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TERM 1 2016, ISSUE #5




FLIPSIDE Miss La Rochelle

letter from the EDITOR OUT OF THE BLOCKS

Kristina van Zyl On my first day of Grade 1, dressed

This term was incredibly busy, and

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for the first time ever in a school

you now have before you a new

to take the Avanti along with you

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issue of the Avanti to aid you as

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you look back on some of the

With only nine months (and count-

parents with the following words:

noteworthy moments of the term.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, you have

This issue sheds light on La Ro-

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Weg and also enquires the Mis-

As one could only expect, nervous

ters of La Rochelle. There is the

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commemorative 4-G spread, Flip

I was told this by my mother during

Side to keep things interesting,

the December holidays, as I do

and a heart-warming letter from

not remember any of it. I had

Sottie to Milady. Miss Wigmore gives her view of

decided to focus my attention throughout the speech trying to replicate the cursive writing pattern that decorated the classroom walls, on a receipt from my mother’s handbag. I failed miserably, and figured I was probably not cut out for this ‘proper’ school stuff. Almost twelve years later, and I’m writing my editorial in my own scrawl, having thoroughly abandoned cursive. The margins of the folio pages in front of me contain an array of winged alarm clocks. With the first quarter of the calendar year almost behind us, the cliché ‘time flies’ again comes to mind, and flies out immediately once I remember that clichés are not appreciated in the NSC Paper Three’s. That doesn’t make it any less true.



I will. Sayonara


fashion in a new section



gy Says, and the girls who partake in the afternoons conditioning sessions show us how to get the most from a work out. There’s a chance you



yourself on our all new



wall, or amongst the


photos taken by our photography team, and that’s only off the top of my head. This issue



with a variety of




15| Wiggy Says 18| Recept: Frozen berry & nut ginger yoghurt pops

20| Tips and tricks on DIY: The Original Cinnabun

22| Shout Outs



23| Flying the Flag at the Youth Olympic Games

24| 4M Goue Oomblikke 26| Kondiosionering

8| Flipside: Miss La Rochelle

10| What’s really in our tuckshop

11| Purpose:


A Short Column for the SCA

5|KykNetWeg 7|Expand your culture horizons



24 3|

12| Fellows Between the



Carmari Marais

WEG Vee skoon die verhoog. Pak uit die stoele. Trek oop die gordyne en verdof die huisligte. Die tyd het uiteindelik aangebreek om opgewonde te raak vir ’n La Rochelle-produksie, wat vanjaar 9 Mei in ons eie skoolsaal open. Ons het vanjaar die welbekende skrywer, Nico Scheepers, ingetrek om vir ons ’n tong-in-die-kies teks te skryf, wat die realiteit van “tienerwees” in Suid-Afrika aanspreek. Die Avanti het ’n onderhoud met Scheepers gevoer om meer uit te vind oor die toneelstuk, KykNetWeg, wat binnekort die Larrie-planke tref. WATTER TIPE PRODUKSIE IS DIT WAARNA ONS KAN UITSIEN? Dit is ’n skerpkomedie wat politieke en sosiale komentaar op Suid-Afrikaanse realiteite lewer. SOM VIR ONS DIE TONEELSTUK IN DRIE SINNE OP. Tieners wat besluit het genoeg is genoeg en die waarheid begin praat oor hoe dit is om ’n tiener te wees in die land. Hulle wys ook vir hulle ouers hoe om werklik te bou aan ’n reënboognasie. Hierdie tieners skep dan hul eie TV-kanaal en die onderskeie programme en advertensies spreek dan die bogenoemde kwessies aan.

SKETS VIR ONS DIE IDEALE HOOFKARAKTER VIR DIE PRODUKSIE. Daar is eintlik ’n paar hoofrolle in die produksie. Daar is afsonderlike tonele soos die onderskeie KYKNET-programme wat dan ruimte skep vir aanbieders asook die gaste wat op die programme gaan verskyn. WAAR HET JY JOU INSPIRASIE VIR DIE SKRYF VAN DIE TONEELSTUK GEKRY? Ek werk gereeld met tieners en was lus om iets te skryf oor wat werklik in hulle koppe aangaan. Die teks is ook baie relevant met al die politieke oproer

wat ons tans in ons land beleef. Ek was ook nogal geïnspireerd deur Saturday Night Live se short skits. SPEEL MUSIEK ’N ROL IN KYK NET WEG? Musiek speel beslis ’n rol. Daar is musiekinsetsels in die toneel, “Skole Top 10,” waar daar ook bietjie gek geskeur word met die onderskeie skoolstereotipes wat ons so dikwels teëkom. WAT IS JOU GUNSTELING DEEL VAN DIE PRODUKSIE? My gunsteling tonele is die advertensiebreuke waar onderskeie produkte geadverteer word.


Uit die Mond van

Die Regisseur “AL SIT ONS TIENERS IN SKOOLBANKE BETEKEN DIT NIE HULLE HET NIE ’N STEM NIE.” By La Rochelle probeer ons wegskram van die tipiese, van die “verwagte” en ons laat definitief nie toe dat ons in ’n boksie gesit word nie. Dis hoekom ons besluit het om vanjaar ’n volle tearterproduksie op die planke te bring en om nie weer ‘n musiekblyspel te doen nie. In KykNetWeg gaan ons ernstige kwessies aanraak en wys dat die tieners van ons land ook aangeraak word deur die “nonsens” wat sommige “grootmense” in leiersposisies aanvang. Al sit ons tieners in skoolbanke beteken dit nie hulle het nie ’n stem nie. Tieners kan en gaan ook sê: “Genoeg is Genoeg!” Dit gaan in ’n satiriese wyse gedoen word, sodat die gehoor vir hulself ook bietjie kan lag, want goeie genade, ons het soms nodig om maar net te lag.

Waaroor ek baie opgewonde is, is dat die teks spesiaal vir La Rochelle geskryf is deur die bekroonde skrywer, Nico Scheepers. Wanneer jy met hom gesels kan jy hoor hy glo in die mag wat tieners het en die verandering wat hul in ons land teweeg kan bring. Die teks gaan soms stout wees, soms in your face en dalk net soms ’n knoppie druk en aan ’n rofie krap waarvan jy nie bewus was nie. Ons wil nie op tone trap nie, maar ons gaan ook nie rondtrippel op eierdoppe en jammer sê vir hoe ons voel nie. Dis vir jou om tussen die lyne te lees en iets oor jouself te besef. Kom speel saam op die verhoog, kom kyk, kom lag, kom wees deel van die verandering.


Expand your cultural


Jordan Willett

Many of us watch sports games or romantic comedy movies, but when was the last time you went to see a stage production? So many of us are caught up in our own bubbles and busy lives that we forget that our way of life is not the only way! We cannot begin to imagine doing anything different of out of our routine. When we decide to step outside of our comfort zones, we need to be careful of how we engage in elements of diverse cultures so the best way to expand your understanding is to in the culture of friends. Ask friends from other religions or backgrounds to share their rituals, practices and beliefs with you. Or go to an authentic restaurant of another social group. There is so much more to the world than how we see it and I challenge you to try it!

“when was the last time you went to see a stage production?�


Emma Louw You might think that all Miss La Rochelle consists of, is a fashion show where the most beautiful Larries are chosen to parade down a catwalk while everyone else gazes on in wonder. If this were the case you would probably think it is a shallow and thoughtless competition. I know I would. However, it is not so. Let me educate you on the real reason for Miss La Rochelle‌ For those of you who are unaware, Miss La Rochelle is an annual project undertaken by our school. Its aim is to elect a Larrie ambassador, whose job it will be to represent La Rochelle in different ways throughout the year. This Larrie will be crowned Miss La Rochelle and will have the tough, yet rewarding job, of coming up with and organising a project that will benefit the community in some way. In 2013, Jessica Reynolds was crowned Miss La Rochelle. She organised two

78| NEWS

FLIP Miss La

concerts and raised R31 000 for 8-year-old Anette Barkhuizen who is paralysed in her lower body and who also suffers from Waardenburg Syndrome which caused her deafness in her left ear. Anette received an aqualift, an electric table as well as a bigger wheelchair. This is but one example of the many projects that have been arranged by the Miss La Rochelle finalists over the past few years of its existence. I am also not going to pretend that beauty does not play a role in Miss La Rochelle, because it most certainly does. As teenagers style, appearance and beauty play a major role in our lives. We are interested in the latest fashion trends. What to, and what not to wear, how to carry ourselves, how to put on make-up, as well as how to be ourselves confidently. Miss La Rochelle promotes all of the above! Besides the obvious

(above-mentioned) positive elements of Miss La Rochelle, there are many more, less obvious ones. Miss La Rochelle serves as a fundraiser for our school, which in the end helps to make life as a Larrie more enjoyable. Importantly, Miss La Rochelle is also an exciting social event that most Larries look forward to. It is an opportunity for us to dress up in our highest heels and wear our newest dresses which we don’t often get to flaunt. During my time as a Larrie, I have been to every Miss La Rochelle, and I can assure you, I have never been disappointed. I think it is a meaningful competition that is loads of fun. As long as we remember the real reason behind the glamour and the spotlight, I am sure that Miss La Rochelle will continue to be a success!

E D I S a Rochelle Personally, I have gone to and very much enjoyed every Miss La Rochelle of my high school years, so far, and have immense respect for the girls and staff who put so much time and effort into making this annual function the great success it always turns out to be. The controversy of such an event can, however, not be overlooked. I find it surprising that in a school as forward-thinking as La Rochelle, the hosting of a beauty-based competition remains so well encouraged. It seems that the school and other people with our best interests at heart, are telling us constantly, and rightfully so, that our inner beauty is far more important than our outward appearance. Do you not think that through encouraging the selection of a Larrie representative, based primarily on looks, we are being sent a slightly mixed message? In this day and age where our society is so greatly influenced by the easily-accessible media, teenage girls tend to struggle to maintain a positive self-image. Being

told that you are not “pretty enough” to take part in Miss La Rochelle can be detrimental to the confidence of a developing young woman, especially if she is already struggling with a low self-esteem. This year there was a relatively large number of girls who withdrew from the Miss La Rochelle pageant. I am sure they all had various reasons for their withdrawals. I did, however, have an inkling that it might have to do with the realisation that hosting a beauty pageant in a school environment is becoming slightly out-dated. I, therefore decided to ask Rachael van Stelten, in grade 11 as to why she decided not to participate. She said, “I don’t believe in putting anyone on a pedestal. I think it puts a lot of pressure on other girls, as well as the girl that won.” In La Rochelle, there is a large number of girls participating in a wide variety of activities, from singing, to underwater hockey, to fishing just to mention a few. For the girls to do well at these sports and cultural activities, they need to put in a lot of

“If only our eyes

saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.” - Anonymous

time and hard work. Yet we see that the Miss La Rochelle event is far better supported, with a far larger number of spectators than almost any other activity. It is therefore as if we are applauding girls for their beauty as opposed to a skill such as debating or swimming at which they have to work very hard to excel. Larries, I end with the words of Martha Beck, in the hope that they help you to remember that no matter what label may be placed upon you, your true beauty is determined by the way you see yourself: “Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld.”

NEWS |98

What is Really in our Tuck-shop? Annabel Moore Ahhh….. the tuck-shop, a haven of ice-cold drinks, yummy treats and long term health problems? Wait - that wasn’t supposed to feature! Many students visit the tuckshop every day, but what is really in our tuck-shop, and can we do better? The biggest problem is sugar. According to Tannie Mieta (who has worked tirelessly for the tuckshop for the past nine years) the biggest sellers are Coca-Cola and JCs, basically liquid sugar! Dieticians say that the maximum amount of sugar you are allowed to have in a day is 25 grams. Yet a tiny pack of jelly babies already has about double that! That’s excluding all the sugar you put into your coffee, or that your mother uses in her cooking, not to mention the other sweets you have bought already… There is also that matter of hidden sugar. One would


think that items like Vitamin Water and Energy Bars would be a healthier option? Think again. On average, energy bars have 3 tablespoons of sugar each. And the second most prevalent ingredient in Vitamin Water is sugar. Therefore, these ‘healthier options’ that we thought we were buying, are not so healthy after all. But just because sugar is a problem, it does not mean we can overlook additives, particularly aspartame and E133 or brilliant blue colourant. Firstly, aspartame is rated the most dangerous substance added to any food, in the world. Think about all those horror stories you read about McDonalds; this is what they are talking about. 75% of reactions caused by additives come from the one, the only - aspartame. These reactions were often seizures. It has also been connected to ALS, epilep-

sy, and Parkinson’s disease. Think carefully before you buy a pack of Simba chips next time. Secondly, E133, otherwise known as brilliant blue, is banned in Austria, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Here in South Africa, however, we eat them in the form of sour jelly babies, wine gums and Astros. These are hard facts to swallow, but they are the truth. I’m not advising that we eliminate all sweets from the tuck-shop, but how about some healthy changes? Whole-wheat bread instead of white? Ice-cold watermelon instead of a JC. Freshly popped, additive-free popcorn? But it all starts with you. You need to be the change in the tuck-shop, and buy the healthier options. It might be hard, but it is worth it. Let us take a hold of our tuck-shop, let us take a hold of our health!

PURPOSE Short Column from the SCA Would your life look different if you knew that you had a purpose? If you knew that your life, a unique story written by the ultimate Author of love, that hand-crafted you into being and that loves you more than you would ever know, revolves around more than just where you are now? A life that is destined for greatness, for impact - a life woven into a tapestry of love. No matter the words spoken by people, Jesus always has the last say. God created you with a specific plan and purpose that nobody can take away from you. Before you graciously entered this world, every detail of your life was already written out. The entirety of who you are and who God called you to be is already in place, He just desires you to move into it. Your life is an echo of His words that uttered you into formation. He destined you to do far greater things than you could ever imagine, more than what you could have ever hoped or dreamed for. I think that being in high school and having to make decisions about your future can be daunting, especially when you have no idea what direction you’re even considering going into. I can testify that I found my purpose and my calling when I found God. After I gave my heart to the Lord and I began to pursue Him and His heart, He began to reveal Himself to me. It doesn’t happen with everyone. Some people find the Lord and still don’t know what they want to go study. But that doesn’t define you. Whether you have the slightest idea of what you want to study, or whether you sit in class and obliviously daydream into nothingness pondering about what you want to do with your life - you can rest firmly in the promise that He has put you here on earth for a purpose and to accomplish a mission. You have a calling on your life. The talent(s) or gift(s) that God has given you are not for self-gratification. It’s not to show other people how awesome you are and what you can achieve. Everything that God has given you are clues towards

the path He wants to lead you on. A path of vast impact, fighting the good fight and running YOUR race with everything you’ve got. Your CALLING is different to those around you. Your ultimate purpose here on earth is to love others and love God, to glorify Him. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, go after Him. Your calling is the unique path that God has laid out for YOU relevant to YOUR experiences, YOUR trials and triumphs, YOUR strengths and weaknesses. Keep your eyes on Jesus and focus on YOUR race. Run with audacious faith. You’re here for a reason because you have a purpose. “I have found that making a name for yourself is less about people knowing who you are and more about creating change that will live BEYOND your name.” -Kayla Henry THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Love, Kelsey

“No matter the words spoken by people, Jesus always has the last say.” 10 NEWS |11

Elouise Lourens



We eat chocolates, doughnuts and jelly beans at school (because “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts,” duh!), have tons of different hairstyles and shoes and can quote almost any song – oh and if you touch our phones, you should probably wave your hands goodbye. It is easy to understand the female species at La Rochelle. One can even say that, to a certain extent, we are a little bit predictable. But guys are a different story. Therefore, I interviewed all the male teachers at La Rochelle to bring other perspectives and interesting opinions to the light.


QUITE A FEW LARRIES WANTED TO KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO WORK WITH MRS. NEETHLING, YOUR WIFE? I made the joke on the Grade 8 parent evening that I am the only man on the planet whose wife is his boss at home and at work. But that is only a joke. We get on very well – have always. One would hope so, seeing that we have been married for 38 years. Even before I came to La Rochelle, we often worked together on the schoolwork at home. We checked each other’s papers and shared ideas. At the very beginning of my La Rochelle career, it was hard. Mrs. Neethling is the head of the English Department and she can’t show favouritism towards me. But we are both looking forward to the journey.



HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE THE CHANGE FROM A CO-ED SCHOOL TO A GIRLS’ SCHOOL? I have only taught at co-ed schools like Paarl Gymnasium and DF Malan. I really like teaching girls, for they are fun and enthusiastic and put in a lot of effort. In the past, most of the disciplinary issues were mainly because of boys. Here it is extremely well organized – especially the sing-songs. At my previous school, it took the learners 20 minutes just to fill the hall. There is a lovely vibe among the girls. I do miss talking to the boys about sport. I am perfectly happy here. I do hope that the girls realize that I am an ordinary guy and I do not like to scream and shout.


WAT IS DIE SNAAKSTE DING WAT AL OOIT MET MENEER BY DIE SKOOL GEBEUR HET? Ek was nog nie lank hier nie. Ek was verantwoordelik vir die Studenteraad. Ons het een oggend na saal ’n vergadering op die verhoog gehad. Ek weet nie wat gebeur het nie… Dalk het ek te veel beduie of iets, maar ek het agteruit van die verhoog afgeval. Die kinders staan toe bo vir my en kyk. My ego het baie seerdeR as my lyf gekry. Die kinders het gedink dit was baie snaaks.


WAT VERSTAAN MENEER NOG STEEDS NIE VAN MEISIES NIE? Hoe hulle na pouse in die klas in kan kom en nog steeds so baie praat. Hulle het mekaar dan nounet gesien.

AS MENEER `N BOEK MOES SKRYF OOR MENEER SE ERVARING BY LA ROCHELLE, WAT SOU DIE TITEL WEES? “Do not try to understand women.” Maar moet my nie verkeerd verstaan nie, ek geniet dit vreeslik hier!

“My ego het baie seerder as my lyf gekry. “ 12 NEWS |13

WAT BESKOU MENEER AS MENEER SE SNAAKSTE STORIE? Ek is gejaag deur 2 swart mambas. Ons het gedink dit is twee stokke. Toe beweeg hulle weg van mekaar af en ek bevind myself toe in ’n boom.


WATTER MUSIEKGROEP(E) WIL MENEER NOG BAIE GRAAG SIEN OPTREE? - Elvis Presley - Boston - The Beatles - The Proclaimers

“Ons het gedink dit is twee stokke ...ek bevind myself toe in ’n boom.”

WAT WAS MENEER SE BUITEMUURSE AKTIWITEITE OP SKOOL? - Skaak - Krieket - Badminton - Rugby - Fietsry

SAL MENEER OOIT IN FRANKRYK WIL BLY? HOEKOM OF HOEKOM NIE? Ja en nee. Ja, as ek iewers in Auvergne in die platteland kan bly. Dit is `n besonderse mooi deel van die land. Ek sal `n gastehuis of skryfbehoeftewinkel wil oopmaak of selfs dalk `n boutique. Nee, want ek werk heerlik by La Rochelle en hou baie van my Larries.

HOEKOM EN WANNEER HET MENEER BESLUIT OM FRANS AAN TE LEER? Beste besluit van my lewe! Ek wou na skool met vakansie na Frankryk gaan en het self-help Franse CD’s gekoop, maar ek kon nie verder as CD 1 kom nie. Ek moes toe noodgedwonge formele Franse onderrig op universiteit ontvang. Van dag een af in daardie piepklein Franse klassie was ek

13|NEWS 14


MNR. BOTHA heeltemal hooked. Dit was die hoogtepunt van elke dag. My toewyding is ook te danke aan Prof. Naòmi Morgann, wat my baie gemotiveer het.

KAN MENEER, MENEER SE ERVARING BY LA ROCHELLE IN EEN WOORD OPSOM? Nee, jammer… in drie! Innoverend, uitmuntend en… ver! [ek woon in Seepunt]

“Van dag een af in daardie piepklein Franse klassie was ek heeltemal hooked.”

wiggy SAYS

Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” In this issue of the Avanti we feature Miss Wigmore’s scope on true “style” with some nifty tips on looking chic and most importantly, feeling comfortable in what you are wearing Nina Hornlein





That’s really flattering. I love fashion, so if people aren’t repulsed by the choices I make – that’s great!


HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? Quite simple and minimalist. I stay away from bright colours and things that are too busy. I try to bring in at least one striking element in each outfit.


WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOUR STYLE? I love British street fashion; Kate Moss, Siena Miller, classic looks. That said, I don’t try to copy one specific person.


HOW LONG DO YOU TAKE TO DECIDE ON AN OUTFIT? It depends on the occasion. In the morning before school, 5 minutes.


DO YOU PLAN YOUR OUTFITS OR DO YOU DRESS ACCORDING TO YOUR MOOD OR HOW YOU ARE FEELING THAT DAY? I dress according to how I am feeling, but I will decide on one piece that I want to wear and then mix and match until I am happy with it. The majority of my closet ends up on the floor…



IS BEING COMFORTABLE MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOOKING GOOD? I like to balance comfy and suffering for fashion. If you are too comfortable, you probably don’t look too good.


DO YOU TRY TO FOLLOW THE LATEST TRENDS OR PREFER DOING YOUR OWN THING? There are certain trends/colour schemes that I will embrace, but I always incorporate them into my existing taste. I will never spend an excessive amount of money on a piece that isn’t timeless! I use the latest trends to inspire what I will buy, but I will never wear something that doesn’t suit me, just for the sake of being fashionable. A good example is boyfriend jeans – highly fashionable but they don’t suit me so I don’t wear them.


DO YOU PLAN YOUR WARDROBE AND BUDGET OR ARE YOU AN IMPULSE BUYER? I am a bit of both. That’s probably a lie, I don’t budget. I take what I already own into consideration, but I’m a total sucker for a bargain! My guilty pleasure is buying amazing coats or jackets.

DO’S & DONT’S DO find your own style! If you dress for your body type, you will look good.

DON’T underestimate the power of “less is more” – never over accessorize.

DO try to mix and match smarter items with more casual pieces – it creates a chic look for any occasion, but try not to look “too polished”.

DON’T wear shoes that you aren’t confident in, everyone else can see you wobbling like a penguin.

DO embrace urban sportswear like Nike sneakers and printed tees (but try and stick to neutral/pastel colours.) DO find a balance between tight and baggy clothing. DO understand that wearing “labels” doesn’t make you cooler. Self-confidence will make you look good in anything. DO learn more about the art of layering – autumn weather is unpredictable!

DON’T wear anything resembling pyjamas (onesies) in public! DON’T wear anything too short or skimpy. Clichéd as it may be, too much skin does not make you look better. DON’T be afraid of hunting for a good buy in any store. A true fashionista can find something beautiful with zero snob-factor. Only buying from certain well- known shops can often result in living out an embarrassing episode of “who wore it better?”




frozen berry & nut ginger yogurt pops 100g ginger nut biscuit 405g can light condensed milk 250g red berries/strawberries/raspberries or redcurrants 500g 0% fat Greek yoghurt

250g purple berry/blueberries/blackberries or blackcurrants You will also need: 8 paper cups 8 wooden lolly sticks

Place the biscuits in a food processor and blitz into crumbs. Add 2 tbsp condensed milk and blend again until the crumbs start to clump together. Divide the biscuit crumbs between 8 paper cups, pressing down with the back of a spoon. Make sure you scrape out every last crumb, then you won’t have to wash the processor before the next step. Roughly chop any large berries. Put half the red berries, half the remaining condensed milk, and half the yoghurt in the food processor and blend until smooth. Remove the blade from the processor and stir through the remaining chopped red berries. Divide the mixture between 4 of the paper cups. Repeat with the purple berries and remaining ingredients. Place a lolly stick into each cup, pushing down into the biscuit base to help it stand up straight. Freeze for at least 4 hrs before serving. To remove the lollies from the cups, tip upside down, and gentle squeeze the cup until the lolly slips out.


[tips and tricks on]


We are all familiar with the trending social media platform, Tumblr. Platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest offers a variety of seemingly easy recipes and quick DIY ideas, but once you put the hand to the plow you often realize that your end product looks nothing like the picture pinned to your board. Rest assured- I personally tested this recipe and gave my flowery rating to convey its success rate.

Phia Frank





2 cups full cream milk

1 cup melted butter [or you can use oil]

4 cups powdered sugar [castor sugar]

½ cup vegetable oil [I used sunflower oil , just the same]

1/8 cup grounded cinnamon

½ cup sugar

1 cup sugar [I used 2 cups , but it all depends on your sweet side]

1 tsp maple extract [in South-Africa we only get maple syrup - R130,00 - so I used ½ tsp of vanilla syrup and ½ tsp of vanilla extracts]

1packet of active dried yeast

¼ cup milk 1/8 cup melted butter [again, oil]

4 ½ cups flouer ½ tsp baking powder

1/8 brewed coffee [I used normal coffee, ½ tsp of it and water mixed] Pinch salt

1 1/8 tsp baking soda 1 ½ tbsp. salt

To make the dough time: 3 hours [tip: make it the day before] Step 1 Mix the milk, oil, and ½ cup of sugar in a pan. Heat until just before it starts to boil. Remove from heat and let it cool for 1 hour. When that is done sprinkle in your packet of yeast. Stir it for a minute or 2 and then add 4 cups of cake flour. Mix it all together. Cover it and let it rise for an hour. Step 2 Add 1/2 cup of flour, the baking powder and baking soda and salt. Mix mixture tighter Sprinkle surface with flouer and roll dough in thin rectangle shape. Brush ½ cup of melted butter (or oil) on top, then sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top of butter. Step 3 Roll the dough tightly towards yourself. With a knife start cutting the dough to make small circles of cinnabuns ! Spread some melted butter on top of the cinnabun and let it stand for 20-30 minutes .Bake the cinnabuns at 180° for 15 minutes until it turns golden brown. Step 4 While waiting patiently for you cinnabuns to bake, start making the frosting. Mix all ingredients together until smooth.[Tip , I added caramel flavoured extract !] Step6 Drizzle the frosting all over the warm cinnabuns. I added caramel coated peanuts and it was delightful



Shout Outs! Rebecca, dankie dat jy die coolste koshuissussie ooit is. Marlene Hipster jy is die beste sot milady is vreeslik lief vir jou, bly so ‘n amazing Sottie x liefde milady Hippie xx Aan Prongs en Padfoot, thanks dat julle die beste ‘English class’ buddies ooit is. Liefde, Moony. Hello Muis - dankie dat jy daar is vir my! Kat van die Plaas To my best friends - thank you for all the amazing laughs and fun times together. love you guys! Sasha Milady Emtia, Milady is awesome ek is so liefies vir milady dankie vir alles. Liefies Kevin


Drewtjie.... dankie vir ‘n awesome kwartaal! EK kan nie wag om jou in die vakansie te sien nie en onthou om aftersock te gebruik!!! Van jou beste vriendin Kristie Anja Van Zijl. Don’t you worry you pretty little mind people throw rocks at things that shine. Jou beste vriendin. Milady Karen, dankie vir alles wat Milady al vir my gedoen het. Milady is die beste. Scamp Milady Willow, Milady is die beste van die weste. Nikki Milady Bianca, Hoop Milady se vakansie is lekker, geniet Milady se B-Day Lief vir Milady JO JO

Sally, Zavia, Marézahn and Ansofi. I really love you a lot and thank you for always being there for me no matter what I go through. I can always count on you. You are my sisters for life. xx Zenka xx Yo, Cathrine. Hala at me! Tyla Zenka, Don’t watch Zoolander 2. My dignity will be ruined. Bucket Yes, my lord. Sabastian Michaelis To my fellow marauders, Moony And Padfoot. Love, Prongs To my Space Idiots: Try to make it back to school in one piece. Love you lots like jelly tots, Sami

Flying The Flag at The Youth Winter Olympic Games Angeline Smit Believe it or not, Rachel Elizabeth Olivier is South Africa’s only participant at the Youth Winter Olympics in Norway from the 12-21 February2016. At the age of 17, the dream of a 5 year old has finally come true. Growing up in Bloemfontein, a highly unlikely place to find a skiing legend, she joined the Ikhephu Ski Pups at the age of 5 but only really became a serious athlete after meeting Alex Heath, a former Winter Olympian. After seeing her potential, he has become her fulltime coach. She is a learner at Hoërskool Sentraal in Bloemfontein, but she is also a full-time student at the Winter Sports Academy at Tiffindell Resort. The academy has a group of 32 athletes who live at the resort for three months during mid-season. Training up to 5 hours a day,

has made juggling school and sport a nightmare. Holding onto dedication and passion has pulled her through. Olivier is currently the national and junior champion in slalom, however she has maintained these titles since she was 13.

“...not only for herself but as an ambassador for Alpine skiing in South Africa.” When she turned 16 last year, she registered for an International Ski Federation license and took part for the first time in an accredited race at Tiffindell. By December last year, she had already hit the slopes in Italy and Austria. Slalom is her favourite event but she will also be displaying

her South African colours in the giant slalom. Slalom consists of a course around red and blue poles, called gates. The gates are extremely close together which means excellent skills are needed to navigate through the shorter successive turns as oppose to giant slalom. Here the gates are further apart lending themselves to longer faster turns. Rachel recalls that the dynamic and rhythm of the race is what got her hooked. At the official opening ceremony, she held the South African flag, not only for herself but as an ambassador for Alpine skiing in South Africa. Regardless of her placing, she has helped hundreds of avid skiers to realise that their dreams are indeed attainable. South Africa has never won a medal at a Winter Olympics, who knows, Rachel might be our first

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Kondisionering is ‘n splinternuwe en opwindende sportprogram wat by die skool aangebied word. Enige iemand kan by hierdie sessies aansluit. Die elite groep meisies is in twee groepe verdeel en word deur die chiropraktisyn Dr. Jaco Blaauw gekondisioneer. Hierdie sessies vind plaas op Dinsdag- en Dondagoggende om 05:30. Die res van die skool kan Maandae-Donderdae na skool kondisionering bywoon

wat onder andere deur Mnr. Spies en Tannie Ronya Bouwer-Bosch aangebied word. Kondisionering is ’n wonderlike geleentheid om fikser en sterker te raak vir somersowel as wintersporte. Daar is geen kompetisie onder mekaar nie en jy daag slegs jouself uit, met die doel om elke week beter te vaar. Die oefeninge is glad nie ingewikkeld nie en maak dit maklik vir enige iemand om te doen. Die program

is tot dusver ’n reuse sukses en kan van hier af net beter raak. Enige iemand kan hierby baatvind. Al doen jy nie sport nie kan jy steeds kom om fiks en sterk te raak. Die resultate maak beslis op vir al die harde sessies en as jy nou begin kan jy slaggereed vir die netbal-en hokkieseisoen wat voorlê wees.

Iriné van Zyl

Kondisionering “Enige iemand kan hierby baatvind.” 26 25|SPORT




Avanti, Term 1, 2016  

Hello to all our Avanti readers! You can look forward to our latest edition to be released at the end of June! Keep your finger on the puls...

Avanti, Term 1, 2016  

Hello to all our Avanti readers! You can look forward to our latest edition to be released at the end of June! Keep your finger on the puls...