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Top 5 Food Events

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Food Shows that are not just for food experts, but for caterers, restaurant owners, food lovers, sommeliers hoteliers, chefs & cooks. An ideal place to meet the unknown peers and dishes!

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Soon to happen in London, this event will celebrate food and culinary art with a huge When? 7-Oct-2013 to 9-Oct-2013 number of visitors! Where?: Earls Court Exhibition

The Restaurant Show

Centre, London, United Kingdom

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When? 18th to 20th Oct 2013 Where? : The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre SECC ,Glasgow,United Kingdom

While everyone gets a good time at food interviews, sessions, and shopping, GoodFood Show will also reveal speciality food market and artisan food!

BBC Good Food Show- Glasgow For further information please visit

When? 31-Oct-2013 to 1Nov-2013 Where? Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Food for your eyes will be as much desirous , as for your mouth! Gather with chefs that prepare delicious food and best German biers!

Highland Bierfast 2013 For further information please visit

Cake International As the name goes, it will be a delightful experience in the paradise of cake sand cakes alone!

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hibition x E l a n ? Natio mingham, n e h W EC, Bir N e r t Cen do m g n i K d e Unit

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A food industry show with gourmet producers making a proud exhibit!

When? 17th to 21st Nov-2013 Where? Flanders Expo, Ghent, 3 Belgiumval 201

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Most ethereal food on earth will be served here, with most gratifying effect on the senses. Like Bread & Bakery, Ethnic Food, Beverages, Cheese & Dairy, Chocolate & Confectionery and lots more!

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With several food industry events happening all around the world, here are some of the finest ones to participate in! Grab a chance to learn...

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