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FEEDBACK ON CHELO’S MONOLOGUE ADECUACIÓN: 2.5 Very good! All the points were covered with very relevant information. COHERENCIA E COHESIÓN: 2 Your monologue was well-structured. Ideas were well-organized and it was very easy to follow. You could have used more connectors sequence ideas, introduce examples, express result, etc. I missed an introduction, you started a bit abruptly (Personally, I think it is important…) You could have started introducing the topic in this way: The topic I am going to develop is reading habits. I am going to talk about my reading habits, my reading likes and the advantages of reading. CORRECCIÓN: 2 In general you are very accurate. Here I list the grammar mistakes I’ve detected (mistake in red, correction in blue: One of my favourite location to read is… One of my favourite locations to read is… ...for acquire an enjoyable read…

To enjoy your reading

Reading is not limited to read book…. Reading is not limited to reading books I am quite convinced that read is the best exercise… I am quite convinced that reading is the best exercise FLUIDEZ, PRONUNCIA E ENTONACIÓN: 1.5 Fluency: Ok for the level Pronunciation:   

Try to pronounce /t/ and /d/ as alveolar consonants. Mispronounced words: world /w3:ld/, pleasure /’pleʃǝ/, periods /’pi:riǝds/, historical /his’torikǝl/ (you need to pronounce /h/) Stress in preferable /’prefǝrǝbǝl/

Intonation: A bit flat, it should be a little bit more spontaneous. You can improve it paying attention to the stress and rhythm: stress important words and expressions and mark clearly the separation of ideas with a pause. RIQUEZA: 2.25 Very rich. Good use of vocabulary and structures related to reading and the expression of opinion. Only 2 minor mistakes:

When it’s raining and you can’t leave”…When it’s raining and your cannot go out (leave means abandon your home) I start to look travel guides…I start to take a look/flick through travel guides… TOTAL SCORE: 10.25/12.5

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