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TERM 1 2017, ISSUE #9



‘Oud-Larries met GROOT DROME’




15-16| Crossfit

14| Ruil jou Nikes vir kaalvoet 21-22| Country Quiz 23| FilmresensieLion 24| Emotions you didn’t know about 25-26| Recipe

17-18|Besering se baas 19-20|Kapteine

NEWS 3 | Bestie Quiz 4 | Graad 8 Onderhoude 29| Miss La Rochelle



5-6| Oud Larries Droom Groot 7-8| Voëlvry op ‘n silwerdoek 9-10| Onnies as Tieners 11| Music Quiz 12| Olá Anshia! 13| Bookclub



Brave women continue the fight aya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Jane Austen, Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel, Rosa Parks, Ruth First, Thuli Madonsela... and on goes the list of women who have championed the cause and helped define what it means to be just that-a woman. From advocating for girls' education and standing up to an unconstitutional president to Introducing pants as a female fashion staple and writing novels in criticism of the idea that a woman can only be considered successful if she manages to snag herself a well-off husband. On the 21stof January 2017, a day after the inauguration of Donald Trump, over 3 million women in more than 30 cities world-wide (including Cape Town) took to the streets to raise their voices in protest of the many challenges women and minority groups face in their every day lives. They addressed Issues such as the wage gap, gay rights, cat calling, racism, the environment, refugees and even more. With speeches from activist celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, America Ferreira and Ashley Judd. Despite the passionate feelings of millions of women , the protests remained peaceful without a single reported arrest. And whether you are shouting Dump Trumpat the top of your lungs or, are one of his staunchestsupporters, there can be no denying what a profound milestone this was for women as a whole. I believe that every one of the iconic ladies on my list, wherever they may be today, can rest easy in the knowledge that women will no longer keep quiet about the injustices they have been too afraid to speak out againstin the past. It gives me goose bumps just to think about millions of woman, all around the world, from completely different walks of life standing up for what they believe in, united in the common interest of making this world a more accepting place for their daughters and their daughter’s daughters. I think we often underestimate our ability to inspire others and how far a little bit of inspiration can go. After all, this women’s march started with a single woman inviting her 40 Facbook friends to march with her and resulted in over 3 million women standing together ina world-wide protest against sexism and gender inequality. So, I suppose that my hope is that you will find some form of inspiration amongst the pages of this term’s Avanti, whether it be putting a name to those emotions that you can never describe or learning which musical instrument is a true representation of yourself. Reading about the amazing projects our Miss La Rochelle finalists are undertaking this year might be enough to guilt trip you into some charity work of your own. You may even find a sudden motivation to start CrossFit (cudos to you!) I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and remember to keep on inspiring others, after all we never know where the next global phenomenon will come from!

Jessica Louw


HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR FRIEND? Good friends are few and far between, but very precious. Your closest friends are the o nes who will keep all of your secrets, and as the saying goes, who will help you drag the dead body across the floor(don’t take this literally) Although I agree that sometimes people are just born without a good memory, your best friends usually know all a lot about you, just from having spent time with you. To see how well your aforementioned friend knows you, ask her these questions (firstmake sure that you know the answers) and see how many she can get right.


1.WOULD I PREFER TO GO OUT dMango AND... 6.MY DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINAa.Bungee Jump TION IS... b.Watch an old black and white movie c.Drink coffee at a snug café d.Hike up a.London Lion’s Head b.Mauritius c.Kruger Park 2.WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING d.New York WOULD BE MY FAVOURITE MOVIE? 7.A WORD I WOULD MOST LIKELY a.The Hunger Games USE IS... b.The Notebook c.Bridget Jones a.Swak d.Pad na my hart b.Versin c.Soz 3.WHICH IS MY PREFERRED PHYSI- d.Jeepers CAL ACTIVITY? 8.I AM MOST LIKELY TO BECOME a.A jog A.... b.Yoga c.A dance class a.Business woman d.A netball game b.Zoo Keeper c.Cabaret Dancer 4.WHICH IS MY MOST VISITED d.Olympic Medalist CLOTHING STORE? 9. I AM MOST LIKELY TO DATE A... a.Zara b.Mr Price a.Surfer c.Woolwort b.Skater d.Truworths c.Intellectual d.Artist 5.MY FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR WOULD BE... 10.I WOULD MOST LIKELY BE ARRESTED FOR ... a.Chocolate b.Vanilla a.Protesting c.Fudge b.Streaking

c.Killing my sibling d.Drunk driving Now let’s analyse the results: 1-3 Correct answers: This friend either has slight amnesia or does not know you very well. That is okay though, there are plenty of pills or time to fix whichever problem she has. 4-7 Correct answers: This friend knows you quite well. You’ve often been in each another’s company. She obviously has just been too focussed on her studies to observe the finer details, but hey, maybe you can sleep on her couch one day (when all that studying pays off)? 8-10 Correct answers: This is the best friend category. This friend knows you like the back of her hand and would definitely be your go-to person for dragging that body across the floor (again, not literal). She is observant and has been listening. Marry her brother, so that you can be sisters!

Annabel Moore


We all know that being a sot can either be a terrible or an amazing experience. Either way, it is still one of the most memorable times of your high school career. Die Avanti het gaan gesels met ‘n paar sotte oor hulle belewenis van hulle eerste paar weke in La Rochelle. Ons plaas hulle antwoorde anoniem sodat daar geen rusies met enige Matrieks sal wees nie! Hier volg n paar van die sotte se interessante antwoorde... IF YOU COULD TRAVEL BACK IN TIME TO THE GRADE 7 YOU, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOURSELF ABOUT STARTING HIGH SCHOOL? Prepare to get a LOT more homework. Have fun and make the best of every situation. WHAT RULES OF THE SOTTE WOULD YOU CHANGE IF YOU COULD? Waiting for the other grades to pass before you- it becomes quite frustrating. Having to wait to eat after everyone else in Hostel. I wouldnt change a single thing, I love it and I’ll carry on with all the traditions! I would change the sot greeting. WHAT IS YOU MOST EMBARRASSING “SOT-“MOMENT SO FAR? When I had to confess my unconditional love to an unknown non-existent guy named Jeffery. Asking random guys in McDonalds to marry me. WHO ARE THE THREE SCARIEST MILADIES?  Milady Zanés sal ek in eerste ,tweede en derde plek sit. Daar’s niemand meer skrikwekkend nie! Milady Zikhona Grootboom and Milady Carmen Louw. Definitely Milady Catherine Haddad and Milady Néchka Loubscher.

NAME THE THREE MILADIES THAT ARE, ACCORDING TO YOU, THE NICEST: Milady Monja Kolberg, Helena Weideman and Sanna de Jongh.

Maths, because Maths is fun! Science is also a new subject and a new experience for me, aswe did not have Science in our primary school.

Milady Evette Smith, Lené Hugo and Nicola Terblanche.


Milady Elrica Foot, Thenitha van Rooyen en Emily Blackburn.

The chess and book clubs, I would also like to join the Interact club.


Photography is something my primary school did not have and I’d like to join the club.

No! High school is quite fun. I enjoy high school sooo much! I love all the new friends I’vemade and everyone is so kind and helpful. I am very worried about the exams and test series, because there is a lot of work and I am not always sure what to study!

My previous school did not have clubs at all- Id love to join the costume cupboard club! WHO IS THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON YOU WOULD LOVE TO BE BORN AS?

Dit is nie wat ek verwag het nie. Dis n groot aanpassing vanaf laerskool. Dit voel asof jy nêrens regtig inpas nie!

Emma Watson Cara Delevigne Simoné Nortmann van 7de Laan

High school is not what I expected at all.I feel way more comfortable here than in primary school.



I haven't thought about that at all! Probably let her ask Boys High's first team captain to marry her or let her do cartwheels in McDonald's or throw a fit in Spur about losing a R2.

Drama, want die onderwyseres maak dit baie interessant! Wiskunde, want ons mag sakrekenaars hierdie jaar gebruik! Musiek, want die onderwyseres is baie snaaks en mens lag altyd lekker in haar klas. Wiskunde omdat die Juffrou die werk baie goed verduidelik en haar toetse is nie moeilik nie (let wel: sy is ook baie mooi!)

Sy moet n boom kielie totdat dit lag; sy moet met n besem dans én sy moet die skool se gras met n skêr knip. She would have to carry around a bag of potatoes. She and her friends would also have to carry me around and they would have to perform a curtsey in front of me.

Sunet verhoef


Oud-Larries Droom Gróót Twee oud-Larries wys dat geen droom te groot is om te bereik nie. Ek het bietjie met Nikki Albertyn gesels om meer uit te vind oor haar en Karmen de Reuck se eie innoverende besigheid – Lion Heart.



https://www.facebook. com/sweetlionheartpatisserie/?ref=bookmarks

né Iri

yl Z n va


1. Vertel my meer oor die besigheid? Wat is die naam van die besigheid? Wanneer het jy die besigheid begin en waar is julle geleë?Ek het my eie besigheid, LionHeart, in Februarie 2015 begin. Ek het as ‘n grafiese ontwerper vir ‘n aanlyngebasseerde besigheid in Kaapstad gewerk. Nadat ek ‘n deeltydse patisseriekursus by Silwood in 2014 voltooi het, het ek my passie vir bak ontdek en gesien hoe ek my kreatiwiteit in ‘n ander manier as grafiese ontwerp kan gebruik. Toe die grafiese ontwerpmaatskappy, Zana Products, na ‘n groter perseel skuif, het ek gevra of hulle bereid sal wees om my toe te laat om ‘n klein afdeling van die nuwe studio in ‘n kombuis te omskep, waarvoor ek huur sal betaal. Ek sou dan daar bak en halfdag vir hulle werk. In Augustus 2016, het een van my beste vriendinne van skool, Karmen de Reuck by my aangesluit en in September 2016, het ek LionHeart voltyds verder geneem.   2. Was dit nog altyd jou droom om dit te doen en wat het jou gemotiveer om deur te druk? Ek het nog altyd daarvan gedroom om my eie besigheid te begin. Ek was net nooit seker wat dit sou wees nie. Toe ons nog op skool was, het ek en Karmen dikwels daaroor gepraat om eendag ons eie Deli oop te maak! Wat my regtig gehelp het om die groot stap te neem, was om te weet dat ek die volle ondersteuning van my vriende en familie het. Dit het alles baie makliker gemaak om te weet hulle glo in my. My kêrel het ook ‘n paar jaar gelede sy passie en sy loopbaan integreer en dit het die besluit vir my minder vreesaanjaend gemaak. 3. Wanneer het jy besef dat bak jou passie is? Aan die einde van my deeltydse patisseriekursus, het dit my getref. Alhoewel ek eintlik al na die eerste keer wat ek vir iemand ‘n koek moes bak (waarvoor hulle betaal het), ‘n foto daarvan geneem het en op Instagram geplaas het. Ek het al hoe meer bestellings begin kry en besef dat dit die moontlikheid van ‘n besigheid inhou. 4. Wie is jou grootste inspirasie agter al jou gebak?Beide Katherine Sabbath (AUS) en Meringue Girls (UK) het inspirerende stories oor hoe hulle besighede begin het. Katherine Sabbath was eers ‘n onderwyser wat nou die mooiste en kreatiefste koeke maak, wat orals op Instagram te sien is, terwyl die Meringue Girls, ‘n groot handelsmerk opgebou het, deur kreatief te wees met ‘n eenvoudinge produk – meringues.

5. Jy het ‘n vennoot, wanneer het sy by jou aangesluit en vertel my meer van haar. Karmen het in Augustus 2016 by my aangesluit. Sy het ‘n agtergrond in digitale bemarking en het as ‘n SEO-konsultant in Londen gewerk. Sy was baie moedeloos tydens ‘n Skype-oproep eendag en dis toe wat ek vir haar sê: “Come back and let’s just bake cake together!” Gevolglik het sy by haar werk in Londen bedank om by my te kom aansluit. Ons was saam op skool en ken mekaar nou al vir meer as 20 jaar. Om besigheidsvernote te wees, toets soms ons vriendskap, maar ons het ‘n goeie fondasie en kommunikasievaardighede waarop ons kan staatmaak. As dinge warm raak in die kombuis, gaan drink ons eenvoudig ‘n koppie tee en praat dinge uit. Ons werk baie goed saam en ons komplimenteer mekaar se vaardighede, so ek sien groot moontlikhede wat uit ons vennootskap gaan spruit. 6. Het jy gasvryheidstudies as ‘n vak geneem in La Rochelle? Ek het eintlik nie! Ek is spyt dat ek nie het nie, maar gedurende my hoërskoolloopbaan, was dit net nie iets wat my geïnteresseer het nie. Jy hoef nie al op skool te weet wat jy wil doen nie – daar is altyd na skool tyd om nog te leer. 7. Waar op sosiale media kan ons meer van julle te sien kry? Instagram is ons hoofplatvorm (@ sweet.lionheart) – dis waar ons al die heerlike gebak plaas vir mense om te sien en jy kan ook soms sien wat agter die skerms gebeur op ons Instagram Story. Andersins is ons ook op Twitter en Facebook. 8. Wat het jy na skool gaan studeer? Ek was by ‘n advertensieskool in Kaapstad genaamd, Vega, waar ek BA in Handelsmerk-Kommunikasie studeer het en in Multimedia Ontwerp gespesialiseer het. Nadat ek studeer het, het ek ‘n ruk lank in die advertensiewese gewerk en daarna as grafiese ontwerper by ‘n aanlyn kostydskrif. Daarna het ek by Zana Products gewerk waar ek deeltyds patisserie kon studeer by Silwood. 9. Wat is julle spesialiteit? Ek sal sê ons “Astronomica koek” is tot dusver ons kenmerkendste koek. 10. Het julle al ooit enige bekende kliënte gehad? As jy een persoon kon kies om iets voor te bak, wie sou dit wees en hoekom? Ons het nog nie enige beroemde kliënte gehad nie, maar ek weet Luke Dale Roberts van The Test Kitchen het een van ons koeke al geëet en hy was mal daaroor. Ek is nie groot op beroemdes nie, maar as ek een persoon moet kies om voor te bak sal dit George Clooney wees, want, YUM!


VOELVRY OP DIE SILWERDOEK: ʼn Onderhoud met Simoné Nortmann deur Elouise Lourens

Na haar manjifieke vertolking van die hoofkarakter in die onlangse film, “Vir die Voëls”, pronk die Avanti met interessanthede oor die merkwaardige aktrise en boonop nog raad vir toekomstige dramaturge.

11 vinnige vrae:


1.Gunstelingkleur? Wit 2.Troeteldier se naam? Jossie 3.Waar het u grootgeword? Lyttelton, Centurion 4.Watter hoërskool het u bygewoon? Hoërskool Centurion

5.Gimnasium of Boys’ High vir Interskole? Grootgeword in Pretoria, ken nie die skole nie? 6.Somer of winter? Somer! 7.Oggend- of aandpersoon? Aand.

8.Stokperdjie? Lees & cinema nouveau 9.Skoengrootte? 5 10.Gunstelingroomysgeur? Salted Caramel 11.Gunstelingliedjie? Come on Eileen, deur Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Vir die “Drama-llamas” 1.Was die rol vir u ʼn uitdaging om te vertolk? Elke rol het gewoonlik sy eie uitdagings. Ek het ‘n groot verantwoordelikheid teenoor Irma (die regte een) gevoel, want ek wou haar storie met eerlikheid oorvertel. My grootste uitdaging is gewoonlik om myself die ruimte te gee om foute te maak en “present” te wees in die oomblik. 2. In die film speel u die rol van ʼn vrou wat in die 1970’s onafhanklik van mans kan en wil funksioneer. Hoe identifiseer u met die karakter? Sy is ’n volronde vroulike karakter wat nie die eendimensionele “girl-next-door” stereotipe is nie. Sy is terselfdertyd vurig én weerloos, rabbedoe én vrou. Ek hou nie van iets voorgee wat ek nie is nie, en ek identifiseer met Irma se onafhanklike streep. Terselfdertyd dink ek die grootste verskil tussen my en Irma is dat ek miskien meer introvert en meer sensitief is. 3. Het u nog altyd in drama belanggestel? Van kindsbeen af. Toe ek klein was, het ek vir die mense agter KFC se toonbanke gesing en gedans. 4. Watter raad het u vir hoërskoolleerders wat in die dramatiese kunste belangstel? As mense se lof jou gaan opbou, gaan hulle kritiek jou afbreek. “It is not for the faint of heart”, maar as jy weet wie jy is en jy is bereid om hard te werk is dit die mees vervullende werk en roeping waarvan enige iemand kan droom. 5. Hoe het u deur die verfilmingsproses gemotiveerd of opgewonde gebly? Jy doen waarvoor jy lief is, en jy het ‘n voorreg en geleentheid wat min mense het, en ek dink dis wat jou deur die tawwe ure op stel kry. 6. Kan u die ervaring in een woord opsom? Lewensveranderend.

Algemene vrae: 1.Hoe voel u in die werklikheid oor ʼn vrou en haar rol in die samelewing? Dis ‘n onderwerp na aan my hart. Jesus het vroue opgebou en ingesluit. Enige samelewing wat vroue onderdruk, mis ‘n groot deel van God se hart. In ‘n gesonde samelewing is mans en vroue gelyk, word hulle gelyk geag en gelyk hanteer. Dis nie te sê vroue is dieselfde as mans, of hoef dieselfde rolle in te neem nie, maar ons vul mekaar aan uit wedersydse respek. Ek is nie ‘n feminis nie, maar ek is ten gunste van vroue wat nie terugstaan om hul godgegewe talente en roeping uit te leef uit vrees of intimidasie nie. 2.In die film hekel/brei u. Moes u leer hoe om dit te doen vir die film of het u voorheen geweet hoe? Ek het nie ‘n idee hoe om te hekel nie. Ek het vinnig op stel geleer. Dit was darem kort tonele, dus het ek net kort stukkies gebrei en die res is deur ons kunsdepartement voorsien ;-) 3.Wie is u rolmodel in die dramawêreld? Daar is baie mense wat my inspireer, maar nie een persoon wie se lewe ek noodwendig wil nastreef nie. Ek wonder Jennifer Lawrence wat opstaan vir vroueregte in Hollywood; Angelina Jolie wat kinders aanneem, UN-ambassadeur is, én regisseurshoed dra; Emma Stone wat ‘n Academy Award wen vir ‘n rol in ‘n fliek wat deur kinders gekyk kan word; Leandie du Randt wat ‘n “legacy of thanksgiving” met behulp van haar platform skep; Donnalee Robberts wat nét die goed in die lewe raaksien, dit uitleef, en ook deur middel van haar platform mense inspireer om hul drome na te streef. Daar is iets in elkeen van dié vroue wat ek bewonder. 4.Wat is die volgende projek wat u wil aanpak? Ek is tans besig om te skiet aan “Vuil Wasgoed” wat Desember 2017 uitgereik word. Ek repeteer ook tussenin aan ‘n teaterproduksie, “Die Paartie” wat 4, 9 en 10 Maart by Woordfees speel. Dan oefen ek aan skryf en wil ek binnekort my eie kortfilm skryf en “direct.” Baie drome, te min tyd!


Om weer alleen voor mense te sing. In my kamer kon ek gemaklik kitaar speel en sing, maar die dag by die sondagskool piekniek, het ek besef Sonja Herholdt liedjies is nie op my lys van talente nie.

1.Duikplank ontduiker



Dit het n pakkie Enos, n suikerpotjie en die personeel se teetyd behels!

Roadtrips deur Suid-Afrika! In ons jongdae daardie tyd was dit baie veiliger in Suid-Afrika. Ons gesin het sommer langs die pad gestop en kamp opgeslaan vir n goeie nagrus.

Kom ons stel dit so, niemand het daardie dag sonder n bruisende koppie koffie en n vraagteken op hul gesigte daar uit geloop nie.


HET JUFFROU ENIGE TALENTE WAARVAN DIE LARRIES NIE WEET NIE? Behalwe dat ek vir die eerste tennis-en netbalspan gespeel het, het ek n liefde vir musiek. My klavieronderwyser mag dalk Grandpas, net so droog, met piesang afgesluk het, maar hy het n liefde in my wakker gemaak vir musiek. Soveel so, dat ek deesdae in eksamentye Graad 8 en 9 musiekteorie vraestelle vir die lekkerte uitwerk!

Het jy geweet dat Milady Vorster vir Juffrou Kramer as n sot gehad het op Hoërskool?

Kan jy raai wie?


WIE OF WAT HET JUFFROU BANG GEMAAK? Haar naam was Jackie Wiese LO onderwyseres. Oefening was haar grootste passie en my kleinste. Met elke swem aktiwiteit het die vreesaanjaande duikplank my ingewag, maar tot vandag toe het ek nie een keer by daardie duikplank afgespring nie, hoe ek dit reggekry het, weet ek self nie.

2.Milady Sonja Herholdt



Jare later eindig hulle altwee op in dieselfde vakgebied, by dieselfde skool met klaskamers reg langs mekaar. Boonop het elkeen ‘n

Carla van Wyk en Cilmie Geyer

dogter genaamd Anja hul verjaarsdae deel op 3 Maart!



Ja, ek het n opera-stem gehad. Glo dit of nie, op hoërskool was ek in n Operette; ek was die heks en my beste vriendin die prinses! WATTER EMBARRASSING MOMENT WAS VIR JUFFROU DIE PROMINENTSTE OP HOËRSKOOL? Ek het een middag netbal geoefen

1. Juf kramer 2. Juf Voster 3. Juf steyn 4. Juf Pietersen 5. Juf Schoeman

en ons moes in die hardloop leer

ons meisies net uitskryf. Ek onthou ek het hom een keer gevra of ek slim genoeg sal wees om op universiteit in te kom; ek het n vrees gehad dat ek te dom sou wees.

doel. n Medespeelster wou die doelpaal wegtrek terwyl ek hardloop, maar trek dit toe per ongeluk voor my in. Ek het oor die paalgeval en teen die muur beland - en dít met die hele rugbyspan as toeskouers. My ego het egter seerder gekry as my verstuite pols.

Die tik juffrouhet my net so bang gemaak. Syt altyd n skerpgemaakte potlood by haar gedra en wanneer sy jou sien praat het (wat baie in my geval gebeur het), het sy die punt van die potlood in jou kop ingeboor.

HET JUFFROU ENIGE KÊRELS OP HOEËRSKOOL GEHAD? Ja, ek het met my Hoërskool kêrel getrou, maar hy is kort daarna weermag toe. Oorspronklik sou dit net vir n jaar wees, maar toe word die tyd verleng.


4.Krulkuif boffin

Op skool het die juffrouens vir ons verskillende verbruikers vaardighede aangeleer. Blomme rangskik was iets waarin ek uitgeblink het en ek dink ek sou dit nogal verder kon vat!

WATTER VREEMDE GEWOONTES HET JUFFROU GEHAD? Op hoërskool het ek redelike kort hare gehad, maar n lekker kuif. Dié

as Tieners

HET JUFFROU ENIGE LIEFDES OP SKOOL GEHAD? Ja, ek was verlief op my LO onderwyser, maar toe ek agterkom hy is getroud en heelwat ouer, het dit vinnig oorgewaai. Ek het goeie seunsvriende gehad, maar nie regtig meer as dit nie.

het ek elke aand in krullers toegedraai voor ek gaan slaap het. Soggens het ek baie tevrede met my styfgekrulde kuif by die skool aangekom. Nou dat ek terug dink... dit was effens vreemd.


WAT IS JUFFROU SE GUNSTELLING HERINNERING VAN JUFFROU SE MA? Toe ek nog gestudeer het, was dit lekker om naweke by die huis te kom en al die stories met my ma te deel. Ek was mal oor praat en daardie eerste twee dae van elke kuiertjie was ons twee vasgegom aan mekaar; dit was asof daar nie genoeg tyd was om alles te deel nie.


skeinat onderwyser. Wanneer seuns stout was het hy hulle die gifstoorkamer geneem vir van die bestes; gelukkig moes

My aand was een groot flop. Dit het begin met n Beehive-haarstyl, maar het geëindig met my hare wat ek in n bak watergedoop het. Uiteindelik het ek dit sommer los gedra na my matriekafskeid. My metgesel was die hoofseun van ons skool se aartsvyandskool en hy het nie die aand veel beter gemaak nie. Hy het twee linkervoete gehad en het boonop heel aand met n mond vol tande gesit! So meisies, vergeet van die aantreklikste kêrel en kies die ou wat lekker kan dans en gesels!


By Ansofi M Pretorius and Layla van Sitters


Musical Instrument Are You?

Have you ever wondered how you contribute to the peace and harmony of society? Life is orchestrated in such a manner that everyone plays a vital role anyway. You may not always have the melody or the solo, but at least you complete the harmony and create musical equilibrium. Answer these questions to get answers more accurate than your horoscope!

If you got mostly…

1. What is your favourite type of cheese? A.Blue cheese B. I am lactose intolerant/ I hate cheese C. The type that comes with alcohol D. String cheese E. Mozzarella F. Cheddar 4.It is freezing outside, so you are chilling in front of a fireplace with a mug of… A. Milo B. Herbal tea with lemon zest C. Black coffee D. Hot chocolate E. Pumpkin spice latté F. Water, because you are a rebel A – Piano You are secretly everyone’s favourite. You are genuine, loyal to your friends and well organized, but you tend to be enigmatic and mysterious. B – Operatic voice You are the most extroverted person and your charisma is contagious. You are loud, friendly and you are proud of who you are.


2. Who would you have voted for in the previous American election if you were American? A. Hillary Clinton B. No one since you were busy protesting against everything C. Wait, there was an ELECTION? D. Ted Cruz, despite the violent rumours of his past E. Bernie Sanders F. Donald Trump 5.Your most defining quality is your… A. Sense of humour B. Charisma C. Humility D. Confidence E. Friendliness F. Authenticity

3.What is a bad quality that you’ll never admit to having? A. Everything is black or white, you are either very happy or very sad. B. You always voice your opinions. Always. C. You are tightly strung and always tense D. You tend to be incredibly violent E. You tend to mock people with a high-pitched voice 6.What is your favourite animal? A. Panda bear B. Lion C. Dog D. Cheetah E. Fairy (YES THEY DO EXIST) F. Elephant

C – Acoustic guitar E – Flute You are humble and down to earth. You You are elegant, graceful and independent. enjoy leading a simple life. Not everyone You are in touch with your feelings. You are may always express their gratitude toa dreamer, and you enjoy the finer things wards you, but you are the friendly face in life. that everyone looks forward to seeing. F – Trumpet D – Violin You are in control of your life, and you will You are ambitious and diligent. You may always be upto an adventure. You are opinionstruggle with anger issues, but your intentions ated, and you like to express yourself through are always pure. You will always reach your your passions. goals, no matter what.

Olá Anshia!

What is/was the most interesting place you’ve been to and why? The question that appeared on every one’s lips:

Definitely New York City! The high skyscraper buildings, the unique monuments that I spotted in so many world class movies, Broadway and the Times Square in Manhattan. It all didn’t only blow me off my feet, it also was breathtaking! From a stranger’s point of view, definitely a traveller with lots of stories to tell about any type of culture in the world. An introvert at How different was your life one year ago? first sight, but believe me when you get to know her, definitely an I went to an international school in Angola and I met children from extrovert in disguise! all over the globe. For me it was a whole new world to get comGive me a bit of background of all your travels fortable with, especially getting used to the fact that every one else I was born in Brunei, a small country island near Malaysia. Six months later we moved to Perth, Australia. Three years after we had believed differently, because their backgrounds were so different to mine. moved, my first brother was born and after another five years, my second brother. In 2010 we moved to Houston, Texas. Three years What habits did you have to unlearn when encountering all these cultures? later we moved to Luanda, Angola and now at last we are settled in South Africa, where both my parents were born. We moved I had to teach myself to keep my thoughts to myself multiple times quite often, because of my father, who is an oil and gas petroleum and speak without offending someone. It was hard in the beginengineer. ning, but later on it became part of my coping mechanisms. What impact did all the travelling had on YOUR life? Your favourite hobby(s)? I love horse riding and especially jumping over obstacles with my For me the positive side was that I had the privilege to be introduced to so many unique cultures and people, but also being able to horse. see some of the most beautiful sceneries, parts of the world had to What triggered you to choose La Rochelle? offer. The only thing I didn’t like, was the exposure to some occurI chose La Rochelle, because, when I came for my interview, the rences before it was necessary. girls here were all so welcoming towards me and I immediately felt How many foreign languages can you speak? that I belonged here. I also loved all the extra mural activities the I am able to speak Afrikaans and English, like every one else, but I school offered. What is next on your to-do bucket list? am also capable of speaking Spanish and a bit of Portuguese.

“Who is Anshia Oudtshoorn?”

Carmari Marais

I’ve been on seven continents, in fifteen years. Therefore getting to eight is my goal, because I am not going to be frozen after another planned trip to Antarctica. So, South America, here I come!


The Book Club: A New Adventure By Michaela de Lima


After firstly being introduced at the end of 2016, The Book Club has really shown some amazing potential and will definitely be something that many Larries in the present and future will want to be a part of. The heads of the club, Juan-Marie Nortje and Marla Huisamen, have really shown La Rochelle what it means to be determined after having to go through so much preparation and thinking to be able to begin a new adventure. During an interview, the two explained that together Miss Hancock and their love for reading both sparked the bright idea of starting the club. The two wanted to introduce something new to the school that didn’t have to include sport or a wide knowledge of maths. About 15 people are already part of the family, despite The Book Club not advertising as much this past term as it did last year. Everyone with a love for reading in and outside of the club should know that they are more than welcome to join at any time. In The Book Club, different genres, such as fanfiction, fantasy, romance, action, etc., are being explored. “Book-Tasting” is a current activity taking place within the club. Each person is given the opportunity to get a feel of everyone’s favourite books. By doing this, different book titles, styles of writing and authors are being explored. One book series that they have all gone through was the well-known series of “Sherlock Homes”. Caitlyn Richards in grade 9 became part of the family through her love for reading. She claims that she has become a lot more interested in reading, and therefore is always thinking about what book to speak about in the next book club session. She has made so many new friends who share the same interests in reading as she has. These include girls from different grades and classes. Caitlyn has found out about a new series that she had never thought she’d read and has now become very intrigued by them. The Book Club has really been a success and in future wishes to do many new, exciting things such as going on outings.

Verruil jou Nikes vir Kaalvoet -Beleef die wêreld van onder-

Evette Smith Verbeel jouself, jy word op ‘n wintersoggend wakker . Dit is koud, selfs reënerig. Hierdie keer is dit net nie jou warm, snoesige bed waarin jy lê nie. Dit is ‘n koue sementvloer met ‘n natgedoude kombers, wat veronderstel is om jou warm te hou. Water wat drup, drup, drup in die plastiekemmer in die hoek van die beknopde kamertjie, wat jy met elf ander mense moet deel. Dit is hoe Ngoni, Shalom, Nhasha, Prince Jnr. en die res van die kindertjies by Many Smiles Day Care Centre se lewens lyk. Al die kos wat hulle kry word by die skooltjie vir hulle voorsien en dit is ook die meeste van die tyd die enigste kos wat hulle daardie dag sal eet. Daar is nie iets soos gaan-na-die-yskas-toe en help jouself nie. Die kos wat hulle wel kry, moet baie goed gerantsoeneer word, sodat dit hulle kan hou tot hulle weer kos kry. Ons het grootgeword met ‘n klomp leesboekies, of selfs toegang tot die biblioteek en elke dag was daar ‘n ander speelding om ons besig te hou. Hierdie kindertjies het ‘n handjievol speelgoed en die paar boekies wat hulle het, is al so verwoes deur vorige eienaars.

Tannie Rossina, wat die skoolhoof is, het ‘n hart van goud! Sy het die behoefte in haar gemeenskap gesien en iets daaromtrent gedoen. Alles uit haar eie sak! Dit is so mooi om haar liefde vir die kinders en haar gemeenskap uit haar te sien straal. Moenie ‘n fout maak nie, hierdie kindertjies is op hulle gelukkigste. Die bietjie speelgoed wat hulle het, speel hulle op en daar is nie altyd genoeg vir almal nie, maar dit is nie wat hulle geluk bepaal nie. Hulle glimlaggies is groot en hulle drukkies vol liefde. Daar is hoegenaamd geen pretensie nie. Op daardie klein ouderdom, verstaan hulle al die eenvoud van die lewe. Hoekom kan ons nie meer by hulle leer nie? Kom ons raak weer kind en verruil ons Nikes een dag vir hulle kaalvoete.


CROSSFIT Madré Burger


is ‘n graad 12-leerder in La Rochelle, wat uitblink in ‘n sport wat meeste van ons nie sal durf om aan deel te neem nie.

WAT HET HAAR LAAT BESLUIT OM MET CROSSFIT TE BEGIN? Madré was eers onseker oor wat CrossFit presies is, daarom het sy daaroor gaan oplees. Die feit dat dit ‘n kombinasie van kardiovaskulêre-, krag-, asook gimnastiekoefeninge is, het haar belangstelling geprikkel. Die gimnastiekoefeninge is veral iets wat haar gemotiveer het om die uitdaging aan te pak. Wat haar finaal oorreed het, was hoe fiks en gesond die mense wat die sport beoefen, voorkom. Sy wou doen wat hulle doen, want dit is duidelik dat dit wérk. Ingeskryf met haar tekkies aan en waterbottel in die hand, stap sy toe by haar eerste oefensessie in. Volgens haar, het sy doodmoeg weer uitgestap, maar ‘n week later (ten spyte van seer, stywe spiere) het die gogga haar gebyt.

WAT BEHELS CROSSFIT? CrossFit het honderde verskillende divisies en oefeninge waaruit dit bestaan, so Madré het dit kort en kragtig opgesom: Die oefeningroepe word verdeel volgens atlete wat aan kompetisies deelneem en dié wat net oefen. Madré se groep (die kompeterendes) oefen op ‘n ander plek, met swaarder gewigte, moeiliker kondisionering en meer uitdagende gimnastiese bewegings. ‘n Oefening begin altyd met ‘n spesifieke vaardigheid soos handstandopdrukke (hand stand push ups) of optrekke (pull ups). Daarna slaan dit oor na gimnastiek-kondisionering, om bv. in ‘n handstand te stap, dan gewone kondisionering, met almal se gunsteling oefening - burpees. Soms sal hulle daarna ‘n sekere afstand hardloop. Laastens doen hulle oefeninge met gewigte.

WAT HET SY AL BEREIK? Madré is plat op die aarde en wou nie graag met haar prestasies spog nie. In CrossFit is daar nie Wes-Kaap-en Springbok-kleure, soos met ander sporte nie, daar is wel kompetisies. Daar is kleiner kompetisies tussen verskillende oefengroepe, asook groter kompetisies soos die “Fittest in Cape Town” kompetisie, met ±60 spanne. Daar kan individueel of in ‘n spanverband hiervoor inskryf word. ‘n Span bestaan uit drie mans en drie vroue. Madré se span het in hierdie spesifieke kompetisie 25ste gekom, wat uitstekend is. Verder het sy in ‘n span van twee, Pooh & Piglet, deelgeneem aan ‘n kleiner kompetisie, wat hulle gewen het!


WAT IS OP HAAR BORD ELKE DAG? Madré volg geen dieet nie, net ‘n gesonde leefstyl. Basies, gebalanseerd. Sy probeer egter om artifisiële suiker uit te skakel, want dit het ‘n baie groot invloed op gewig. Verder sit sy baie klem daarop dat CrossFit atlete GENOEG moet eet, omdat die intensiteit van die oefeninge so hoog is, anders word mens ongelooflik uitgeput. (‘n Pizza elke nou en dan maak ook nie seer nie.) Die enigste supplemente wat sy neem, is aminosure, wat help dat haar spiere nie afgebreek word nie. Die lewenswetenskappe leerders sal weet dat aminosure die boublokke van proteïene is, waaruit spiere bestaan.

WAT IS HAAR DOELWITTE VIR DIE TOEKOMS? Sy stel daagliks vir haarself klein doelwitte, soos om sekere gimnastiek bewegins reg te kry. Op die oomblik is dit om 10m op haar hande te kan loop. Ver in die toekoms wil sy graag aan die “CrossFit games” deelneem. Sy gaan dit stap vir stap, geleidelik probeer moontlik maak.

WAT IS OP HAAR “PLAYLIST” TYDENS ‘N OEFENSESSIE? Hier is ‘n paar liedjies wat jou kan motiveer as jy besluit om ‘n CrossFit sessie aan te pak: Armin van Buuren - Strong Ones Chris Tomlin - Impossible Things Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill

“ ‘n sport wat meeste van ons nie sal durf om aan deel te neem nie. ” Jeanne - Marie Rousseau

ees die besering se baas ‘n Sportbesering is altyd ontydig en glad nie iets wat enige iemand met ope arms verwelkom nie. Beserings duik onverwags op en as jy dit verkeerd hanteer of verwaarloos, kan dit tot langtermyn komplikasies lei. Wanneer jy ‘n besering opgedoen het, is dit belangrik om :

Met onmiddellik koue kompressie op die beseerde area te begin. Sakkies ys of bevrore groente werk uitstekend, voorkom swelling en versnel die herstelproses. Te aanvaar dat jy tydelik buite aksie gaan wees. Mediese hulp te verkry. Plate en sonars kan bepaal hoe ernstig die besering is- frakture, ligamamentskeure en ontwrigtings, kan so gediagnoseer word en n aanleiding hiervan sal jou spesifieke behandeling volg. Met ‘n rehabilitasieprogram te begin. ‘n Fisioterapeut of biokinetikus sal die program aanpas volgens die tipe besering wat opgedoen is. Wees gehoorsaam aan die program en moenie jouself ooreis nie, aangesien dit jou besering kan vererger.


Positief te bly. Fokus eerder op dit wat jy KAN doen, as dit wat jy NIE kan doen nie. ‘n Besering affekteer jou liggaam 50% fisies en 50% sielkundig. Dis belangrik om gemotiveerd te bly en nie tou op te gooi nie. Onthou, dis slegs tydelik. Te onthou dat beserings tyd neem om te herstel. Maak seker jy rus genoeg en moenie oorhaastig wees nie. Jy gaan net jouself in die voet skiet deur voortydig te begin oefen. Goed te wees vir jouself- doen presies wat die terapeut van jou verwag, niks meer nie, niks minder nie. Anti-inflammatoriese middels vir pyn en ongemak te gebruik. Hou by die voorgeskrewe dosis.

Beserings hoef nie die einde van jou sportloopbaan te beteken nie. As jy gehoorsaam is aan jou rehablitasieprogram en stelselmatig versterk, sal jy met groot sukses terugkeer. Onthou, ‘n besering is tydelik,

Sukses is vir ewig. Nicola Terblanche

Ek het 'n bietjie met ons swemkaptein, Lené Hugo, atletiekkaptein, Tamzyn Bouwer-Bosch en die tenniskaptein, Carla Watson, gaan gesels om uit te vind hoe hulle hul kapteinskap hanteer.

1. Hoe het jy gevoel toe jy as kaptein van jou sport gekies is?


Kom ons vind uit hoe die drie sportkapteine hul bootjies bo water gehou het.

Lené: Ongelooflik trots en gereed om vir nog ‘n jaar so ‘n "amazing" groep mense te lei. Tamzyn: Ek het baie geëerd gevoel dat die leerders my gekies het. Dit het gewys dat die leerders hulle vertroue in my geplaas het en wou gehad het dat ek hulle moes lei. Dit het my laat besef dat hulle geglo het ek is in staat om ‘n groep so groot soos die 4M span te kan lei. Carla: Ek was baie opgewonde toe ek die nuus gehoor het en het definitief geëerd gevoel om kaptein van die tennispan te kan wees.

2. Is dit iets wat jy baie graag wou gehad het? Met ander woorde, was dit ‘n mikpunt vir jou?

Lené: Om eerlik te wees,as hierdie die enigste leierposisie was wat ek geggun was, sou ek so gelukkig gewees het. Juis omdat ek so passievol is oor my sport. Tamzyn: Dit was een van die grootste mikpunte wat ek in my hoërskoolloopbaan wou bereik het. Ek wou bewys date k in staat was om ‘n goeie leier te wees. Ek het al daaroor gedroom sedert Gr. 8. Carla: Dit was ‘n baie groot droom om as kaptein van my sport verkies te word. Ek is seker dit is baie meisies se droom om kaptein te wees van jou gunsteling sportsoort.

3. As kaptein wat is van die take wat jy moet uitvoer?

Lené: Ek moes gereeld hand aan hand met Juffrou Jones en die swemafrigter werk. Die 4M- funskies reël, toesprake lewer en ‘n goeie voorbeeld stel. Tamzyn: Daar was baie take o.a. om borge te kry vir die atlete, om die 4M -Ontbyt te reël, toesprake te skryf, om die atlete te motiveer, funksies te reel en natuurlik om baie hard te oefen. Carla: Ek moet seker maak dat almal weet wanneer hulle wedstryde is. Dan moet ek ook kyk dat almal vir oefening opdaag en wel verskoning maak as hulle nie daar kan wees nie. Ek moet ook leiding neem as dit by die wedstryde neem. Dan moet ek ook seker maak dat almal pret het, maar tog ernstig is en hard oefen.

4. Hoe motiveer jy jou mede-spanlede en wat doen jy om hulle op te “cheer”?

Lené: Ek probeer altyd om grappies te maak, mense te laat lag en om net optimisties te wees oor wat kom. Tamzyn: Ek sit altyd ‘n glimlag op my gesig en probeer om positief te bly. Selfs soms as die 300’s onmoontlik voel, probeer ek om so ver as moontlik positief te bly. Ek vertel soms grappies of doen snaakse goed om hulle te laat lag en om hulle op te “cheer”. Ek sê baie gereeld vir hulle dat hulle my trots maak en dit is definitief van selfsprekend. Carla: Ek sal voor elke wedstryd vir elkeen ietsie gee om net sterkte te sê. Ek probeer self ook by die wedstryde uitkom wanneer ek nie speel nie. Ek probeer lekker spanbou-aktiwiteite doen tydens oefening asook by ons afsluitings. Ons het 'n WhatsApp-groep waarop ek gereeld vir hulle aanmoedig en sterkte toewens.


5. Het daar al ooit iets snaaks of “embarrassing” by 'n oefening gebeur?

Lené: Toe die afrigter vir my en Jana Steyn letterlik uit ons koshuisbeddens kom haal het om die oggendsessie by te woon. Tamzyn: Daar gebeur altyd iets snaaks of “embarrassing” , veral as ons oor die wenstreep hardloop. Dis moeilik om net een oomblik uit te sonder as daar so baie is wat bitter snaaks is. Daar gaan nie een oefensessie verby waar ons nie ten minste twee keer lag nie. Carla: Ja, daar was al baie kere dat ons, ons maagspiere oefening gegee het van te veel lag. Dit gebeur gereeld dat een van ons afrigters met die bal raak geslaan word. Ek het eenkeer voor by die net gestaan om te "volley" en die bal het direk op my afgekom. Ek het so groot geskrik dat ek eers die bal probeer vang het en toe besef ek wat ek doen. Net daar het ek op die baan gaan sit/ val met my bene gekruis om te keer dat die bal my gesig tref.

6. Vind jy dit moeilik om jou kapteinskap en verpligtinge met akademie, ander sportsoorte en jou sosiale lewe te balanseer? En hoe doen jy dit?

Lené: Dit is beslis ‘n uitdaging. Ek het my akademie afgeskeep die afgelope tyd, so ek sal my sokkies moet optrek nou dat alles tot ‘n einde gekom het. Tamzyn: Ek het die beste ondersteuningstelsel by die huis, op die baan en in my vriendekring. Sonder hulle ondersteuning sou die vermoë om alles te balanseer onmoontlik gewees het, maar met hulle wat altyd daar is om te help maak dit dinge baie makliker. As dinge te veel raak, herinner ek myself altyd om te kalmeer en om een ding op ‘n slag te doen. Carla: Dit is definitief ‘n uitdaging om alles te balanseer. Daar was baie kere wat ek opofferings moes maak. A.g.v. die admin wat ek as kaptein moet doen, neem dit baie akademiese tyd in beslag en ek moet myself gereeld herinner dat ek wel matriek is en op akademie moet begin fokus. Dit meng nie so baie met my sosiale lewe in nie omdat ons meestal in die week wedstryde speel en nie oor naweke nie. Om seker te maak dat ek steeds gebalanseerd bly, stel ek vir my lysies op om te bepaal wanneer en hoe laat ek wat moet doen.

7. Enige raad wat jy vir die kapteine van 2018 wil nalaat?

Lené: Geniet die jaar voluit. Maak seker jy koester elke oomblik, want tyd vlieg so vinnig verby. BEPLAN VOORUIT en maak seker jy kry genoeg slaap. Tamzyn: Luister na jou ma. Eet genoeg en eet gesond. Vra vir hulp. Moet nooit jou toespraak twee dae voor die tyd skryf nie. Moenie vir Juffrou Schoeman ontstel nie. Onthou om genoeg slaap in te kry en ‘n Berocca te drink. “ Aspire to Inspire” Carla: Ek sal sê om net als wat jy doen met liefde te doen vir die sport en om nooit te vergeet dat dit ‘n voorreg is en nie ‘n reg nie. Asook om nie neer te kyk op die ander spelers nie.

8. Hoe wil jy as kaptein van 2017 onthou word?

Lené: Ek wil onthou word as die kaptein wat haar span gelei het om te verbeter en om altyd hulle beste te gee. Tamzyn: Ek wil onthou word as iemand na wie ander kan opkyk. Ek wil graag ‘n inspirasie vir ander atlete wees. Ek wil onthou word as iemand wat haar skool en mede-atlete trots gemaak het. As iemand wat nooit op gegee het nie en wat ander laat glo het dat enige iets moontlik is indien jy daarin glo. Carla: Ek wil graag onthou word as die kaptein wat alles in haar vermoë gedoen het om tennis lekker te maak en as iemand wat ‘n baie groot liefde vir tennis gehad het. Ek wil graag hê dat mense my moet onthou as iemand wat nooit “nee” gesê het vir ‘n uitdaging nie en wat altyd bankvas agter die res van haar spelers gestaan het. KIM ASHTON AYFORD



Which country should I live in?

While growing up, did you ever want to live in another country, but you did not know where? Then this is the quiz for you! This quiz covers 5 countries: Russia, Greece, England, Canada and Australia. All you have to do is choose the letter of your favourite item at each question. Keep track of your letters and once you have done all ten, you can look at what country best suits you. No cheating!

1.Choose an animal: a. Dolphin b. Bear c. Beaver d. Lion e. Kangaroo

5.Choose a food: a. Souvlaki (like meatballs, but better) b. Knish (almost like a mini pie) c. French Fries d. Cucumber sandwiches e. Pavlova

9.Choose your perfect date: a. Day at the beach b. Ice skating lessons c. Apple picking d. High Tea e. Kangaroo riding

2.Choose a flower: a. Bear’s Breech b. Chamomile c. Trillium d. Tudor Rose e. Golden Wattle

6.Choose a job: a. Working at a cocktail bar on the beach b. Any professional sport c. Figure skating d. Teacher e. Kangaroo trainer 

10.Choose a name: a. Panayotis Gatszogalou b. Danyasha Evgeniya c. Emma Williams d. Elizabeth Windsor e. Joey Roo

3.Choose a movie: a. My Big Fat Greek Wedding b. From Russia With Love c. Mon Oncle Antoine d. Notting Hill e. The Dressmaker

7.Choose a fashion accessory or item: a. Bikini b. Bearskin coat c. Leather gloves d. Knitted jumper e. Straw hat

4.Choose a fairy tale: a. The Goat Girl b. Vasilisa the Beautiful c. Rabbit and the Indian Chief d. Jack and the Beanstalk e. Weedah the Mockingbird

8.Choose a celebrity: a. Nia Vardalos b. Maria Sharapova c. Justin Beiber d. HRH The Duke of Cambridge e. Hugh Jackman

| 21|

Josephine Bellmunt

Mostly A’s: Greece You’ve got Greece! You have a feisty and passionate personality and will work hard, but you also don’t mind a little bit of sea, sand and luxury on the side. Be prepared to also have the Greek flag printed on your garage door if you move back to South Africa with your Costas. Fact about Greece: The official name for Greece is the Hellenic Republic. Mostly B’s: Russia You’ve got Russia! If doing everything to the fullest is your forte then this is the country for you. Whether it be ballet, gymnastics or fencing you’ll be sure to find your niche in Russia. Fact about Russia: Russia has the world’s largest McDonald’s, with more than 700 seats. Mostly C’s: Canada You’ve got Canada! Ah the land of Justin Bieber and Rachel McAdams. Admittedly a very cold country, Canada is the home of many celebrities you didn’t even know. (Google it!) If apple picking and ice skating is what you love then you’ll love to live in Canada. Fact about Canada: Canada is the world’s most educated country. More than half of its population have college degrees. Mostly D’s: England You’ve got England! If you love the more royal and the traditional way of life, England is the place to be. You are most likely to be a “work hard, play hard” kind of lass. Fact about England: The highest ever temperature recorded was 38.5 degrees ˚C, for all you “England is a cold place” people out there. Mostly E’s: Australia You’ve got Australia! You love the outdoors and the rugged, red landscape of the Outback. You are the more adventurous type and love a hands on kind of environment and job. Fact about Australia: Australia was the second country to allow women to vote.


ake a moment and think about where you are from. Whether it’s Paarl, a small town or even a farm, think about the influence it has on the person you are today. When people ask me where I’m from I get a warm feeling in my chest because in a moment my imagination has taken me there and back, and reminded me about the journey my family and I had travelled to where we are today. Now imagine not even knowing where the town you grew up in was, or your mother’s name! This nightmare was reality for Saroo, an Indian man we get to know throughout the movie, Lion. Saroo gets lost in India at the age of 5 and ends up on a train which takes him thousands of kilometers away from his hometown and his family. He survives on his own for two months in Kolkata before he gets taken into an orphanage. He then gets adopted by an Australian couple who takes him even further away for his hometown. Gabi Nieuwoudt



He grew up acknowledging them as his family, though never forgetting about his older brother and mother whom he believed had been looking for him since the day he went missing. Later in his life, with help from Google Earth, he decides to try to find his home. This is such a powerful film and cannot be missed. Even though I paused the movie three times to control my crying, it’s one of the films that has taught me so many things about life and myself. Lion is an eye-opener, which may lead to change in the world and needs to be given the recognition it deserves. Over 80,000 children go missing in India each year, so you will realise this is an urgent matter. To make a difference visit


Gabi Prout

We obviously all know the usual suspects in the emotion category: happy, sad, angry, anxious, and envy. The list goes on and on and most of us come to terms with these emotions at a very young age. Some of us are more emotionally challenged than others (including myself) and others cry at almost every given opportunity. Here are some emotions you may have experienced but you might not have known how to put it into words:

Hanker Sore: Finding someone so attractive that it irritates you a little. Occhiolism: The awareness of the smallness of your perspective Kairosclerosis: The moment you realize that you’re currently happy—consciously trying to savour the feeling Liberosis: The desire to care less about things.

Sonder: The realisation that each passer-by has a life as vivid and complex as your own. Monachopsis: The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place. Vemodalen: The frustration of wanting to photograph something when thousands of identical photographs exist.

Anecdoche: A conversation where everyone is talking but no one is listening. Nodus Tollens: The realisation that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense anymore. Gnossienne: A moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life that still remains unknown to you.





Larries, we believe you have burned enough calories after this exhausting term - that’s why this terms’ recipe is all about comfort food. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS - 800 g minced chuck steak - olive oil - 1 large red onion - 1 splash of white wine vinegar

METHOD 1. For the best burger, go to your butcher’s and ask them to mince 800g of chuck steak for you. This cut has a really good balance of fat and flavoursome meat. 2. Divide it into 4 and, with wet hands, roll each piece into a ball, then press into flat patties roughly 12cm wide and about 2cm wider than your buns. Place on an oiled plate and chill in the fridge.

- 2 large gherkins

3. Next, finely slice the red onion, then dress in a bowl with the vinegar and a pinch of sea salt. Slice the gherkins and halve the buns.

- 4 sesame-topped brioche burger buns

4. Finely chop the lettuce and mix with the rest of the burger sauce ingredients in a bowl, then season to taste.

- 4 to 8 rashers of smoked streaky bacon

5. I like to only cook 2 burgers at a time to achieve perfection, so get two pans on the go – a large non-stick pan on a high heat for your burgers and another on a medium heat for the bacon.

- 4 teaspoons American mustard - Tabasco Chipotle sauce - 4 thin slices of Red Leicester cheese - 4 teaspoons tomato ketchup FOR THE BURGER SAUCE - ¼ of an iceberg lettuce - 2 heaped tablespoons mayonaise

6. Pat your burgers with oil and season them with salt and pepper. Put 2 burgers into the first pan, pressing down on them with a fish slice, then put half the bacon into the other pan. 7. After 1 minute, flip the burgers and brush each cooked side with ½ a teaspoon of mustard and a dash of Tabasco. After another minute, flip onto the mustard side and brush again with another ½ teaspoon of mustard and a second dash of Tabasco on the other side. 8. Cook for one more minute, by which point you can place some crispy bacon on top of each burger with a slice of cheese. Add a tiny splash of water to the pan and place a heatproof bowl over the burgers to melt the cheese – 30 seconds should do it. At the same time, toast 2 split buns in the bacon fat in the other pan until lightly golden.

- 1 heaped tablespoon tomato ketchup

9. Repeat with the remaining two burgers.

- 1 teaspoon Tabasco Chipotle sauce

10. To build each burger, add a quarter of the burger sauce to the bun base, then top with a cheesy bacon burger, a quarter of the onions and gherkins. Rub the bun top with a teaspoon of ketchup, then gently press together.

- 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce - 1 teaspoon brandy , or bourbon [optional]

11. As the burger rests, juices will soak into the bun, so serve right away, which is great, or for an extra filthy experience, wrap each one in greaseproof paper, then give it a minute to go gorgeous and sloppy.



Goue Larrie-oomblikke:



La Rochelle


Miss La Rochelle is an annual event where our schools’ 12 freshest flowers are hand-picked to prove themselves worthy of the Miss La Rochelle title. Don’t get me wrong, this is not your average beauty pageant. It’s not just about outer beauty. On the contrary, the finalists must meet very specific requirements. Firstly, these twelve ladies are nominated by the school. Out of the nomnations, the group is narrowed down to the Top 20. The Top 20 must then be interviewed to determine if they really have the potential to become the next Ané Smit or Jenna Laughton. The judging panel consists Mrs Nikki Albertyn (an old-Larrie) and Monsieur Botha. It is important to realise that even though Miss La Rochelle is often seen as a beauty pageant, it shouldnt be. Looks are not the focus of this event. On the evening the girls are mainly judged on their community projects. These projects are all directed by the 12 finalists individually and are carried out throughout the time before and after the Miss La Rochelle event.


In order for each of the finalists to take part they are required to pay a R2000 entry fee. This may seem extravagant but this covers all of the expenses involved in being a Miss La Rochelle contestant. These expenses include the costs of the photo session, their dress and the makeup and hair styling for the evening.

Its what you put into it. It’s being proud.

In the end, only one girl can take the crown home. Even if you don’t claim the ultimate title of Miss La Rochelle, you still stand a chance to be crowned as Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality, First- or Second Princess. All the prizes that arereceived by the different winners are to be collected by the finalists from the sponsors. This year’s theme was Kaleidoscope and Alyssa, Beulah, Cailin, Melissa, Sonja, Kayla, Cilmie, Marli, Zana, Mikah, Carmen and Zini all lookedbeautiful on the night! Being in a pageant is not justabout beauty. It’s more about service to the community and being a role model and making a difference. It’s being proud. It’s all about whatyou put into it.

Amy Wood and Mia Oberholzer

Term 1 Avanti 2017  

Reading gives us someplace to go, when we have to stay where we are! So whether you are on the move this holiday, or staying at home- enjoy...

Term 1 Avanti 2017  

Reading gives us someplace to go, when we have to stay where we are! So whether you are on the move this holiday, or staying at home- enjoy...