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Avaya Phone Systems For Customized Business With any business the heart and functionality depends upon clear and effective communications between the company and its clients but also internal between employees. The Avaya phone system is one of the best ways to keep clear lines of communication with unique features and devices, and also by reducing bottom line cost to the business. Avaya has many different products and services that will save money from day one. Whether you have a small business that is only local or a large corporation that trades around the globe, there is convenience and money to be saved with the integration of VOIP. The power of the Internet has the ability to add multiple unique features to your phone system but also make calls much less expensive without loss of phone quality. Not only do you not lose quality with an Avaya phone, your call quality will drastically increase with one hundred percent crystal clear phone call whether they are domestic or international. Effective communication is key to productivity and overall business efficiency. With an increase in productivity, there will be immediate revenue increase along with the costs savings on a monthly basis with lower tariffs on calls. Avaya has provided customized communication solutions to thousands of businesses of all types and sizes. There are several devices and Avaya phone systems available that will be sure to suit needs of all types. The products available include numerous features such as customizable voicemail that is timespecific, which is useful for daytime and after-hours recordings. There is call management features that will hold calls in queue until its ready to be answered by a representative or intuitive call transferring features that does not require any training or instruction. The extensive line of accessories available for Avaya meets all additional communication conveniences such as interchangeable headsets including wireless phone and headset options. Integrating cordless solutions to your Avaya phone system will increase office moral with easier and more

comfortable working conditions while also increasing productivity allowing employees to work on their computer while also talking on the phone with customers and fellow employees. In addition to the comfort of the devices, convenience of the setup and installations, the usability of the devices along with their features is the warranty of thirty-six months. This long of warranty is unheard of in the industry that goes above and beyond other phone systems to give users piece of mind that their phone system will last.

Avaya Phone Systems For Customized Business