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AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference Programme 2013 Day 1- 17 June PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS- Free of Charge 09.0012.30

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

ENplus Pellet Workshop supported by PellCert project

Biomass CO2 calculation tool supported by Biograce II project

The FAO approach to sustainable bioenergy

Location Address: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, 47 Rue du Fosse-aux-Loups, Brussels Room: T’serclaes, 1st Floor

Location Address: Renewable Energy House, Rue d’Arlon 63, 1040, Brussels Room: Large Meeting Room, Ground Floor

Location Address: Renewable Energy House, Rue d’Arlon 63, 1040, Brussels Room: Large Meeting Room, Ground Floor

PLENARY- EU POLICY AGENDA- Location Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels 12.30 13.30 14.30 15.30 16.00 18.30 20.00

Registration Conference Opening EU Policies: Bioenergy beyond 2020 and beyond the Energy Policy framework Coffee Break Round table debates on bioenergy challenges and opportunities End of Plenary Dinner at the European Parliament hosted by MEP Bendt Bendtsen

Day 2- 18 June- Location Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels PARALLEL 1 09.00 10.30 11.00 11.15 12.30 12.45 14.15

15:45 16:15

Session I: Advanced Biofuels Company profiles Session II: Torrefaction Organized by IBTC* Session III: Industrial Pellet Markets Organized by EIPS*

Session IV: Pellet use in heat markets Organized by EPC*

18:00 Day 3- 19 June

PARALLEL 2 Session V: Views on Sustainability

PARALLEL 3 Session IX: BioAlgaeSorb

Coffee break Session VI: Carbon neutrality

PARALLEL 4 B2B Meetings

B2B Meetings

Company profiles Lunch and networking Session VII: EU policy on biomethane production, injection and international market Organized by EBA* Coffee break Session VIII: Crop-based biogas as an advanced biofuel Organized by EBA* End of Conference

B2B Meetings

B2B Meetings

VISITS 07.3018.00

Large-Scale Bioenergy Plant Visits GDF - SUEZ biomass energy plant Biobase Europe - Pilot Plant STORA ENSO, world largest paper recycling mill


Biogas Plant Visits organized by EBA Visit of biogas plant, Anaerobic digestion of agricultural residues Visit of biogas plant, Organic waste digestion

*IBTC- International Biomass Torrefaction Council *EIPS- European Industrial Pellet Suppliers *EPC- European Pellet Council *EBA- European Biogas Association


Day 1- Pre-Conference Workshops- Free of Charge

17 June


Workshop1: ENPlus Pellet Workshop supported by PellCert Project Organizer: EPC Location: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Rue du Fosse-aux-Loups, 47, Bruxelles st Room: T’serclaes, 1 Floor, Agenda: [HERE] Workshop 2: Biomass CO2 calculation tool supported by Biograce II Project Organizer: AEBIOM Location: Renewable Energy House, Rue d’Arlon 63, 1040, Bruxelles Room: Large meeting room, Ground Floor, Agenda: [HERE] Workshop 3: The FAO approach to sustainable bioenergy Organizer: UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Location: Renewable Energy House, Rue d’Arlon 63, 1040, Bruxelles st Room: Lounge Bar, 1 Floor, More information: [HERE] Day 1- AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference 13.30-14.30

17 June


Conference Opening

Moderator: Jean-Marc Jossart, AEBIOM, Secretary General 13.30 How strong is the political will of the EU for renewables? Michael Goodwin, Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU, Energy Attaché 13.40 Bioenergy in the EU energy mix and biomass sustainability Joachim Balke, European Commission, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Günther Oettinger 13.50 World perspectives Heinz Kopetz, World Bioenergy Association, President 14.00 Bioenergy in the portfolio of energy companies Rémi Coulon, AREVA Renewable Energies, Chief Commercial Officer 14.10 Making biomass a mainstream energy carrier Gustav Melin, AEBIOM, President 14.30-15.30

EU Policies: Bioenergy beyond 2020 and beyond the Energy Policy framework

Moderator: Fanny-Pomme Langue, AEBIOM, Policy Director 14.30 Bioenergy beyond 2020: RES strategy and EU 2050 roadmap (tbc) 14.50 Competition for wood with and between the EU wood-processing industries Jeremy Wall, European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, Principal Administrator 15.10 CAP, energy crops and forestry strategy Markus Holzer, European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, Head of Unit 15.30 Coffee break 16.00-18.30

Round table debates on bioenergy challenges and opportunities

Topic 1: What sustainability scheme for biomass? Moderator: Hans van Steen, European Commission, DG Energy, Head of Unit Jenny Walther-Thoß, WWF Germany, Expert for Sustainable Biomass and Sustainability Certification Aljoscha Requardt, the Confederation of European Forest Owners, Secretary General- EU Elizabeth Woodworth, ENVIVA, Director Marketing and Communication –USA Arnold Dale, European Industrial Pellet Suppliers, Chairman- EU Gordon Murray, Wood Pellet Association of Canada, Executive Director- Canada Yves Ryckmans, Laborelec /IWPB, Chief Technology Officer Biomass- EU Caroline Season, DECC, Senior Policy Advisor – UK


Topic 2: The future of support schemes? Moderator: Gustav Melin, AEBIOM, President Marcos Martin, AVEBIOM, International Relations Daniel Hölder, BBE, Board Member Josche Muth, EREC, Secretary General Martin Ådahl, Center Partiet, Chief Economist (tbc) 18.30 End of Plenary 20.00-22.30

Dinner at the European Parliament hosted by Bendt Bendtsen, Member of European Parliament

Participants will have the opportunity to dine in the European Parliament. The dinner is hosted by MEP Bendt Bendtsen in the restaurant of the parliamentarians. More than 100 persons are expected to attend and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while continuing to network with the conference participants.

Day 2- AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference

18 June




18 June

SESSION I: Advanced Biofuels

Moderator: Jan Lindstedt, AEBIOM WG Advanced Biofuels, Chairman /SEKAB 09.00 The Clean Power for transport package: an EU sustainable alternative fuels strategy including the appropriate infrastructure. The role of biofuels. Antonio Tricas Aizpún, European Commission, DG Move 09.15 Fuels of the future – from wood-based raw materials Marko Janhunen, UPM 09.30 Advanced biofuels in the European energy mix and their industrialization Marc Gillmann, TOTAL Supply & Marketing 09.45 WWFs views on the role of biofuels in a 100% renewable energy strategy Imke Luebbeke, WWF European Policy Office in Brussels 10.00 Debate on market introduction of advanced biofuels 10.30 Coffee break 11.00-11.15 11.00 11.03 11.06 11.09 11.12

Highlight on sponsor company profiles

Aurélie Sol, AREVA Renewable Energies- Gold Sponsor Doris Thamer, Andritz AG- Silver Sponsor Morten Berntsen, BioAlgaeSorb- Silver Sponsor Klas Brandt, World Bioenergy/Elmia- Silver Sponsor Richard Schinnerl, Neuson Ecotec- Bronze Sponsor


SESSION II: Torrefaction Organized by the International Biomass Torrefaction Council

Moderator: Michael Wild, IBTC, Chairman / Wild& Partners 11.25 Solid sustainable energy carriers by torrefaction Kathrin Bienert, DBFZ, SECTOR Project 11.40 Challenges in torrefaction technologies Doris Thamer, Andritz AG 11.55 New ISO Standards for torrefied pellets Martin Englisch, Bioenergy Anlagenplanung GmbH


12.10 Challenges towards commercial markets Andy Piers, River Basin 12.25 Debate on necessary steps for the industrialization of torrefaction 12.45 Lunch 14.15-15.45

SESSION III: Industrial Pellet Markets Organized by the European Industrial Pellet Suppliers

Moderator: Ludger Spohr, EIPS, Vice-Chairman / Vis NOVA Trading 14.15 Expanding demand and supply- perspectives for the industrial pellet markets Arnold Dale, EIPS, Chairman / Ekman 14.30 Industrial pellets: towards a commodity status? Louisa Blair, Argus Media 14.45 Safety- a key challenge for the industry Mieke Vandewal, Control Union 15.00 Converting from coal to biomass: the right framework for investments? Chris Arthers, Essent 15.15 Debate on co-firing pellets in coal fired power plants: a waste of resources or an economic way to reduce GHG emissions? 15.45 Coffee break 16.15-18.00

SESSION IV: Pellet use in heat markets Organized by the European Pellet Council

Moderator: Christian Rakos, EPC, President / Propellet Austria 16.15 Converting residential heating to renewable energy: how to wake up the sleeping giant Christian Rakos, EPC 16.30 The Ecodesign directive- impacts on residential heating markets Marco Palazzetti, Palazzetti 16.45 Why is the market for commercial heating with pellets booming? The experiences of a utility offering renewable heat services Andreas Oberhammer, EVN W채rme GmbH 17.00 ENplus: consolidating a success Gilles Gauthier, AEBIOM / EPC 17.15 Debate on supply security- a key challenge for residential heating markets PARALLEL 2 09.00-10.30

18 June SESSION V: Views on Sustainability

Moderator: Kjell Andersson, AEBIOM Sustainability WG, Chairman /SVEBIO 09.00 EU policy developments on biomass sustainability Giulio Volpi, European Commission, DG Energy 09.15 Requirements and implementation of forest management plans in France? Pierre Ducray, UCFF 09.30 PEFC certification & the bioenergy sector: recent developments Sarah Price, PEFC International 09:45 Sustainable Forest Management in Canada Dave Patterson, Forestry Innovation Investment, Representing the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers


10.00 Debate on best EU policy 10.30 Coffee break 11.00-12.30

SESSION VI: Carbon neutrality

Moderator: Christian Rakos, EPC, President / AEBIOM 11.00 Correct carbon accounting- a matter of perspectives? Martin Junginger, Utrecht University 11.15 Bioenergy: worse than coal? Trees Robijns, BirdLife Europe 11.30 Bioenergy, greenhouse gases and climate change Leif Gustavsson, Linnaeus University 11.45 Views of the bioenergy sector on carbon accounting Fanny-Pomme Langue, AEBIOM 12.00 Debate on carbon accounting and consequences for markets 12.30-12.45

Highlight on sponsor company profiles

12.30 12.35 12.40 11.09 11.12

Natacha Kienlen, AREVA Renewable Energies- Gold Sponsor Brian Greenwood, Andritz AG- Silver Sponsor Morten Berntsen, BioAlgaeSorb- Silver Sponsor Klas Brandt, World Bioenergy/Elmia- Silver Sponsor Richard Schinnerl, Neuson Ecotec- Bronze Sponsor


Lunch and networking


SESSION VII: EU policy on biomethane production, injection and international market Organized by the European Biogas Association

14.15 Biomethane- A view from the Parliament BĂŠla Glattfelder, Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Member of European Parliament 14.35 Biomethane- Cross-border trade Attila Kovacs, Board Member, European Biogas Association 15.55 Biomethane: A view from a car manufacturer Matthias Maedge, NGVA Europe 15.15 Debate 15.45 Coffee break 16.15-18.00

SESSION VIII: Crop-based biogas as an advanced biofuel Organized by the European Biogas Association

16.15 Support to renewable energy under the rural development policy Marc Fleureck, European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development 16.35 iLUC proposal and its consequences to biomethane Ignacio Vazquez Larruscain, European Commission, DG Climate Action 16.55 Advanced biogas production through biological pre-treatment Theo Verleun, DSM 17.15 Advanced biogas production through mechanical treatment Emanuel Bregulla, MT-Energie 17:35 Debate Sessions VII and VIII are sponsored by: 18.00

End of AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference




18 June

SESSION IX: BioAlgaeSorb Organized by BioAlgaeSorb

Moderator: Morten Berntsen, Bioalgaesorb project / Teknologisk Institutt as 09.00 Integration of algae production with carbon – nitrogen – phosphorous recycling from industrial and agricultural wastes Naomi Ginnever, Swansea University, UK 09.15 Design and model of a cost efficient photobioreactor Morten Berntsen, Teknologisk Institutt AS, Norway 09.30 Modelling tools to optimise the design and operation of algae biomass production systems Philip Kenny, Swansea University, UK 09:50 Processes for harvesting and downstream processing of algae biomass as an energy substrate Naomi Ginnever and Michael Gerardo, Swansea University, UK 10:10 Production of bio-oils from microalgae biomass by pyrolysis Andrea Maria Rizzo, CREAR, University of Florence, Italy 10.30 Coffee break PARALLEL 4


18 June

B2B meetings

Since identifying the right contacts in a large conference is not easy, arranging beforehand matchmaking meetings makes sense. Companies can upload their profile online and conference participants can ask for 20 minutes bilateral meetings, in parallel to the main conference. Only conference participants can attend free of charge the B2B meetings. To upload your profile and connect with other conference participants, please access: Day 3- Visits

19 June


The day after the conference, participants have the opportunity to visit several bioenergy plants in Belgium. Tour 1: 07.30 09.00 09.15 10.00 12.00 12.30 13.30 17.30 18.00

Departure from Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Welcome in the passive office building of the Port of Ghent Presentations of the Port of Ghent Plant visit to GDF-SUEZ biomass energy plan Visit to the Biobase Europe - Pilot Plant Embarking on the yacht “Jacob Van Artevelde”, lunch on board Visit of STORA ENSO, world’s largest paper recycling mill Drop off at Zaventem Brussels Airport Drop off at Central Station Brussels

Tour 2: 09:00 09:30 12:00 15:30 16:00

Large-Scale Bioenergy Plant Visits

Biogas Plant Visits organized by the European Biogas Association Departure from Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Visits of biogas plant Joluwa, Anaerobic digestion of agricultural residues (chicory roots) in Nivelles Visit of biogas plant, Organic waste digestion (residues form restaurants, slaughterhouse waste) in Quévy-le-Grand Drop off at Zaventem Brussels Airport Drop off at Central Station Brussels


Speaker Biographies High-Level Opening Session Jean-Marc Jossart AEBIOM- European Biomass Association Secretary General Jean-Marc is agronomist and started his career in the field of bioenergy in 1992 at the University of Louvain, Belgium. Since 1997, he is the General Secretary of the European Biomass Association – AEBIOM ( AEBIOM’s mission is to develop the market for sustainable bioenergy, and ensure favorable business conditions for its members. It also follows up the EU legislation and its implementation, communicates on bioenergy and manages several European projects. Michael Goodwin Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU, Energy Attaché Michael Goodwin is the Energy Attaché at the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU and is currently chairing the Energy Working Group of the Council under the Irish Presidency. He has worked with the Irish Department of Energy since 2001.

Joachim Balke European Commission, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Oettinger Joachim Balke was a Parliamentary Assistant from 2001 until 2004 for MEP Peter Mombaur, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Industry, Trade, Research and Energy, European Parliament. From 2004 until 2008 he was advisor for European Energy Policy for E.ON AG. From 2008 until 2011 he was Policy Officer for Energy Taxation, Directorate General for Taxation and Customs Union, Unit C.2 at the European Commission. Since 2013, he is member of Cabinet of Commissioner Guenther Oettinger. Joachim Balke has a Master of Arts in European Studies from the College of Europe Natolin, Warsaw. Heinz Kopetz World Bioenergy Association, President Education University of Life Sciences Vienna, Austria, PhD in agronomy and Iowa State University, Iowa, USA, Master in economics. He has been working for more than 30 years in the areas of agriculture, energy, climate policy and bioenergy. Founder of the Austrian Biomass Association , Vienna (President 1995 – 2010), Member of the supervisory board of the public utility on electricity and district heating, Styria (1977 -2000), President of the European Biomass Association, Brussels (2005 - 2010), Board member of the World Bioenergy Association since 2008. Kopetz was elected as President of WBA in May 2012. Rémi Coulon AREVA Renewable Energies, Chief Commercial Officer Rémi Coulon is Chief Commercial Officer of AREVA’s Renewable Energies Business Group, which includes bioenergy, offshore wind, concentrated solar and energy storage activities. Mr. Coulon has over 20 years of experience in the Energy and Environment field, both in the US and Europe. Before joining AREVA 8 years ago, Mr. Coulon had been working in the Life Cycle Management consulting area, initially in Paris, and finally as a Director within PricewaterhouseCoopers in Maryland, USA. Mr. Coulon holds a Master’s degree from France’s AgroParisTech engineering school. Gustav Melin European Biomass Association-AEBIOM, President Gustav Melin, president of the European Biomass Association has been active in the Bioenergy business for more than 20 years. He has a Master of Science in Agriculture from Uppsala, Sweden and worked in the 1990-ies with developed plant material and machinery for Short Rotation Coppice Willows as MD of Farmers co-operative owned Agrobränsle AB. His expert area is energy crops and solid biomass. He has also traded pellets as Business Area Manager at TallOil AB in Stockholm. He had twelve years in the board of the Swedish Bioenergy Association and started as CEO of the organisation in 2008 which is still his daily engagement.


EU Policies: Bioenergy beyond 2020 and beyond the Energy Policy framework Jeremy Wall European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, Principal Administrator Jeremy WALL was born in South Wales and was educated there, in London and the University of Wales before entering professional practice as a forest manager. Later, he joined the Commission’s DG Agriculture to work on forestry, environmental and agricultural structural issues. He has since moved to DG Enterprise & Industry, working on forest-based industries, where he now specialises in the woodworking, bio-energy, sustainability and international aspects of that sector.

Markus Holzer European Commission, DG Agriculture, Head of Unit Markus Holzer, born 1952 in Linz, Austria, is a trained economist and graduated from the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. He joined the regional Government of Lower Austria to assist the Deputy Governor. After a short stay with an important Austrian Cooperative he moved to Switzerland to become Secretary General of the European Farmers Association (CEA). In 1992 Markus changed again to the then Austrian Mission to the European Union in Brussels. He was responsible for Agriculture and Fisheries and was part of the team that prepared Austria's Accession to the European Union. Since 1998 he is working for the European Commission, General Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development. Markus was responsible as Head of Unit for several geographical desks in Rural Development, Personal and Administration and actual manages the unit for Forestry, Bio-energy, Biomass and Climatic Change. Round table debates on bioenergy challenges and opportunities

Hans van Steen Head of Unit European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy Hans van Steen is Head of Unit in the European Commission, DG Energy. He is responsible for Renewables and CCS Policy and holds a Master Degree in Political Science from the University of Århus, Denmark. Mr van Steen has been with the European Commission since 1989 and has been Head of Unit for Renewable Energy since June 2006. In this capacity, he was the Commissions representative in the negotiations of the Renewable Energy Directive and is currently responsible for overseeing the transposition and implementation of the Directive in the EU Member States. Jenny Walther-Thoß WWF Germany, Expert for Sustainable Biomass and Sustainability Certification My name is Jenny Walther-Thoß and I join in April 2013 WWF Germany in the Team EUPolicy, Agriculture and Biomass as expert for sustainable biomass and sustainability certification. I have an agricultural background (MSc. International Agriculture) and worked the last seven years mainly for a certification body and as researcher at the Humboldt-University in the field regional development. The last three years I was program manager for sustainable biofuel certification for Control Union Certification a worldwide acting certification body and as deputy managing director also responsible for organic certification in Germany. Aljoscha Requardt CEPF, Secretary-General Aljoscha Requardt is the Secretary General of the Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) in Brussels, Belgium, since August 2011. Before joining CEPF, he worked at the European Forest Institute (EFI), as Manager of the Observatory for European Forests (OEF) in Nancy, France, and as Scientist at the Thünen Institute/ University of Hamburg in Germany. Aljoscha holds a PhD in Natural Science (Dr.rer.nat) from the University of Hamburg and a MSc (Diploma) in Forest Science from the Dresden University of Technology. He is an expert in international/ European forest policy processes and has an extensive background in the concept and monitoring of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). During his career, Aljoscha participated in and coordinated several EU funded projects, and cooperated closely with the UNECE/FAO, FOREST EUROPE LU and other institutions. In 2010 he was one of the coordinating lead authors of the State of Europe’s Forests 2011 report.


Elizabeth Woodworth ENVIVA, Director Marketing and Communication As director of marketing, communications and sustainability, Elizabeth is responsible for developing a strategic marketing plan for Enviva, including raising brand awareness, educating diverse audiences about environmental sustainability and positioning Enviva as an industry leader. Additionally, she oversees all internal and external corporate communications, including media coverage, website content and social media channels. Marketing initiatives include working to educate U.S. Legislators and European Commission on wood biomass used for renewable energy. Elizabeth also chairs Enviva’s Sustainability Team, which is responsible for sustainability certifications and lifecycle GHG emissions tracking. Outside of Enviva, Elizabeth is heavily involved in promoting sustainability throughout the industrial wood pellet industry. She chairs the Sustainability Committee for the US Industrial Pellet Association which promotes best practices in environmental sustainability industry-wide. She is also on the Board of Directors for the European Biomass Association, AEBIOM. Prior to joining Enviva, Elizabeth was Director of Marketing at a global consumer products company where she led strategic direction for category branding and developed marketing plans for future launches and campaigns. She holds a B.A. degree in International Studies and French from the University of Richmond, VA, as well as a M.B.A. from The Wharton School, and a M.A. in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Arnold Dale EIPS, Chairman, Ekman & Co, Vice President Bioenergy Arnold is Vice President Bioenergy with Ekman & Co in Gothenburg Sweden. Ekman is one of the world’s leading sales and marketing organizations, focusing on the global forestry industry with an annual turnover of $2.5 billion. He is responsible for the sales and marketing of wood pellets including the 900 000 tons of wood pellets produced by Vyborgskaya in Russia. Before joining Ekman & co Arnold was the Sales Director with the Swedish pellet producer Latgran in Latvia. Arnold was recently elected Chairman of EIPS the European Industrial Pellet Suppliers group and is a board member of EPC the European Pellet Council. Gordon Murray Executive Director Wood Pellet Association of Canada Gordon is the executive director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada, where he works on behalf of Canada’s pellet producers, traders, ports, terminals, equipment manufacturers, consultants, universities and others engaged in Canada’s pellet industry. Before joining WPAC, Gordon spent 30 years in the forest industry – operating mills, forest operations and in finance. Most recently he has worked as an independent advisor assisting with forestry mergers, acquisitions and in raising capital. His passion for the wood pellet business began while working on a deal to sell timber assets to one of Canada’s largest pellet producers. He has Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree from the University of British Columbia and is both a Registered Professional Forester and a Certified Management Accountant. Yves Ryckmans GDF-SUEZ Group, Laborelec-Sustainable Process Technologies, Chief Technology Officer, Biomass Yves Ryckmans graduated from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and conducted a PhD study at the same university on modeling heat transfer in furnaces by finite elements techniques. In 1989, he joined Laborelec research Centre of Electrabel as a research engineer in the field of nuclear energy. From 1996 on, he initiated the development of fixed bed gasification and CFB gasification of wood through several Belgian and European projects. In 1999 he became Head of the Biomass Competence Centre of Electrabel at Laborelec. This competence centre covers more than 15 years of working on technical issues like co-firing biomass in pulverized coal power plants, biomass gasification, biomass fuel quality, biogas applications, torrefaction, biomass sustainability assessment and LCA studies. His R&D efforts were focused on CFD modeling of PC boilers, slagging and fouling, NOx and SOx emissions, biomass milling and upgrading, ESP, ash quality and utilization, as well as the verification of sustainability criteria for solid biomass. Currently, Yves Ryckmans is Chief Technology Officer Biomass at Laborelec, vice-chairman of Eurelectric Task Force Biomass and board member of AEBIOM (European Biomass Association). As such, he is managing research and services for bio-energy applications within GDF SUEZ Group.

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Caroline Season DECC, Senior Policy Advisor Caroline is a Senior Policy Adviser at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), leading on biomass & sustainability policy. She has been a government policy adviser since 2002, covering a wide range of energy & environment issues including the development of the UK Sustainable Development Strategy and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) policy. Prior to joining the civil service she worked as a product and marketing manager within the global telecommunications sector and holds an MBA from Cass Business School. Marcos Martin AVEBIOM, International relations As director of International Relations and lobbying activities for AVEBIOM, Marcos Martin is responsible at all levels to represent the interest of bioenergy. Lobby initiatives include working to educate legislators at Spanish and European level on wood biomass used for renewable energy. Additionally, he is a member of the Board of Bioenergy International Spain and Latin America, a specialized communication group and also Chair of the Vice Presidency of AEBIOM. Outside of AVEBIOM he chairs and co-funds B-strategies, a consultancy based corporation advising on clean energy since 2007. He is also a professor at Camilo José Cela University on a Business Administration Program. Prior to joining AVEBIOM, he had experience in implementing Forest Sustainable Management projects at field and coordination level. He holds a Master in Forestry Management from the University of Valladolid, Spain and a M.B.A from INDAE (Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Administrativo y Empresarial). Daniel Hölder German Bioenergy Association (BBE), Board Member Daniel Hölder studied chemical engineering at KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Techology, Germany. After he got in touch with wood gasification as a research associate at Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT in Oberhausen, Germany, he dedicated his whole working live to the bioenergy business: as plant manager of a biogas plant, as sales director of a biogas construction company, and as director business development renewable energies of an energy service company. Today he works as Director Energy Policy & Communications of Clean Energy Sourcing GmbH, a company specialised in green electricity supply of business clients and in direct marketing of renewable power plants. He is Member of the Board of the German Bioenergy Association (BBE) and of the German Renewable Energy Association (BEE). Josche Muth EREC, Secretary General Josche Muth is EREC`s Secretary General. He joined EREC as Policy Adviser in 2009, then becoming EREC’s Deputy Secretary General in 2011. Besides the management duties his policy responsibilities at EREC include working on the EU´s future energy policy. In this regard he was responsible for ERECs “45% by 2030” and “RE-thinking 2050” publications. Moreover he is concerned with support schemes and new market design. Before joining EREC, Muth worked as Energy Policy Adviser to Mechtild Rothe, former Vice-President of the European Parliament. In his function, he was closely involved in the legislative process, particularly the 2009 renewable energy directive. PARALLEL 1 SESSION I

Advanced Biofuels

Jan Lindstedt AEBIOM WG Advanced Biofuels, Chairman / SEKAB E-Technology Jan Lindstedt is the Vice President Marketing & Commercialization at SEKAB E-Technology since 2006 with the responsibility to scale up and commercialize the cellulose to ethanol process technology. He was a Partner in EcoDevelopment, a consultant company which since 2006, is part owner in SEKAB. He was CEO for EcoDevelopment from 2001-2012. Before that, he was project leader for the development of Cellulose to Ethanol processes and introduction of Ethanol on the Swedish market during 20 years. During 1980-91 he was site manager for Neste Oxo chemical production in Ornskoldsvik. Lindstedt started his professional career in 1972 as process, energy and environmental engineer in Pulp and Paper industry. He was a project leader for boiler, evaporator and chastising plant installations. During 2003-2007 he was a member of the board at the University of Umeå and a Senior Consultant and expert in projects related to Bioalcohols, Funded by the European Commission. Mr. Lindstedt has a Master of Chemical science, Chemical and pulp engineering, Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Antonio Tricas Aizpún European Commission, DG Move, Administrator/Policy Officer From 2004 until 2013, Antonio Tricas Aizpún worked as a Policy Officer in the European Commission, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport Unit "Clean Transport and Urban Transport". He contributed and developed relevant policies and programmes in the field of Alternative Motor Fuels and Urban Mobility - Clean Power for Transport Package incl. Biofuels, Bio Methane, Natural Gas and LPG. He was also a technical manager on projects relating to Biofuel Cities, Hydrogen /Natural Gas for Transport. From 2002 to 2004 he worked in the Directorate General for Energy and Transport Unit "Coal & Oil" as a policy officer/ project officer. He developed coordinated, prepared, implemented and monitored policies and related activities coherent with Commission priorities in the area of hydrocarbons and coal. Before that he also worked in the Directorate General for Energy and Transport Nuclear Unit and dealt with the coordination of the Programme SURE under the two areas: Transport of radioactive material and Industrial cooperation with Russia. Mr. Tricas has a bachelor’s diploma in European Studies and Nuclear Engineering and a Master in Physics. Marko Janhunen UPM, Vice-President, Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility Marko Janhunen is responsible for Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at UPM. He manages public affairs, trade policy and public policy advocacy work in Finland, the European Union and globally. He also coordinates UPM's strategy on Corporate Responsibility. Prior to his current position, Marko held a position of Vice President Communications and Public Relations of Uruguay pulp mill project at Botnia Oy from 2006 until 2008.Between 1999 and 2006 Marko was based in Brussels, Belgium, where he served as Director, Trade Policy & EU Affairs, UPM. Marko Janhunen holds a Master’s Degree in Political History issued by the University of Helsinki, a Masters in European Affairs from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, and an Executive MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics. He speaks five languages, having lived, studied and worked in Finland, Germany, Belgium, France and the United States. Marc Gillmann TOTAL Supply and Marketing Strategist for Biofuels and Rural Development Marc Gillmann is in charge of Bioenergy and rural development in the strategy, research and development Directorate since January 2010. Mr Gillmann is member of the European biofuels technology platform and chairs its working group dedicated to biofuels regulations and markets. He played an active role in Concawe’s and in the European standardization Committee for biofuels dedicated to the “sustainability of biofuels”. Mr Gillmann is a member of the biofuels task force of IPIECA. Marc Gillmann worked four years in the French Ministry of agriculture on bioenergy policies. He began his career in 2000, as technical adviser on rural development and food security (Cuba, Chad). From 2004 to 2006 he joined the European Commission and spent two years as program manager in infrastructures and social sectors in the EC’s delegation to Haiti. Marc Gillmann has a master from AgroParistech (France) and a master of Science & environmental management from Ecole nationale du génie rural, des eaux et forêts (France). Imke Luebbeke WWF European Policy Office in Brussels Imke Luebbeke is the Senior Policy Officer for Renewable Energy at the WWF European Policy Office in Brussels. Her work revolves mainly around the future renewable energy policy for the post-2020 period. From 2005 to 2011, she focused on issues dealing with bioenergy and sustainability and developed the WWF bioenergy positions. During this time, she founded the NGO platform for sustainable biomass (Nachhaltige Biomasse) in cooperation with German development and environmental organisations. Prior to her move to Brussels, she worked on EU agricultural policy and rural development with WWF Germany. She received an MSc degree in agricultural science from the University of Göttingen, Germany. SESSION II

Torrefaction Michael Wild IBTC, Chairman/ Wild & Partners Michael Wild, economist and engineer by education, is active in renewable energies for practically his entire 24 years professional career. He has pioneered Biomass fired district heating systems in Austria and conversion of coal fired systems to biomass in former socialist countries. The first internet based biomass trading platform (ABEX) was started by him in 1999. Until 2010 he led the international biomass trading company EBES creating numerous intercontinental supply chains for palm kernel shell, pellets and wood chips. From 2007 he took

| 12

a leading position in torrefaction technology development forming also a consortium with Andritz AG. Today he is acting in project development, as supply chain consultant and represents selected producers, traders and consumers in both torrefied and regular biomasses. In 2012 he helped setting up within AEBIOM the International Biomass Torrefaction Council IBTC which he also chairs. Kathrin Bienert DBFZ, SECTOR Project Kathrin Bienert is a scientist at DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH in Leipzig since 2010. Before joining the DBFZ, she worked in the industrial sector as project developer for a German technology company specialized in biomass gasification technologies. Her main activities included the site assessment as well as the project management for European research projects and feasibility studies for biomass gasification plants. She graduated in Energy Engineering Management at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and in Renewable Energy Systems Technology at the Loughborough University, England. Within the DBFZ Ms. Bienert worked on projects focusing on electricity and heat production from biomass and she was involved in the preparation of the “German Renewable Energy Sources Act Progress Report”. Since 2012 she is part of the coordination team of the European Research Project “SECTOR” where she is responsible for the overall project management of this collaborative project on torrefaction of biomass with 21 participants from 9 countries. Doris Thamer Andritz AG, Global Application Manager for Biomass and Organic Waste Doris Thamer is a graduate chemical analyst and Doctor of natural sciences. She finished her studies in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University and Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria. From 1993 until 1994 she was Head of Laboratory for Municipal and Pulp & Paper Sludge Dewatering Processes at Andritz AG, in the Environment & Mining Department, Pulp & Paper Department. From 1995 until 2012 she continued her work at Andritz SEPARATION with an overall sales responsibility for sludge dewatering and drying plant projects. Since January 2013 she is the Global Application Manager for Biomass and Organic Waste of Andritz SEPARATION at ANDRITZ AG. Martin Englisch Bioenergy Anlagenplanung GmbH Martin Englisch studied chemical engineering at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria and Technical University of Twente, Netherlands. From 1999 to 2013 he built up a leading research and test institute for solid biofuels within the Austrian research institute. He was involved in development of pellet quality assurance systems incuding national and international standardization. More than 100 DINplus and ENplus audits in pellet plants worldwide created a fundamental understanding of pellet process. Since 2008 torrefaction was an important research focus. Martin Englisch is scientific advisor in the development of Andritz ACB-process and was responsible for development of chemical test methods in EU project SECTOR. In April 2014 he founded an independet company BEA-Bioenergy focusing on solid biofuels. Andy Piers River Basin Energy, CEO Andy Piers has nearly 20 years of experience in the Global forest products, chemicals and energy sectors, responsible at the Executive Team levels for Global businesses with over $1bn in sales. Piers is currently CEO of River Basin Energy, a leading company in the field of second generation solid biomass fuels, and on track to substitute over 5m tonnes/year of coal with biomass. Piers was appointed to the Board of Management of Clariant International, responsible for corporate strategy, technology, innovation and new business, including Clariant’s incubator fund. Piers joined Clariant after working with Englefield Capital, an independent mid-market private equity fund with a strong reputation in renewable energy investments. Whilst working with Englefield, Piers developed a significant pipeline of investments in biomass energy and solid biofuel supply. Prior to this, Piers was a Divisional Director of International Paper, responsible for Arizona Chemical, a leading supplier of both renewable chemicals and bio-oils for industrial power and district heating, supplying over 200m litres of bio-oils, principally to the Nordic, UK and Benelux markets. In addition to biofuels, Arizona Chemical leading positions in fatty acids, fuel additives and bio-lubricants, as well as naturally derived resins for inks and adhesives. During his time at Arizona, Piers developed the business to be the undisputed leader in pine chemicals with a market share of over 50% and a diverse business range.

| 13


Industrial Pellet Markets Ludger Spohr EIPS, Vice-Chairman / Vis NOVA Trading

Ludger Spohr is Managing Director of VIS NOVA Trading GmbH, a company of Bremen-based Diersch & Schröder Group. VIS NOVA Trading is one of the major Biomass suppliers to European utilities. Mr. Spohr brings with him more than fifteen years of direct experience in the international forestry and biomass sector, including several years in Brussels lobbying on behalf of the Canadian forestry sector. He has also lived and worked in North and South America, South Africa and in several European countries, and speaks five languages fluently. During the past ten years Mr. Spohr has been actively participating as speaker, moderator and panelist at multiple industry and trade events in Europe and in North America. Mr. Spohr is board member of AEBIOM, the European Biomass Association, and one of the initiators, co-founder and currently Vice President of EIPS, the European Industrial Pellet Suppliers working group. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences (Germany), where he has held lectures since 2005. Arnold Dale EIPS, Chairman, Ekman & Co, Vice President Bioenergy Arnold is Vice President Bioenergy with Ekman & Co in Gothenburg Sweden. Ekman is one of the world’s leading sales and marketing organizations, focusing on the global forestry industry with an annual turnover of $2.5 billion. He is responsible for the sales and marketing of wood pellets including the 900 000 tons of wood pellets produced by Vyborgskaya in Russia. Before joining Ekman & co Arnold was the Sales Director with the Swedish pellet producer Latgran in Latvia. Arnold was recently elected Chairman of EIPS the European Industrial Pellet Suppliers group and is a board member of EPC the European Pellet Council. Louisa Blair Argus Media Louisa has been with Argus since March 2011 primarily focused on biomass pricing, consultancy and analysis at the company’s London headquarters. Since joining Argus, Louisa has worked on several markets including biomass, emissions and power, developing new assessments, introducing biomass specific freight rates and launching numerous market tools. The most recent is the development of a new weather derivatives assessment. Prior to joining Argus Louisa spent time as a financial markets reporter at Informa Global Markets, covering Eurobond issuances. Mieke Vandewal Control Union World Group, Marketing Manager Fuels, Accountant Manger Mieke Vandewal is working with Control Union World Group as Marketing Manager Fuels and Account Manager for 4 certification programmes (quality, sustainability and torrefaction). She completed a Master’s degree and two Bachelor’s degrees in the UK, Netherlands and Germany in International Transport and Logistics. Upon completion of her studies she was with Essent Trading (today RWE), a Dutch Utility, where she focused on the logistics of fossil and renewable fuels. She currently is with CU, a company active in Load & Discharge port inspections as well as quality assurance. The company has a global network with over 90 offices located more than 60 countries. Around 3000 employees serve CU's clients in a wide range of commodities. She is responsible for Acquisition, Marketing, Business Development and Certifications with a main focus on renewable energy. In addition, she is member of the Advisory Board at the EU Project SECTOR, member of the working group Solid Biomass of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative and an active member of the Rotterdam Biomass Commodity Network. Chris Arthers Essent, Internal Consultant Corporate Responsability Chris obtained his degree in Mathematics & Physics at the University of Leeds (UK) in 1972. He moved to the Netherlands in 1981 and has worked since then for energy utility Essent (since 2009 a RWE company) and her predecessors. In 1995 he was appointed manager of a unit developing business concepts for Renewables such as heat pumps and solar panels, complementing the company's much larger involvement in wind energy and CHP. Later he

| 14

was Senior Advisor in the Renewable Energy Department and Regulatory Affairs Department, working on policy, subsidy schemes and other legislation for renewable energy. Since 2010 he is a Consultant in the Corporate Responsibility Department, working on issues related to power generation, climate change and biomass. SESSION IV

Pellet use in heat markets Christian Rakos European Pellet Council- EPC, President Christian Rakos, studied Physics, Philosophy and History at the technical university of Vienna. After positions at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Austrian Energy Agency and the Irish renewable energy information office he became managing director of the Austrian Pellet Industry Association “proPellets Austria”. In 2010 he was elected President of the European Pellet Council. Marco Palazzetti Palazzetti Group, Research and Development Manager

He graduated from the University of Udine in 1999 with a first class degree in Engineering Management, submitting a dissertation on decision support systems and successfully passed the State Exam to become a chartered engineer. The subject of his dissertation gave him the chance to provide consultancy for various public and private enterprises, thus acquiring a wealth of experience in different environments. He has always been involved in the family business, Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A., joining the Board of Directors in 2007. The experience he matured in the renewable energy sector means that he is often brought into round tables and research linked to bio energy sources and energy politics by Italian national concerns like ENEA, AIEL, CECED, Regione Lombardia, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia and many others. He takes part in international organizations (AEBIOM, AVEBIOM, Propellet, HKI, European Pellet Council) and events ( Interpellets Forum, Expobioenergìa, The European Parliament and others) and he is involved in the RHC Platform as a member of the Biomass Technology Panel and the Horizontal Working Group on Policy Issues. At Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A., besides working as Business Analyst within the Board of Directors, he directs the Research & Development Department. Andreas Oberhammer ENV Wärme GmbH, Head of Planning and Engineering Andreas Oberhammer is currently an authorized representative of EVN Wärme GmbH and head of planning and engineering. He is also Managing Director of bioenergy and bio-heat for Amstetten GmbH Steyr-West GmbH. His activity at EVN AG began in mid-2000 as a product developer in the field of heat. From 1991 to 2000 he worked for the last distribution in an industrial plant, for projects of the chemical plant and thermal technology. Previously, he worked in the area of research and development with an emphasis on process engineering, biology, combustion technology and mechanics. He received his doctorate at the Faculty of Science of the Technical University of Vienna, before he completed the study of the branch of study Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and studied also at the University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna. In 1983 he finished the Higher Technical and Vocational College Construction civil engineering. Before that, he attended the BRG Radetzkystraße and VS Sacre Coeur. Gilles Gauthier AEBIO, Bioenergy Expert / EPC, General Manager Gilles Gauthier joined the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) in May 2013 where he is working as Bioenergy Expert and as General Manager of the “European Pellet Council” (EPC). Before joining AEBIOM, he worked for two years (2009-2011) as project engineer for a Belgian agropellets producer, first he was in charge of the R&D and then he was in charge of the agropellets formulation and sales. From 2011, he was working as coordinator of the Belgian Biomass association (ValBiom). PARALLEL 2 SESSION V

Views on Sustainability

Kjell Andersson AEBIOM Sustainability WG, Chairman/ SVEBIO Kjell Andersson is communications director and policy advisor at Svebio, the Swedish Bioenergy Association, in Stockholm, since 2003. Prior to that, he was information director of the Centre party, and before that Assistant Chief Editor of Land magazine, the leading

| 15

agricultural magazine in Sweden. He has a journalism degree from the Stockholm College of Journalism and a Master’s degree from University of Stockholm in history. Giulio Volpi European Commission, DG for Energy, Policy Officer Volpi works in the unit responsible for the EU renewable energy policy, where he focuses on bioenergy. Before joining the EC in 2008, he worked for several years in Brazil on Latin American energy and environmental issues. Prior to that, Volpi worked in Brussels on EU climate and energy policy advocacy. He holds an European master’s degree in Environmental Management and an Italian master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Pisa. Pierre Ducray French Forest Cooperatives Union (UCFF), Director Pierre Ducray is a Forest engineer from ENGREF (water and forests engineering national school), Nancy, France. He is the director of the Federation of French Forest Cooperatives Union (UCFF: Union de la Coopération Forestière Française). UCFF, created in 1994, brings together and represents some twenty forest cooperatives located throughout the territory. Forest cooperatives are involved in forest management, operations and marketing of wood. To support them, the Federation defends the economic interests of forest owners, manages this network, leads pooled projects and assures a role of political representation in the national and European institutions. Also he is the director of the Forest Cooperation Group (GCF: Groupe Coopération Forestière) since 1998. GCF organizes supplies of the French forest cooperatives which produce woodchips. GCF proposes IT services and environmental expertise. In addition GCF is the first woodchps producer group in France (400 000 tons in 2012). Morever from 1989 till 1991 he was the head manager of the cooperative “GEDEFON”, then, from 1991 till 1999 he was the director of the cooperative “Union des Forêts Bourgogne” before totally focus on the UCFF federation. Furthermore, he is a member of board of France Biomass Energy (FBE). FBE is the association promoting use and development of biomass energy use, inside the renewable energies syndicate (SER). FBE regroups the professionals of the biomass sectors and value all the forms of biomass. Sarah Price PEFC International Sarah Price is Head of Projects & Development at PEFC International in Geneva. Her work focuses on expanding PEFC certification internationally in both forests and markets. Working in the forest sector for over 15 years, Sarah’s experience spans the full spectrum: from operational forestry to international forest policy. She has held positions with The Forest Trust and The Forests Dialogue, and has spent years living and working in the forests of North America, South America and Southeast Asia. Sarah possesses a Masters of Forest Science from Yale University and a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resource Conservation from the University of British Columbia. Dave Patterson Manager, Market Affairs Forestry Innovation Investment Dave is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) in British Columbia with over 30 years of forestry experience. At Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) he fills a key role in providing technical advice, monitoring trends and developments related to sustainable forest management, certification and illegal logging, green building and green public procurement policies, international trade policy, and assessing their implications for the B.C. forestry sector. FII is the British Columbia government’s market development agency for forest products that promotes BC forest products and sustainable forest practices around the world. Since 2008, Dave has held an appointment as a Board Member on the Forest Practices Board, BC’s independent forest practices watchdog. Prior to joining FII, Dave ran his own forestry consulting business for 5 years and was employed with a major BC forest company for 23 years in various operational and managerial positions. Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF) degree from the University of BC. Dave’s presentation at AEBIOM is on behalf of the Forest in Mind Program (FMP) of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers. As the Province of BC’s representative on FMP, Dave works closely with his FMP colleagues that represent the other provincial, territorial and federal governments in Canada. The program acts as the Canadian and Provincial governments’ voice in international markets, communicating Canadian sustainable forest management policies and practices.

| 16


Carbon Neutrality Christian Rakos European Pellet Council- EPC, President

Christian Rakos studied Physics, Philosophy and History at the technical university of Vienna. From 1988-1998 he worked at the Institute for Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In 1998 he joined the Austrian Energy Agency where he was responsible for renewable energies with a special focus on bioenergy. From 2004 to 2005 he worked at the Irish Renewable Energy Information Office as European projects manager. Since mid-2005, he is the executive director of the Austrian Pellet Industry Association “proPellets Austria.” In 2010 he was elected President of the European Pellet Council. Martin Junginger Utrecht University Martin Junginger (1976) is assistant Professor (tenured) at Energy & Resources (E&R) of the Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University. He is leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 40 on Sustainable International Bioenergy Trade (see He works amongst others on charting international trade in biomass and biofuels, (with a special focus on wood pellets), identifying barriers and opportunities for bioenergy trade. In the past years, he had published several articles on forest carbon accounting, and currently involved in a project with NGO’s and utilities to jointly explore the issues of carbon accounting and indirect wood/land use change for forest biomass. He also has been working on sustainability criteria for biomass and certification systems, amongst others as scientific support for the Cramer Commission. Martin was also contributing author to the bioenergy chapter of the 2012 IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources (SRRES). Trees Robijns BirdLife Europe, EU Agriculture and Bioenergy Policy Officer Trees Robijns’ main work is on the reform of the European Union Common Agriculture Policy, better implementation of the EU Rural Development policy and sustainability of biofuels and bioenergy policies. Before joining BirdLife, Trees was working for the Economic Policy Program of the German Marshal Fund of the United States. She holds an MA degree in International relations of the Johns Hopkins University and a Master degree in Political Sciences from the Catholic University in Leuven. Leif Gustavsson Linnaeus University, Professor Leif Gustavsson has a PhD in Environmental and Energy Systems, MSc in Civil Engineering and MA in Psychology from Lund University. His main field of research is systems analysis from a bottom-up perspective linked to sustainable development, especially building construction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, forestry and the interaction between these fields. The aim of his research is to increase understanding of how resource- and cost-efficient systems with low environmental impact can be designed, analyzed and implemented. Fanny-Pomme Langue AEBIOM, Policy Director Fanny-Pomme LANGUE joined the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) in early 2013 where she is working as Policy Director of the association and as General Manager of the “European Industrial Pellet Suppliers” (EIPS) group. Before joining AEBIOM, she worked for three years in the European Commission (DG Energy) as Policy Officer in charge of renewable energy and for four years as Deputy Director of the French Forest Cooperatives Association (UCFF). She has a background in EU Policies and in agricultural law. SESSION VII

EU Policy on biomethane production, injection and international market Béla Glattfelder Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, MEP Mr. Glattfelder has an education as an agricultural engineer, University of Agriculture, Gödöllő (GATE, 1992). Since 2009, he is a member of the European Parliament, Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Committee on International Trade. From 2000 to 2002 he was the undersecretary of State, Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 1994, he worked for the Agricultural Research and Informatics Institute and between 1990-2004 he was a member of

| 17

the Hungarian Parliament. Since 1988 he is a member of Fidesz. He is also President of the Hungarian Solar Association since 2012 and President of the National Renewable Energy Platform since 2011. Attila Kovacs European Biogas Association, Board Member PhD Economics, MSc Chemical Engineering, 37 years of experience in international oil and gas industries (Mineralimpex, Budapest, Mobil Oil Corporation, Fairfax, E-A Energy Consulting GmbH, Vienna). Managing Director of First Hungarian Biogas Ltd, Budapest (2005-2011); Board Member of European Biogas Association (2009 - )

Matthias Maedge NGVA Europe, EU Affairs Manager and Head of Brussels Office Matthias Maedge has been appointed Head of the NGVA Europe liaison office in Brussels in September 2010 and is responsible for representing the interests of Natural & bio Gas Vehicle related industry at a political level. Matthias Maedge joined the team of NGVA Europe from the very start in 2008. Before making the move to Brussels, he already spent 2,5 years at the association's secretariat in Madrid (Spain). Matthias Maedge has a Master degree in Politics, Media & Communication studies and professional translation (English/German). Prior to his involvement in the gas vehicle sector, he was working for a member of the German parliament (Bundestag) in Berlin. SESSION VIII

Crop-based biogas as an advanced biofuel Marc Fleureck European Commission, DG Agriculture

Mr. Fleureck worked in the Directorate-General for Agriculture for around 10 years. Since 2007 he worked in the Direction for Sustainability and quality of agriculture and rural development in the bioenergy section as Policy Assistant for bioenergy, biomass and biofuels where he was involved in policy development and implementation. The unit is also responsible for Climate change and the EU forestry strategy. In particular he is following biogas developments and issues that impact agriculture, related rural development measures as well as next generation biofuels developments in Europe and outside. Ignacio Vazquez Larruscain European Commission, DG Climate Action Ignacio joined the directorate general for climate action in the European Commission in May 2010 where he works on issues related to the implementation and development of low carbon fuel policies, including the sustainability of biofuels and the development of a fossil fuel methodology under the Fuel Quality Directive. He has previously enjoyed various positions in the British Government, and has a Chemistry degree from the University of London. Theo Verleun DSM Studied Biochemistry and worked in many business fields all related to biochemical applications mainly enzymology. Being active in Medical diagnostics /food processing enzymes and industrial enzymes, Theo got involved in the 90’sof the last century to the emerging Fuel Ethanol market in the USA. Although Theo also spend few years in process development in the Oil and Gas industry he returned to biochemical processes within DSM Biobased Products and Services unit, as responsible commercial manager for the introduction of DSM in the Biogas industry. Recently Theo is appointed as responsible commercial manager for a novel Biogas production processes still to be introduced to the market. Emanuel Bregulla MT-Energie Emanuel Bregulla is heading the Sales and Project Management of the Western European Market for MT Energie. This includes most of the focus countries of the company and the whole product range from AD plants to gas upgrading units. Being active within the renewable energy market for more than five years Emanuel has accompanied various projects from 190 kWel to several MWel producing electricity or biomethane. Previous to this job Emanuel has been active in the international Sales Management and economical consultancy.

| 18


BioAlgaeSorb Morten Berntsen Teknologisk Institutt AS, Senior Project Manager

Morten Berntsen is Senior Project Manager at Teknologisk Institutt AS (National Institute of Technology, Norway) located in Oslo, Norway. Morten is the project manager of the BioAlgaeSorb project financed by EU FP7 Program. This project is focusing on development of technologies and cost effective solution for utilization of waste for production of biofuels via microalgae cultivation. Morten Berntsen is educated in human toxicology from University of Bergen, Norway. Other major subjects include chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, epidemiology, statistics and environmental technology. Previous experience include engagement at the Institute of Occupational Medicine at the University of Bergen, Norway primarily working with chemical exposure and risk assessment as well as experience from engagement in private enterprises focusing on environmental impact studies and life-cycle analyses. For the last 15 years, Morten Berntsen has been working as a project manager for several EU projects financed in FP5, FP6 and FP7 including projects focusing on development of environmental technologies, especially reducing emissions to air, water treatment technologies as well as waste handling. Naomi Ginnever Swansea University, Algal Physiologist Naomi Ginnever is an algal physiologist working on the Bioalgaesorb project at Swansea University. Her particular area of expertise and interest is the photophysiology of algae, principally the way in which temperature and light influence algal physiology and photosynthesis. I am currently investigating the biochemical composition and photosynthesis of microalgae grown in the photobioreactor systems at Swansea University using different waste sources as nutrient supplies. Philip Kenny Swansea University, Research Scientist Philip Kenny is a research scientist based in the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research at Swansea University. He is currently involved in the EnAlgae (Energetic Algae) project, an Interreg IVB (NWE) funded initiative bringing together 19 partners (plus observers) spanning 7 EU member nations in order to develop sustainable pathways for algal bioenergy in North-West Europe. His speciality is in using computational methods to apply highly mechanistic mathematical models to predict algae growth in virtual systems. A physicist by education, his PhD project employed numerical techniques to investigate the behaviour of matter under extreme conditions. Other areas where he has applied his computer modelling skills include superconductors, stellar structure and heart valves. He has since started devoting his time and energy to use modelling to assist in developing innovative methods to optimise biomass and biofuel production and to improve bioreactor design, helping to guide the design process for photobioreactor facilities based in Swansea in conjunction with BioAlgaeSorb. Michael Gerardo Swansea University, Research Assistant Primarily focused on upstream and downstream technologies, Michael Gerardo is a PhD student and Research Assistant supporting the FP7 project BioAlgaeSorb with the development of methodologies and technologies for the feasibility of the microalgae industry.

Andrea Maria Rizzo CREAR, University of Florence, Italy Andrea is PhD Student in Industrial Engineering at the University of Florence. His research areas are focused on the production of bioliquids/biofuels from lignocellulosic and residual feedstocks by means of pyrolysis/gasification processes, their characterization and use in adapted prime movers. He's also interested in advanced thermochemical conversion processes and technologies, biodiesel production processes from alternative feedstocks, torrefaction, instrumentation and measurement for process and plant control, design of HVAC systems.

| 19

Sponsor Company Profiles

Aurélie Sol AREVA Renewable Energies, Marketing Aurélie Sol worked for 5 years in bioenergy on several continents. She started her carrier as a sales engineer in South East Asia and China and is now coordinating marketing for AREVA Bioenergy activity zones in the world. Her engineering masters in UK and China gave her a good understanding of the renewable energies sector with a strong focus on biomass burning with her post master’s thesis on properties of biomass in combustion, especially complex biomass and biomass mixes. On top of her marketing responsibilities, she is in charge of carbon compensation for AREVA Group at Paris headquarters. AREVA Bioenergy has more than 100 references in the world and a strong foothold in Latin America, South Asia and Europe. Natacha Kienlen AREVA Renewable Energies, Marketing Manager Natacha Kienlen is Marketing Manager in AREVA Bioenergy business unit, with a specific focus on the torrefaction product offer. Mrs Kienlen has over 15 years’ experience in product marketing, product management and market development in international and technical environments. Mrs Kienlen has been involved in biomass torrefaction for 4 years and was part of the Thermya team. Prior to AREVA, Natacha worked as marketing and business development manager for the Australian Trade Commission and held project management and product management positions in the IT industry. Doris Thamer Andritz AG, Global Application Manager for Biomass and Organic Waste Doris Thamer is a graduate chemical analyst and Doctor of natural sciences. She finished her studies in Chemical Engineering at the Technical University and Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria. From 1993 until 1994 she was Head of Laboratory for Municipal and Pulp & Paper Sludge Dewatering Processes at Andritz AG, in the Environment & Mining Department, Pulp & Paper Department. From 1995 until 2012 she continued her work at Andritz SEPARATION with an overall sales responsibility for sludge dewatering and drying plant projects. Since January 2013 she is the Global Application Manager for Biomass and Organic Waste of Andritz SEPARATION at ANDRITZ AG. Brian F. Greenwood Andritz AG Most of his career has been spent in the pulp and paper industry working on the design and supply of equipment and process systems, primarily in the fiberline area. This has included Process Engineering, Research and Development (3 times), Technical Sales, Project Management and various management roles in the organizations (Kamyr Inc, Alhstrom Machinery, and Andritz) in which he has worked. During the last years, his role is as Technical Director of Biorefining and Specialty Pulps for Andritz. This includes the technical direction of torrefaction systems development. It also includes work on the recent modifications of continuous digesters to pre-hydrolysis Kraft to make dissolving pulp. He is a named inventor or co-inventor on more than 25 patents and patent applications. Graduated from: University of Maine at Orono, BS Chemical Engineering, 1978. Klas Brandt Elmia/World Bioenergy Klas Brandt is working as project manager at Elmia AB for 13 years. At the moment he is responsible for the World Bioenergy fair taking place on June 2014. He is also responsible for the Elmia Game Fairs, hunting and fishing fair.

Richard Schinnerl Neuson Ecotec GmbH, Management, Environmental technology Richard Schinnerl deals with the management of Neuson Ecotec GmbH, environmental technology. Before this he was in charge of the management of Komptech Umwelttechnik GmbH, environmental technology. He was also the executive director of the Research and development department of Frigopol ältemaschinen GmbH. Richar Schinnerl finished his studies in mechanical engineering.

| 20

List of Participants 2ZK - TUZETKA A.A.Y.Y Business Development Ltd. AEBIOM ALBIOMA Alborz Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG AMCOR Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association ANDRITZ ANDRITZ AG Antwerp Bulk Terminal ARBIO AREANATejo AREVA Renewables Energies Argus Media AS Vestman Bioenergy Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD AVEBIOM BEA, Bioenergy Anlagenplanung Beijing Panda Pellet Machinery Co. Ltd Belgian Bioethanol Association Belgian Eco Energy BioAlgaeSorb Biogasrat+ Biolake BirdLife Europe Bmp Greengas GmbH Bord Na Mona Bruxinfo - Hungarian EU news agency Center Partiet Centre Wallon de Recherches Agronomiques CIBE CJ Agren Consulting Inc Cluster TWEED Control Union CPM/Europe B.V CRA-W CZ Biom Daniel Espuny S.A.U Danish Agriculture & Food Council DBFZ De Smet Engineers & Contractors Department of Energy and Climate Change DESNERCK MEDIA Ltd

| 21

DHAM NV (Korys) Diplomatic World DNV KEMA Drax Power Limited DSM Bio-Based Products & Services EC, DG Agriculture and Rural Development EC, DG Climate Action EC, DG Competition EC, DG Energy EC, DG Enterprise and Industry EC, DG Joint Research Center

EC, DG Move EC, DG Research and Innovation EC, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation ECN Ecodays Co. Ltd. EDORA EIPS/ Ekman Elmia / World Bioenergy Elof Hansson Trade AB Eneco Energy Biosciences Institute-UC Berkeley Energy Industry Research Centre Energy Valley Foundation Energy-Pellets-International e.K. ENVIVA LP EREC Essent European Association of Research and Technology Organisations European Biogas Assciation European Biogas Association European Environment Agency European Institute for Energy Research, EIFER European Parliament EUROPOLITICS EUWID EVN W채rme GmbH Fachverband Biogas e.V. Federation of Swedish Farmers Finnish Energy Industries Finnish Forest Association Forestry Innovation Investment, Representing the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers FORX Indexes Ltd. Fram Renewable Fuels L.L.C France Miscanthus

| 22

Fujitsu Research Institute German Bioenergy Association, BBE German Pellets GmbH GimV Global Forest Care s.a. GOPA-Cartermill Government of Canada/Natural Resources Canada Greenpeace GRH UHNIN SP.zoo Heig-VD HIRAGA (Cristalux project) IBTC / Wild& Partners IFEU Heidelberg IMCES SB RAS INERIS International PRESS Agency IT Carlow Japan Wood Energy JSC "Latvia's State Forests" Juwi Energielösungen GmbH Jyväskylän Energia Oy Kyung DONG Laborelec Laborelec /IWPB Lakehead University Latvian Biomass Association LATbio Lhoist S.A. Linnaeus University Lithuanian Biomass Association LRF Skogsagarna Lunds Energikoncernen AB Member of European Parliament Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH MT-Energie Neuson Ecotec GmbH NGVA Europe North Carolina State University Office National des Forets Ontario Federation of Agriculture Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association OÖ Energiesparverband Palazzetti PEFC International Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU Platform Bio-Energie

| 23

Polish Biomass Association POLBIOM Port of Ghent Precise Electric Manufacturing Co.Ltd Propellets Austria/ EPC Repsol RISI River Basin Energy RWE Supply and Trading SEKAB SGS Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A. SOCOR SA SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden SPADEL StollmeyerEU S端dtiroler Energieverband Genossenschaft Summerleaze Limited SVEBIO Swansea Univerisity Swansea University TAPIO The Confederation of European Forest Owners The University of Sheffield Tichi Holdings TNO TNO Energy Torr-Coal Group TOTAL Petrochemicals & Refining SA TOTAL Supply & Marketing Treis Partners LLP UCFF UCL Ukrainian Pellet Union UN Food and Agriculture Organisation Universal Press Agensy Universitat Oldenburg University Freiburg, Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy University of Florence/ CREAR University of Helsinki University of Porto UPM USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service USEU/FAS Utrecht University Utrecht University / Control Union Certifications Viridis Energy Inc / HOB Invest BV

| 24

Vis Nova Trading / EIPS Vis Nova Trading GmbH Vlaco VREG VTT Weir Minerals Netherlands B.V. Wood Energy Switzerland Wood Pellet Association of Canada Woodlands Resources LLC World Bioenergy World Bioenergy Association World Bioenergy/Elmia WWF European Policy Office in Brussels WWF Germany ZGC BES ENERJI A.S

| 25

Conference Organizer

The European Biomass Association is a nonprofit Brussels based international organization founded in 1990 whose mission is to develop the market for sustainable bioenergy, and to ensure favorable business conditions for its members. AEBIOM brings together 30 full members (national associations) and around 70 associated members (companies) from all over Europe, thus representing about 4000 indirect members including companies and.research.centers. In Association With

Co-organizers of the AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference

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2013 aebiom conference programme for print day of conference  

European Bioenergy Conference 17-19 June 2013 Organize AEBIOM