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letter from the EDITOR THE BEAUTY OF LIFE?

“Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken, and the violence caused such silence, who are we mistaken” Now that’s the cynical point of view, according to the Cranberries song Zombies and fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your opinion I suppose, I tend to take the more positive outlook.

Some may say that I am being naïve, holding onto false hope, that “Only the good die young” and “We’re all still alive but we’re barely breathing.” And whilst both Queen and The Script are two of my favourite bands, I like to think that my optimism should not be confused with ignorance. I am not about to deny that this world is a messed up place, what with Trump and his anti-refugee policies, the sickening contrast between extreme wealth and extreme poverty, brutal terrorist attacks in the name of peaceful religions and wars raging over age-old and often irrelevant conflicts of interest in which thousands of innocents lose their lives daily and still I am barely scraping the surface. No, denial of life’s brutality certainly isn’t the solution. Maybe I am speaking from a position of white privilege, as the phrase has been coined, I mean who am I to go on about the beauty of life when I have never had to go hungry because my parents could not afford to put food on the table for my siblings and I. Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones who has not yet been messed up beyond the point of no-return by the challenges of life, maybe that still lies ahead for me. These are the thoughts that pass through my mind on a regular basis. What if hope is just a coping mechanism preventing us all from falling into despair bout the futility of life.


But nonetheless please humour me as I share my coping mechanism with you.

I have often heard people say how the world is degenerating; they talk of the good old days, simpler times, before all the troubles we face today. But to that I say look at all the issues of the past, the Vietnam war, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagosaki, apartheid, the holocaust and world wars, issues that we have overcome or are working to overcome. Look at how far the world has come with regards to the treatment of women and creating awareness for issues like gay rights and child brides. It breaks my heart every time I watch or read the news and hear about a case of domestic violence or rape, but at least that means they are being reported. Maybe the influx of bad news is because by creating awareness and creating a platform the media and social networking sites have finally given people the courage to speak out against the wrongs which they have been victims of or borne witness to. Surely that is a step in the right direction? As the saying goes, we all have our own crosses to carry and our own burdens to bear, but it definitely helps to be able to see the bigger picture. So whenever I feel that my world is crashing down around me and I just need some perspective I go onto Facebook and search up Special Books by Special Kids, which is a non-profit organisation run through Facebook, where by means of a video interview children with a wide range of disabilities such as down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy can tell their stories and share their experiences and points of views. There is nothing more inspiring or enlightening than to see how these people who have been through so much re-

main so loving and appreciative of human interaction. To me they seem to have life far more figured out than many of us who have so much and have been given every opportunity one could possibly hope for. They understand the value of the simple things in life and aim to live their lives to the fullest. I hope my ramblings have not been completely useless, I may even have planted a seed of hope in the mind of an established cynic. I know I have not yet acquired the wisdom generally accompanied with age, but from my 18 years on this earth I have learned never to lose faith in life as it truly is beautiful and my parting wish for you, my fellow Larries, is simply that you will have the insight to see it.

Jessica Louw



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“Absolutely magnificent!” are the first words that come to mind when reminiscing about the 2017 Cantamus Festival and Choir Tour. Everything was a rush, from performing to constantly eating pizza at Delfinos, to sleeping in an amazing hotel in Wilderness, this adventure and experience will most definitely not be forgotten.


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The drive from Paarl all the way to George was fun, tiring but fun because we knew what was awaiting us on the other side and butterflies must have been in everybody’s stomach because we all knew this was a BIG DEAL. Once we arrived at the first stop on our jam packed tour, the Dias Museum, where the acoustics were mighty fine, I might add, we did our first sound check. We then proceeded to check out the glorious ocean before us. The vastness of the ocean certainly boggled my mind, so crisp and blue with

mighty waves that roared at us. I was flabbergasted! For our first performance, we were a little rusty from the drive, but it was an acceptable performance. We then retired to the lodge where we were staying. Let’s just say it was not too pleasant an experience! The following day we checked into the Hotel. Now that was something else! nothing short of spectacular I’d say. The next performance we did was at the Denneoord church. It could be compared to a meet and greet of sorts, packed with all the differ-

ent schools ranging from Kempton Park High School from Johannesburg to us, from Paarl. That evening our performance really killed, it was sensational and we definitely showed them we were to be taken seriously! Now let me tell you, earlier that day we visited the Cango Caves and… unbelievable beauty! I realized in that moment that the beauty and majesty of God’s creations cannot be measured in words. The guide spoke of formations that were “thousands of years old and hundreds of years young.” It was one of the best experiences of the trip. That evening we retired to the Hotel where we ate dinner, not the best dinner, but dinner nonetheless. This might have been where a few of us started to feel the hand of sickness crawl down our throats, but not yet too severely. There was a certain buzz in the air that evening because we all knew the next day was the competition that would determine our fate. We went to bed that night mentally preparing ourselves for Mr Schickerling, who would drill us until we were almost perfect, because of

course nothing is ever totally perfect. The sun woke us early on the morning of the 13th of August. We knew what awaited us, we were ready. After breakfast Mr Schickerling arranged that we have some free time to explore the streets of Wilderness. Coffee shops and little souvenir stops became our friends, and excessive tea and honey consumption became our best friends. We got back to the hotel and this was where the drilling began. Songs were rehearsed over and over and over. Now, normally one would find this annoying, but not us, the more we sang the more our excitement grew, with the realization that we were ready. Plus, the songs were fun, especially the one named Ingoma! It was time. Costume-clad and warmed up we walked into the George Municipal Court, where we were to perform, and that’s exactly what we did. In that moment adrenalin coursed through our veins, hearts beating at frantic speeds and blood boiling with excitement. It was sensational, all of it, reminiscing now I can still feel it … the undeniable feeling of triumph. Already the demand for tissues was high- illness was creeping up on us, like a thief in the night. However, all coughs and sniffles were momentarily forgotten with the brewing nerves and excitement. We would soon find out the results. Sitting in the hall later that day, a speaker claimed a spot on the stage, giving the conductors advice on how best to work with and run their choirs. I distinctly recall thinking that everything he said Mr schickerling already knew and had shared with us. We felt proud, knowing that we had one of the best conductors on a national spectrum.

overturned stomachs, the announcement was made: “La Rochelle Girls High Choir, 1st place” in one of the categories. Shouts of joy echoed through the hall because we had made it into the final 3. They were about to announce the overall winner, we were ecstatic, our nerves all bunched up, and our excitement barely contained. Anticipation was looming over us. “La Rochel…” the MC hadn’t even finished his sentence before our tears and screams erupted. In that moment of disbelief and complete joy a jersey may have ended up on the lights above us, oh wait, that was my jersey… That day, after jolling for a while with the other schools, we went back to the hotel, trophy in hand and grins on our faces. We, the choir, who are always so underrated have worked so hard and with the grace of God, brought that trophy home. Letting the words sink in, that we won a national competition was unbelievably refreshing. And a large portion of our success is thanks to the talented and driven Mr J. Schickerling, the always ready and organized Ms E. Thom and the world’s greatest cheerleader and fiercest supporter Ms M. Schoeman. The following day we hopped on the bus and settled down for the excruciatingly long bus ride home. After the buzz of winning subsided, exhaustion and sickness dawned on us. Later we would find out our bacterial friend was bronchitis and some other infections, but I would never have traded out touring with the illest (literally) for anything! To many more wonderful musical adventures...

Layla Traci van Sitters

Minutes later after, countless prayers, crossing of fingers and


‘n Aand gevul met elke dame se droom... komkommertoebroodjies, kolwyntjies, soutterte, tee en koffie van elke kleur en geur! Mammas en dogters in ‘n warm, vrolike mengelmoes saam op ‘n koue wintersaand - ek is doodseker geen man sou die aand kon oorleef tussen al dié gebabbelry nie... Vanjaar se Ma- en dogteraand was “fantallas times 2”! Elke ma en dogter het hulle “matching cups” gebring en ‘n kompeterende Bingo-aand laat vlamvat. Anja le Roux het regtig haar gasvryheidstegnieke stylvol toegepas en die meeste van die wonderlike, smaakvolle verversings sélf gemaak! Die skoolsaal is vanaf 19:00 tot 20:30 met Larrie-tafeldoeke en -persoonlikhede gevul. Kim, Gabby en Anita het natuurlik die wye verskeidenheid tee en koffies uitgekies wat dié aand geniet is en het hulle vir jou uitgehaal en gewys! Van “strawberry cupcake”, “cinnamon chai rooibos” tot “blueberry muffin” en “tropical fruit” tee! Ek het nog nooit so baie tee- en koffiesoorte bymekaar gesien nie! Nadat elkeen haarself met tee of koffie en smullekker-eetgoedjies gehelp het, het die Bingo-aand afgeskop. Na elke nommer wat uitgelees is,‘n luide gejuig en met ‘n vreugdevolle, “Bingo!!!” is die spel afgesluit. Nuwe vriendskappe is gebou, bande versterk en ter bewys daarvan natuurlik prettige foto’s deur Juffrou Swarts geneem! Elkeen wat dié aand bygewoon het, het beslis die aand op die regte manier deurgebring en onvergeetlike herinneringe met haar moeder gedeel! Viva Mama Mia!!


Cilmie Geyer

Carmari Marais Lui die naam Marné van der Burgh-Blaauw of selfs beter “Juffrou Blaauw” dalk ‘n klokkie by jou? Indien ja, onthou jy sekerlik die jong juffrou met haar blonde hare, wat self op haar dae diep spore in La Rochelle se geskiedenis getrap het en die juffrou wat getroud is met die alombekende dr. Jaco Blaauw, wat ons topatlete kondisioneer. Onlangs het ek ‘n voëltjie hoor fluit dat sy hard besig was agter die skerms van die onlangse Suid-Afrikaanse fliek, Nul is nie niks nie. Sy het nie van kleins af die filmindustriedrome gehad nie, maar wel in graad 11, danksy haar goeie vriendin, haar voete op die verhoog van Grease geplaas en die rol van die pragtige Sandy vertolk

het. En eensklaps jare later, was sy agter die skerms van Nul is nie niks nie, besig met kostuumontwerp. Kostuumontwerp, lyk op die oog af maklik en vinnig, maar dis alles behalwe die geval. Nie net moet jy die hele draaiboek gaan ontleed vir elke karakter nie, maar jy moet ook menigte voorleggings vir die Direkteur gee in verband met die finale uitrusting vir elke toneel vir elke akteur/aktrise en boonop moet jy elke klerewinkel moontlik deurkruis, op soek na jou perfekte kledingstuk en soos sy dit sou stel: “Ek gaan shop flippen vrek baie.” Volgens haar, tel kamerakennis en fotografie heelwat in jou guns, want vir hierdie afdeling maak die fynste detail die grootste verskil. Dié dat films nie altyd in chronologiese volgorde verfilm word nie. Nul is nie niks nie speel af in Gauteng, Johannesburg, asook iewers tussen niks en nêrens nie naby Nelspruit, Mpumalanga in ‘n

afgeleë dorpie, Waterval Boven, wat perfek was vir die gevoel van hierdie fliek. Drikus, die hoofkarakter, ly aan ‘n siekte Hodgkin’s Lymphoma en ‘n groot gedeelte van sy lewe, bring hy onder die oë van dokters deur en is afgesny van die wêreld daarbuite. Met hierdie siekte, is Drikus se tyd op aarde onbepaald. Gedurende sy struweling, maak hy kennis met Hoender, deurdat sy eie hond, Hoender se eie lewendige troetelhoender doodbyt. So word hulle ook vriende en dit eindig dat Hoender in Drikus se laaste wens, ‘n zombie-fliek, die held moet vertolk wat sy klasmaat, Chris, ‘n meisie, met elke zombie-aanval moet red. Gedurende die zombie-fliek, breek Hoender weg van die koue stiltes van sy treurende, landsbekende aktrise-moeder, sy onsekere suster en die onvergete afsterwing van sy pa, wat hy moet verwerk om aan te beweeg. Nul is nie niks nie - dis die somtotaal van hoop. Hierdie fliek is in teaters al te siene en jy sal nie ‘n fout maak om self te gaan kyk wat die storie agter die storie is nie… Die dinge wat vir haar opvallend was, was die kinderakteurs en -aktrises se onuitputlike energie, wat dag in en nag uit die entoesiasme verskaf het. Indien jy ooit belangstel om op stel of agter die skerms te werk, berei jou voor vir ‘n minimum van 40 keer wat party tonele verfilm kan word asook verfilmin sessie wat tot vyf ure plus kan neem. Wees op die uitkyk vir haar saam met haar uitstekende spanne se handewerk, want nie net lê en wag ‘n Kersgeskenk-fliek, Liewe Kersfeesvader nie, maar ook ‘n Westerse film, Romantiese Drama en Drama-reeks waarna jy solank in 2018 kan uitsien. “Dis verkeerd om in enige rigting te werk as jy nie ‘n droom of ideaal het om die hoogste hoog te ‘achieve’ van wat jy moontlik kan nie, otherwise, you’re wasting your time.” - Juf. Blaauw


Net soos die sterre in die hemelruim en die sandkorrels op die kuslyn, so is die aantal kulture en gebruike in die wêreld byna ontelbaar. Dit skep nie net diversiteit en uniekheid nie, dit vorm ook deel van elkeen se menswees. Hier volg ‘n paar interessante feite: - In Spanje word daar gewoonlik van gaste verwag om vir afsprake of vergaderings later eerder as vroeër op te daag. - In Switserland eet die gemiddelde mens ongeveer 22 pond sjokolade elke jaar. - Die alfabet van Hawaii bevat slegs 13 letters – die mense het seker nie veel te sê nie. - Griekeland se Nasionale lied bevat 158 verse, wat dit die langste in die wêreld maak. - Meeste Spanjaarde skryf hul volle name deur eerste die pa se van te skryf gevolg deur die ma se van. - Die “Daur” mense van China glo nie in koeksny nie, maar eerder ‘n hoender. Hulle het ‘n tradisie waar verloofde paartjies ‘n hoender dissekteer en die lewer inspekteur. As die lewer gesond is, dan word dit gesien as ‘n goeie voorbode en kan ‘n troudatum vasgestel word. Indien nie, moet die paartjie maar aanhou soek vir die lewer van voorspoed! - In die Weste glo mense dat die kleur, groen, lewe en geboorte simboliseer; ook dat dit die kleur van hoop is. In Japan, word swart nie gesien as die kleur van die dood nie, maar eerder wit. In Indië word pienk geassosieer met sukses, rykdom en geluk.


- In Costa Rica is daar geen straat adresse nie. Daar word eerder van landmerke of GPS-koördinate gebruik gemaak vir die stuur van pos. Om hierdie rede word 440 miljoen Euro jaarliks op die terugstuur van posstukke na poskantore bestee omdat dit nie afgelewer kon word nie. - Die paashaas en paaseiers wat geassosieer word met Paasfees, kom eintlik vanaf die 13de eeu, toe mense verskeie gode en godinne aanbid het. “Deity Eostra” was die godin van vrugbaarheid en feeste was in haar eer gehou. Haar simbool was die haas as gevolg van sy hoë voortplantingskoers. - Daar is 450 tipes kase in die wêreld waarvan 250 van Frankryk afkomstig is. - Mense in die Weste van China, Tibet en Mongolia gooi sout in hulle tee. - Donald Duck was oorspronklik verban in Finland se biblioteke omdat hy nie ‘n broek gedra het nie. In Denemarkte moet babaname gekies word uit ‘n sekere lys wat

goedgekeur is deur die regering. Sodoende word vreemde name wat nie duidelik die kind se geslag weerspieël nie, vermy. - Fugu is bekende tipe Sushi en word gemaak van “puffer fish”. Fugu is uitsonderlik moeilik om voor te berei omdat die organe van hierdie vis giftige toksiene bevat wat 1200 maal meer giftig is as sianied. Kokke moet ‘n spesiale permit ontvang om hierdie dis voor te berei en die adellikes van Japan word verbied om fugu enigsins te proe.

Carla van Wyk

Elouise Lourens Dear Miss [enter your name here]. We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Let’s face it: since we blew out the candles to celebrate our 11th birthday, we have all been fantasising about opening an envelope with a wax seal and reading that paragraph, written in Dumbledore’s elegant handwriting. But as you are currently reading this article in the Avanti in the comfort of your own home, it implies that no giant has broken down your door to whisk you away to a magical future at Hogwarts. Most of us are still in complete denial of our “Muggle” status. We often reassure ourselves that our letters are still out there somewhere. Maybe they gave our letters to Ron’s owl, Errol, and he flew into a window somewhere, as usual. The modern Potterheads would probably be the ideal students to admit to Hogwarts straight away. We do the Sorting Hat’s job for him, as online quizzes allow us to be sorted into one of the four different houses (for the sake of the ignorant Muggles, that means either Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff) in a matter of minutes. And, needless to say, we already know just about all the spells off by heart. It has been 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was published. J.K. Rowling came upon the idea

of the Harry Potter series while she was travelling on a delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990. She planned the series over the next five years on scraps of paper. Little did she know that she was planning the third most popular book series in the world. Her books and the subsequent movies caused a world-wide obsession. They have led to many a heated debate, for example, whether Severus Snape is a good person and if his bad deeds are to be forgiven in light of his love for Lily. Rowling also used her characters to teach the reader and viewer many valuable lessons. We were reminded of the fact that being loving and pure at heart is of the utmost importance and that dreaming without taking action is simply not good enough. Quoting the late Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape: “When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. My family will say to me, ‘After all this time?’ And I will say, ‘Always.’”



Die digter en skrywer, Carla van Wyk. Haar pen is altyd vol ink, haar bladsye vol geskryf en sy het nie `n tekort aan verbeelding nie. Die Avanti kon nie die Gr.11 leerder se skryf talent mis kyk nie en moes ondersoek instel. Hier

Inspirasie is onvoorspelbaar; p a rty dae loop ek oor van inspirasie en kan in `n kwessie van 10 minute `n gedig skryf waarop ek trots is. Dan ander dae is inspirasie skraal en vat ure om `n gedig bymekaar te sit. Die natuurtonele is iets wat my inspirasie wel aanvuur veral Knysna en sy skoonheid.

Ek wou die sekelmaan van jou vertel toe herfs kom klop aan my deur maar hy`s te vinnig weg met jou - glimlag hy`t jou voetspore kom leen. los die reuk van kappertjiesaad het ek gevra maar selfs dit was tevergeefs want hy`t jou met hom saamgedra en my hier gelos – alleen

WIE IS JOU ROLMODEL IN DIE LETTERKUNDIGE WÊRELD? WAAROM? Sjoe... Daar is soveel goeie skrywers daar buite, maar as nou `n gunstelling een moet uitsonder. Jaco Jacobs.Ek vind aanklank by die skrywers, omdat ek baie van hul skryf style hou en dit aansluit by my manier van skryf. Ek het ook `n epos van hom ontvang wat vertel dat hy baie beindruk is met my skryfstyl end at ek `n sterk aanvoeling vir humor het. WAT HET JOU SKRYFLOOPBAAN SOVER BEHELS? My loopbaan het werklik afgeskop in Gr.4. My eerste gedig , “Voël en Springkaan”, wat ek ingestuur het vir `n kompetisie die GA( Genootskap van Afrikaanse Handhawing) en `n tweede plek ontvang. Die gedig sowel as my Gr. 5 gedig “ Stem uit die Suiderland”wat albei in hul digbundels geplaas. Die jaar het ek deelgeneem aan die Bloemfontein skrywers kompetisie en het `n tweede plek ontvang landswyd. Hopelik sal die volgende stap wees om my boek te publiseer. EK HET `N VOËLTJIE HOOR FLUIT DAT JY BESIG IS OM `N BOEK TE PUBLISEER. VERTEL ONS SO BIETJIE DAAROOR? Ek het in Gr 9 met die boek “Spookasem”

10| NEWS

deur Carla van Wyk

begin, maar my perfeksionistiese kant kom altyd na vore . So daar is altyd iets wat ek besig is om te verander. Die boek is `n tienerverhaal wat handel oor `n groep tieners wie se vriendekring besig is om uit mekaar uit te val. Dan gaan hul op `n Knysna vakansie en begin hul probleme te ontleed en besef wie se skuld wat is. Daar is ook `n romantiese verhouding wat ontwikkel deur Isabella. VERTEL ONS SO BIETJIE VAN DIE SKRYWER AGTER DIE PEN SOOS STOKPERDJIES? Soos al die Gr. 11 weet is vrye tyd nie iets wat baie vollop is nie. So op die oomblik as ek nie leer of skoolaktiwiteite bywoon nie. Vestige ek my aandag op my boek. Egter geniet dit egter baie en inspirasie oorval my so tyd is baie tydrowend.

Robyn Broodryk

GreenPop Festival of Action A few months ago the GreenPop organisation came and presented their Zambia Festival of Action to the Laries in the hopes of inspiring a few of us to join them on this once in a lifetime opportunity. In the end 4 Larries along with Mr Spies set off to Zambia to experience this extraordinary event. Their trip took place over the July holidays in Livingstone, Zambia. I have taken the time to hear exactly what went on and asked each of them about their experience.


Anya Roux: What drew me towards this trip the most was the opportunity to meet people who have the same or a similar passion for the environment as I do. The fact that Green-Pop was in Zambia gave me the chance to travel and experience a place that was completely different to South Africa. I was able to experience a different currency and different languages. I was definitely interested in learning about how they do things there and seeing how I could bring some of their eco-mannerisms back to South Africa. 2-WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE PART?

Teagan Maher: Basically everything! I definitely enjoyed meeting all the new people and attending all the workshops. We learnt so much! At one workshop, we were able to learn how to work with clay and we even made our own stove! I also enjoyed the tree planting even though it was hard work, because it gave us an opportunity to interact with other people and other cultures. There were also other fun activities like white river rafting. Going to the toilet was also quite an adventure. 3-WHAT



Felix Spies and Anja Roux: Definitely the very cold showers! Also, the very cold nights.

Nicola Dreyer: Honestly the whole trip was amazing and I didnt have a least favourite part. Well, maybe it was waking up at 6 in the morning every day.

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.

Felix Spies: Without a doubt. Are you coming with?


- Aldo Leopold

Teagan Maher: Most of our free time

4-WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Jana Pretorius: So much! But the thing that I will never forget is the fact that nature is so much more than we think it is, and going green is a cool thing and not something to be ashamed of.

Teagan Maher: I learnt a lot! I learnt

how to make my own vegetable garden, natural building and how to actually plant a tree. We also learnt about medicinal plants amd which plants go together in vegetable gardens. We learnt about one of the 77 native languages in Zambia and also the Zambian culture. 5-DID



Jana Pretorius: I didnt go with any expectations but if I did, it would exceed anything I could ever expect. 6-WOULD



Nicola Dreyer: Absolutely! I want to encourage more people to go next year. Anya Roux: Definitely! It is something that I would do over and over and never get tired of it.


we showered and spent time with all the people. We learnt how to make our own necklaces using natural bead rock. We had the opportunity to do yoga and learn how to identify different tree species. I also really enjoyed the white river rafting that we did on the Saturday. 8-HOW DID THIS TRIP CHANGE YOU WHEN YOU GOT HOME?

Felix Spies: The trip changed me in the

sense that I became more eco-conscious with regards to my use of plastic. I have started using plastic over and over again instead of just using it once and then recycling it. I've started a few eco bricks and I've just enforced my plastic recycling habits. After hearing all these stories it has definitely inspired me to start saving towards my trip to Zambia next year. 2018 registration is already open so I encourage everyone to go and visit the GreenPop Festival of Action website to sign–up and find any other information. AMY WOOD

Euro Trip: A

La Neethling

Recently our favorite teacher duo, Mr and Mrs Neethling, got to go on the adventure of a lifetime, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland and France. Together they navigated the narrow roads of the Scottish highlands, spotted HRH The Duke of Cambridge himself and took well over 1500 photos with which to tell the tale. We got an exclusive interview from them, in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary.

“I ed

am the the trip,” said

one Mr

who Neethling


“We actually didn't celebrate a proper honeymoon when we got married, because I had to write a supplementary exam. We got married very young, as students, and then when the children arrived and our careers took off we didn't get around to having a proper holiday together.

of the taxi drivers were not from that particular country, so it was very interesting to speak to them and hear their stories.” “The car we hired in Scotland was quite a challenge.” said Mrs Neethling with a laugh.

The idea was that before we got too old and decrepit , we would go on a proper extensive holiday together.” Mrs Neethling said that she didn't want to get her hopes up until she was certain it could be a reality.“Which was only in December last year and with time, excitement grew and I knew that it was going to happen.” Practicality isn't her forte and Mr Neethling ended up doing all the planning himself. Take note boys. “I think in my case, having never really been a tourist before, I could not foresee the amount of planning that needs togo into being a tourist if you really want to make it worthwhile. There is a big difference between being a tourist and going on holiday, where you can lie in bed till 11. The real holiday came when we stayed in a 4-star hotel for two days,” joked Mrs Neethling.

Of course, not everything goes as planned and there were some things that went their way, and some that didn’t. For example their hotels in both England and the Netherlands were a mere five minute walk from 2 attractions that they wanted to visit. That was a happy coincidence, which saved then a lot of travelling time. “We wanted to use the solid three weeks of the school holiday to make it worth our while, but we would have liked it longer.” The trip was planned so that they could do all the “touristy” things this time around, tick those boxes but then also do their own things. Both of them being english teachers the literary aspect of Europe was was one of the things they wanted to explore. “I also have a fascination and love for history, especially english history, so going to the tower of London was really exciting.” Explained Mrs Neethling. “But we knew that the Lake District was going to be the highlight of the trip and it was.” “Absolutely” agreed Mr Neethling, “If we can’t retire to Pringle Bay or Langebaan, I wouldn't mind retiring to the Lake District.”

Getting to spend time with Mr Neethling’s family was also a very special experience for them. “I have only ever met Tante Bebe (Mr Neethling”s aunt) once and his cousins I’ve never met, so getting to spend time with them was marvelous. I mean what a lady, she's 80 years old and she walks around the whole town.” “Another thing we regarded as special, and we planned it that way, was to use many different forms of transport. For example we took a bus to Germany from the Netherlands and the fast train from London to Manchester. We we also took taxis, which was interesting because a number

When asked if they had any annoyances with each other while traveling Mrs Neethling was quick to answer with a yes. “But we knew that as we set foot on the plane,” explained Mr Neethling, “I mean a holiday like this, where you are in such close proximity, is a test of a relationship. That’s why our son asked if we were still married when we returned. At times we would irritate each other, but then all we had to do was backoff and give each other some space as this was something we had to do together and I suppose this also comes from being happily married for so many years,

12| NEWS

we actually compliment each other.” “I remember the one time, when I was very irritated, he said we should do Buckingham palace to because we only had 5 hours left in London and I just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep. We were there for 5 minutes and the gates opened and two cars came out. In the first was Prince Charles and in the second was Prince William, which was very exciting.”

and I didn't want

“One of the things I kept telling Mrs Neethling in preparation for the trip was that she must exercise and start training to walk because we were going to do a lot of walking. Often I would be walking and I’d suddenly realize that she was not with me anymore and that is dangerous in a big city.” They also spoke about how important trust was within their marriage. “I was a little worried about finances but I trusted Sir entirely with that and it worked out very well in the end.” “And if I may toot my own trumpet, we had the budget spot on,” joked Mr Neethling. They really wanted to spend all the time together and that was important for them, “The only time when I “excused” Mrs Neethling was when I went for walks in Germany, when I knew she wouldn't be able to keep up.” They felt very safe on the whole but Mr Neethling says that stuck in the back of his mind were terrorist attacks, “ We

were aware of the fact that we were visiting a number of places where there had been attacks and we knew that we are very vulnerable now, but we never felt unsafe.” There was, however a scare in the Lourve in France. “I remember in one of the galleries,” explains Mrs Neethling, “I was admiring the painting in front of me and as I went to sit down on a wooden bench, security came up to me saying “No, no, no, don’t.’ and I thought they were joking about where I was sitting. But they were about to evacuate us all from the gallery because somebody’s hand bag had been left behind. And that was brilliant, they were able to evacuate hudreds of people within minutes.”

“On the whole, we were very lucky because our friends in Eg land and family in Ger many said that we brought the sunshine, because since we’d left they've just had rain.” Mr Neethling reckons traveling should be on everyone’s bucket list. “What’s the point of getting to the end of your life and not having visited any of the major cities in the world? “ When getting home, Mr Neethling said that he would have loved to stay longer in the Lake District, “But Africa is in my blood and flying over Africa and identifying certain landmarks made me feel like we were returning home. This is where we belong. It was fantastic going overseas but we belong here and it was good to return home to the family.” “And the dog and the cat,” added Mrs Neethling, with a laugh.

Josephine Bellmunt

NEWS |13


“You’re going to be 16 for only 365 days. And you could die at 17. When your mom asks if you want to sleep in her bed, say yes. One day she’ll be in a hospital bed and there won’t be enough room to make up for right now. Stop cancelling plans; go out and use your legs while they work. You’re guaranteed nothing. Stop denying affection. You’ll never be able to love someone like a teenager does, at 35. Someone, many someones, are going to tell you they love you. Don’t keep quiet because you’ve been told it’s too soon. If you love them, say so. Be brutally, beautifully honest. Go out and change the world, Fight for peace, equality and change. When you‘re 70 and can only watch the news all day you don’t want to see the same issues still going on when you had every chance to fight them. Stop romanticizing the I-don’t-need-anybody-and-I-don’t-have-feelings-attitude. It’s easier to make friends in high school than in nursing homes. Embrace feelings and intimacy. Don’t apologise for caring and don’t let anybody make you feel guilty for caring, even if it’s one sided. You’re only a teenager for 2,555 days and then you’re 20. Life never slows down. Bones become fragile and break, people die, and hearts become weak. With every atom in your body, live right now.”

Emma Louw

This is just a random quote that I found while procrastinating (as one does) on Instagram one day, but it really spoke to me, and I realised that to me, this is what it means to live an extra-ordinary life. I’ve always thought that in order to live an extra-ordinary life, you need to do, well, extra ordinary things. I’ve always entertained the notion that you need to have some kind of overriding purpose, some kind of life goal. It has always seemed to me, that in order to be able to achieve exceptionality, you need some kind of big dream or step by step plan of action and to be honest, that has always really scared me, because I don’t. I look at the Madibas, the Malalas, the Martin Luthers and the Amelia Earhearts of this world. The Florence Nightingales, the William Shakespears and the Barack Obamas, and I can’t help feeling slightly intimidated. All I can think of is how much I want to be like them. How badly I want to leave my mark on this world. I want to make a difference and I want to leave something behind. But how...? And then I realised that I don’t need to know that yet. I realised that I don’t even need a massive plan of action or scary dream. All that I need to do is to live and love fiercely. I need to know what I believe in and I need to fight for that. I

need to take my ordinary life and just live each day in an extra ordinary way. I need to make small differences that may not mean a lot in the grater scheme of things, but that make a difference to individual people. Living an ordinary life in an extra-ordinary way is about saying thank you for the small mundane things that we tend to take for granted. It’s telling your parents that you love them and doing things that make you happy. Being extra-ordinary is sharing your piece of cake with your hostel friend. It’s asking your friends if they are okay when you can tell they are having a bad day. It’s allowing your sister to wear your new jersey, even though you haven’t worn it yet. It’s about picking up the piece paper as you walk past, voicing your opinion,telling the truth and buying a stranger a cup of coffee. Because in the end, at least in my opinion, how successful and extra-ordinary your life is, doesn’t depend on how much money you make, how executive your job is, or how fast your car is. It’s about the small differences that you have made to the people around you and how you took the opportunities that you were given to make the world a slightly better place. than it was when you first arrived.

Minutes of Wisdom

Minutes of wisdom is a platform for freedom, a place for opinions to be created as well as challenged, and let’s not forget the nutritional value of the apples offered at the door... I don’t think we as young women fully understand the potential power that our voices could have. The time has come to stop being submissive and silent, it is time to speak up. Feminism, racism, bullying, the list is endless and the list of opinions on these topics goes on for even longer. I don’t care if you’re the loud out going type or the quiet timid type, each and every one of us has an opinion and the right to voice these opinions, ever heard of freedom of speech? Now I bet you’re sitting thinking, but who am I to speak up, or better yet, how on earth would I do that or why on earth would I do that and be judged? The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people. News flash, Minutes of Wisdom is not just about handing free apples out! This is an incredible platform for you to be heard without any judgement what so ever. It is a place where brilliant young minds, much like yours can come together and discuss real matters and opinions. I challenge

Megan Hough



‘n Indringer in ONS taal Dis die Maandag na interskole. Buitekant sidder die warm teer en rye akkerbome in die ondraaglike hitte -abnormaal en te warm vir Augustus. Die swembad roep soos `n Lorei met sy glimmende blink water. Binne versmoor almal in die reuk van sweet, warm voete en oorweldigende aromas van verskeie reukwaters. Voor in die klas kan die Afrikaans-juffrou voel hoe sy gloei onder haar plooipleisters (make-up), terwyl sy `n laaste keer probeer om die slaperige leerlinge iets te leer. Sy moes reeds vanoggend die chaos van die kombikraal (taxi rank) trotseer om haar huishulp te gaan oplaai en dit met ‘n skouervlieg (back seat driver) wat soos ‘n rymkletser (rapper) inligting oor elke rooi verkeerslig (robot) en padteken uitsaai! Sy druk haar data proppie (memory stick) by haar skootrekenaar (lap top) in. Sy is goed voorbereid , maar weet dat dit groot moeite gaan verg om vandag die gr.11-klas se aandag ,by die onderwerp waaroor sy so passievol is, te hou. “Meisies, Anglisismes is ‘n TAALMISDAAD! Dis ‘n onwettige immigrant wat insluip sonder ‘n visum of paspoort en hom nou wil tuismaak asof hy hier hoort! Dis ‘n INDRINGER!” Jandri gaap. Sy het dan gedink alle Anglisismes is Engels, maar as hulle sonder visums of paspoorte is, kan hul seker uit Zimbabwe ook kom? Die juffrou se oë gly oor die gr.11-klas. Hier en daar kan sy sien hoe `n ken styftrek soos die dogters probeer om binnesmonds te gaap maar eerder lyk asof hul so pas suurmelk gedrink het.Sy moet haarself herinner dat hulle darem vanjaar goed presteer het. Veral Brianna blink uit in haar klas (staan uit) en selfs die Duits-uitruilstudent het Afrikaans vinnig aangeleer (opgetel). “Ons mismaak-Afrikaans in ‘n vereenvoudigde, baster-Engels met elke lui anglisisme”. Gepraat van LUI, Jana voel lui. En honger. Sy sien uit na die woefkadoesie (doggy bag) met Eva beentjies (spare ribs) wat vir haar in die yskas wag. Dalk kan sy die bene vir hulle nuwe bure se Golden Retriever gee. Die perfekte verskoning om daardie oulike nuwe oogplesier (hunk) met die gietswart boetbolla (man bun) te sien !

Monique se gedagtes dwaal terug na die naweek en haar hand vryf onwillekeurig oor die luskus (love bite) in haar nek. Sy moet tog onthou om die briefie wat Johan onder haar glas ingedruk het, te bêre in haar emosie dosie (memory box). ‘n Glimlag speel om haar mond by die gedagte aan die oorspronklike flikkergooiversie (pick up line) waarmee hy haar hart gewen het. Hulle twee is definitief ‘n room-en-ys paartjie (perfect match)… “Klas, anders as leenwoorde, is Anglisismes Engels-woorde wat nie net ‘n invloed op ‘n ander taal uitoefen nie, maar daardie taal in die proses verarm en sy TAALEIE verstoot.” Gepraat van leen, sy moet onthou om vir Sonja te vra om haar flaterwater (tippex) en papiervampier (stapler) terug te gee, dink Carmari. Dan kan sy sommer vir haar daardie koel sellulietsokkies (skipants) leen wat enige Dooie Dorie (plain Jane) soos ‘n model laat lyk! Die klas wip van die skrik toe die Juffrou skielik haar glimpen (highlighter) hard teen die bord kap en vurig voortstoom. “Ek is nie ‘n taalpuris nie. Soms is ‘n Engels-woord die beste keuse, maar dit breek my as ‘n goeie Afrikaans-woord of uitdrukking onnodig vervang word deur ‘n Engels-indringer! Ek sal daarteen baklei tot ek kieriekoshuis (ouetehuis) toe gaan!” Die skoolklok lui uiteindelik om verlossing te bring. Die meisies pak vinnigger as blits hul tasse weg, haastig om eerste by die snoepie gladde jantjies (smoothies) te koop. Die juffrou gee `n laaste sug en hoop vol vertroue dat die meisies nie van môre se klastoets oor Anglisismes vergeet het nie. Sy voel hoe `n rilling langs haar ruggaat afglei as sy aan daardie aaklige woord dink. `n Skielike grom onderbreek haar gedagtegang en sy besluit om eers `n breuk (blaaskans) te vat. Sy gryp haar burger, met tjips en spareribs en maak haar gemaklik by haar lessenaar voor haar laptop om die nuwe series van` Riverdale` te kyk. Sy is veral mal oor die hunk met sy bloedrooi 5o cc motorbik (bromponie). Sy ruk skielik regop - oë so groot soos pierings. Het sy so pas haar EIE woorde en waarskuwing oor Anglisisme, wat sy in die Graad 11`s se koppe ingdril het, vergeet??? Sy sidder weer. Een ding is verseker - Anglisime is absoluut horriverend!!!

Sonja Visser


“Daarom moet julle gaan en julle moet die mense van al die volke my dissipels maak. Julle moet hulle doop in die Naam van die Vader en die Seun en die Heilige Gees. Julle moet vir hulle leer om gehoorsaam te wees aan alles wat Ek vir julle gesê het. En onthou: Ek is altyd by julle, tot die einde van die wêreld.”– Mattheüs 28:19-20 Hierdie is ‘n opdrag wat die Here vir Sy volgers gee. “Gaan uit na al die nasies!” Net soos wat dit belangrik is om uit te reik na die mense rondom ons, is dit ook belangrik om na die uithoeke van die wêreld te gaan om die goeie nuus te verkondig. Global challenge bied hierdie geleentheid aan diegene met ’n hart wat passievol klop vir die onbereikte nasies. Global Challenge Expeditions bied uitreikgeleenthede, waartydens jong leiers die geleentheid ontvang om saam met volwassenes lewensveranderende uitdagings op ‘n avontuurreis te ervaar. GCEX het ontstaan na afloop van ‘n wonderlike sendingreis met jong Suid-Afrikaners na Bosnië en Herzegowina. Die groep sendelinge kon nie direk na Bosnië en Herzegowina vlieg nie en het twee weke geneem om hulle bestemming te bereik. Die span moes God op soveel verskillende maniere vertrou en daardeur het hulle gesien dat Hy elke keer ‘n deurbraak gebring het. Dit was tydens hierdie ervaring wat een van die spanlede oor die moontlikheid van ‘n reisgebaseerde dissipelskap- en leierskapsprogram begin wonder het. Global Challenge glo in die ontwikkeling van diensknegleiers wat hardwerkend en onbaatsugtig sal wees. Leiers wat met geloofsywer ’n daadwerklike verskil in die wêreld sal maak. GCEX is ‘n leerinstrument, dit fasiliteer werklike probleme en help deelnemers om ‘n globale perspektief te hê en ‘n dieper begrip van die kompleksiteite van die lewe. Dit stel jou in staat om jou eie Godverhale te vertel. Huidige reise: GCEX: een jaar (Noord- en Suidwaarts).

Wat om te verwag: Om oral in die wêreld te reis en saam te bedien, te verken en te ontdek. Die pelgrimstog: Wat om te verwag: Hierdie ervaringsleerprogram is meer gefokus op teoretiese kennis en toepassing daarvan. Versteekte wêreld: Wat om te verwag: ‘n Reis in die hart van Latyns-Amerika, vol avontuur, misterie, uitdagings en wonders wat jou aanmoedig om God op nuwe maniere te vertrou. Verken Afrika: Wat om te verwag: Die geheimsinnige vasteland met verlore en verborge skatte wat voor jou lê soos ‘n avontuur wat wag om te gebeur. Work your way: Wat om te verwag: GCEX-inisiatief wat aan jong mans die geleentheid bied om te reis en verskillende kulture ervaar, maar met die bykomende voordeel om te werk om sommige van die reisuitgawes te dek. 80 dae Oostwaarts: Wat om te verwag: Deelnemers sal as ‘n groep na agt tot tien lande in die Ooste reis. Deelnemers sal in gemeenskap met gelowiges van ander lande verkeer. As jy miskien nog nie weet wat om na skool te doen nie, is Global Chellenge beslis iets om te oorweeg. Vir meer inligting kan jy Global Challenge se webtuiste by besoek. Evette Smith

How to fake-like sport:

Whether you love sport or you completely despise it, there is no denying that it is EVERYWHERE. Here are some tips to seem like you know more about sports than you actually do.

1. Learn The Games Nothing kills an intense ‘game mode’ faster than people asking what is happening in the game every two seconds. Focus on the jargon (thanks, Mr Neethling) and rules of the game at first. Once you are feeling comfortable, you can make speculations about what you think the outcome of the game will be (only when you feel like you can make a remark without completely embarrassing yourself). This is not like the movies, embarrassing moments usually end in emotional scarring. Trust me, I know. 2. Make Vague Exasperated and Excited Comments While watching the game in the company of others, make little comments. Listen to other people’s comments (specifically the ones of those you’re trying to impress). If they are overwhelmingly positive or negative, comment appropriately, not enough to start an argument with anyone, but enough so that after the game you can at least say, “I told you so” or “You’re right, Liverpool was not the team to bet on”. Subtlety is key. 3. Get Painting You would be surprised by what two lines of paint can do for your face. You immediately go from neutral fan to INTENSE supporter in .25 seconds. Use paint instead of glitter because let’s be for real; glitter on your cheekbones does very little except make you use 18 makeup remover wipes to clean your face properly. 4. Yell At The Games This skill is heavily reliant on your speed and ability to read others. Whether you are watching on TV, or worse, are at a live game, pay close attention to the reactions of the crowd. Find the fan who is decorated in the most body paint or has most team merchandise. They are usually a loud and reliable indication to those who are completely oblivious of how the game is going. 5. Ask Whoever You Want To Impress About Their Predictions and Agree With Them Yes, this one will most probably make you seem like you have no backbone but it’s worth a shot to impress them …him (lol). Once the person you want to impress is under the impression that you like sports, he will want to talk about himself (yay). Make sure you are always the one who is in control of the conversation. When you ask all the questions, you won’t have to answer them. If he asks you the same question back, agree with him by simply complementing his answer or saying exactly what he said, just cleverly reworded. Gabi Prout


Food Trends Fashion is not the only thing that trends; food trends also come and go like high-waisted shorts. Remember the rise and fall of the red-velvet cupcake? What about cake-pops? Every food has its day in the sun, and here’s what’s trending now… Sourdough Bread. Gone are the days of plain old sliced white bread. Sourdough bread is being offered at more and more restaurants or cafés, let alone supermarkets. The difference between this type of bread and so-called ‘normal’ bread is that this bread uses real yeast instead of instant. Basically, water and flour is left in the sun until bacteria allows it to rise, overall, a much more authentic and healthy bread. Juices. No, I don’t mean good old orange juice. I mean fresh-pressed juices. The food world is being shaken by the overpowering need for healthy eating. Juicing fruits and vegetables ensures you can get all the nutrients very easily. Juicing the fresh produce also means that you remove the fibre, so your body can better absorb the vitamins and minerals. I mean, how else would you get all that an entire cucumber has to offer in ten minutes. Challenge accepted? Avocado. This fruit- yes fruit- has been on the rise for a while. Pop pieces into salads, mash them into guacamole and place some on crackers…. They are, oh so, versatile! Even avocado oil is randomly appearing everywhere. And it’s really good for you. Full of healthy fat, fibre and potassium, avocados will keep you healthy and are especially beneficial for your heart! Purple food. Purple is such a luxurious colour! Purple food is making its way into supermarkets everywhere. Think purple cauliflower, sweet potatoes, kale and confectionary. Purple is trending. Nutritionally, it is very important to include all the different colours of the rainbow and naturally purple food is usually bursting with antioxidants! So do not be alarmed when you see more and more of these foods flooding the market places or your local Pick ‘n Pay. While you don’t have to be a sheep and follow the trends exactly - enjoy the availability of these foods, while stocks last.

Annabel Moore



Eksamen-flaters Tydens elke eksamen is daar antwoorde wat so bietjie komiese verligting aan ons onderwysers verskaf. Hier volg ’n paar van die Matrieks se kreatiewe antwoorde: Vraag: Voltooi die sin om die IDIOOM korrek te voltooi!

Hagar is woedend! Wanneer hy by die huis kom, gaan die … dans! (poppe)

koeie duiwel Hoenders mure Wolwe huis volstruise mense voëls kranse ‘fingers” dak bossies besems dakke vlerke kuikens ‘gaans” engeltjie eende


Gabi Niewoudt & Phia Frank

Tussendeur al die gewoel, praktiese eksamens en toetse, kon ons meisies tyd kry om deel te neem aan die laaste Interhuis van die jaar.Die jaarlikse Interhokkie en Interhuisnetbal, is op 15 Augustus in die En Avant gehou. Dit het begin met die Hokkie Junior- en Seniorspanne, waar albei spanne van Murray skoonskip gemaak het. Daarna het die hokkiewedstryd tussen die Matrieks en onderwysers ( asook eerstespanafrigter) gevolg. Dit was ‘n naelskraapse oorwinning vir die onderwysers.Die netbalwedstryd tussen die Matrieks en onderwysers het ‘n telling soortgelyk aan ‘n rugbytelling gehad, in die Matrieks se guns. Daarna het die Netbal Junior- en Seniorspanne teen mekaar gespeel. Die Murray netbalspanne het weer eens nie teruggehou nie en het skoonskip gemaak.As ‘n Matriekleerder moet ek bieg, ek was bietjie hartseer toe ek vir die laaste keer my Huisspan verteenwoordig het. Dit was wel ook lekker om die genot op die graad 8- leerders se gesigte te sien wat vir die eerste keer deelgeneem het. Die Interhuishokkie en -netbal was sowaar ‘n sukses, ‘n dag vol opwinding en verrassende uitslae.



Sportsterre Supreme!

Tydens die Junie-vakansie, was daar baie sport op die kassie. Hier volg die hoogtepunte wat almal aan die gons gehad het: O/18 Atletiek-Wêreldkampioenskappe BREYTON POOLE: Hoogspring Alhoewel hy net 1.72m lank is, spring hy lag-lag 2.24m. Alhoewel hy maar soos ‘n klein seuntjie lyk, spring hy hoër as baie volgroeide mans. Hy is beslis iemand om na op te kyk. Hierdie 17-jarige Kapenaar kan julle maar dophou, hy gaan nog groot hoogtes bereik – letterlik en figuurlik! LEMAO & MLENGA: 100m mans Sal ons hulle die opkomende “Bolts” noem? Hierdie twee atlete het vir Suid-Afrika ‘n goue (Lemao) en silwer (Mlenga) medalje los gehardloop in die 100m mans finaal. Dit was maar ‘n naelbyt-wedloop, aangesien hulle albei soos blits die 100m afgelê het en in mekaar se nekke geblaas het met slegs 4 millisekondes verskil, toe hulle oor die wenstreep oorgesteek het. Mag hulle nog diep spore trap in SA se atletiek-geskiedenis. Wimbledon 2017 ROGER FEDERER Hy het geskiedenis gemaak toe hy vir die 8ste keer die Wimbledon-titel omhoog gehou het. Alhoewel die 36-jarige vroeër die jaar ‘n besering opgedoen het en slegs aan net twee wedstryde deelgeneem het, het hy steeds die kenmerkende Wimbledon-trofee ingepalm. Hy het teen Marin Cilic in die eindstryd te staan gekom en hom met 3 potte teenoor 0 hom laat les opsê. Soos hul sê, oud maar nog nie koud nie! FINA-wêreldkampioenskappe CHAD LE CLOS Nie net is hy sag op die oog nie, maar swem hy dat die byle huil. By die Wêreld Swemkampioenskappe in Hongarye, het hy sy titel as 200m Vlinderslag-kampioen verdedig. Dit was wel ‘n emosionele kompetisie vir Chad, na sy teleurstelling by die Rio Olimpiese Spele, toe hy die einste resies teen die Amerikaner, Michael Phelps, verloor het. Maar dis in die verlede en Chad is terug en gemotiveerd soos ‘n vis in die water, reg vir rekords verbeter. Atletiek-Wêreldkampioenskappe: Londen 2017 WAYDE VAN NIEKERK Dié wêreldrekordhouer stel beslis nie teleur nie. Tydens die byeenkoms het Wayde ‘n uitmundende 400m wedloop gehad en weer eens die goue medalje ingepalm. Maar, dis nie waar sy byeenkoms gestop het nie. Tydens die 200m het hy nie lyf weggesteek nie en ‘n silwer medalje los gehardloop. Alhoewel hy nie die goud vir die 200m gewen het nie, het hy wel vroeër die jaar die wêreldrekord vir die 300m opgestel. Sowaar ‘n prestasie wat alle Suid-Afrikaners hoendervleis gee!

Atletiek-Wêreldkampioenskappe: Londen 2017 WAYDE VAN NIEKERK Dié wêreldrekordhouer stel beslis nie teleur nie. Tydens die byeenkoms het Wayde ‘n uitmundende 400m wedloop gehad en weer eens die goue medalje ingepalm. Maar, dis nie waar sy byeenkoms gestop het nie. Tydens die 200m het hy nie lyf weggesteek nie en ‘n silwer medalje los gehardloop. Alhoewel hy nie die goud vir die 200m gewen het nie, het hy wel vroeër die jaar die wêreldrekord vir die 300m opgestel. Sowaar ‘n prestasie wat alle Suid-Afrikaners hoendervleis gee! CASTER SEMENYA Ja, sy is beslis die hen onder die hane in Suid-Afrikaanse Atletiek. Dis nou nie nuwe nuus dat sy die 800m vroue wedloop domineer nie, maar by die Wêreldkampioenskappe het sy ons op ons voete gehad vir ‘n ander rede. Caster het haar stempel afgedruk deur ‘n brons medalje te verower in die 1500m vir vroue. Dit was maar ‘n taai stryd, maar ten einde het Caster die sukses van ‘n derde plek behaal. Meer onlangs by ‘n byeenkoms in Berlyn, Duitsland, het sy ‘n nuwe wêreldrekord vir die 600m vroue wedloop opgestel. Sy het ‘n uitmuntende tyd van 1:21.77 behaal en die rekord met 0,86 sekondes verbeter. Die rekord het vir meer as 20 jaar gestaan voordat Semenya dit verpletter het. SAMAAI EN MANYONGA Hierdie twee het die Suid-Afrikaanse vlag beslis hoog laat wapper. In die Verspring vir mans, het Manyonga met ‘n skitterende afstand van 8,48m die goue medalje verower. Samaai het self nie lyf weggesteek nie en was kort op sy mede-spanmaat se hakke met ‘n sprong van 8,32m en het die brons ingepalm. Hierdie twee atlete kan gerus by die Olimpiese Spele in Tokio, 2020 dopgehou word! Ten slotte: Ons, as Suid-Afrikaners, kan beslis trots wees op wat ons sportsterre bereik het. Suid-Afrika het in die Londen Atletiek Wêreldkampioenskappe derde geëindig op die medalje-ranglys met ‘n totaal van 6 medaljes, die beste nog ooit in Suid-Afrikaanse Atletiek. Mag ons as ‘n nasie agter ons atlete staan en hul bemoedig om nóg meer hoogtes te bereik. Viva la Afrika!

Nicola Terblanche

Raak breinfiks vir eindeksamen Die vakansie is al weer op ons en vir ons Matrieks beteken dit alles behalwe vakansie. Die eindeksamen kom vir almal al nader en dit is sonder twyfel ‘n goeie gevoel om in die eksamenlokaal in te stap met die wete dat jy voorbereid en breinfiks is vir die eksamen wat voorlê. ‘n Paar basiese goed wat jy voor die tyd kan doen om reg te wees vir die komende Novembereksamen is om voor die tyd al te begin opsom en jou werk deurlees. Ek praat uit ondervinding dat dit nie die wysste besluit is om ‘n dag voor die tyd vir ‘n groot vak te begin leer nie. Dit help om elke middag na die skooldag die werk op te som wat jy die dag behandel het. Dit is ongelukkig nie ‘n realistiese oplossing vir almal nie, aangesien die meeste mense se buitemuurse-programme hul besig hou tot saans na 18:00. Ek stel voor jy staan ‘n halfuur tot 45minute per dag af om net die werk deur te lees. Tydens die eksamen is oefening belangrik as jy akademies wil presteer, omdat dit endorfiene afskei wat jou goed laat voel, stres verminder en jou kop skoon en gefokus kry. Dit is belangrik om daagliks ‘n tydjie af te staan aan oefening, of dit nou is om om die blok te gaan draf of ‘n halfuur se Kayla Itsines BBG te doen, dit hang van jou af. Dit help ook om ‘n roetine te ontwikkel. Dit is belangrik om jou studiesessies nie te lank, maar ook nie te kort te maak nie. Dit gaan wel oor persoonlike voorkeure, maar dit werk vir my om 45 minute lank te studeer en dan ‘n 15 minute breuk te vat waarin ek iets heeltemal anders doen as skoolwerk. Dit help om vars lug te skep in die 15 minute, of om iets te kry om te eet en te drink. Studies het getoon dat studiesessies van enige iets tussen 45 tot 90 minute voldoende sal wees. Dit is ook belangrik om reg te eet aangesien jou dieet ‘n groot rol speel in algehele prestasie. Jy kan kos eet wat fokus en konsentrasie verbeter soos bloubessies, avokado’s, groen groete, vis, donker sjokolade en neute. Daarmee saam moet jy ook baie water en groen tee drink. Hierdie is net ‘n paar wenke om te gebruik om die Novembereksamen aan te pak. Om die beste resultate te kry, moet al dié wenke gevolg word, aangesien dit nie gaan help jy oefen, maar eet nie reg nie. Sterkte met die eksamen en neem dit dag vir dag.

Iriné van Zyl


Avanti Kwartaal 3 2017  

Jou vakansie-leesstof is hier! Die nuutste Avanti met die pragtige kunswerk-voorblad deur ons eie Emma Pelham is vandag beskikbaar. Skop uit...

Avanti Kwartaal 3 2017  

Jou vakansie-leesstof is hier! Die nuutste Avanti met die pragtige kunswerk-voorblad deur ons eie Emma Pelham is vandag beskikbaar. Skop uit...