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and the earth was filled with rats.

and they fill the belly of the world and the fill belly was filled.

an the

kingdom was fill...ed. and

many happy returns!

a kingdom needs rats!

Kingdom of the rats by the RATS and FOR THE RATS shall NOT BE ASUNDER for the EARTH! A


so say we all.

so say you all?


so say we all.


tha' bitch.


ha ha ha ha

nneh--heh hee hee hee hee hee

king rat, sucky sucky...

I've sEEn a lot in my day.

but nothing prepared me for this.

this guy’s the weirdest cocksucker I'd ever met.

"get laid"? could you be any more craSS, montana? I seriously doubt the fair lady desires to bed aLL of us at once.


lighten up, kiLLjoy. gilda's a cool girl. that was I sEE just a figure of enough of spEEch. kong. I don't nEEd to be looking at your pasty aSS, too.

montana?! montana, get this aSShole away from me. I'm sure she'LL do us one at a time.

Hehh.. heh, heh...

montana, if he humps my leg, I'm gonna blow his head oFF, I swear.

woah! woah! kong! down boy.


you don't want to scare oFF the lady--

--especiaLLy as she just got here.

you fuck--

ahh! let my guard down.

I deserve whatever I've got coming. shhh--shhh--calm down, swEEtheart. no one's gonna hurt you.


are you sure she's not a nogwump? she sounds like aLL the other nogwumps.

I don't teLL them that.

aLL dames are like this. she'LL wear herself out--

black liars! bastards! motherfucking cocksuckers! I'LL fucking kiLL you! I'LL rip your nuts oFF with my tEEth if I have to!

--then she'LL be flaTTered that she’s so wanted.

they're crazy. bat shit, bug fucking crazy.

no use in even yeLLing.

conserve my strength.

wait for an opportunity.

{sniFF} {sniFF}


unnn... unnn...


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