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FEEDBACK ON SANDRA’S MONOLOGUE ADECUACIÓN: 2.5 Very good! What a frightening story! Glad that all ended well! COHERENCIA E COHESIÓN: 2.25 Your story was really well structured and easy to follow. Excellent use of time and comment adverbials. Careful with finally, it’s used to include a final comment. For events use in the end CORRECCIÓN: 2.25 You are very accurate. Excellent use of past tenses and expressions to make predictions! I could only detect two minor mistakes (mistake I red, correction in blue): I could see to Oscar… I could see Oscar… Never in my life I had felt so terrified… Never in my life had I felt so terrified (this is an inversion, you will see it in advanced 2) FLUIDEZ, PRONUNCIA E ENTONACIÓN: 1.75 Fluency: Ok for the level Pronunciation:  

Mispronounced words: mountains /’mauntins/, guard /gɑ:d/, managed/’mænIdz/ Stress in injured /’indzǝd/

Intonation: A bit flat, it should be a little bit more spontaneous. You can improve it paying attention to the stress and rhythm: stress important words and expressions and mark clearly the separation of ideas with a pause. RIQUEZA: 2.5 Very rich. Good use of vocabulary and structures related to feelings, weather and travelling. TOTAL SCORE: 11.25/12.5

Sandra's monologue  

Monologue about a time I felt frightened

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