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Alatiel Fashions

Cover credits AVENUE Model & Photographer: Aleida Rhode Featuring Alatiel Fashion’s Blackliquid

Alatiel Malies

Marvelous Milano Wriiten by Roland Zepp Photography by Aleida Rhode


ilan is a city known for fashion. From Luigi Beretta to Prada, from Mangiamelli to Versace, Milan’s influence on the international fashion scene is unmistakable. With distinctive styling, superb execution, and unrelenting imagination, Milan’s maisons have influenced the world of couture for over a century. That influence is now being felt in the metaverse in the works of Alatiel Malies, founder and creative spirit behind Alatiel Fashions.

AVENUE | Exclusive

AVENUE Magazine had an opportunity to talk to Alatiel about fashion and her work shortly after the release of her new spring line. Alatiel came into Second Life in May, 2008, and opened her first store in August. When asked about her early days on the grid, Alatiel said, “I heard about SL from a friend and I just became curious about it. I started looking for information and finally got registered. Of course, I didn’t know anything about the “game” but as soon as I learned the basic things and I heard about designing clothes, that suddenly became my goal. My real life dream is to become a fashion designer and since my teen years, I have been making sketches and drawings of clothes and outfits. I have a lot of books filled with drawings.” A trip to Alatiel Fashions shows a wide range in product lines from skins to shoes, from casual wear to formal fashion. We asked about this broad palette of work. Alatiel told us, “I just like to make everyone satisfied. I usually get my inspiration from what real life fashion brings to my mind. People say I’m extremely creative so I just try to put all the things I have in my mind into paper and start there.” More and more people are turning to the web to promote their work on the grid and Alatiel Fashions is no exception. With accounts on Flickr, MyFace Model Pool, Moolto, AvatarsUnited, PixeLook, and even Plurk along with a blog at, Alatiel is one of the best connected commercial

enterprises out there. We asked Alatiel what she sees as the benefit of this extra effort, whether or not she worries about over-exposure, and where she finds the time. “I just have them to get to know more people around the SL world,” she told us. “I mostly use Moolto and Pixelook to promote my brand, too. I don’t think there is a risk of over exposure, not if you use these connections wisely.” She smiled before adding, “And about time? I am good at multitasking.” We asked what she does when she’s not designing, and Alatiel told us, “In Second Life I usually seek new inspirations. But mostly I concentrate on my real life. I’m graduating from college plus I teach roller figure skating to children and teens. I also have a busy life outside Second Life.” With such a busy schedule, sometimes designers have to make some difficult choices. We asked Alatiel what she would like to do more of. “I wish I could do more men’s clothing, there isn’t enough fashion for them. And of course keep improving. I never stop learning and getting confident with different techniques allows me to express my creativity more easily,” she told us. With her Spring 2010 line just released, we wondered what’s next from Alatiel Fashions. “I’ve already started to plan the summer collection and made some drawings,” Alatiel said. “There will be lots of surprises and new additions to the variety of my designs.”

"There is always

a bit of me in all the dresses I make" We asked Alatiel what she’d like the readers of AVENUE Magazine to know about her and her work. She replied, “I always try to keep my design concept as unique as possible. Some people may not like my clothes, but I do have my own style and it’s really important to me. There is always a bit of me in all the dresses I make. I always try to find new ideas and improve. I put a lot of hard work in everything I do, that is why I firmly condemn copybots and thieves. Behind each outfit there isn’t only a matter of earning linden dollars, but mainly the creativity and the hard work of the designer. Besides fabrics and Photoshop, it’s about who you are and what your creativity tells you.” For a fresh take on classic couture, stop by Alatiel Fashions at one of their many locations. You’ll find the Alatiel Fashions mainstore at Alatiel Fashions Boudoir [144.106.27]. With crisp styling and impeccable execution, you’re sure to find something you’ll love to wear. A

AVENUE Models Aleida Rhode in Blackliquid by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Aleida Rhode in Haley by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Mavi Beck in Lola by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Dimitri Shinn in Joyce by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Dimitri Shinn in Brent by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Nekki Lovenkraft in Kris by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Linnda Scofield in Margaret by Alatiel Fashions

AVENUE Models Mimmi Boa in Dahlia by Alatiel Fashions


AVENUE Exclusive Alatiel Fashions 2010  

Like a fine bottle of Italian wine, savour the taste and palette of Milan fashion in Second Life, through the creative spirit of Alatiel Mal...

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