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Michael Grasso Written by Marissa Wilson. Photo by Kaila Rovine.

On an particularly hectic Monday morning, Analyst Michael Grasso takes a moment to duck into my office and reflect on his first year at Avascent. With his trademark enthusiasm and ever-stylish spectacles, he shares about his childhood interests and how his work allows him to continue discovering new passions. MW (Marissa Wilson): So, let’s start by talking about one of your unique interests. People around here know a lot of different languages, and you speak

Turkish. What’s the story behind that? MG (Michael Grasso): When I lived in Germany, I used to frequent a Turkish café and, every day, they used to teach me a few words of Turkish. I thought the language and music sounded beautiful, so I decided to continue pursuing it. I studied abroad in Turkey, and that was amazing! My Turkish become exponentially better, and I got to live in Istanbul – a city which, as everyone who has been there will tell you, is one of the coolest places on Earth.

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Avascenturian Profile: Michael Grasso  

Avascenturian Profile: Michael Grasso  

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