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Avascenturians walk in every day with a smile on their faces. You can’t beat that.

Debbie Miller Written by Marissa Wilson

On a cool spring day in early April, I sat down with returning analyst Debbie Miller in the Avascent café to talk about the changes in her career and her life over the past year. In a flower print dress and brightly colored cardigan, she speaks with the warmth of a kind friend and the brevity of a kind colleague (who knows the value of being to-the-point in a fast-paced workplace).

Marissa Wilson (MW): Debbie, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today for our very first Avascenturian profile. You’re a bit of an Avascent anomaly. Can you explain that? Debbie Miller (DM): Sure! I was a summer analyst last year, and I decided to stay on part time as I finish up my degree—I’m technically a part of the Class of 2015, but I have a year of experience under my belt.

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Avascenturian Profile: Debbie Miller  

Avascenturian Profile: Debbie Miller  

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