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February 2013

From the desk of Scott Kadrlik, Chamber Chairman Hi Taxpayers! I am Scott Kadrlik, CPA/PFS. A Look at Taxes For 2013-----They are going up!

Vice Chairman Jodi Kurtz Warners’ Stellian

Past Chairman Eric Iverson Iverson Consulting

Secretary Misty Scholler Anchor Bank

Treasurer Guy Gunner Gunners Garage

Jane Hill Culver’s

Bethany Harris BMO Harris Bank

Nick Martinez Send Out Cards

John Wortman American Legion

Chamber Administration Kristy Cleveland Business Manager

The fiscal cliff that threatened to reduce U.S GDP by 5% was narrowly averted on New Year’s Day. In its place, we have the American Taxpayer Relief Act, with a projected fiscal drag to GDP of 1.5%. If you have not heard by now, below are just a few of the new policy highlights recently enacted:

* The top marginal tax rate is 39.6% for couple’s filing jointly with incomes in excess of

$450,000. This was previously 35% for couples who had income in excess of $388,500. In addition, those with income in excess of $450,000, the rate on dividends and long term capital gains will move up to 20% from 15%. * The Personal Exemptions and Itemized Deductions are now phased out for joint filers with income in excess of $300,000. (i.e. Mortgage Interest and Charitable Deductions) * The tax rate for estates in excess of $5,000,000 increased to 40% from 35%. * Everyone, regardless of income will now pay 6.2% in social security payroll tax, up from 4.2% in 2012, on the first $113,700 of earnings. State Taxes are Changing! The Governor recently announced his budget plan for 2014 and it includes a significant change in Sales Tax, Income Tax and Real Estate tax. The proposal includes a decrease in the sales tax rate with an expansion in the items subject to tax including clothing, haircuts and services such as legal and accounting fees. Individual tax rates will also increase for higher income earners. The expansion of these taxes will feed a significant appetite for spending that was also proposed. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is leading the charge in demonstrating the detrimental effect that the increased taxes will have on a slow moving economy. I recommend that you contact your legislator at both the State and Federal level to voice your opinion on the proposal and recent tax changes. With this information, we have a fair idea what the rules are going to be for the rest of 2013 so we have to look to ourselves to design strategies that will advance our businesses and compete in the local and global marketplace. Reducing costs, technology expansion, improving customer service and enhancing the delivery of our products are great places to start. Look around your businesses and decide which strategies will make you stronger and better able to advance when the economy starts to improve. The Chamber meets for you! Be sure to attend any one of the many chamber functions held monthly. The Coffee Connections, monthly Luncheons and Business after Hours are a great way to meet your business neighbours as well as sell yourself to those who attend. Happy Valentine’s Day This is Valentines month so be sure to let your spouse, significant other and loved ones know how much you care for them. Flowers, Candy and even a small trinket are great but don’t forget to give them a call or a hug. Jewelry is always a nice gift, but be careful; One year I bought a ring for my wife on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t a nice diamond ring, but rather a Mood ring. Don’t shake your head. I know now what I did wrong. I do have to say though that the Mood ring worked very well. When my wife was happy the Mood ring changed to a gorgeous blue color. But when she was upset it left a red mark on my forehead. Have a great month. Remember, File early and file often. Scott Kadrlik, CPA/PFS Meuwissen, Flygare, Kadrlik & Associates, P.A.


Chamber Business After Hours

Chamber Coffee Connections

Thursday, February 21st 4:30 - 6:30 PM

7:30 to 9:00 AM

Tuesday, February 5th 14638 Cedar Ave Apple Valley Coffee and Pastries!

Chamber Luncheon Thursday, February 14th 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

$15.00 for members

$20.00 for non-members 14988 Glazier Ave Apple Valley, MN 55124

RSVP today to

This event will include beer, food and wine plus some select sampling. Don’t miss this “unique” event at this new City liquor store.


5470 157th St E

Next to Pizza Ranch and Target off of Pilot Knob.

Charles Zelle was recently Charles A. Zelle appointed Commissioner Commissioner of of MN Department of MN Transportation Transportation (MnDOT) on 12.15.12 by Governor Mark Dayton.

After two years of Cedar construction and this Spring’s closing 35E to one lane, Apple Valley will be impacted heavily. Come meet and Q&A with this new MnDOT director who comes from the business world.

Chamber Luncheon 2012

Interested in hosting a Chamber event? Contact us at 952-432-8422 for details and available dates!

Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Calendar of events


Chamber Business After Hours 2012

Chamber Coffee Connections Caribou Coffee 2012

The President’s Perspective by Edward Kearney We had a member quit this week saying, “I can’t get to Chamber things so I’m quitting.” My reaction is the Chamber isn’t only about networking, marketing and business-to-business business. We’re more strategic than that and in the trenches. Apple Valley Chamber is in our 42nd year. Local Chamber business leaders and land owners were key players in the early competition for locating the new Minnesota Zoo, which now has a $146 million impact locally. No one would have chosen Apple Valley at the State if we hadn’t “Chosen Ourselves.” Over $1 billion in additional development this past decade was not by accident. Chamber businesses and the City have worked very closely together with big results. While the resident planning is exclusive to the City (customers), the “real risk takers” with skin in the game are YOU, the business owners whom the Chamber represents (all taxes & jobs). Your dollars pay every tax dollar in every home, including government jobs. It is your vision, dreams and imagination that produces every service and product that makes Apple Valley completely independent with the right business mix. Government approval of inquiring business prospects is competitive and necessary. They can also leverage some of those tax dollars into luring businesses that would otherwise not come here and often with great success. Government by nature though is still administrative and no one there loses their home, savings or job with failure. But you will, so it is your risk/reward gamble which really builds this city economically. Your voice matters!

“What have you done for me lately?”

o o o o o o o o o

The last decade in particular had critical moments including: o Almost daily, we meet with City officials, both elected and department heads, to give the business perspective, long before it reaches council. o Chamber monitoring of the use of TIF (tax increment financing) that allows some businesses to not pay taxes for 8-15 years. While a useful tool, we’ve increased o accountability, making certain that tax-breaks pass the test of “would it have built anyways without the tax break!” Insuring better design and access during and after Cedar o construction. Weekly Chamber involvement in identifying dark space and filling it. o Produced and market a 1st Chamber/City Video to attract more jobs. We take political bullets for you so you don’t divide your o customers. Steering away airport noise from the new 17/35 runway. For nearly a decade, met monthly at the Capitol with zoo o officials to strategize and lobby for additional zoo funding, which has succeeded. Job forums with direct involvement from the Governor, two Speakers of the House, DEED and others to protect us from deep recession here.

Co-chaired AIA (American Institute of Architects) redesign of 4 city commercial sectors, “changing the one size fits all” like most suburbs. Grew a Home and Garden Expo that TV Host Bobby Jensen called the Best in the Twin Cities as far as crowd concentration and leads. Direct opposition to proposed signage ordinance changes, which were all ready for Council, protecting realtors and every business. Saving over $67 million from special road improvement assessments to every home and business, as we were the only opposition. Currently looking at more realistic and more uniform higher speed limits on new access roads into our downtown’s east side. Marketing directly to residents (customers) a one- page laminated Chamber Business Directory first class mailed to 22,600 homes. We currently Chair the Metro Chambers Coalition of all Chambers. First to inform you weekly on leads, openings, closings and what’s coming in “The Buzz” section of Apple Sauce.

The Chamber is literally “the Voice of Business” and we represent you no matter if you join or not. When I was giving a speech recently for the dedication of Cedar Transit corridor with the head of the MET Council, our Mayor, County Commissioners and many others, I was surprised I was the only one not working for government. Usually the Chamber is the ONLY NON-GOVERNMENT VOICE, at so many meetings concerning your issues. Non-members benefit from the Chamber’s efforts even if they are not members. They are enjoying better sign options, saved thousands with no special road reconstruction assessments, etc. etc. etc. Some chains and local businesses choose to go the “free route” and not join you, their peers at their one and only business association. They are actually “free-loading” and still benefit. They leave the heavy lifting to those of you who do join together as a common voice, assisting with issues that improve our business environment, who do pay dues, who get involved on committees, fundraise and keep our business community together, accountable, ethical and communicating. IF THERE WERE NO CHAMBER, competitors wouldn’t know each other and would become more cutthroat benefiting no-one. It is human nature where within a year, you would see creeping government regulations, higher fees or taxes and unilateral decisions. Soon, a few business owners would get upset at some issues they weren’t consulted about or didn’t know about. They would call a lunch meeting and say, “Hey, I don’t like this or that and let’s do something about it!” Guess what? They would have just started a Chamber all over again.

Apple Valley Chamber Luncheon Wednesday, January 16th This month the Chamber welcomed Colonel John Morris as our guest speaker. Colonel Morris currently serves as Command Chaplain for the MN National Guard.

Pictured on the right are three retired Military Vets that have finished active duty and are now on the job hunt. Each Veteran gave luncheon guests a quick overview of their background in the Military including their special skills. We were excited that they could join us and hope that their experience at the Chamber luncheon brought in potential job leads. All were invited to network further at our next Business After Hours

The General Manager of Apple Valley’s Home Depot, Nick Wallrich, was a Army Officer. We honored him for his years of service and Home Depot’s Veteran programs. Pictured on the right is the Assistant GM of Walmart. Walmart has announced they are opening up 100,000 jobs for Veterans returning in their first year.

Colonel Morris gave a captivating and powerful speech on the benefits that businesses will receive by employing Veterans.

Hosted at Welcome and congratulations to our new Apple Valley Chamber Chairman, Scott Kadrlik! (photos below) Luncheon guests were given a sneak peek at Kadrlik’s comedic skills. It will be a fun year!

Rascals catered a delicious buffet lunch.

Chamber Coffee Connections Tuesday, January 8th

Pictured above is the Campus Marketing Director, Jean Andries, thanking the crowd and preparing for the prize drawing.

Congratulations Mayor Mary! Who announced her recent engagement!

Pictured on the right is Jim Friend from Anchor Bank talking to Tom Lawell and Tom Goodwin.

Chamber Announcement on 2013 Directory: Sun This Week Newspaper will be selling ads for the 2013 Chamber directory the week of February 25th and March 1st.

Chamber Business After Hours Thursday, January 24th

Pictured on the left is owner James Madsen thanking the crowd. It was packed all evening! Thank you to all those who attended.

Extremely cold weather didn’t keep these Chamber members home!

Pictured above is the James Barton Design~Build team. Thank you to all of them for a successful event!

Pictured above is Chamber Chairman Scott Kadrlik drawing a prize winner.

14800 Galaxie Ave, Suite 101 Apple Valley, MN 55124 952-432-8422

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US Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue Chamber President Ed Kearney had a chance to speak with the US Chamber President at the statewide Chamber President’s Conference. His office is seen directly out of the Oval Office and has a giant sign reading “JOBS” for the president to see every day.

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