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TERM 3 2016, ISSUE #7

“fate loves the fearless”



letter from the EDITOR A CHANGE OF SEASON The third term has often been hailed as the busiest, most intense term of the school year, meaning that this issue of the Avanti will be bursting from its digital seams. I’d like to start this editorial by thanking everyone on the editorial team for wrapping up this issue flawlessly. It’s important to remember in these dangerously busy times, how important it is to remember to take a breath. Not the literal one you learn the mechanisms of in Biology, but rather the spiritual one, the one that ensures mental sanity. Being the studious learners we are, we know that some of the most beautiful things in life are shaped by the concept of pressure. (Hint: you should all now be thinking of diamonds) Of course though, pressure means nothing to the hopeful carbon atoms, if it isn’t paired with the correct environments. Going into the fourth term, remind yourself to assess your environments. I promise you, you’ll come out a whole lot shinier if your environment is controlled, pleasant and the right balance of responsibility as well as recreation. Encourage your friends to meet their own potential, and you’ll find yourself meeting yours along the way. Needless to say, I know you Larries will Slay the Day. When I feel a little less shiny, I look to my fellow matrics for inspiration. Throughout my high school career, you ladies have always been inspirational. In the five years I have been working on the Avanti, it has undergone major transformation. Only the senior grades will recall the


spiral notebook format that we all loved so well. But just as newspaper editors come and go, so do newspaper designs. We all know that change brings new opportunities, and I cannot wait to see to what new heights, our new editor will take the Avanti. That’s it from me, for the final time. Do svidaniya


Kristina van Zyl

CULTURE 4|Cultivate a Culture of


Lifelong Learning 5|Interview with Cara Paulse 6|Landsdiens 7|Larrie Goue Oomblikke




10|‘n Europese Avontuur

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12| Flip Side: Stellenboch

17| Quiz: Your Guide to Boys’

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or UCT

25|”Fate Loves the Fearless”


14| Ons Eie Vaselinetjie

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15|Let There Be Hope

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26|o/20 wêreldkampioenskappe

22|A Letter from the SCA: Raw is Real





Jordan Willett

cultivate a culture of lifelong learning Learning is not limited to the classroom any more. As scholars, it is difficult to imagine that after school or university that we would want to keep studying or learning, but it is a growing trend in the world known as “Lifelong Learning�. I think it is great! We live in a world where information is so readily and (mostly) freely available to us through the internet and social media that we ought to take advantage of this! With


initiatives like open sources becoming more popular, knowledge is out there for us. Some people have it in their veins that they just want to absorb new concepts and ideas, while others need a little motivation, so I encourage you to cultivate a culture of learning. You are never too old or too smart to learn something new and do not underestimate where this new knowledge might come from! There are some great websites

that offer free online courses ,such as,, www., and The best part is that you can learn about whatever interests you! Why not try a philosophy course or perhaps learn a new language? The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is log on and learn!


I sat down with Cara Paulse, a girl most of us know as a quiet music prodigy, to learn a little more about her and her amazing knack for all things musical!


IF YOU WERE NOT BLESSED WITH ALL THESE MUSICAL TALENTS, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I don’t know, I can’t see myself doing anything else. I used to play tennis, so maybe that? WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO HEAR ABOUT YOU?


I am the only musical one in my family.

Probably saxophone because I like jazz, but otherwise drums, because when I play it irritates people, especially at home!


WHICH INSTRUMENT DID YOU FIND THE MOST CHALLENGING TO LEARN? Violin. You have to build muscle memory and it’s not like guitar where there are frets so that you know where to put your fingers. You actually have to memorise and practice over and over and over. YOU ARE CLEARLY VERY TALENTED AND WE WERE IMPRESSED BY YOUR PERFORMANCE AT MISS LA ROCHELLE. DO YOU PLAN TO USE MUSIC IN YOUR CAREER ONE DAY? I do, but I don’t know what I want to study. I don’t know if it will be jazz or classical, because I change my mind every day! WHAT KIND OF OCCUPATION WOULD YOU FOLLOW IF YOU HAD TO GO INTO MUSIC? Either composing or teaching.

Jordan Willett

Apparently when I was little, I would take a Coke bottle and a stick and pretend to be playing violin and that is where it started. HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU STARTED ACTUAL LESSONS? I started music when I was 4 and violin when I was 9. IS THERE ANY INSTRUMENT OUT THERE THAT YOU WILL STILL LIKE TO MASTER? The organ. It is so powerful. WHO IS YOUR MUSICAL INSPIRATION? John Coltrane, Halsey, Michel Camilo and Amon Amarth. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO DO WELL IN MUSIC? If you are not willing to give more than 100% of your time and your energy then don’t bother.

DO YOU THINK THAT TAKING MUSIC AS A SCHOOL SUBJECT IS BENEFICIAL IN AND OF ITSELF? It can be, but if you’re not interested, it’s not worth it. HOW MANY HOURS A DAY DO YOU PRACTICE TO PERFORM AT THE LEVEL THAT YOU DO? Unfortunately, I don’t always get to all of my instruments. I try and spend the most time on violin, saxophone and piano, because those are my main instruments. So violin, about 3 and a half hours every day and during my off periods. At home I’ll practice drums first because they’re the loudest, then saxophone and later violin because I can mute it. So in total, probably 6 hours a day, w h i c h actually is not enough. T H A N K YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR PROMISING MUSICAL FUTURE! It was my pleasure, a n d thank you.




Ons hoor altyd van “serpies brei” en “skoolvakansiekampe.” Die Avanti

wou egter graag agter die kap van die byl kom en uitvind waaroor Landsdiens regtig gaan? Kim Ayford gesels met Anya Roux, voorsitter 2016 van die Landsdiensklub. WAT IS LANDSDIENS NOU EINTLIK? Dit is ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse klub, amper soos Voortrekkers maar dis nie so ingewikkeld nie. Jy kry punte soos wat jy aktiwiteite doen en kampe bywoon. Soos wat jy punte versamel kan jy sekere prestasies behaal. Landsdiens motiveer die jeug van SA om uit te reik na hul medemens en die natuur, asook om jou Skepper se woord uit te leef en om hard te werk. Ons leuse, Vacta non Verba, beteken dat Landsdieners hard werk om Suid-Afrika te verbeter. WAAROM WOU JY DEEL WEES VAN LANDSDIENS? Dit was iets waarvan ek nog nooit van te vore gehoor het nie. Toe ek uitvind dat die vier liefdes van Landsdiens op aspekte soos die natuur, jou medemens, arbeid en God fokus, het dit my belangstelling aangewakker. WATTER TIPE WERK DOEN JULLE REGDEUR DIE JAAR? Daar is aktiwiteite wat kwartaalliks aangebied word. Byvoorbeeld, ons projek om serpe te brei en dit dan by ‘n kinderhuis uit te deel. Hierdie projekte is gebaseer op een van die Landsdiens se liefdes en gewoonlik duur die projekte vir meer as ‘n maand of oor ‘n skoolvakansie. MET WATTER TAAK IS JULLE HUIDIG BESIG? Om serpe in te samel, wat ons dan vir ‘n kinderhuis gaan uitdeel en het ook Jana en Beulah se Loxton-projek ondersteun. JULLE DOEN OOK BAIE WERK IN DIE GEMEENSKAP, MAAR WAT MAAK LANDSDIENS ANDERS AS INTERACT? Landsdiens is meer betrokke by projekte wat die natuur positief sal beïnvloed, soos om rommel op te tel, maar aangesien die medemens een van Landsdiens se liefdes is, is baie van ons en die Interact se projekte eenders. Landsdiens is ‘n

klub waar jy op kampe kan gaan en presteer. Dit werk op ‘n puntestelsel en as jy ‘n sekere hoeveelheid punte behaal, kan dit gesien word as ‘n prestasie, maar dit moet eers deur die Hoof van die Provinsie goed gekeur word. WAT DOEN JULLE OP JULLE KWARTAALLIKSE KAMPE? Op elke kamp word iets nuts ingebring, daarom is dit moeilik om ‘n vaste antwoord te gee. Ons werk volgens die 4 liefdes. Elke liefde het ‘n sekere taak wat gedoen word. Daar is gewoonlik die Saterdagaand ‘n sokkie en ‘n vuur waar ons almal rondom sit en kuier. Ons doen ook ‘n Amazing Race, maar dit verskil elke keer van die vorige een. Om al die aktiwiteite uit te voer, word ons in verskillende groepe ingedeel. Ons is omtrent die hele dag besig, vanaf 07:00 tot 00:00. IS LANDSDIENS NET VIR HOËRSKOOLLEERDERS OF KAN ENIGE IEMAND BETROKKE RAAK? Nee, jy kan reeds vanaf graad 1 by Landsdiens aansluit en daar is ook Studente Landsdiens asook Volwasse Landsdiens. HOE SAL JY ANDER MEISIES AANMOEDIG OM DEEL VAN LANDSDIENS TE WORD? Behalwe vir die feit dat dit ‘n goeie aanvulling vir jou CV sal wees, maar dit help jou om jouself te bou en om nuwe talente te ontdek. Dit is ‘n lekker manier om mense te ontmoet asook uit te reik na jou omgewing. Jy word blootgestel aan unieke maniere om moeilike take aan te pak en op die kampe leer jy lewenslesse wat jy nieoor die algemeen sal leer nie. Landsiens haal jou uit jou gemaksone uit en leer jou soveel meer as wat jy weet. Dit leer vir jou dat aksie belangriker as woorde is.




koor tydens die atkv-applous finale french festival

grade 12 music evening

deon 8| meyer & loksten boekporjek



jani & jenna : interhuisatletiek

interdistrikte netbaltoernooi onderwyser-netbalspan




Bo-oor Afrika, deur die doeane van die Arabiere se koningkryk, Dubai en saam met die Arabiese Emirate se lugredery, tot in die Noord-Westelike hoofstad van Nederland, Amsterdam; Daar het die avontuurlustige Larries se reis deur ‘n gedeelte van Europa afgeskop. Cheese flavoured business, trendy wooden windmills, clops of all shapes and sizes, more bicycles than people and the best language, Netherlands, for us Afrikaans speakers, made Amsterdam a highlight to start our journey. Not only is this incredible piece of land stranded in water, but also known for the beauty and the historical capturing diary of the Jewish girl, Anne Frank. We had tour guides almost every day and not only were our brains exploding from knowledge, but our vision widen more than ever before. Op pad na die Franse se tuiste, het ons eers ‘n vinnige kuiertjie gehad in Brussels, Belgiё. Hier word Duits, Frans, Vlaams en Nederlands in onderskeie streke, in verskeie dialekte gepraat; gelyktydig. Om ‘n potjie koekiesmeersel, Speculoos (in drie tale) in jóú sak te steek, wil gedoen wees.

Carmari Marias


Unaware and unprepared of what to expect for the days that laid ahead, we arrived in Paris, the capital and most populous city of France, which looked like its nickname, The City of Lights. Most of us never went to sleep earlier than 12’o clock every night. There was way too much happening and of course, no one wanted to miss any glimpse of action. Overall the French dislike the English too much to speak English, so if in France, don’t let them intimidate you or discourage you. Not being French, didn’t stop us from enjoying the extraordinary scenery from icons, such as the Eiffel Tower, a wrought iron lattice tower which was built as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair, today the most-visited paid monument in the world. The 210m high Montparnasse, from which you could see the unending 360 degree view of Paris on the 56th floor. At the Louvre Museum, the world’s largest museum, you could enjoy more than 40 000 paintings, especially if you were an artist craving for inspiration. Most of us were only interested in the Mona Lisa, which is a half-length portrait of a woman, by the Italian artist,

Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as the best known, the most visited, the most written about, and the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world”. Arc De Triumph, the world’s largest triumphal arch, patterned after those of ancient Rome. Napoleon dedicated this arch to the glory of his imperial armies. Today it is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. Before we left the French in peace, we had a final stop at the Military Museum, where you could literally see every canyon, gun, and type of weapon and armor ever invented in the world. Au Revoir (goodbye) Paris. Italiё was baie ver weg, maar gelukkig het die moegheid ieder en elk so beetgehad dat niemand eers besef hoe ver ons deur die nag gereis het nie. Ons eerste heenkome was Venesiё. Ciao Bella! (Hello Beautiful!) Hierdie stad met sy stadige gondels op die helder, brakwater kanale, beknopte ruimtes as woonplek en sy ryke geskiedenis rondom die varswater handelaars, het al die ure se gestap om alle hoekies en draaitjies die moeite werd gemaak. ‘n Watertaxi kom baie handig te pas, veral as jy blitsvinnig jou eindbestemming moet bereik sonder om sélf nat te word. Met die eerste oogopslag, kon elke Larrie beslis getuig dat mooi nog nooit lelik was onder die Italiaanse mans nie, veral nie toe ons eerstehands ons eie toergids, Roberto, onder oog gehad het nie.

ta, baie roomys en die smaaklikste, beste pizza ooit. Al is dit hoe warm, spring jy op die Rooi Bus en gaan op ‘n reistog deur die Romeine se ongelooflike en onbeskryflike rykdom. Leerprodukte was oral in oorvloed te sien, letterlik te kus en te keur. Dat hierdie plek ‘n toeriste aantrekking is, was beslis ‘n visuele feit. Plekke soos die Colosseum, ‘n antieke, ovale, vierverdieping amfiteater, die grootste amfiteater al ooit in die wêreld gebou. Die Vatikaanstad is ‘n klein soewereine staat in die stadsgebied van Rome, regeer deur die Pous. En die Trevi Fontein, ‘n kunswerk van water en steen. Alles ‘n absolute moet om op ‘n foto te kry. Om nie eers te praat van hoe baie wêreldikone daar op een slag raakgeloop word nie … We spent our last days near the west coast of Italy. Not only did we see the lava spewing Vesuvius and the destroyed city of Pompeii, but we also had a glimpse of a famous myth about a couple that loved each other so much, that they wanted to die together and even a volcano could not separate them. Black beaches, high cliffs and hidden from society; Sorrento. The craving for beach costumes and splashing kicked in and before we knew it, we were having a wonderful time in the Mediterranean ocean. The scenery created a relax-

ing and calm atmosphere while enjoying in exaggeration. Voor die vliegtuig ons weer die volgende dag kon terug neem huis toe, het ons die asemrowende eiland, Capri, ‘n klipgooi van Sorrento af, gaan besoek. ‘n Veerboot deur kristalhelder water met die ongelooflike uitsig oor ‘n te mooi skepping en “die snak na jou asem” gevoel, het hierdie lewenslange herinnering net nog spesialer gemaak. Ons het ook, as ‘n ekstra, ‘n toer om die eiland saam met ons toergids, Mario, gedoen. Die rotsskeppings is alles perfek uitgekerf en elke natuurverskynsel is uniek van die ander. Om in hierdie water te kon swem het dit net nog lekkerder gemaak. Die voorreg om bloot hierdie eiland te kon beleef, was onbeskryflik. After such an once in a lifetime experience nothing would ever be the same again, not our lives, nor who we are and definitely not our perspective of the world.

As our tour continued through Italy, we passed Florence, and for a summer in Europe, this place made everyone’s body boil. Long ago this place was known for trading and it was also the first place where the exchanging of different money units started and nowadays a big part of Florence is functioning around the great arty inventions. Wanneer jy in Rome is, maak jy soos die Romeine. Jy eet pas-


Emma Louw Stellenbosch or UCT? I am pretty sure that is a question that has come up several times during your high school career. If you’re like me (in grade 11 and still not sure what you want to do with your life) then this thought comes up all the time – especially in conversations with your grandparents where the first question is always: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” and then closely followed by “Where do you want to study?” If your grandparents are at all like mine, they would then proceed to list the names of all the family members, friends and acquaintances who have studied at either institution. If any of this is ringing a bell, then this is definitely an article for you. Both Maties and IKEYS are great universities – internationally recognised as institutions of excellence and obviously, where you essentially chose to go will also depend on where you get in and which Uni. offers the best course for what you want to study. However I am going to give you some


FLIP stellenbosc

broad based reasons for why I think Stellenbosch is the place to be. Firstly, Stellenbosch is a breathtakingly beautiful place to live and study. It is situated in the centre of the Cape Winelands, virtually surrounded by mountains. The oak-lined streets and historical buildings give Stellenbosch a heritage-rich feel while simultaneously offering state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly facilities and technologies. The atmosphere in Stellenbosch is fantastic and due to the fact that a large part of the Stellenbosch population is made up of students, it really is a University Town. Campus life is vibrant and exciting and as much as university is about learning, it is also about having fun, meeting new people and making connections. Catherine Fok-Seang (matric 2013) says: “The town and community vibe is great! It is totally my type of place to be and life here is good!” Stellenbosch is al-

ways buzzing, what with all the residence-activities, societies and clubs (night and otherwise) that can be joined. There are parks all around and everything is within walking distance, so getting around is safe and easy. On a more academic side, Stellenbosch has 10 faculties. It boasts the highest student success rate in the country and is amongst the top 300 universities in the world. “Stellies” houses a modern and extensive library which is catalogued on a computerised database, as well as well-equipped computer systems with 24-hour access.

I am sure that you will be happy at whichever university you end up, however, I think that if given the choice, choose Stellenbosch, because both are academically excellent institutions, but in terms of atmosphere and lifestyle – the vibe at Stellenbosch is just more exciting.


ch or uct The combination of constant, caring, yet incessant questions from family members and the never ending LO assignments on what you want to do when you “grow up” has you realizing that growing up isn’t such a far off concept any more. Along with the question of what you want to study goes the question of where you would like to study it, so keep reading this article, it might just help you decide. Whilst South Africa has a large variety of great universities, I will be trying to persuade you that between UCT and Stellenbosch, the former should be your first choice. Let me start by pointing out that UCT is not only the best-ranked university in South Africa, but also in the whole of Africa, ranking amongst the best in the world in 23 subjects. Suffice to say, academically UCT is clearly the better option. Due to its high international rankings, UCT is well recognised on an international level. This means that applying to do a post-grad over-

seas is a more realistic goal. UCT is an English university, being the international language, this, along with its international acknowledgement helps to attract many international students and is therefore the perfect option if you are looking for a more diverse learning environment, with students from all over the world. Let’s not forget UCT’s perfect location. It is the ideal combination of far-but-not-too-far away from home/school. Going from a small town to the big city is a pretty awesome experience, especially since you would be living in a place ranked the number 1 city holiday destination in the world, I mean who could ask for more! With easily accessible means of transport, including the free Jammy shuttles to take you around the campus and as far as MyCiTi bus stops from where you can take a bus into the city bowl, as well as the discount entrance into museums, art galleries, cinemas, theatres and so much more, there is no reason that you should not fully

Jessica Louw enjoy all the awesomness that is big city life! Whilst being the oldest university in South Africa and therefore rich in tradition, UCT has done well to keep up with the times and is known for its political correctness, so if standing up for your beliefs is something that you pride yourself in doing, UCT will provide a great stepping stone for involvement in changing the future of South Africa and inspiring others to do so as well.

“Stellenbosch or UCT? I am pretty sure that is a question that has come up several times during your high school career.” NEWS|13

Reeds gedurende haar skoolloopbaan het Margeruite van Eden (hoofdogter 2015) uitgeblink as dramastudent onder die begeleiding van Mej. van Heerden. Met groot entoesiasme het Margeruite haar passie vir toneelspel voluit nagestreef en is aanvaar om by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch verder in hierdie rigting te studeer. Die Larrie-gemeenskap was omtrent in hulle noppies toe ons hoor dat ons eie Margeruite gekies is vir die hoofrol in die nuwe film, Vaselinetjie.

ons eie vaselinetjie BESKRYF DIE FILM IN 3 WOORDE Real-life, mooi en waar.

Volgens ’n artikel wat 19 Julie 2016 op Netwerk24 verskyn het, vertel Corné van Rooyen (die regisseur) da thy eers bang was om hierdie film op die silwerdoek te vertel, veral oor die temas. Hy wou bitter graag die storie van Anoeschka von Meck se gelyknamige boek vertel en teselfdetyd steeds sy eie stem ook gee aan Vaselinetjie, wat volgende jaar deur Red Letter Day Produc­tions en The Film Factory in samewerking met kykNET uitgereik word. Vir diegene wat nog nie die hartroerende boek gelees het nie, verloop die intrigue as volg: Vaselinetjie word groot by haar ouma en oupa op ’n klein dorp in die NoordKaap, maar word op tienjarige ouderdom na ’n weeshuis in Gauteng weggestuur. In Johannesburg het sy ’n paar wrede en vreemde ervarings, maar sy raak ook verlief en ontmoet heelwat ander kinders waarmee sy kan identifiseer. Kom ons hoor wat skryf Margeruite van Eden oor haar ervaring tydens die produksie van die film.


Om met al die mense op die stel te kon HOE VOEL DIT DAT JY UIT DUISENDE OUD- werk was wonderlik, want jy leer die heISISIES EN AANSOEKE, AS DIE HOOFROL eltyd, oor als, die kamera, ligte ens. GEKIES IS? WAT IS DIE AGTERGROND VAN DIE Ek voel baie bevoorreg. Dis een van die NAAM VASELINETJIE/ WAAR KOM DIT wonderlikste goed wat met my gebeur VANDAAN? het. Kyk die fliek en vind self uit. IS DIT VIR JOU MAKLIK OM MET JOU KARAKTER TE VEREENSELWIG? INDIEN NIE, WAT JY WORD NOU GESIEN AS ‘N “NUWE STER MOES JY DOEN OM DIE KARAKTER “JOU OP DIE HORISON,” HOE AFFEKTEER DIT EIE” TE MAAK? JOU DAAGLIKSE LEWE. In sekere opsigte is ek en sy dieselfde, maar dan is daar weer kere wat ek nie haar optrede verstaan nie. Sy het byvoorbeeld hierdie onvoorwaardelike liefde vir Texan al is hy baie keer onbeskofmet haar. Ek as Marguerite kon dit nie hanteer nie, so dit was vir my moeilik om as Helena nice te wees met hom.

Ek dink nie ek word as ’n nuwe ster gesien nie. My lewe is baie normaal, wat great is. Dis die hartseer ding van toneelspeel… Mense herken jóú, waar dit eintlik nie Marguerite is wat in die film verskryn nie, maar Helena Bosman, die karakter wat ek vertolk.

HOE HANTEER JY DIE MOEILIKE/ UITDABESKRYF JOU GEVOEL TOE JY DIE EERSTE GENDE TONELE OP STEL? KEER VOOR DIE KAMERAS MOES INTREE. Die filmregisseur, Corné en die hele proJy is op jou senuwees en dan sodra die duksiespan was fantasties. Met die skiet kamer begin rol dink jy nie meer daaraan van die moeilike tonele, het hulle my nie, want dis nie jy nie, dis sy. die ruimte gegun om in daardie space te kom. Soms huil jy nog na ’n toneel


en dan moet jy leer hoe om uit daardie gemoedstoestand uit te tree. Dit is nog ‘n leerskool vir my! MOES JY AAN JOU FISIESE VOORKOMS VERANDER OM JOU KARAKTER UIT TE BEELD? Nee, baie van die ander karakters moes egter. HET DRAMA EN DIE ERVARINGS VAN SKOOL JOU ENIGSINS GEHELP MET DIE SKIET VAN DIE FILM? Ja, ongelooflik baie. Ek dink op n manier het Juffrou van Heerden my van graad 10 af vir so ’n geleentheid voorberei. Sy is die rede waarom ek gereed was vir hierdie geleentheid en ook die film oorleef het. DAN VIR VRAAG OP ALMAL SE LIPPE… HOE BALANSEER JY JOU STUDIES EN ROLSPEEL, SONDER OM EEN AF TE SKEEP? Ek moes ongelukkig my dramakursus by stellenbosch staak, maar ek gaan volgende jaar weer terug. Op die oomblik doen ek kortfilm kursusse en ek rus.

Evette Smith


LET THERE BE Elouise Lourens

To be a winner of the Hope Pageants, three things are absolutely necessary: brains, beauty and compassion. Clearly Jordan Willett, First Princess, has it all! JUST TO RECAP, CAN YOU SUMMARISE THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE? The Hope Pageant is a pageant where 50% of our score is based on our charity work and community involvement. It is a great platform that encourages people to reach out and to share their privilege with others. This experience was definitely inspiring for me. It gave me a lot of hope and it also helped me get into contact with other people who are doing good and who are helping our network to grow. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INVOLVED WITH THE HOPE PAGEANTS? The lady who runs the Hope Pageants, Ingrid Burger, was my Grade 6 teacher. When she started Acting Hope, I still had class with her. This is the second time that I have done the pageant. She helped me a lot in my life when she was my teacher and it was wonderful to take this journey further with her.

WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE 3 CHARACTERISTICS THAT THE NEXT MISS HOPE NEEDS? She needs to be innovative and think of new ways to help and to identify new needs among the people. She needs to be caring and to have a heart for the people. She needs to be fearless: going out there and asking for sponsorships etc. takes guts! WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE IN CONNECTION WITH THIS PAGEANT? I have qualified for Internationals. I am going to keep running my projects (Balloons for Hope and Speaking for Hope) with the support of the Acting Hope Foundation. Even when the pageant is finished, I want to take it further and reach as many people as possible.

WHAT DO YOU THINK MADE YOU FIRST PRINCESS? My awareness. I am aware of what is going on in my community and I wanted to do something to change it. IF YOU COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, WOULD YOU AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY? Yes, definitely. I think that I would try to get more of my friends involved. I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends, Brandon, do it with me. He won the Mr Teen category and is doing the Internationals with me as well. It was amazing to have that support. WHERE CAN ONE GET MORE INFORMATION OR SIGN UP? They have a website: There is also a Facebook page for the Hope Pageants International or they can go visit

“It is a great platform that encourages people to reach out and to share their privilege with others.” NEWS|15

BLAMELESS BROWNIES Someone decided to take chocolate and transform it into something so tasty and wonderful. The only downside to this wonderful creation, is the fact that one cannot help but feel guilty whilst “supposedly enjoying” it. The Avanti however found a solution! The days of feeling guilt-ridden when your sweet tooth gets the better of you is finally over. We introduce, the acquitted brownie! The following recipe makes 9 Brownies to an 8 by 8 baking dish with a low calorie count

guilt free never tasted this good! 37 calories each.


- PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES - COOKING TIME: 15 MINUTES - TOTAL TIME: 25 MINUTES INGREDIENTS INSTRUCTIONS - ¾ cup of non-fat Greek - Pre-heat the oven to 200C yoghurt; - Grease the baking dish - ½ cup of oats - Throw all ingredients in a - ½ cup cocoa powder food blender and blend in - ¼ cup skimmed milk a bowl together until - ½ cup stevia based smooth sweetener - Put in oven for about 15 - 1pinch of salt minutes (make sure to - 1 egg undercook your brownies - 1 teaspoon baking powder [they just taste better this way!] - Cool before cutting it into blocks.

YOUR GUIDE TO BOYS’ SCHOOLS For some reason, South Africa has a fetish with single-sex schools. When there are so many boys’ schools to shop at, it is hard to know which school offers the best options for you. That is why, we here at the Avanti, have done it for you. The following is a test to see which boys’ school is most likely to house your date/bae/boyfriend/ hot water bottle/stukkie. WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ON A FIRST DATE?


a. Picnic b. Concert c. Coffee d. Frozen Yoghurt

a. Toutrek b. Waterpolo c. Rugby d. Hockey



a. Practicality b. Humour c. Class d. Soft Heart

a. Kwaai Lappies b. Chaise c. Hos Iya d. Flip



a. Muscles b. Hairstyle c. Legs d. Tan

a. Karoo b. Hermanus c. Stilbaai d. Onrus



a. Destined to be a country bumpkin b. Snobbish c. Sarcastic d. Egotistical WHAT TYPE OF NAME WOULD YOU PREFER: a. Johannes, Gerhardus, Hermanus b. James, Walter, Matthew c. Jacques, Francois, Daniel d. Skye, Dylan, Alex

a. Channing Tatum b. Sam Claflin c. James Franco d. Liam Hemworth IF HE WERE TO GIVE YOU A GIFT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? a. Biltong b. Lindt Chocolate c. Mary Jane Shoes d. Flowers

Annabel Moore

Mostly A

- Landbou You are looking for the more down-to-earth type. You are not going to have Prince William, but this man will definitely be very practical. Landbou boys tend not to be over-materialistic and can to be quite strong. Just make sure you know how to sokkie!

Mostly b

- Rondebosch ‘Bosch boys usually are the classier choice. They are good at banter, being English and their main flirting device are actually words (which is often an upside). Rhondies will put you first. They are, however, a little bit snobby and prejudiced. But hey, if you have it - flaunt it!

Mostly C

- Boys’ High These boys tend to be quite varied. One thing you can count on though, is that they are always up for a party. They can be gentlemen if they want to be, but they would much prefer dancing in the unique Boys’ High way. They work hard in the week, but on the weekends you better make room for their social ventures.

Mostly d

- Paul Roos Let’s face it, everyone looks good in maroon. Paul Roos guys are quite all-rounded. And on the plus side, you do not have to wonder whether he is a Paul Roos guy, because he willl tell you.


Have random people been walking past you really slowly, with their eyes glued to their phone? Or maybe, you’ve seen groups of people huddled around local landmarks, rapidly tapping away at their cell phone screens? Chances are they are playing


Pokémon Go. While the app hasn’t even been made available to South Africa yet, there has been nothing to stop the spread, of the dare I say, Pokémon addiction. It’s bloomed in nearly every city in the world, including our very own Paarl. The game, a collaboration by Nintendo and Niantic, was developed to honour the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. By using a cell phone device’s camera, as well as GPS technology, the game allows a player to capture digital creatures within their communities. Just this morning, I caught my first M e o w t h on a trip to Checkers. To add a competitive element, players are made to choose one of three team’s to identify with early on in the game. From then onward, you can use your strongest Pokémon to bring glory to your teams name,

by capturing your nearest gyms (that is, the tower-like structures in the game. Virgin Active doesn’t count) Investigation into the Poké-nomenon showed that Paarl school student bodies choose to identify with certain teams. Boys’ High mostly play for Team Valor, while Paarl Gym mostly chooses to identify with Instinct. Apart from letting 90s kids relive their childhoods, Pokémon Go is encouraging people to explore and get to know their communities. It’s been entertaining people of all ages, and even Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres and Nick Jonas have admitted to playing. You also don’t have to worry about being a celebrity to afford the data needed to play: the game only uses a humble average of 5 MB per hour to play. You feeling like you Gotta Catch ‘em all yet?

Kristina Pepper van Zyl

Wondering where you fit in? Here’s a quick quizz: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PRIMARY COLOUR? A. Yellow B. Blue C. Red A WEIRD LOOKING BUG LANDS IN YOUR MATHS TEXTBOOK. YOU... A. quickly swipe it away with your hand B. identify what it is, and tilt it off to prevent hurting it C. grab the nearest heavy object and whack it WHICH OF THESE BIG CATS WOULD YOU MOST LIKELY POST ON YOUR INSTAGRAM?

If you got mostly A, it’s team Instinct for you. Mostly B places you in Team Mystic, whilst C gets you to team Valor.

A. A Cheetah B. A Tiger C. A Lion FINALY WHO’S YOUR FAVOURITE AVENGER? A. Captain America aka Steve Rogers B. Black Widow aka Natasha Romanova C. Ironman aka Tony Stark


CAUGHT IN BETWEEN As the seasons change, the challenge of dressing for what turns out to be all 4 seasons in a single day is insane. Here are some ideas to get you ready for spring, as we gear up for summer, but still have to cover up a little! Extend those hemlines.Longer hemlines are the answer to staying fashion forward. Knee length dresses, jumpsuits or flowing pants are where it’s at this season.



Let’s be honest: sneakers could solve the world’s problems one piece of fashionable footwear at a time. Use the cooler weather as an excuse to break out the winter shoes by pairing them with a summery dress.


It’s casual, yet versatile. This classic is always a winner.


Reverse the standard combo and go for shorts paired with a long sleeve jumper. Instant cool facter‑‑ achieved. Fashion Column by L. Wigmore




Matric so far has been the most exhilarating of all my years in high school. It has taken me to new heights, stretched me, allowed me to grow and it has enlarged my capacity to multitudes I never even knew existed. Accompanying some circumstances in high school you might find yourself in, are a whole lot of feelings. Having gone through an emotional ‘mountains and valleys’ season all year long, I have become so sensitive. Sometimes oversensitive, so I had and still do have the tendency to feel everything so deeply. I can truthfully say that nothing has beckoned me to grow as much as the liberating idea of allowing myself to feel. Society has this inclination to obsess over the outside and the appearance of everything. As great as that may seem, it’s about as empty as my water bottle on a Paarl summer day. How many of us are really who we want to be? Probably almost none of us because there is this universal desire to be accepted. Should you choose to pursue acceptance in society, it will require you to conform. In other words, change who you are so that you can fit in and be like everybody else. Now that’s all great and promising, for the moment being. A constant pattern of this however leads us only to a place of loneliness and not able to remember who we are because we’ve changed so many parts of ourselves for others. There will never be another you. In a planet consisting of billions of people, God didn’t create anybody like you. He gave you unique talents, strengths and a specific path for you to walk in and follow. Wanting to be like somebody else is wanting second best for yourself. You are doing this world a dis-


service by trying to be like the rest of this world. Everybody wants to be loved and accepted but you don’t need to look for that in the world. The only way to stay true to who you are is to be real with yourself and what you’re facing. Too many of us build walls around our hearts in the pursuit of acceptance. The only problem with that is when you build walls for long enough, you end up on the other side of it alone. Society tells us that you have to have it together all the time. You always have to look the part regardless of how much you’re hurting on the inside. I noticed something whilst walking around at the rugby a few weeks ago: every girl dresses the same. All of them have the same shoes, same jeans and same jackets. Even for myself it is sometimes a struggle to dress differently because it’s so easy to become accustomed to being, acting and dressing the way that society wants us to so that we can feel fit in. The only problem with that is that it’s all temporary. Trends are only temporary. From technology to clothes to cell phones, everything around us is constantly changing. In that moment of discovering the reality of ‘keeping up with the trends’, there is one thing that will always be different about you: your heart. I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in the surface area of things: the glits & glamour, the looks, the cliques, the parties – and we forget why we’re actually here. Heartache, pain, anger, and hatred are all contributing factors towards us building walls around our hearts. Not only do you hurt yourself by doing that in not allowing yourself to feel, but you hurt others by shutting them out.

I’ve been through the seasons in life where the only cure for the magnitude of pain is to numb your feelings and choose to feel nothing. Honestly, nothing damages you more than doing that. It’s easy to ignore your feelings when there is noise and chaos around you. It’s easy to create noise around you to avoid feeling empty and alone. To keep up with society, you will have to keep changing yourself to fit in. That has no fruitful harvest because in the end you lose who you really are. You will always be too much or too little for someone. You will never be everybody’s piece of cake and that’s actually okay. Forget about seeking approval from this world because it looks great on the outside but that’s about all there is to it. The greatest truth we can ever be aware of today is that we don’t have to change ourselves to be accepted into this world because we are already accepted by God. That has more eternal significance than any fashion trend or tendency we will find in society. You are eternally loved by your Father in Heaven. Regardless of your look, your current circumstances, your past, the clothes you wear or the mark on your report. God smiles when He looks at you and loves you more than you could ever imagine, that is more valuable than any ‘approval’ you will find in the world. “Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” – Romans 12:2

Kelsey Roberts

FIKS, FIKSER, FIKSSTE Hier volg ’n lys bestanddele om te verseker dat jou Fiksheid- en Lewensstylaand op almal se lippe is: Mizuno-skoene, gimnasium-toerusting, SKINS-oefenklere, Virgin Active, hindernisbane en inspirerende gassprekerstoesprake. Op die 25ste Augustus is La Rochelle se splinternuwe fiksheid- en kondisioneringsprogramme aan die skool in ons eie En Avant-sentrum bekend gestel. Die hoofrede vir hierdie nuwe en uitdagende kondisioneringsprogram, is sodat Larries fikser en gesonder meisies kan wees. Die eerste fase van die program is reeds geloots en dit behels die onderskeie sportspanne wat saam in die sentrum fiksheidsgesentreerde oefeninge doen. Die idee is om al die sportspanne deur fiksheid- en kondisioneringsoefeninge te evalueer. Hierdie program is gebaseer op liggaamsoefeninge, waar daar ’n verskeidenheid toerusting gebruik word met die doel om fisiese bekwaamheid te bewerkstellig. Die program beoog ook om die meisies se vermoë en vaardighede binne hulle spesifieke sportsoorte te verbeter. Felix Spies, die hooforganiseerder van die program, wil graag die meisies se fiksheidsvlakke ontwikkel, om sodoende sportprestasies te verbeter, die risiko vir sportbeserings te verminder, asook om dogters in alledaagse aktiwiteite te help, soos

Lyndi Koegelenberg

om byvoorbeeld ’n swaar tas by die trappe op te kan dra. Om hierdie doelwitte vinniger te bereik, werk die skool nou amptelik met ‘n groot verskeindenheid handelsmerke saam. La Rochelle neem vanjaar onder andere hande met Virgin Active om ons doelwitte vir ’n gesonder en fikser La Rochelle te verwesenlik! Tydens die Fiksheid- en lewensstylaand word selfs die ouers aangespoor om fiks te raak! Dr. Cloete, voormalige student van Pretoria wat nou in Stellenbosch woon, sê aan Me Lochner dat La Rochelle se passie en harde werk duidelik reflekteer in alles wat ons doen. Dus kan ons ook voorspel dat hierdie nuwe oefenprogram beslis ook ’n sukses sal wees. Sy het haar toespraak met die volgende woorde afgesluit: “May we exercise hard, stay healthy and be like champions!”

“Die hoofrede vir hierdie nuwe en uitdagende kondisioneringsprogram, is sodat Larries fikser en gesonder meisies kan wees.”


banned substances. It casts controversy over the entire competition and devalues the end prize substantially for all competitors. It goes against the fundamental integrity of all sportsmen and women.

However, it is not to say that every single Russian athlete is guilty of doping. This is where the controversy comes in. After several pleas and outbursts, the IOC reconsidered the severity of their decision. After Russia’s full Olympic team was subjected to doping tests, the 389 competitors were reduced to 271. Over 100 athletes were rejected due to previous doping infringements or positive test results. These statistics alone substantiate the IOC’s ruling. The final ban for team Russia was considerably lighter with only athletics and weightlifting receiving a total ban.

Angeline Smith

RUSSIA’S OLYMPIC NIGHTMARE Russia is a coutry notorious for a history of doping transgressions. This seems to have reached a pinnacle leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, after a state-sponsored doping programme was revealed at the 2014 Winter Olympics hosted by Russia. Numerous reports came forward, probably the most detestable is that of a lab director who provided Russian athletes with a three-drug cocktail of banned substances mixed with liquor during the games. It gets crazier. It has been estimated that nearly 100 urine samples tainted by performance-enhancing drugs at the Games had been replaced by clean samples collected months before. Needless to say, Russia topped the


WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) report on positive tests by country in 2014. After three positive samples from Russian athletes partaking in shooting mysteriously vanished from WADA, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) was forced to ban Russia from the 2016 Olympics. As an athlete, there is nothing I find more repulsive than the use of

However, exceptions seem to be seeping through the cracks such as London 2012 bronze medallist, Yulia Efimova being cleared to participate in the 100m breaststroke despite a previous 16-month suspension. Shockingly she failed a drug test earlier this year for meldonium, the same substance that gave tennis star Maria Sharapova a two-year suspension. Efimova’s result was eventually overturned. Given her previous history and the fact that her name was added to the start list without explanation, this seems suspicious. The doping scandal has resonated with the crowds at the Olympics. Russian athletes have been booed mercilessly, showing that the world will not stand for cheating and the degradation of the biggest sporting event in the world. The debate stands whether the IOC should have stuck with their initial ruling or not. As the controversy continues, it seems that a total ban may have been the best option.


La Rochelle is trots op al haar prestasies en staan rotsvas agter haar! Sy het ons op ons voete gehad by 4M, maar dis maar net die begin van dié spogatleet se prestasies! Sy het in die Junie-vakansie aan die Afrika Spele deelgeneem en weereens was dit een vir die boeke! Sy het 6de geeindig in die paalspring wat nogals besonders is aangesien dit haar eerste internasionale byeenkoms was en dat sy boonop ‘n junior is wat as ‘n senior deelgeneem het. Christy het ook verlede jaar by die ASA-kampioenskappe haar persoonlike beste van 3.2m na 3.65m verbeter en haar Suid-Afrikaanse Senior Kleure verwerf het. Die Universitiet van Missouri, Kansas City het haar ‘n volle beurs aangebied, om daar te gaan deelneem aan atletiek sowel as studeer. Sy sal deelneem aan paalspring

sowel as baanitems soos hekkies en die die 4 x 400m aflos. Haar doelwitte Sy mik daarna om so gou as moontlik 4m met paalspring te bereik asook oor 2 jaar by die Senior Afrika Spele te gaan deelneem en ‘n medalje te verwerf. Haar langtermyndoelwit is om aan die Statebondspele in 2020 in Durban te gaan deelneem. Motivering en oefenprogram Oud-Larrie en onderwyser, Juffrou Marné Blaauw, wat as haar mentor en afrigter dien, is een van Christy se rolmodelle sowel as die Amerikaanse gimnas, Sandy Morris. Sy volg ook ‘n strawwe oefenprogram volg waar sy minimum 4 oggende in die week, sowel as elke dag paalspring oefen.

Nicola Terblanche



KAMPIOENSKAPPE Tydens die Junie/Julie vakansie het talle atlete van regoor die wêreld saamgekom in Bydgoszcz in Poland. Die byeenkoms het plaasgevind van 19 Julie 2016 tot 24 Julie 2016 en vir atletiek liefhebbers was dit ‘n skouspel van goeie vertonings om te sien. Suid-Afrika het ook ‘n hele paar goeie atlete opgelewer om hierdie jaar te gaan deelneem. Daar was ‘n paar medalje wenners ook. Suid-Afrika het ook ‘n hele paar goeie atlete opgelewer om hierdie jaar te gaan deelneem. Daar was ‘n paar medalje wenners ook. La Rochelle se eie trots en Junior Olimpiese kampioen, Gezelle Magerman was ook een van die SA span atlete wat Suid-Afrika verteenwoordig het. Sy het ongelukkig nie gekwalifiseer vir die finaal nie, alhoewel sy steeds ‘n skitterende tyd gehardloop het. Ander Suid-Afrikaners wat te sien was, is die 400m atleet Jeanelle Griessel en 100m hekkies atleet Taylon Bieldt. Taylon het die finaal gemaak in haar item en steeds ons Suid-Afrikaners baie trots


gemaak. Suid-Afrika het 22ste op die Medalje Tabel opgeëindig met 3 silwer medaljes. Die medaljes is onderskeidelik gewen deur Jo-Ane van Dyk in vroue spiesgooi, Tlotliso Leotlela in die mans 200m en deur Johan Grobler in die mans spiesgooi. Die vertoning in die mans gewigstoot wat almal op die punte van hul stoele laat sit het, was Poolse atleet Konrad Bukowiecki wat nou ‘n nuwe onder 20 rekord agter sy naam het, met ‘n afstand van 23,34m. Die byeenkoms was ‘n goeie voorsmakie vir die Olimpiese Spele en dit het almal opgewonde gemaak om te

sien wat die Suid-Afrikaanse atlete sal oplewer. Suid-Afrika se atletiek groei jaarliks en ek voel ons is op pad na groot dinge.

Iriné van Zyl




Avanti Kwartaal 3 2016  

'n Blinkgepoetste publikasie, van Parys tot in jou eie huis! Lekker lees, Larries.

Avanti Kwartaal 3 2016  

'n Blinkgepoetste publikasie, van Parys tot in jou eie huis! Lekker lees, Larries.