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Global Perspective, Local Know-How A Strategic Partnership & &

The Regional Partnership The strategic partnership between Gensler and AVCIARCHITECTS in Turkey offers a seamless integration of global thought leadership, across the board design excellence, and established local knowledge, presence, and delivery capacity.

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Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm with 42 offices and over 3,000 professionals in Asia, UK, and the Americas. The firm has over 3,500 active clients in virtually every industry and delivers projects from the scale of a city to a task light for an individual’s desk.


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We are a global architecture, design, planning and consulting firm

Gensler is distinguished by an unwavering commitment to our clients’ success. Everything we design, from the innovations we imagine to the value we deliver, reflects our clients’ priorities and their opportunities for sustained success.




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Established in London in 1989, in its first year, AvcÄą Architects won the top prize in the European Union biannual Energy Efficient Buildings Competition, a culmination of years of experience in sustainability which set the tone for the direction of the practice. Although the practice specializes in many sectors in terms of programme, sustainability has become an underlying driving ethos, from the scale of regional masterplanning down to the design of a single product.

fully integrated perspectives that build complete and sustainable solutions. “

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Avci Architects has designed projects in the UK as well as Italy, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and more recently in Turkey. Currently active projects include commercial and institutional offices, retail centers, private residential developments, and educational and cultural buildings including exhibitions and museums.


Urbanista was founded in 2007 by Markus Lehto and Selcuk Avci, with a development focus on London and Istanbul. The company currently has development projects in both cities, and has a consulting portfolio comprised of many of the leading projects and Clients throughout Europe and the MENA region. Urbanista is a real estate company focused on discovering and unlocking a property’s unique potential. They dig hard and deep to get to the very core of the opportunity, with the view that any property worth investing in has to have a compelling reason for being built that makes sense today and for future generations.

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innovators and craftsmen, and our mission is

unique value will stand out from the start and garner even more financial and social appreciation over time. “ to produce properties whose

Urbanista’s management experience and property know-how is aimed at maximizing upside and de-risking at every stage of the development process.


Sustainability As long-term proponents of green design, we know that a sustainable approach to design preserves our planet’s resources and produces results that matter to our clients: reduced energy and operating costs, brand advantages, longer property life-cycle, enhanced human performance, and overall better quality of life.

Over 1000 environmentally-accredited professionals worldwide Architects of the first LEED pilot project - Armstrong World Industries, Lancaster, USA Winner of the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership Award

Our approach is grounded in key principles such as striving for integrated, whole building design; achieving innovation in products and technology tools; maximising natural features, siting and climatic conditions; and leveraging our firmwide and industry networks to learn new ideas and apply best practices.

Our combined approach brings world-leading sustainability experience together with the ability to execute with excellence on the ground

Johnson Controls will have more LEED rated buildings than any other campus in the world &


To determine how design really impacts productivity, creativity, innovation, profits and the environment, we have been engaged in a long-term research efforts. Workplace Gensler’s Workplace Survey of US and UK employees show that high-performance work settings correlate with better performance. We apply this knowledge to our work through our proprietary measurement tool, the Workplace Performance Index, which links business success to the provision of spaces that support the different work modes, allowing us to identify how our clients’ spaces can be improved and how they compare against the top companies worldwide and within their sector. Sustainability Faulty Towers: Is the British Office Sustainable? Based on a survey of the UK top developers and occupiers on their views on sustainability, the research highlights why unsustainable buildings are an investment time-bomb.

2008 WOrkplace survey united kingdOm

Faulty Towers

Turkey The New Workplace

The British Office Sustainable? These FourIsWalls The Real British Office By Gensler, Architect of Ideas

Global knowledge in harmony with local conditions


Gensler Architect of Ideas Gensler


Thought Leaders Workplace Survey Benchmarking



Burak Ünder Partner, Architect AVCIARCHITECTS

Selçuk Avcı Owner, Architect AVCIARCHITECTS

Deniz Nar Partner, Architect AVCIARCHITECTS

Duncan Swinhoe Principal, Commercial Office Buildings - Gensler

Ian Mulcahey Principal Urban Design Gensler

Markus Lehto Owner, Urbanista

A team that bridges global experience with leading on the ground execution. We are here when you need us - and our process is co-creative with the project owners and client team. We adapt ourselves to your needs.


Services Residential Consultancy

Planning & Urban Design

Commercial Environmental Graphics

Brand Design

Masterplanning Interior Design

Retail Hospitality


Selected Projects Our collective view of design and excecution ranges from branding and packaging through to the world’s most complex masterplans. We are motivated by the unique design challenge and not distracted by scale. We apply our collaborative and holistic approach to each and every project.


Workplace / Retail / Residential

London Stock Exchange London, UK 140,000 sq ft

BT Openworld Office London, UK

New York Times New York, USA 75,000 sq m

HP Office Istanbul, Turkey 2,500 sqm

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Abu Dhabi, UAE 230,000 sq ft

British Telecom Wholeale HQ London, UK 5,500sqm

Burberry London, UK 160,000 sq ft

Nokia Silicon Valley, California, USA

Selfridges London 100,000 sq ft

USCE Shopping Center & Hotel Belgrade, Serbia 199,000sqm

Apple London 21,000 sq ft

Giorgio Armani London 10,000 sq ft

Zizkov Retail Center Prague, Czech Republic 90,000sqm

Barneys Dallas, USA

Mosaic Retail Center Novi Sad, Serbia 90,000sqm

Neiman Marcus California, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences and JW Marriott at L.A. Live Los Angeles, CA 370,000 2 million sq ft

Ritz Carlton Dubai, UAE 1,500,000 sq ft

City Center Las Vegas, USA 18,600,000 sq ft

Bloom Central Marriott Abu Dhai, UAE 315 keys

Angel Restaurant Ljubljana, Slovenia 400sqm

Burj Alshaya Four Seasons and Office Tower Abu Dhai, UAE 315 keys

The Jacaranda Estate Bodrum, Turkey 3,600sqm

Villa Nirala London, UK 10,000sqft

Palazzo Dorottya Budapest, Hungary 20,000sqm

Nurol Tower Istanbul, Turkey

Land Mark Buildings

Shanghai Tower Shanghai, PRC 3.98 million sq ft

Turkish Contractor’s Association Ankara, Turkey 5,000 sqm

90 High Holborn London, UK

KAFD Parcel 1.14 GCC Bank Headquarters Riyadh 124,792 sqm, 254m tall

Naberezhnaya Tower Moscow, Russia Avci Architects as consultants to RTKL(UK) 1,500,000 sqft, 268m height

KAFD Parcel 1.15 World Trade Centre Riyadh 136,500 sqm Height: 303m

Tameer Towers Abu Dhabi, UAE 9 million sq ft

GCHQ Cheltenham, UK 1,000,000 sq ft


London River Park London, United Kingdom 3,85 Acres 2010/11

Sรถlen Mixed Use Istanbul, Turkey 90.000 m2

Aqaba Jordan, Israel 25,900 hectares

Mixed Use Marina Community United Arab Emirates 118 hectares

Kolkata Riverside Regeneration Koltoka, India 29 hectares

Çubuklu Vadi Istanbul, Turkey

Iskander International Financial District South Jahore, Malaysia 146 hectares

DIFC Master Plan Dubai, UAE 50 hectares

The Gate Building

Currency House

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Sky Gardens

Park Towers

Pacific Tower

Mecca Masterplan Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Zizkov Masterplanning Prague, Czech Republic 225,000sqm

Toki Istanbul, Turkey

Bio Istanbul Development Istanbul, Turkey 7 hectares

highway Innovation Campus

Visitor Center

Residence Phase 1A


tram proposed road

existing road

existing road

Children's Hospital

St. Petersburg City Extension St. Petersburg, Russia 450 hectares

Doha Area 1 Concept Plan Doha, Qatar 325 sq km

Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi, UAE 2,680 hectares

Confidential Water Front Master Plan Morocco Morocco 120 hectares

Al Sowa Island Abu Dhabi, UAE 113 hectares

Confidential Resort Community Syria 24,8 hectares

Istanbul Financial Centre Istanbul, Turkey 68 hectares

Osmannoro Masterplan Florence, Italy

Alemdag Master Plan Istanbul, Turkey

New Jeddah Master Plan Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 711 hectares

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