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Every antivirus software program has its issues. Even the best of them get to irk their customers in more ways than one every once in a while. In this arena, Webroot Secure anywhere Antivirus is no exception. In use by over 7 million users all over the world, this antivirus is quite popular, mainly for its speed, functionality, the customer-friendly Webroot support system and its small footprint on the hard disk. While it might be at the very top with the best of the best, courtesy of its firewall and malware protection abilities, it still has a number of glitches that are common amongst customers. Luckily enough, there is an effective Webroot antivirus support team to help.

Some of the commonest problems that can be fixed by contacting Webroot customer support

Disabling of the filter function. This can happen suddenly and is difficult to troubleshoot. In most cases, the program

requires an upgrade or version update before working again, while in others, a reinstall is the only way out.

Difficulty in downloading and installing the antivirus software. Most people face this problem when downloading the

software. It tends to fail even after multiple attempts at restarting the download.

Problems in activating the antivirus after installing. This isn't too common, but has been reported by some users.

Trouble installing an upgraded Webroot version. After upgrading to a higher tier version of the software, you might

have trouble installing it on your device since it stops upgrading automatically after sometime. Constant spamming through pop-ups that appear on the screen, especially when the device is switched on. Most usually 'remind' you to upgrade to a paid version while others are notifications for false positive scan results. Inability to opt out of auto renewal feature. This is a common one. The 'cancel' button for the auto renewal option is one of the hardest to find. In fact, you may never see it unless it's shown to you. You then find yourself upgrading automatically to another plan without the power to refuse. Some users have reported cases of re-registration, even after calling customer care through the Webroot support phone number and unsubscribing from the auto renewal option. Difficulty troubleshooting issues. The software's many problems and glitches are hard to deal with; most people find troubleshooting any on their own to be even harder. The process can be quite difficult and when it does work, the process tends to take a long time. Lack of access to some features on the software's free version, yet they are advertised as part of the package. This includes features such as Password Messenger, Backup and Sync etc Difficulty locating the scan button on the interface. The scan feature is one of the most checked out features on any antivirus software program, and so having difficulty in using it makes the program less productive for most. The button is hard to find, nestled among the other features on the interface. Partial clean out of some malware programs. While it's superb at detecting malware and spyware, the program also has a problem of partially cleaning up viruses, such that they reappear in later periods or files.

CALL: - 1-888-959-1003 WEBROOT ANTIVIRUS TOLL FREE   

Each of the above can be solved quickly by contacting Webroot support using an avenue as easy as the Webroot support number! Here’s how you can contact the Webroot support team In terms of professionalism, the Webroot technical support team is one of the most efficient customer support teams you will ever find. Like with many top tier other companies, the Webroot antivirus support people know what they are doing, and are always on hand to receive any claims about their software. A Webroot support number is provided to users, in addition to an email address, forum links and website addresses. In case of any of the glitches above, you can always contact a company representative through 1-888-959-1003, which is the Webroot support phone number at Geeksquad123. To reach them via email with a complaint, send a message to


In terms of professionalism, the Webroot technical support team is one of the most efficient customer support teams you will ever find. Like...