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FEEDBACK ON BEGOÑA’S MONOLOGUE ADECUACIÓN: 2.5 Very good! All the points were covered with very relevant and really interesting information. COHERENCIA E COHESIÓN: 2.5 Your monologue was very well-structured. Ideas were well-organized and your use of connectors to sequence ideas (concerning, last but not least, in short, etc) was excellent! CORRECCIÓN: 2.5 You are very accurate. I could only detect two minor mistakes(mistake in red, correction in blue: Reading help me develop… Reading helps me develop… …is going to able to discover….is going to be able to discover… FLUIDEZ, PRONUNCIA E ENTONACIÓN: 2.5 Fluency: Very fluent Pronunciation:  

Polished for the level Mispronounced words: natural /’nætʃrǝl/, develop /di’velop/, travel /’travǝl/

Intonation: At times a bit flat but spontaneous in general. Good use of stress to mark important ideas RIQUEZA: 2.5 Very rich. Excellent use of vocabulary and structures related to reading and the expression of opinion. TOTAL SCORE: 12.5/12.5

Begoña's monologue  

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