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Alex Neff Written by Marissa Wilson. Photos by Kaila Rovine.

On a pleasant summer day in Farragut Square, amidst herds of suited professionals lunching at bright yellow picnic tables, I take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and chat with Senior Analyst Alex Neff about his journey to Avascent. With a relaxed confidence and natural joviality, he discusses his past life as an engineer and how he grew to love consulting. MW (Marissa Wilson): You have a unique and much

admired background in engineering. How did you end up in consulting? AN (Alex Neff): I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I went to college. I had always liked problem solving and had done well in science, so I figured engineering made the most sense. Engineering was a great education – it taught me collaboration and critical thinking skills. After I graduated and worked for a couple of years, I

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Avascenturian Profile: Alex Neff  

Avascenturian Profile: Alex Neff  

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