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Amy Soderquist

Written by Marissa Wilson. Photos by Kaila Rovine.

On a sunny afternoon, in a city bursting with blooms, I met up with Senior Analyst Amy Soderquist to chat about her winding journey to Avascent. Conveying a casual confidence and understated professionalism, her big blue eyes twinkle with a charming curiosity as she shares about what she’s learned from her international adventures and what she loves about her life in DC. Marissa Wilson (MW): You have an international background. Can you tell us about your childhood? Amy Soderquist (AS): I grew up splitting my time between my German Oma and my American parents (my mom was an elementary school teacher for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Bavaria). I was born in Germany, grew up in a German village, and lived there until I was nine. MW: When you did your master’s degree at Georgetown University, you included an International Business and Communications concentration. Why were you interested in business?

Avascenturian Profile: Amy Soderquist  
Avascenturian Profile: Amy Soderquist