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Peerless Boilers I I II

Series PSC I I Direct Vent, Sealed Combustion Residential Gas Boilers

For additional information on our products and The Peerless® Partner® indirect-fired water heater provides a true advancement in hot water generation. By utilizing the Series PSC II boiler as its heat source, the boiler fires only when necessary and transfers heat energy from the boiler to the water heater through a highly efficient cupronickel, fin-tube heat exchanger. The heater functions as a separate heating zone and water movement is regulated from the boiler through the heater coil by a separate circulator or zone valve.

Peerless® Partner® Indirect-Fired Water Heater Standard Equipment • High-Grade 316L Stainless

Steel Tank • Enclosed Thermostat Well • Adjustable Honeywell Control • Maintenance-Free Plastic Jacket • 2” Polyurethane Foam Insulation • T&P Relief Valve • Cupronickel, Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger

The Peerless Partner water heater has two or more times the recovery rate of gas-fired water heaters and supplies as much as five times the amount of hot water as a comparably sized electric water heater.

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Because of its light weight and durable plastic jacket, the Partner water heater is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. The Peerless Partner indirect-fired water heater is the perfect companion to the Series PSC II boiler, as well as a sensible and efficient addition to your home heating system.

of your heating questions.

Wall Thimble


Series PSC I I Features

Concentric Vent Pipe with Stainless Steel Vent Termination

• Packaged Residential Hot Water Boilers • Natural or LP Gas • Direct Vent, Sealed Combustion • Intermittent Ignition • Unique Wall Thimble

Series PSC II Standard Equipment

Limit Control Insulated Jacket

Condensate Drain

Gas Supply

• Cast Iron Sections - Factory Tested and Assembled with Steel Push Nipples • Deluxe Insulated Enameled Steel Jacket • 30 PSI Safety Relief Valve • Intermittent Ignition • Limit Control • Drain Valve • Temperature-Pressure Gage • Taco Circulator • Flame Rollout Safety Shutoff Switch • Differential Pressure Switch • Induced Draft Fan • Enclosed Air Inlet Box • Non-Combustible Floor Pan • Wall Thimble with Stainless Steel Screened Vent Termination

Air Inlet (available either side)

Non-Combustible Floor Pan Burner Observation Port

Series PSC II Optional Equipment • Grundfos Circulator • 50 PSI Safety Relief Valve

Hard work and dedication by skilled employees have made us one of today’s top cast iron boiler manufacturers. From the beginning, our main priority has been to serve customers’ needs and to provide them with the best built cast iron boilers on the market. That commitment, still true today, is evident in all of our products and services.

With an 86% AFUE rating, the Series PSC II boiler with intermittent ignition exceeds federal standards for residential boiler efficiency and qualifies for utility rebates in some areas. Intermittent Ignition is provided by the Honeywell SmartValve® System which houses the safety and ignition functions in one device. Only when there is a need for heat does the ignition light the pilot, keeping costs low and eliminating the need for extra wiring and separate controls. The Series PSC II boiler features a deluxe, insulated, enameled steel jacket that reduces boiler heat loss and completely encloses the gas valve and burners for efficient heating and safety. A flame rollout safety shutoff switch and differential pressure switch add to the efficiency and safety of the PSC II gas boiler.

We concentrate our efforts in one direction— hydronic heating. Hydronic heating is the most practical, dependable, efficient and versatile method available for heating a home. Hydronic systems heat by convection and radiation without the need for fans or blowers. This method of heat transfer is gentle and cleaner than that of warm air furnaces and heat pumps, keeping your family warm, healthy and happy.

The Series PSC II Boiler The Series PSC II boiler is a direct vent, sealed combustion boiler for hot water heating systems. Fully packaged and ready to install, the Series PSC II residential, gas-fired boiler is designed for throughthe-wall direct venting. Through-the-roof venting is an option. Using outside air for combustion, direct venting is ideal for applications where the chimney is inadequate or unavailable. A unique sidewall thimble with screened vent termination is provided and requires only one hole in the outside wall. Available with standard intermittent ignition, the Series PSC II boiler is available as natural or LP gas fired. Honeywell operating controls and a Taco circulator are offered as standard equipment. The Series PSC II boiler is available in 4 sizes (3-6 sections), with inputs from 65.0 to 150.0 MBH. Cast iron sections are factory tested and assembled with steel push nipples.

® SmartValve

is a registered trademark of Honeywell Corporation.

We believe that the customer’s peace of mind is very important. To help develop that security, we have created a comprehensive warranty program for residential cast iron boilers. These warranties are “full cost” warranties (up to the original cost of the boiler), rather than the pro-rated warranties currently offered by other boiler manufacturers. This warranty coverage does not decrease with time, rather, it remains complete for the entire length of the warranty. Customers can rest easy, knowing that their new boiler will provide years of dependable home heating comfort. All residential cast iron boilers include a full one-year warranty. The Series PSC II boiler has a limited lifetime warranty on the cast iron sections. Five and ten year extended warranties on parts and labor are also available. This summary is not a specific warranty. Consult us for complete details on all of our cast iron boiler warranties.

Boiler Ratings Series PSC II

Model Number PSCII-03✸ PSCII-03✸ PSCII-03✸ PSCII-03✸

Input, MBH 65 90 120 150

Heating Capacity³, MBH 56 77 102 128

NET I=B=R Ratings Water¹,², MBH

Intermittent Ignition AFUE³, %

Water Content, gal

49 67 89 111

86.0 85.0 85.0 85.1

4.72 6.00 7.28 8.56

Note: Minimum Supply Gas Pressure: Standard 5 in. W.C. Natural Gas - 11 in. W.C. LP Gas. ✸ As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, PB Heat has determined that these firing rates meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. 1 Net I=B=R water ratings based on an allowance of 1.15. 2 Consult factory before selecting a boiler for installations having unusual piping and pickup requirements, such as intermittent system operation, extensive piping systems, etc. 3 Heating Capacity and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings are based on U.S. Government test. Before purchasing this appliance, read important information about its estimated annual energy consumption or energy efficiency rating that is available from your retailer.

Boiler Dimensions Boiler Model Number

Jacket Width “A”


12¹⁄₂″ 15⁷⁄₈″ 19¹⁄₄″ 22⁵⁄₈″

318 mm 403 mm 489 mm 575 mm

Crate Dimensions & Shipping Weights Boiler Model Number

Depth WPC

Width WPC

Height WPC

Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs)


32³⁄₄″ 32³⁄₄″ 32³⁄₄″ 32³⁄₄″

27″ 27″ 30³⁄₈″ 33³⁄₄″

40″ 40″ 40″ 40″

330 400 470 540

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