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TERM 4 2015, ISSUE #4






The most important things that I

grade elevens anxious to begin their final year of school. The rest of the

learnt throughout the last term,

school unwinds after the draining tests of dedication and concentration

besides everything I’ve had to

( exams, in case you haven’t realised). This issue is dedicated to a little

write exams on, are the followng:

R and R.

1) How desperately unprepared I

We feature a variety of activities to keep you busy during the summer

am for what is to be my last year

weeks; to satisfy students from all walks of life. For all series bingers, we’ve

of high school, and

included a variety of shows to catch up or get hooked on. Holiday ideas are discussed your all you busy bees, and while there are no romance

2) How badly I want to be like

movies to review, we’ve covered the Happily Ever After Genre by tak-

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

ing a look at the three Larrie weddings that happened this year. There’s

in the Emmy Award winning series,

a holiday fitness programme that seems feasible for us less athletically

The Fixer. (She handles her clients’

inclined individuals, and a Seshoek spread that would make Womans’

catastrophes like it’s no big deal,

Health proud. Culture Vultures might find themselves featured, as well as

and without ruffling her wonderful

some shows to go see in the culture section.

monochromatic outfit and perfectly coiffed hair, and an elegant

For the first time ever we have a look at what goes into preparing for a

“It’s handled.”)

Hospitality Restaurant practical, and Tourism lends a peek at the annual Tourism Outing. And as they say, a picture is worth one thousand words,

However, as the latter aspiration

so what would this issue be without the dazzling photographs from our

is highly unlikely to be achieved, I

own Larrie paparazzi?

should probably focus on the mat-

With much to do, in very little time, I’ll just paraphrase from Olivia Pope:

ters at hand. This issue of Avanti

“Consider this issue of Avanti handled.”

marks the first December edition to go digital, and is also the 30th year of Avanti. I have some rather big shoes to fill when I look at my predecessors. With matrics facing mixed feelings regarding leaving their nests,


Over and out.



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4 | NEWS


evette MEAGAN







NEWS | 5

LOVE Rosie A term in my exciting, ironic, celi-

Embarrassment of the term? As

I do hope everyone enjoys her

bate, Turkish-Delight life.

the beautician ripped the wax

Christmas holidays! Mistakes to

Funniest Moment? I showed my

from my upper lip, I suddenly real-

avoid, consider the above. Music

granny Instagram (bad idea!) She

ized that I had Art Theory directly

to which you should listen, see the

did the unmentionable and tried

after the appointment. Yes - I did

article on Rodriguez. If you want

to zoom in! After I had stopped

find my lap very interesting that

to sound smart in front of those

her just in time, she whipped


posh cousins of yours, read up on

around and cried, “Oh, can they hear us?”

#feesmustfall. And finally, if you,re Potential Boyfriend? Prince Sebas-

looking for a summer romance

tian of Luxembourg is currently

(not including a cat, albeit a very

Man in my life? Vincent the Cat,

single, and only 7 years older than

pleasant one) I suggest you study

who resided at Navarre Resi-

I. I’d dump him for Harry though.

the article below…

dence for approximately 48 hours.

Revelation of the term? I took a

Making it the longest relationship

personality test to find out that I

I’ve ever had.

am like Lady Mary in Downton Abbey; makes sense….opinionated






and all.

boks were about to score a try, I

Interesting fact of the month?

clapped my hands in glee, there-

Camels have three eyelids(would

by splatting salsa in my eye (we

love to see them wink).

were eating nachos). Needless to say, I didn’t actually see the try

New Experience? I witnessed tor-

being scored.

toises mating. No explanation

Speaking before thinking? Upon


being introduced to a guy, my

All-in-all, an interesting term. It’s

now-famous opening line was,

amazing how so much could be

“Oh, so you’re the one with the

squeezed into such a little time.

nice house?

6 | NEWS

Annabel Moore



in die hartjie van die stad. deur Evette Smith

Weke voor die tyd se beplanning

tad te besoek, maar die vraag bly

Selfies is by elke standbeeld, ge-

vir hierdie dag en dit is uiteinde-

steeds: “Waar vat en waar los jy?”

bou en straatnaam geneem om

lik hier! Die dou lê nog vars op

’n Groot “moet” op almal se lysie

net al die herinneringe van hierdie

die gras toe ons vroegoggend in

was Truth Coffee in Buitenkant-

dag vas te vang.

die bus klim. Elke groepie reg vir

straat. Maak nie saak of dit 35˚

die dag met ’n kaart, ’n roete en

Celsius buite is nie, jy drink koffie,

Daar was ‘n al ewige stryd tussen

natuurlik baie water om die hittige

want mens kom nie so ver om die

wie die foto neem en wie daarin

Kaapstad aan te durf.

“beste koffie in die wêreld” mis te

is. Jy neem so veel as moontlik fo-

loop nie. Dan is daar ook natuurlik

to’s om net die bestes vir jou klas

Op die bus word die laaste

die wêreldbekende Charlie’s Bak-

te wys as jy terug kom, want jou

reëlings getref oor watter plekke

ery wat loshande die beste gebak

tien attraksies moet in ’n skyfiever-

besoek gaan word en hoe ver ’n

in die Kaap is. Dit was ‘n goeie

toning aangebied word, sodat al-

mens bereid is om te stap vir goeie

lafenissie om vir ’n kort rukkie van

mal kan sien waar jy was.

koffie of om die nuwe H&M, wat

die hitte te vergeet.

in die Waterfront oopgemaak het, te gaan besoek. Daar is soveel om te sien en te doen in net vier ure se tyd, hoe doen mens dit? Die enigste verreistes vir die dag is om tenminste tien toerisme at-

“Selfies is by elke standbeeld, gebou en straatnaam geneem”

traksies in die hartjie van Kaaps-

NEWS | 7

Ek en my groep het sommer al

hier die hart van die Larrie-familie

jou land gegee. Dankie aan Juf-

vroegdag verdwaal toe ons beslu-


frou Lochner en Juffrou Vorster vir

it het om koers te kies na die V&A

hulle bydrae tot ’n onvergeetlike

Waterfront se kant toe. Dit was

Jy leer soveel nuwe mense ken en

nie die slimste besluit wat ons al

almal wat jy vir aanwysings vra,

ooit geneem het nie. Om sonder

is net so behulpsaam. Van foto’s

die “fan walk” van die Kasteel

neem saam met ‘n soldaat by die

tot by die Waterfront te loop, is

kasteel tot ‘n selfie saam met ‘n

‘n stewige entjie. Ons het wel toe

oudleerling wat ons in die Water-

besluit dat ons die “ander deel”

front raakgeloop het.


van Kaapstad gaan geniet wat ’n mens nie noodwendig van die

Ons is keer op keer gekomplimen-

oog af raaksien nie.

teer vir ons ongelooflike “stylvolle” rokke en ons onberuspelike vrou-

Om die waarheid te sê het al-

like gedrag. Of jy nou drie of vier

mal maar ‘n bietjie verdwaald en

jaar lank in die skool is, maak dit

klein gevoel in die besige strate

jou steeds trots om deel van só ’n

van Kaapstad. Iets wat vir my die

skool te wees, wat vir ‘n mens ein-

meeste van die hele dag uitgesta-

delose geleenthede bied om jou

an het, was hoe die verskillende

kennis te verbreed.

groepe mekaar gehelp het met die bietjie kennis wat hulle opge-

Dit was beslis ’n dag om te on-

doen het van watter roete die vin-

thou. Ek is seker hierdie uitstappie

nigste is om by die volgende be-

het ook soveel ander se horisonne

stemming uit te kom. Ek het regtig

verbreed en opnuut ’n liefde vir

Truth Coffee

8 | NEWS

Evette Smith


“What on Earth is #Feesmustfall?”

The protests began at Wits and

the government finally accepted

and “Should I know about this?”

quickly spread. Massive groups

the terms set forth by the students

were the questions that first went

of students gathered outside their

and declared a 0% fee increase in

through my mind when I heard

universities, Parliament and the


about this campaign. For those of

Union Buildings to protest and show

you who do not yet know, #Fees-

their dissatisfaction and anger to-

You might also be wondering:

mustfall was a nation-wide protest

wards the proposed increase. Stu-

“What does this have to do with

organised by students from uni-

dents from different backgrounds

me?” Well, considering that within

versities all around the country.

and racial groups came together

the next few years, many of us will

The original spark that caused this

to sing and dance from dawn to

series of mainly peaceful uprisings

dusk holding posters saying, “Unit-

was the announcement that uni-

ed yet peaceful.” and “Students

versity fees would increase by 6%

are SA’s future.” Eventually, after

in 2016.

more than a week of protesting,

NEWS | 9





dla). A great deal of money is

UWC, where vandalism has cost

called #Feesmustfall, do not let

also squandered because of cor-

the university millions.

this name confuse you. The fee in-

ruption. Surely there is enough to

crease was the cause of the pro-

have a 0% increase on fees and

However, I admire those students

tests, but it certainly was not the

probably also enough to provide

who have remained goal-orien-

only thing for which #Feesmust-

partially free tertiary education for

tated. I think that they have been

fall stood. For many #Feesmustfall


very courageous in taking a stand

was an outcry against the con-

and for making tertiary educa-

stant promises made to the youth

I do not commend the vandalism

tion more accessible in future. As

of South Africa: equal and acces-

and acts of violence which erupt

Nelson Mandela once wisely said,

sible education and opportunities

in the aftermath of what have

“Education is the most powerful

for all. In many cases these prom-

been intended to be peaceful

weapon which you can use to

ises have not been kept!

protests. I am saddened that the

change the world.”

students’ achievement will be Is there some validity to this claim?

tainted by those taking the protest

I think so. There is enough money

to extremes by refusing to write

to budget billions for the protec-

exams, harassing those who have

tion and payment of government

chosen not to protest and causing

officials’ luxuries (ahem… Nkan-

damage to property, especially at


Emma Louw

The Road That Won’t Go To One of the most important events

tinental qualification, winning the

in South African sport over the last

African championships, would not

few months has gone unnoticed

be used as qualification for any of

to many. For those of you who are

the sport codes. This is where the

only now waking up from your dor-

debate begins. The Olympic qual-

mant exam state, here is the latest

ification standard allows conti-

on one of our most beloved sports.

nental qualification and to further

For all hockey fanatics and players

complicate matters, both hockey

alike, the decision made by the SA

teams won the Africa Cup For Na-

Sports Confederation and Olym-

tions and thus rightfully earned

pic Committee (SASCOC) to disal-

their spot at the Olympics, based

low both national hockey teams

on the International automatic

from participating at the 2016 Rio


For the first time since 1992 there

The double standards are ex-

will be no SA hockey team at the

tremely apparent.


Although many argue that this is unfair, SASCOC is quick to point

The qualification criteria set up

out that the South African Hockey

by SASCOC is extremely strict,

Association voluntarily signed this

only potential medal winners will

qualification agreement. A peti-

be sent. Qualification no longer

tion with over 16 000 signatures

guarantees a spot at the Olym-

has currently been sent to the

pics. For our hockey teams to be

SASCOC board. The petition is still

selected they needed to have

available online for all of those

made the top six in the World

who would like to add their names

Hockey League. Needless to say,

to the cause.

the top 10 rankings in the world, is under severe jeopardy. In South Africa, hockey interest has grown over 10% in the last two years, but with a lack of support and the denial of such an incredible opportunity these staIn effect it might put the youth off hockey entirely and end up destroying the future of one of South Africa’s most promising and widespread sports. After you consider the sacrifice and




have put into their sport, it just seems cruel. Cruel to deny them the privilege of achieving their lifelong dream, the Olympics. The outcome is still under strong

this was not achieved with our women and men’s teams ending

The Olympics would have been

11th and 15th respectively. In the

the boost and mental preparation

broader picture over 132 coun-

that the teams would have used

tries have national hockey teams,

going in to the 2022 Common-

showing how unrealistic the SAS-

wealth Games in Durban. Sadly,

COC criteria is.




which could have potentially catSASCOC had stipulated that con-

Angeline Smit

tistics may face a sharp decline.

Olympics is utterly heart breaking.



apulted both of our teams within

debate but as of now it seems that SASCOC will be withdrawing both of our hockey teams. The onslaught from the South African Hockey Federation has been intense and adamant, but all that’s left now is to wait and see.

SPORT | 11





sies kafgedraf en op hulle neu-

Tonge het

se laat kyk. Die aflosse het die

geklap, rekords is vertrap, stemme

toeskouers behoorlik laat gons soos

was hees en ons atlete was sonder

die atlete in mekaar se nekke ge-


Vir die tweede agtereen-

blaas het toe hulle die peilvak be-

volgende jaar het die Larries weer

tree het. Al die atlete het hul merk

die Brugstraat Seshoek byeenk-

gemaak en die vrugte gepluk van

oms se meisie-afdeling verower.

die afgelope paar maande se

Boishaai het met trots vir Paarl Gim

strawwe oefening. Daar was vele

en Boland Landbou laat les opsĂŞ.

ongelooflike prestasies, maar ons

kap en bittereinders.

Op julle

merke, gereed,


deur Nicola Terblanche

12 | SPORT

uitblinkers was Angeline Smit wat In ‘n vurige veertig grade het die

in gewigstoot, diskus en spiesgooi

Larrie-atlete die ander Paarl mei-

vir meisies 0/17 met die louere


weggestap het en meer as 900

die einde se kant toe beweeg het,

punte op die ASA-tabel verower

het die spanning in die toeskouers

het. Tatum Maher het besonders

begin opbou soos die volmaan vir

presteer en het óók ‘n eerste plek

ons oor die berg begin loer het.

in al drie haar baanitems verower

Wie sal hierdie jaar die eer hê om

vir dogters 0/14. Brithaney Ludick,

die beker huistoe te neem?

Leandra Custodio, Christy Nell, Shannon Benjamin, Isabella Pellisi-

Toe dit tyd is vir Mev. Schoeman

er sowel as Tamzyn Bouwer-Bosch

om die wenner aan te kondig, kon

was ook wenners in hul onderskeie

mens die trots in haar stem hoor.


La Rochelle hou weereens die kroon omhoog.

Soos die aand verloop het en na

SPORT | 13

deur IrinĂŠ van Zyl

fiks die vakansie

Hoe om

te bly in

14 | SPORT

Niemand het ooit genoeg motivering om tydens ‘n Desembervakansie fiks te bly of te oefen nie. Tog wil almal darem daai splinter-


nuwe bikini koop en soos ‘n griekse godin daarin lyk. Glo my, dit is beslis moontlik om fiks te bly in die vakansie en dit nog op ‘n maklike manier. Of jy nou ‘n vakansie by die see beplan of in die bosveld. Die oefenprogram wat ek voorstel is iets wat jy sommer in die gemak van jou eie huis kan doen. Of selfs in die natuur (op die strand of op die karoovlaktes). Ek beveel ‘n maklike 30-dae uitdaging (30 day challenge) aan. Perfek vir die Desembervakansie wat net ‘n bietjie langer as 30 dae is. Al wat benodig word vir die eenvoudige, maar effektiewe oefenprogram is: ‘n handoekie of jogamat, ‘n lekker bottel yskoue water, oefenklere, tekkies verkieslik en natuurlik ‘n positiewe houding teenoor die oefenprogram asook jouself. Die 30 dae uitdaging wat ek aanbeveel teiken elke deel van jou liggaam. Om resultate te sien is dit nodig dat jy die program streng volg en geen dae afvat terwyl jy moet oefen nie. Die een uitdaging is vir die maag en bolyf en die ander een is vir die bene. Doen altwee daagliks. Geniet dit en maak dit sommer ‘n gewoonte vir elke vakansie.

SPORT | 15

Cross Country Heritage and culture are as di-

gram Direct Messages and e-mails

What did you experience in

verse as the people that embody

at times that ranged from 22h00 to

South Africa that was most

and represent them. In South Af-

03h00! Unfortunately, only two of


rica, with 11 national languages

them were able to respond, Jack

and a multi-coloured rainbow of

Nugent and Ella Weiner.

Jack: The most unfamiliar experience that I had in South Africa

people, we have a culture and heritage that is unique and mem-

Jack and Ella attend School With-

was probably the open nature of


out Walls in Washington D.C. (the

South African culture, and the atti-

school is not out in the open in a

tude that people I met had. When

I was fortunate enough to meet

field somewhere; they do have a

we went to a house to eat, people



building with walls). School With-

came in and out. It was an open

formed a delegation at the SA-

out Walls encourages interaction

space. In America you never see

MUN competition early this year.

beyond the classroom and school

that kind of familiarity.

Apart from winning the competi-

environment; I think that is a great

tion, they left an imprint on all of

outlook to have.



Ella: Definitely one of the most unfamiliar things for me was just the

us. While they were in South Africa,

number of languages that I heard.

I remained in contact with them

they not only took part in the SA-

Everyone we spoke to seemed to

and they were kind enough to an-

MUN competition, they explored

speak at least 2 languages, and

swer a few questions about South

the Mother City and visited Lan-

I thought it was really incredible

Africa from an American perspec-

ga Township. Both Jack and Ella

that it was just expected. That’s

tive. Because of the time differ-

would love to return to South Af-

definitely something the US could

ence and with me having to at-

rica for another visit. Here is what

learn from South Africa.

tend school, these questions and

they had to say:

answers were gathered over Insta-


What was the highlight of

ountry Culture by Jordan Willett

your trip to South Africa?

US experience racial inequality,

everyone will learn English simply

stemming from centuries of both

because we speak it, and so we don’t have to make as much of

Jack: There were so many great

de facto and de jure racism, and

moments to choose from. I’d say

are trying to make amends to cre-

the highlight of my trip was go-

ate a productive post- racial soci-

What does South Africa do

ing to Robben Island, and staying

ety. However, South Africa is doing

worse than the United States of

there overnight. It was a priceless

a much better job in creating posi-



Ella: The highlight of our trip to



about the issue of racism.

an effort.

America? Jack: Owing to the fact that the Republic of South Africa is only 20 years old, it is not very good

South Africa (besides meeting all

Ella: For what South Africa does

the amazing delegates of course)

better than the USA, I have to re-

was to see all

the incredible

peat the multitude of languages

we saw the stark contrast be-

sights. We got to see Table Moun-

spoken. In the US, it’s unusual to

tween the poor and rich in South

tain, Cape Point, and the Cape

come across someone who flu-

Africa. The government, and in-

of Good Hope, places I had only

ently speaks more than one lan-

ever read about or seen pictures

guage, especially one that’s not

The US could also do better in this

of. That’s nothing like seeing them

English. I personally study French,


in person.

and it’s required by my school to take a second language, thank-

at reaching its citizens, especially those who are disenfranchised. When we visited Langa Township,




be doing more for these people.

Ella: I think the US is better than South Africa in terms of certain

What does South Africa do

fully, but in many other places the

better than the United States of

US is falling flat in this area. I think


cricket seemed really interesting,

this addresses an attitude of en-

the rules and all the different posi-

titlement which is unfortunately

tions were so intricate and compli-

Jack: Both South Africa and the

found in the US; the idea that

sports. I have got to say, while


| 17

my friends and I tried to look them

whole is trying to make amends

the US we eat a lot less rice, and

up, but even when we found infor-

and being reconciled, moving to-

my family normally eats a lot less

mation there was far too much to

wards a post-racial society.

meat than I had on the trip. How-

take in. I would love to learn more

ever, my perspective was skewed

about cricket, but baseball seems

Ella: I’m not sure if I had any myths

by our source of food always be-

to be a lot simpler.

busted for me about South Africa,

ing the same. burgers are better

but it was really surprising how

than American ones.

South Africa is known as the

much it resembles the US. People

Rainbow Nation; did you expe-

whom I talked to before our trip

What phrases or words did

rience this to be true and how

said that Cape Town would re-

you learn in South Africa?


mind me a lot of San Francisco, California, and while I didn’t dis-

Jack: “Dankie, baie dankie, Molo,

Jack: I did. I think that the name

believe them, I think a part of me

Molweni, Xhosa! ”Learning phras-

“Rainbow Nation” is fitting for

always assumed that any place

es was a lot of fun.

South Africa. There are 11 official

that far from us would be com-

languages and respect for culture.

pletely different, whether it was in

Ella: We got a chance when we

In my experience, both inside and

Southern Africa, Asia, Europe, or

visited Langa to learn a few phras-

outside the conference, people

really anywhere.

es in Xhosa. The ones I remember

now work towards co-existence and respecting one another’s cul-

were “molo” (hello, for one perHow does the food compare?


son), and “molweni” (hello for a group of people).

Jack: The food is quite different. Ella: I think I really did see South

Springbok and seafood indige-

I found it very interesting to see

Africa as being a rainbow nation.

nous to SA would never be seen

South Africa from Jack and El-

While we did learn about a lot of

in USA. I also think that SA cheese-

la’s perspectives and it definitely

the difficulties that still face South

burgers are better than American

opened my eyes as to how privi-

Africa in terms of racial inequali-


leged we are to live in this beauti-

ties, both social and economic,

ful, growing country. I encourage

the one attitude that was shared

Ella: I liked the food a lot! We had

everybody to enjoy the land we

by everyone was a determination

a lot of similar things during the

live in and also to reach out be-

to overcome these barriers and

trip, though that was mostly due

yond our borders and make new

to really achieve the goal of the

to the fact that we ate most of

friends and relationships that will

people that fought apartheid. It

our meals at the hotel, but it was

broaden our horizons and under-

was really inspiring.

consistently really good. I think in


What myth or misconception was busted after visiting South Africa? Jack: I thought South Africa was still very racist. But after coming here, I see that the nation as a


Jordan Willet



deur Carmari Marais

‘n Boereseun eens op ’n tyd. O ja,

chelle se meisies hom baie beïn-


jy het reg gelees. Ontmoet Larries

druk met hul respek teenoor ouer

sluit in: ´n nuwe ontwerpte koo-

se nuwe koorafrigter: Meneer Jo-

gesagte. Interessant genoeg, het


hannes Schikerling.

hy hier iets by Hoër Meisieskool La

“van Bach tot Beyonce” soos

Rochelle waargeneem, wat hy

Mnr. Schikerling dit noem, asook

Hy het grootgeword p die vlaktes

nog nêrens anders in sy lewe ge-

baie optredes en kompetisies wat

van die Noord-Wes Provinsie. Hy

sien het nie: meisies wat opstaan

voolê. Met verloop van tyd, gaan

het op ´n plaasskool daar by Del

as ´n onderwyser ´n vertrek binne-

die orkes en koor ook meer saam

La Reyville skoolgegaan, later in



sing en vanaf graad 10 tot matriek

Koor is volgens hom ´n spani-

So, aan al jullle koorbewonder-

sy skoolloopbaan by Potchefst-

tem, met spanwerk as een van

aars, hou julleoë en ore oop vir al

room Gimnasium voltooi. Hy het

die steunpilare. Hy glo ook dat

die vermaak! Vir al die hardwerk-

reeds in graad agt ‘n koor dirigeer.

elke stem belangrik is om iets har-

ende koorlede is dit darem nie nét

’n Mens sou aanneem dat hy ’n

monieus te orkestreer. Doelwitte

skouer aan die wiel nie. Ek het ’n

musiekrigting gedurende sy uni-

waarna hy strewe vir 2016 is om

voëltjie hoor fluit dat die moont-

versiteitsjare sou nastreef, maar

eerstens ’n passievolle liefde vir

likheid van´n koortoer in sterk oor-

glo dit of nie, is Mnr. Schikerling ’n

koor in die skool te bevorder en

weging gebring word.


dan die ATKV-koorkompetiesie te

verwikkelinge diverse




die Drakensberg Seunskoor gaan





“If you want to see the world, join a choir.” –Johannes Schikerling

Met sy eerste intrapslag het La Ro-

´n Voorsmaakie van die opwin-


Orpheus in “ “ Africa book you seat at computicket

by Meagan May






about to start. If I were to describe

headed for Europe during the

breath to be blown away? If your

the inside of the theatre in two

spring of 1890, and a few weeks

answer is yes, then David Kramer’s

words they would be vintage and

after that, South Africa. They are

Orpheus in Africa is the play to see.

classical. Small but intimate. Just

well received and accepted as

intriguing and welcoming.

musicians in Europe, but they are

On Wednesday night, 28 October

quite amazed at what they find

a small group of Larrie girls gath-

The play:

when they return to Mother Africa.

ered in front of the residence, all

Orpheus McAdoo is an African

They experience a total culture

dressed up and waiting in antici-

American ex-slave who has a lust

shock, but are readily accepted.

pation for the bus to arrive.

for adventure and starts his own

Their tour in South Africa lasts 2

Once we arrived at the Fugard

choir, the Virginia Jubilee and

years, including an invitation to

Theatre in Cape Town ( after get-



perform for President Kruger. After

ting a bit lost), we were quickly

new to the world of musical per-

South Africa the singing sensation

ushered inside as the play was

formance, they find themselves

continues on to Australia where



they struggle to make ends meet

melting with love and apprecia-

and finally come to a standstill.

tion for the actors who blow your

McAdoo has an internal struggle;

breath away with their birdlike

should the company go back to


America or continue with a differ-

So, do not waste any time. Book

ent style and take on the world of

your ticket before the 9th of Janu-

entertainment, thus changing ev-

ary and prepare your heart for a

erything worldwide.

life- changing experience.

This amazing musical is most definitely not one to be missed; with rivalry, love, music, history and a

“rivalry, love, music, history and a sprinkling of comedy�

sprinkling of comedy to keep a smile on your face and your heart




Either you know one, you want to

by Elouise Lourens

name Sixto Rodriguez.

be like one or you are one: a leg-

Thirty years later, his producer

end. South Africa is privileged to

In the 1970’s, Rodriguez recorded

called and said that he was more

welcome back the legendary leg-

two albums. Unfortunately, his re-

famous in South Africa than El-

end of all legends…

cord label signers withdrew due to

vis Presley. Rodriguez once said,

a lack of copies sold in the USA.

“South Africa is a beautiful coun-

A man with no television, comput-

try with fantastic people.” So, my

er or car, whose daughter had to

In South Africa, however, his music

force him to buy a phone as she

was played by students from the

was tired of tracking him around

University of Potchefstroom to UCT,

There will be shows held in PE, Dur-

town all day long. One who has

and the hit Sugarman was even

ban and the Western Cape. He

stayed in the same, modest De-

banned by government, for refer-

will be performing on the 5th and

troit house for the past forty years.

ence to illegal substances. ( Jump-

6th of February next year at Grand

ers Coke, sweet Mary Jane…)

West Casino and will sing some of

A man who gave most of the 700

With his fame unbeknownst to

your favourite songs, including

000 dollars he made on his previ-

him, he disappeared from the mu-

Shadow Man and Cold Fact. Tick-

ous tour to South Africa away. A

sic scene entirely. Rumours soon

ets are now available at Compu-

man who slept through the Oscars

spread. One of them was that

ticket. Don’t miss this chance to

where his movie won. A man who

Rodriguez set a stage on fire and

see the Sugarman live.

calls himself a “solid 70-yearold.” A

shot himself. Other rumours of sui-

legend who prefers to go by the

cide also made the rounds.

fellow Larries, let us not disappoint.

(you know one, you want to be like one or you are one: a legend)



other city by Jenna Laughton

Finally holidays have arrived!! It’s

One of my favourite places to

with Bean in Love milkshakes.

that time of the year where the

explore and truly make the most

books are packed as far away as

of my holiday is Cape Town, the

So ladies, I have taken the time to

possible, our friends’ numbers are

Mother City. If you are anything

summarise some fun activities you

on speed dial and getting away

like me, my holiday budget isn’t

and your friends can enjoy this hol-

and going out is at the top of all

as big as I wish it were, especially

iday on a limited budget.

our summer to-do lists.

after a busy year and obsessions



welcome to cape town

table mountain We’re all concerned about being in shape, so why not invite a group of your close friends or family and hike up Table Mountain? It’s completely free, however, if you want to make a day of it and eat something tasty at their beautiful café on top of the mountain, be sure to take some cash. For those of you who are more adventurous, abseiling is on offer. I’d rather make my way down slowly after a nice fresh smoothie and observing the rock rabbits soaking up some sun.


CAFÉ’s, CAFÉ’s We’re all concerned about being in shape, so why not invite a group of your close friends or family and hike up Table Mountain? It’s completely free, however, if you want to make a day of it and eat something tasty at their beautiful café on top of the mountain, be sure to take some cash. For those of you who are more adventurous, abseiling is on offer. I’d rather make my way down slowly after a nice fresh smoothie and observing the rock rabbits soaking up some sun.

LONG STREET From Mr Price, pop-up stores, to antique shops; and let’s not forget the many tasty food stops along the way. This street certainly got its name for a reason. It’s a fun way to shop, eat, look. Or just admire the cool Cape Town vibe. Long Street has the largest variety of ‘taste’; whether it’s food, clothing or sight-seeing. Shop and catch some sun at the same time. I don’t think anything I say about Long Street can actually justify how amazing it really is.

V&A WATERFRONT With the latest addition to the V&A Waterfront shopping area, H&M are finally up and running. The creative food market and so much more are a culinary mouthwatering experience; I could live here! Unfortunately prices go up during the holidays, but if your mom wants to go Christmas shopping you don’t even have to think twice. The food market has freshly squeezed juices, homemade wraps, decadent chocolate brownies and some traditional South African food to try. It’s a mixture of healthy and decadent, the best of both worlds, girls. And I’m not even mentioning the Ferris Wheel or Aquarium, so go and see for yourself

KIRSTENBOSCH SUMMER CONCERTS Last but definitely not least, summer just wouldn’t be the same without the amazing summer concerts at Kirstenbosch. Pack a picnic basket with some of your favourite snacks and bring along a whole group of friends. Tickets are really reasonable and trust me, there are some truly talented people in the Kirstenbosch line-up for this summer. For more prices and information visit: Work hard, play hard! I know you have worked very hard this year and I hope you have a fantastic holiday, so reap the benefits of all the hours you put in. Enjoy it.


FOR THE FANS Some of us are outdoor types, so a

• So, if you like South Africa ,

twists, thrills and giggles all at the

day-activity would be hiking up Ta-

and hopefully you do, and you

same time will definitely be on your

ble Mountain or landing with some

like watching other people cook

list of series to watch this holiday.

big kite in the sea and swimming

some delicious dishes , then here’s

with the sharks. Others enjoy a day

an exciting feature to watch : The

So, what about some upcoming

of relaxation in front of the TV, surf-

Great South African Bake-off.

movies to watch when you have

ing through the channels, eventu-

some free time?

ally watching some weird French

• If an emotional thrill is your thing,

movie with some ice-cream in the

join in and watch Chicago Med.

• Ready for another thrilling Hun-

right hand and the remote control

It shows the day-by-day chaos in

ger Games? Well, don’t miss

in the other. Some like hiking dur-

the city and how doctors, nurses

the new release of The Hunger

ing the day and watching Pretty

and staff hold it all together while

Games: Mocking Jay Part 2.

Little Liars at night. We are not all

facing all kinds of life-threatening

the same; I guess that is why there


are so many different movies and series to watch for each one of us.

So here’s the couch potato: “hiking by day and PLL at night” and “I’m just chilling guys”. We all love to know the next big thing when it comes to series and movies. We also want “me-time“ while watching a favourite series or movie. Finding new love for a series or movie is like finding leftover pizza: it is just wonderful! So here are some series for which to be on the lookout:


• In love with out- of -space adventures? Then don’t miss out on

• Don’t forget that South Africa is

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force

getting its own voice: The Voice

Awakens. New release 18 Decem-

of South Africa. Team Bobby, Kira,

ber 2015.

Karen and Kahn? See how young (or old) South Africans make their

• Do you enjoy a Western, a com-

way to Hollywood, once they win

edy and Adam Sandler? Then you

The Voice of South Africa.

will enjoy this crazy comedy about fighting “crime”: The Ridiculous 6.

• In love with Emma Roberts and Arianna Grande? Then you will

So some of you might not like sit-

love Scream Queens. Get your

ting on the couch all day, but

popcorn ready and get your

would rather describe yourselves

scream on! Be ready to experi-

as go-getters; well, we have some

ence a mean girl theme because

nice forthcoming events for you

this comedy horror with many plot


• For those who, like a little brother

-ho love catching up with all the

or sister, are secretly obsessed with

new series and movies). Start nag-


don’t miss out on

ging your parents because this

the Live Scooby-Doo Musical, fea-

wonderful news is not for free,

turing everybody’s favourite char-

though not the priciest either. It

acters. It will take place at Grand

costs R99 per month. Not a bar-

West in Cape Town from 11-13 De-

gain? I mean, all the series, every



• If sliding is your preference, then

Some TV series on Showmax:

don’t miss out on Slide the City one of the longest waterslides in

• Pretty Little Liars: Seasons 1-4

the world . This amazing event will

• Chicago Fire: Seasons 1-4

arrive in South Africa all the way

• Arrow: Seasons 1-2

from the USA to entertain all South

• The Vampire Diaries: Seasons 1-5

Africans. Food, music and much

• The Big Bang Theory: Seasons 1-7

more will be there to enjoy from 19 December 2015 to 7 February

And so many more!

2016. Now let’s talk about Netflix, Show• Always liked the idea of cud-

max’s arch enemy.

dling, gazing at the stars, while eating popcorn with your favou-

As all the Americans say, “Yes I’ll

rite topping and watching a clas-

be watching Netflix and drinking

sic movie outdoors? Well don’t

Starbucks,” Now all South Africans

miss out on this amazing event

can say, “Ja vanaand is dit ek en

that is happening from October

Netflix met KFC!” At last we’ve got

2015 to April 2016 at The Galileo

one thing in common, Netflix! It

Open Air Cinema. The best out-

seems that Netflix will hit South Afri-

door expressions in Cape Town!

ca soon, if soon is the end of 2016.

Invite some friends and family and

But don’t be sad as we will be

enjoy it.

having Starbucks by then as well. Netflix is one of the most popular

But first things first.

online series and movie providers and the most common and pop-

The next buzz that is going around

ular one: “Watch TV shows and

is Netflix and Showmax.

movies anytime, anywhere.”

Showmax will launch in South Africa very soon as it consists of the most popular TV shows interna-

Phia Frank

tionally with over 20000 episodes, (wonderful words for those who




Kristina “Pepper” van Zyl


Tannie Babs, Ek sukkel al baie lank met wat ek eendag na skool wil doen, nou kom die tyd vir finale besluite nader en is nog steeds deurmekaar. Almal dink dat ek geen rigting in die lewe het nie, veral ouer mense en dit laat my net meer moedeloos voel. Hoe sal ek ooit my toekoms kan beplan? TOEKOMSLOOS

Tannie Babs, Dit voel asof my ouers my altyd pla en dit irriteer my verskriklik. Ek is lief vir hulle en ek haat hoe ek die situasie hanteer, maar ek weet nie meer hoe om op te tree nie. TE LIEF, TE AGGRESSIEF

is something I tend to avoid at all cost. I am scared of the change that a brig group split might bring though. NO MORE DRAMA Dear No more drama, Nothing lasts forever. Friendships fade and people drift apart, but this is an important part of developing, finding yourself and your

Te lief, te aggressief

true friends. It is often harder to

Tieners het ’n groot behoefte aan

connect in a larger group and

privaatheid en beskou hul ouers

that could be the main prob-


se normale belangstelling in hul

lem. Something like a group split

Om nie te weet wat jy wil gaan

doen en late as ’n betreding van

might be inevitable, but it does

doen nie, is nie ’n rare verskynsel

hul heiligdom. Dit is nou die tyd

not mean that you will lose your

nie, selfs al het jy die nodige aan-

dat die kommunikasiekanale tus-

friends. It implies a chapter in your

legtoetse afgelê. Indien jy dit nog

sen jou en jou ouers, met ’n wils-

life is reaching its final lines and a

nie afgelê het nie, beveel ek dit

besluit van beide partye, oop ge-

new exciting one is waiting at the

aan. Hierdie professionele mense

hou moet word. Verduidelik aan

turn of the page.

kan vir jou leiding gee oor ’n wye

hul hoe jy voel en luister met ’n

spektrum van moontlike beroepe.

oop gemoed na hul kant van die

“Job shadowing” kan ook help om

saak. Respekteer jou ouers se ge-

duidelikheid te kry. Jy voel onder

voelens en hul sal jou privaatheid

druk omdat almal rondom jou jou

respekteer. As jy hierin kan slaag,

sogenaamd presies weet waar-

het jy een van die grootste stui-

heen hulle op pad is. Glo my, baie

kelblokke van tienerwees oorkom.

van hulle weet ook nie, maar voel

Voorspoed met die uitdaging!

dis die regte ding om te doen. Verdere studies kos ’n fortuin en dit sal onverantwoordelik wees om te gaans studeer net omdat jy móét gaan studeer, al weet jy nie regtig watter rigting nie. Gebruik liewer ’n jaar en gaan werk vrywillig, as dit moet, in al die rigtings waarin jy belangstel. Loop wakker en gebruik al jou geleenthede. Voor jy jou oë uitvee het jy ’n toekoms en rooskleurig daarby.

Tannie Babs, I’ve been in a really great friendship group for the past year and a half, but lately it feels like I want out. I like hanging out with these friends in twos and threes, but as soon as the whole group comes together there’s always so many issues and drama, which


‘how to m Being in an all-girls’ school has its

it is important to be confident

volved you become, the more

definite advantages, but there is,

and to take the initiative, without

boys you will meet.

of course, that one not-so-slight

appearing too desperate (even

drawback, “How in the world are

if that is exactly what you are).

• Befriend one boy and get him to

we supposed to meet boys?” This

“Often guys don’t come up to

introduce you and your friends to

I know is the question on many

you because they are pretty shy,

his circle of friends.

of our lips. Although it is made to

so most of the time I just take the

seem enviably effortless for Girls

initiative, but then again, that’s

• Make an effort at dances or sok-

like Poppy Moore in Wild Child,

just me. You say something like,

kies to speak to and get to know

there is, after all, only one Freddy

‘Oh my word! I like your shoes!’ or

some more boys.

Kingsley. I often feel that Bridget

whatever, and then the conversa-

Jones is a far more accurate por-

tion starts.” Whitney says that the

Britt Hindley says that those of

trayal of most of our love lives.

places where you meet boys de-

you who were in a co-ed primary



pends on the type of boys you like.

school, should arrange to meet

her man in the end, albeit at her

Cape Town is great because there

your old classmates and get ev-

parents’ Christmas party. Unfor-

are places for all types. However,

eryone to bring their new friends

tunately I myself am no expert in

I know it’s not always easy to get

along. “In Grade 8 we just used to

this field, but if Bridget Jones and

to the Big City, and although Paarl

hang around at McDonald’s; we

Georgia Nicolson can do it, then

has limited options, options do ex-

would just chill there and wait for

so can we. I have spoken to some

ist. Whitney says that the Gym is

Prince Charming to arrive. I re-

fellow Larries about their experi-

the number 1 spot or perhaps Mc-

member on the second occasion,

ences of meeting boys and have

Donald’s and Inter-schools’ Week-

some other Grade 8s and I were

asked them to share some tips


there with my primary school



and tricks with those of us less adept in the “art”.

friend, Liam. He had brought his Another Larrie gave me some tips

friends along too. They came to

about how to meet more guys:

sit in our booth and one of them

I talked to Whitney Kasper and she said that when meeting guys


was fiddling with the salt, which he • Become involved; the more in-

then spilt all over Liana; needless

or this guy or him

meet boys’ ; to say, we are still friends today.”

Another Larrie advises that it’s

As you ladies can see, the chanc-

Britt says that just being yourself

never good to be too easy-to-get,

es of meeting a decent eligible

may be a cliché, but it’s the best

but there is no harm in being confi-

bachelor, or even just some pleas-

bit of advice that she can offer.

dent in whom you are. Even if you

ant guys to call your friends, are

She says you should not feel self-

are a more reserved type, it still

not as bleak as you thought. I

conscious and shy by constantly

helps to give the person who has

hope that for those of you who,

worrying about how you are get-

caught your eye the odd smile,

like me, tend to err on the side of

ting across; boys tend not to no-

just so that he can know that you

shy and awkward, reading this has

tice half of it anyway.

have noticed him, thereby putting

been an enlightening experience.

the ball in his court for the next

Remember that all it really takes is

If you see someone you like, pluck

move. She says that you have

up the courage and make the first

nothing to lose by placing yourself

move, this is the 21st century, you

outside your comfort zone, as long


as you think before you do so.

enough confidence to say, “Hi.”

Make an effort at dances or sokkies to speak to and get to know some more boys. by Jessica Louw






Pax: 12 small muffin pan




Soft dough

Appearance Cup-cake-likecheese

Smooth cottage

Ingredients for the muffin:

Method for muffins:

200g Diced bacon

1) Preheat oven to 180°C

280g Cake flour

2) Spray and cook (12) muffin tins

15ml Baking power

3) Fry the bacon in a pan until crisp. Chop smaller.

200g Matured cedar cheese 250ml Milk 90ml Cooking oil

4) Sift the dry ingredients together into a large bowl. 5) Lightly mix in the grated cheese and chopped bacon with a fork. 6) Whisk the milk, oil and eggs in a jug.

2 Eggs

7) Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir

Ingredients for the icing:

with a wooden spoon. (± 14 times). 8) Spoon the mixture evenly into the muffin tins.

1 tub Creamed plain cottage cheese 1 bunch Spring onion (Finely chopped) 200g Diced bacon


9) Bake for 15 – 18 minutes until golden brown on top. 10) Remove from the muffin tins and leave to cool. Method for the icing: 1) Fry bacon in a pan. Remove and cut very fine. Place on a baking tray and bake until dry and crispy at 180°C. Remove and place on kitchen towel to remove extra oil. 2)Place the cottage cheese into a bowl, add the chopped spring onions and bacon. Mix well with a spoon. 3) Spread cottage cheese mixture onto each cooled muffins with a knife. 4) Garnish with fried bacon pieces.


van Mej. na Mev.


Mev. Vermeulen Hoe gaan ‘n mens te werke om ‘n troue te reël ?

Was daar enige snaakse oomblikke?

Was dit die dag waaroor Juffrou as klein dogtertjie gedroom het?

Ek het alles self gereël en gemaak.

Ja, Mnr .Spies en my suster was in

Dit was die perfekte dag, die weer,

André, my verloofde, het die lo-

beheer van die musiek. Toe dit my

die omgewing, die man. Alles. Ek

gistiek , kaartjies en dekor hanteer.

en André se eerste dans was, het

het alles self gedoen, so om te sien

Ek en my suster het dadelik gesit

die musiek net in die middel op-

dat die mense jou detail en moe-

en ’n dinkskrumsessie aangepak.

gehou speel. Ek en André het die

ite raaksien en dit waardeer, het

Ons het ook baie op die internet

“awkward” oomblik ervaar en ons

dit net soveel meer spesiaal vir my

rondgekyk. Ek het baie van Pin-

het maar net weer gaan sit.


terest gebruik gemaak. Toevallig daardie maand toe ek verloof

het daar baie idees gekry. Ek het

Hoe het dit gevoel om die kerk binne te stap as Mejuffrou en die kerk as Mevrou te verlaat?

oorgenoeg tyd gehad ,so ek kon

Ons twee was al voor die tyd wet-

omtrent vir ‘n jaar lank beplan. Ek

tig getroud, so ek was al klaar Mev.

het dit baie geniet.

Vermeulen. Ek was nog steeds

geraak het, het die tydskrif, Idee, ‘n trou- uitgawe gehad en ek

senuweeagtig. Ek wou nie hê iets

Wat was die kleurskema?

snaaks moes gebeur of dat ek

Roosgoud, Duck Egg Blue en

dalk voor die gaste val nie, maar


die spanning was reeds verby.

Wat was die hoogtepunt van die troue vir Juffrou?

Sal Juffrou weer so ‘n dag wil ervaar?

Toe André sy beloftes aan my aflê.

Ja, definitief. Dit was baie spesiaal.

Besoek gerus “Karoo-Rosie”op indien jy ook droom van ‘n egte karootroue.

deur Kim Ayford



Mev Vermeulen



Mev. PEDRO 1Wat is jou gunsteling herinnering van die hele dag? Sjoe, dis ’n baie moeilike vraag. Daar was soveel hoogtepunte, maar dit sal seker tussen, “I now pronounce




wife…” en die makadamianeutkaaskoek wees. Die kaaskoek was werklik verruklik, maar die gedagte dat ek nooit weer vir Theo, “sien jou more” hoef te sê nie, troef beslis die nagereg.

Hoe het jy en jou man ontmoet?

Elke meisie droom van jongs af oor haar troudag, maar is dit in werklikheid so sprokiesagtig? Ek kan eerlikwaar sê dat my troudag my mees idealistiese verwagtinge oortref het. Dit was die beste dag van my lewe en ek wens ek kan dit weer beleef, met dieselfde man natuurlik! Al wat “medium” gedoen was, was my fillet en boonop hou ek daarvan só. Alles anders was beslis “well done” al moet ek self so sê. (Die feit dat my man ’n voormalige

Ek het hom gevra om my te

trou-koördineerder was, was dalk

“sound check” by ’n kamp waar

ook ’n bydraende faktor tot hier-

ek kitaar gespeel en gesing het.

die “perfekte” dag).

Hy was agter by die produksiehok-

Daar was beslis “gevalle” wat nie

kie en het toe maar gemaak asof

so seepglad verloop het nie. Soos

hy die klankman was (klaarblyklik

ons twee-vlak troukoek wat op

het die meisie met die kitaar sy

pad na die onthaal op my strooi-

oog gevang). Later daardie jaar

meisie se motor se enjinkap be-

het ons saam in ’n kantoor op-

land het, of die vlaag miere wat

geëindig, waar ek ’n musiekintern-

in ons macaroons ingevaar het.

skap gedoen het. So dit was seker

Nietemin, moet mens perspektief

maar ’n kantoorromanse.

hou oor waaroor die “groot dag” werklik gaan.

Die dekor by die troue het pragtig gelyk. Wat was die tema vir hierdie perfekte dag?

Was daar enige “bloos-oomblikke” gedurende die troue? Ek wens so dat ek “nee” kon sê, maar ek sou jok. Toe ek en my gevolg by die seremonie-area stop, het die wind vreeslik sterk begin waai. Voor die trappies waar ek moes afloop, was daar ’n redelike groot bos. Om ’n lang storie kort te maak, toe ek die eerste stappie by die paadjie afneem, toe waai en verstringel my twee meter lange sluier in die bos en EK SIT VAS. My pa moes my loswikkel en het toe die sluier oor my kop gegooi soos wat jou ouma haar wortelkoek met ’n doilie sou bedek. Selfs my man het gegrinnik. .

Op watter lied het jy en jou man die dansvloer geopen? Ben Rector se weergawe van “I wanna dance with somebody.” Hy is beslis een van my gunsteling kunstenaars. Hy speel self al die verskillende instrumente wat in die liedjie opgeneem is.

Die gevoel was “modern-classic” en ons kleue was pastelkleure: mint, ligte pienk en goud. Ons het gewerk met hout, glas en wit dekor.



Mev Vermeulen



Mev. Ferreira Hoe lank was die verlowingstydperk? ’n Jaar en drie maande.

Was dit te lank of te kort? Dalk te lank☺

Wat was die hoogtepunt van die groot dag? Toe die dominee sê dat ons nou wettig man en vrou is!

As jy dieselfde dag kon herbeleef, sou jy enigiets verander? Ek sou beslis meer van ons troukos

Deesdae gebruik baie mense troukoördineerders om vir jou die troue te beplan, het julle van iemand se dienste gebruik gemaak?

Rangskik in volgorde van belangrikheid: Die Rok, die venue, die man, die fotograaf, die blomme, die strooimeisies, die ringe en die wittebrood.

Nee, maar ek moes eintlik, want

Eerste plek sal seker die man

skoolgee en troue reël is beslis nie

wees, want sonder hom sal ver-

’n grap nie.

dere reëlings nie nodig wees nie. Tweedens die venue (jy sal ver-

Hoe gaan ’n mens dan te werk om jou eie troue te reël? Lysies, lysies en nogmaals lysies. Maak seker jy bevriend Pinterest en laar al jou vriendinne troutydskrifte aandrae.

wou eet. Ek het nie regtig veel van ’n eetlus op die dag gehad nie.

Wat was die kleurskema van die troue? Swart en wit met ’n minimalistiese dekorstyl.

Wat was ’n deel uit jou man se troutoespraak wat jy altyd sal onthou?

baas wees hoe volbespreek venues in die Wes-Kaap is). Volgende vra (of sê) jy jou strooimeisies en daarna maak jy jou afspraak vir rokkepas en hoop dit pas. Daarna was die fotograaf (in ons geval was dit ons buurvrou) en toe het ek my man se ring laat maak. My

Was julle troue ’n kindervriendelike troue gewees? Ja, die jongste gas was slegs ’n

vriendin het die blomme gereël en ek het net mooi niks met die wittebroodreëlings te doen gehad nie.

maand oud en die oudste was my 91-jarige oupa. Ek dink ’n mens moet maar jou gaste in ag neem en ons is baie lief vir kinders, dus was dit nooit ’n opsie vir ons om nie kinders by die troue te hê nie.

Sjoe, ek kan onthou ek het baie gelag, maar ek kan nie juis onthou waarvoor nie. Die manne het hom maar ’n moeilike tyd gegee.



Mev Vermeulen



46 |


Avanti | Uitgawe 4 | Desember 2015  
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