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FEEDBACK ON MARÍA’S MONOLOGUE ADECUACIÓN: 2.5 Very good! All the points were covered with very relevant information. COHERENCIA E COHESIÓN: 2.25 Your monologue was well-structured. Ideas were well-organized and it was very easy to follow. Very good use of connectors to sequence ideas. Careful with the use of instead at the beginning of a sentence, you should use On the contrary or By contrast. Instead is used at the end of sentences. CORRECCIÓN: 1.75 In general you are accurate. I have detected a few mistakes (mistake in red, correction in blue: Most time

most of the time

Until finish until finishing My preferred genres my favourite genres /the genres I prefer Things that I don’t want or I am not interested Things that I don’t want or I am not interested in. Create the habit of reading could be helpful Creating the habit of reading… I recommend everyone read one book per year I recommend everyone to read one book per year. FLUIDEZ, PRONUNCIA E ENTONACIÓN: 2 Fluency: Ok for the level Pronunciation:   

Try to pronounce /t/ and /d/ as alveolar consonants. Mispronounced words: could /kud/, work /w3:k/, nature /’neitʃǝ/, words /w3:ds/ Stress: sometimes

Intonation: A bit flat, it should be a little bit more spontaneous. You can improve it paying attention to the stress and rhythm: stress important words and expressions and mark clearly the separation of ideas with a pause. RIQUEZA: 2.5 Very rich. Good use of vocabulary and structures related to reading habits TOTAL SCORE: 11/12.5

Maria's monologue  

reading habits

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