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Taking Advantage of Advancements with the Avaya Phone System In the past, it was easy for a company to stay a leader in their respective industry due to the opportunities of taking advantage of advancements, as they were introduced into the various markets. The problem that many companies are experiencing now is that these advances are coming so rapidly and changing so often, that it has opened the door for many other businesses to utilize the advantage of advancements and lay the foundation of their own business success. Communications represents a fundamental demand of every business and when you can take advantage of the latest advancements to aid your communication efforts, you will lay the foundation of establishing business success. One opportunity that a company can take advantage of is found with utilizing the advancements that are introduced by Avaya phone system. When a company makes the investment into a high quality phone system, it allows them to utilize significant resources that will improve communication and maximize the efficiency of their associates. One example of the advancements that a business can benefit from when investing in the advantage of advancements, is found with utilizing the Avaya 5410. With this singular handset provided for one employee, you will find improvements in productivity and job satisfaction. This is a result of the many technological opportunities that are available when you utilize the advancements of this device. The first opportunity is found with the built in jack that will allow you to connect a headset that is either corded or wireless, in order to improve communication comfort for your associate. Another opportunity that is available when a company makes the decision to utilize the opportunities that exist with the Avaya 5410 is found with its ability to be connected to your computer. Through the utilization of this technological

advancement, you can discover ways to incorporate VoIP features into your phone systems that are ideal for online communication. Furthermore, when connected to your computer, this handset will notify you through your screen when incoming calls are occurring, as well as provide you with information on the details of the caller. This will allow you to answer your phone calls, transfer calls to another representative, or send calls to voicemail with the click of a mouse. This will prove incredibly convenient to any individual who regularly implements the utilization of a PC in their business.

The opportunities that exist with this advanced handset only scratches the surface of the possibilities that are available through an Avaya phone system. Communication is vital to the success of any business; therefore it is important that you utilize all the resources available to you in order to improve these efforts. To discover your greatest resource of advanced phone communication opportunities, visit

Taking Advantage of Advancements with the Avaya Phone System