion touch to do, but I had many note cards from my female customers saying really sweet comments about the details and outfits, and they wanted me to make a male line for their men :). So finally, I decided to start doing the men’s outfits. Thanks to all the Second Life® residents who got me on the right track because without their friendly comments I wouldn’t have been sure what my new step was going to be.” Sometimes designers get caught up in answering customer requests and don’t always get to do the kinds of fashion they might prefer. We asked Tazi what he’d like to be doing more of. “After I finish the all lines I am working in, I think am going to get back to the formal outfits for awhile, and that is because I’ve had many requests for more formal men outfits.”

We asked what Tazi would like to share with AVENUE Magazine readers. “I would really love to thank everyone who supported me, stood next to me, and assisted me by giving me comments that put me on the right track in each instance. Even people who just wasted a few minutes reading all that I have just said, I really appreciate it, and my heart and mind opens for them. To make a line you first need to start with a point. Sometimes that starts when you say ‘Hi’ in IM.” If you’ve never visited Alexandre’s Skins and Fashion, you owe it to yourself to give it a tour. Tazi’s extensive women’s wear line and the marvelously designed men’s wear will have you coming back again and again to see what’s new from the fertile mind of this world class designer. A

Mod el | Pho

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Styl ist Mui Muk erji

AVENUE | Exclusive

Affair a glam

Dress: Alexandre Lila Elegant

Dress: Alexandre Nightly Elegance

Dress: Alexandre Floral Inspiration

Dress: Alexandre Black Dress

Dress: Alexandre Araba


AVENUE Alexandre Fashion Exclusive 2010  

AVENUE interviews Tazi Alexandre of Alexandre Fashion and showcases a collection of their couture and formal dresses that will have a worthy...

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