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Jocelyn Avelar

Editors letter

My name is Jocelyn Avelar, in this article I will be talking to you about my personality, and future career in business as a human resource. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!

Who I am‌‌.. I would consider myself relatively calm around others. This only happens when I'm put under pressure or forced to deal with setbacks. I can be very enthusiastic with others and while being alone. I am very careful when it comes to getting preparations done because I make sure I get the job done on time. I would want to work in the business field because I know that I can do a good job, I am very organized to make sure that everything gets done successfully. In additional to this I see myself very kind hearted, respectful, and attentive towards others. My expectations that I would like to see in a couple of years is graduating from a university and starting my career as a human resource, also I hope to be having a family.

All about Human Resources

Human resources work in clean, and comfortable office settings. Although most human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists work in the office, some travel extensively. Human resources work a standard 40– hour week. Human resources assign work to staff or employees, respond to concerns from workers, parents, or students. They participate in organizational programs, and manage material resources to optimize use of manpower, tools, materials, and equipment. They also discharge workers to meet employment needs and hire workers to fill employment needs.

Training The educational backgrounds of human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists vary considerably, reflecting the diversity of duties and levels of responsibility. Although a bachelor’s degree is a typical path of entry into these occupations, many colleges and universities do not offer degree programs in personnel administration, human resources, or labor relations until the graduate degree level. A masters degree in human resources, labor relations, or in business administration with a concentration in human resources management is highly recommended for those seeking general and top management positions.

jocelyn avelar  
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