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FEEDBACK ON NOELIA’S MONOLOGUE ADECUACIÓN: 2.5 Very good! All the points were covered with very relevant and really interesting information. COHERENCIA E COHESIÓN: 2.5 Your monologue was very well-structured. Ideas were well-organized and your use of connectors to sequence ideas (firstly, in relation with, as a result of, unfortunately, in my opinion, to sum up) was excellent! CORRECCIÓN: 2 In general you are very accurate. I could only detect two minor mistakes(mistake in red, correction in blue: They are more addict to other types of behaviour… more addicted to An addiction is suffered for the family and friends…. suffered by family and friends The above behaviours… the behavours mentioned before (we only use above in written texts) The best advice that I can give it’s that things…the best advice that I can give is that.. In an intermediate point…In a balanced way FLUIDEZ, PRONUNCIA E ENTONACIÓN: 2.25 Fluency: Very fluent Pronunciation:  

Polished for the level Mispronounced words: addiction /a’dikʃǝn/, expert (stress)

Intonation: At times a bit flat but spontaneous in general. You need to improve the use of stress to mark important ideas. RIQUEZA: 2.5 Very rich. Excellent use of vocabulary and structures related to reading and the expression of opinion. TOTAL SCORE: 11.75/12.5

Noelia's monologue  

Monologue about addictions

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