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TERM 2 2016, ISSUE #6


Kristina van Zyl Friction - a very interesting eight letter, two syllable concept. To the senior grades it’s scientific, the opposite to an applied force. To athletes, it is the grip of their


takkies, or the difference between playing on an astro or grass field. And to most of our matric learners, it is what is causing all this electrifying tension between teachers and students, prefects and learners and all the cliques in between. Please do not think this is exclusive though. I am guessing even the grade 8’s have realised it is not all as smooth sailing as it was two terms ago. There is probably been more than one fallout , with long periods of awkward interaction in between. Forgive me if this is all too philosophical, but follow my train of thought. (It has almost completed its journey.) We are all struggling with the same issues , so in theory we should all have a little sympathy with each other. Unfortunate-

ly, as humans, we tend to be too wrapped up in our own heads to actually think that far. Mariella Frostrup said that every friendship goes through ups and downs. Dysfunctional patterns sets in; external situations causes internal friction; you grow apart and bounce back together. This holiday , and for the rest of the year , I challenge you to be a little kinder towards your peers - they are going though the same thing as you. Take notes from Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth - we celebrate her 90th birthday , and she still remains the epitome of class. We have an interview with our own La Rochelle royalty – that is, the newly-crowned Miss La Rochelle, Tiffany Mourries. Read about the spirit of the games in the upcoming Olympic Games. If you are still feeling as if you are living on a prayer, reading the SCA piece might serve as the inspiration you needed. And at this point , when nothing is really being taken seriously, a gap year might sound good to my fellow Matrics. If that is the case , check out our FlipSide for the pros and cons of taking a year off. So kick up your feet this holiday Larries , because you’ve earned it. Au Revoir




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ACROSS Culture is an immensely broad term and is experienced so differently by each and every one of us. I think the most interesting aspects of culture are those that are unfamiliar to you, those that make you think in new ways and open up your understanding of people, places and practices. I was fortunate to attend the National All

Girls’ Schools Festival in Durban in April. The tournament was hosted by Durban Girls’ High School and the theme was “on the crest of a wave”. While it is quite obvious that this is refers to Durban’s magnificent beaches and ideal surf spots, I experienced a wave of an alternative kind – a wave of culture. It hit me unexpectedly and carried me out into unchartered waters. With students, managers, coaches and teachers from all over the country the All Girls’ Fest was a melting pot of cultures, and many of the experiences I had were not specifically exclusive culture to Durban.

Within the debating paternity I met people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Some girls competed even though English was only their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th language! There were girls who have represented their province at the South African National Debating Championships and also girls who had never debated before the tournament. And each speaker present had received different training and different kinds of exposure to the world of debating.


A noticeably different thing about Durban was

the weather and, moreover, how people reacted to it. It was significantly hotter than a Cape Town winter with sunny skies and warm, humid air. The one day when the thermometer peaked at 25°C people were walking around in jackets! To the locals this is considered cold and warrants extra layers of clothing. Much as the reaction to cold is different – so is heat! Durban is known for its spicy curries and flavourful food that many people gobble down without a second thought, yours truly on the other hand, would have appreciated some milk or perhaps a milder blend. On the topic of food, shout out to Jacob, the friendliest waiter that the debating team befriended at our hotel. He recommended desserts that were out of this world with components such as “unmoulded crème brulé” and “orange biltong”. Our hotel unfortunately did not have a swimming pool but after a friendly phone call to the hotel a few doors down- and passing the pretty test-we were allowed in to a pool. There, we met a couple and their daughter from Johannesburg who were holiday-makers enjoying a break-away. We chatted about our experiences of Durban and played with the little girl for a while. It was a time that reminded me of my own parents and siblings. Even though everyone is different and experiences different things, we can still all come together to celebrate and share in the amazing diversity of South Africa.

Jordan Willett


THE MUSICAL OF OUR DECADE? If the 20-teens are going to be remembered for anything, let’s hope that above all the violence, the mess of the worlds politics and the steps backwards the world seems to be taking, that we are remembered for a musical. Hamilton revolves around the lifestory of a founding fathers of the United States and how he went from “poor, orphan boy dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot of the Caribbean” to Treasurer, through a masterful fusion of musical theatre and hiphop. So, here’s the question that’s running through your mind: How could a musical about an American founding fathers be interesting? Here’s your answer. It’s

contemporary. The music style is mainly hip hop and RnB, with a break-up song from King George III, love songs and epic rap battles. Anything and everything that could make something great. Hamilton seems to have it all, touching on topics that should only have been relevant in the past, but still find truth even today- for example, gun violence and how involved America should be in the affairs of other countries. Things that transcend the ages and remarkably, are still an issue today. Moving away from here, let’s look at the cast. Now you must be thinking – it’s about the founding fathers, it’s probably as whitewashed as the rest of mainstream media. But on that assumption, you’d be wrong. This cast is so diverse it gives me a headache trying to fit all of the ethnicities on a page, and having t h i s di-

versity was important for the creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who took six years to write and compose the entire musical. I’m probably selling him short when I say he’s a genius because that word just doesn’t seem to cover it. Leslie Odum Jr. (Aaron Burr) says: “He made them make sense to us, in a way they had never made sense before. He’s made them make sense in the context of our time, with our music.” If we want to go into statistics to prove just how amazing Hamilton is- this musical has won a Grammy and is up for 16 Tony’s, breaking the world record. And this is just me giving it to you in terms of awards that the majority of you will understand. So, if you have a moment to spare, go find the OST of Hamilton and listen to a journey that you don’t necessarily have to see on stage to understand and with which to empathise. I’m not going to lie, I’ve spent far too much time wondering how to finish this piece than actually writing it. And so here’s hoping you learn a little, or maybe a lot, from a musical I hope will go down in history just as West Side Story did. “Let me tell you what I wish I’d known when I was young and dreamed of glory, you have no control over who lives, who dies, who tells your story…” - Hamilton OS

Z. L. Davidson




Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the Sutherland sky, we got to observe you with the telescope’s eye. In our short weekend to Sutherland, if you have not guessed, a group of Larrie girls went to do some stargazing. What you might not know, is that we ended up doing so much more. To show you just what we got up to, I have put together five useful tips one needs to remember when visiting this little town.


Make sure to bring a pair of socks for the late-night-passage-runners. It might sound funny, but when you’re trying to sleep and can only hear a pitter-patter that is not rain, you will understand.


Make sure to bring warm clothing. It might be sunny outside, but it is cold nonetheless. After our visit to this small town, we will be able to give you a very good explanation of the word ‘freezing.’


Get ready to be amazed. One thing that I can assure you is that there is no fault in those stars. We had a look at several of the largest and brightest stars and they really did shine bright like diamonds. We were even lucky enough to be able to see a few planets, namely Jupiter and Mars. I can guarantee you that the moon is even more beautiful up close.


When playing domi nos with Mr. Hancock, make sure to put your game face on and try not to be too intimidated. A few of the girls decided to play a game or two with him. To call it a surprising and interesting experience is an understatement. Even though the dominos were slammed down onto that table with enough force to break it, we had such a good time. (I would just like to say thank you to Vicky for secretly whispering which domino to play, in my ear.)


In Sutherland, going to PEP store is really quite exciting. You have never walked into PEP with that amount of appreciation when it is the closest thing to a mall you will see. You never know what you will find. Mr. Spies even found a pink gown that suited him so well he wore it on the bus ride home.

I hope you will agree that even though Sutherland is a small town, it has plenty to offer, I mean, dynamite does come in small packages.


larries se aspoestertjie



Elouise Lourens

Mej. La Rochelle


Ons almal ken die storie van die stomme Aspoestertjie wat vir lank eers moes skrop en poets voordat sy as prinses gekroon is. Maar die Larries se Aspoestertjie, Tiffany Mourries, is van plan om dié storie om te keer. Sy is vasberade om die omgewing te skrop en te poets nadat die kroon op haar kop geplaas is.

WAT WIL JY, AS MEJ. LA ROCHELLE 2016, ANDERS DOEN AS AL JOU VOORGANGERS? Ek wil ʼn verskil maak in die samelewing wat langer as net ʼn jaar duur. Ek wil ʼn sigbare verskil maak wat kan voortduur na my termyn verby is. WATTER PROJEKTE WIL JY DEUR DIE JAAR AANPAK? BEPLAN JY OM DIE ANDER FINALISTE OOK BETROKKE TE MAAK? Ja! Definitief. Ek en die ander finaliste het Vrydag (22 April) bymekaargekom en op 2 projekte besluit. Met die eerste projek, wil ons betrokke raak by ʼn skuiling vir mishandelde vroue. Die polisie neem hulle daarheen en hulle kan 3 maande hier bly. Tydens die drie maande, het hulle alles wat hulle nodig het. Sodra hulle tyd daar verby is, het hulle regtig niks nie. Ons wil vir elke vrou ʼn “starter pack” gee met toiletware in. Ons gaan elke tweede Donderdag ʼn D-dag (donation

day) maak. Ons vra dan van elke dogter om net een item te bring van seep tot ʼn tandeborsel. Ons gaan dan die toiletware in skoenbokse sit, dit toedraai en vir die vroue gee. Vir die tweede projek, wil ons betrokke raak by ʼn plaasskool vir 8 plase. Die hele laerskool is net in twee vertrekke. Die graad eens, twees en dries is in een klaskamer en die graad viers, vyfs en sesse, is in die ander vertrek. Die kinders het niks nie. Daar is ʼn dringende tekort aan skoolskoene, toiletware, skryfbehoeftes en veral reënbaadjies omdat hulle elke dag 5km skool toe loop. Ons gaan die projek “Adopt a School” noem. DINK JY DAT SKOONHEIDSKOMPETISIES NOG RELEVANT IS IN DIE MODERNE TYD WAAR VROUENS SO VEG OM DIESELFDE AS MANS BEHANDEL TE WORD?

WAT WIL JY NA SKOOL DOEN EN HOE DINK JY KAN JOU TITEL JOU HELP OM DIT TE BEREIK? Ek wil B-Rek gaan swot. Maar soos ek vroeër gesê het, wil ek nie met my projek stop nie. Ek gaan nog steeds betrokke bly by die twee organisasies en in my eie hoedanigheid gaan. Die titel vorm ʼn goeie platform vir die pad vorentoe en ek het ʼn groot liefde vir mense. Dit sal dus vir my heerlik wees om betrokke te bly. HOEKOM DINK JY IS JY, AS MEJ. LA ROCHELLE GEKROON, BUITEN JOU VOORKOMS? In hierdie kompetisie, tel die onderhoude en jou persoonlikheid baie in jou guns. Ek dink my liefde vir mense en wie ek is, het baie bygedra tot die kroon. En ek was ook te alle tye net myself...

Ja, ek dink dit is relevant omdat dit nie net oor die uiterlike gaan nie. Dit gaan meestal oor hoe jy van binne is.


Annabel Moore



When someone mentions the queen, one immediately assumes it is the queen of England. When someone says Corgi, you think of Elizabeth the 2nd. Buckingham Palace - you thought of the queen, didn’t you? Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor is turning 90 on the 21st of April, and here is a little tribute to the longest reigning monarch, and arguably, one of best monarchs of the United Kingdom. You may think that a monarchy is redundant, or that Britain should modernize its political system. You may think that the Queen does not have a right to have the privilege she does. Whatever you think, this inspiring woman is turning 90, and I think that she deserves a moment for us to stop and think what it means to be 90. We should also ponder on what it means to have given almost a century in the service of your country. For that I salute her!

Things you probably did not know about the Queen - She bought her wedding dress on ration coupons (to not seem extravagant in post-war England). - She has given out over 90 000 Christmas puddings to her staff over the years. - She was gifted an elephant named Jumbo, by the president of Cameroon in 1972. Jumbo resided in the London Zoo. - She has had over 30 corgis in her lifetime. -She created a new species of dog called a dorgie (daschund and corgi).

- She is believed to be the only British monarch to ever change a tyre. She was trained to do so in World War 2. - She has visited the set of Game of Thrones. - She was not supposed to be Queen, but her uncle renounced his throne in order to marry an American divorcee, putting her 2nd in line for the throne. She then succeeded her father. - Prince Phillip (her husband) renounced his former titles, and converted to Anglicanism, in order to marry her.

-She when

met she

her was

husband, just 13.

“For that I salute her!� |11

Jessica Louw For some people taking a gap year is just not an option, perhaps because you know exactly what you would like to study and can’t wait to get started or perhaps, because you have been given a bursary that will only be valid if you head straight to your university, Technicon or college. If you however can take a gap year and are presented with the opportunity, I say take it! Let me start of by saying that I must just implore that if you want to take a gap year, it is important to have a plan and not just loaf in front of the TV – I am talking about a productive gap year here people. If you do make some effort however, and do your planning, this could end up being one of the best choices you will ever make and could result in a fantastic year. Let me paint you a picture. You have just finished matric and essentially, you have been slaving away

at school for the past 12 years. Ok, maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but as you all know, trying to balance your school work, extramural activities and social life is no mean feat and can be quite draining sometimes. You have lived your entire life either at home with your parents and siblings or in the hostel, surrounded by the same people, living lives very similar to yours and in a way, you are within a protected bubble of familiarity. Now is your time to break free! And I ask you: What better way than by taking a gap year? You can use this opportunity to take a break f r o m s t u d y ing and learning in the conventional sense, and instead you can develop yourself by getting some work experience overseas or in other countries within Africa teaching English, au pairing or even helping in boarding schools. You could get

“ is important to have a plan and not just loaf in front of the tv...”

8 |NEWS 12

FLIP gap a job as a waitress to save some money for your studies. In fact, the options are unlimited. You don’t even have to leave the country! All I can say is go somewhere far away from home and experience different people and cultures. Use this time to gain some insight into the big, wide world out there. I spoke to Andrew Morris, a Matric learner at Rondebosch BHS who is planning to take a gap year next year. He said the following: “I heard about volunteering to teach in rural areas when a volunteer company came to speak to our grade. Ghana appealed to me, because the people seemed friendly. I want to help out those less fortunate and gain some real world experience.” Surely, this can only be a good thing, especially if you are not entirely sure about what you would like to study. Even if you are sure, you could use this year to learn a bit more about yourself and maybe even do some work in the field that you are interested in studying and make sure that is actually the field for you. If you have no idea what you would like to study (yip, sounds familiar to me), use this time to gain some life experience and recharge your batteries! Who knows, you might have an epiphany and discover your “calling.” If not, at least you will have some time to think, discover and make some wonderful memories.

SIDE year

When the biggest gap in your gap year is between you and the TV, the wasted year won’t look good on your CV (yes, I do know that that rhymes, please forgive me?) Basically what I am trying to say here is that although a gap year may seem like a great idea, there are definitely enough negative aspects to warrant this article. This article is for those of you who, like me don’t know what they would like to do with regards to tertiary education, and are considering a gap year after school. I have talked to many people (mostly family members, seeing as everybody’s favourite topic of conversation at family gatherings is what Emma and I will be doing after school) and have done some research as to the disadvantages of taking a gap year and am going to try and lay them out for you, hopefully without sounding too much like a discouraging parent. A big problem with taking a gap year is that often you just end up taking a year off where you end up with a lot of time on your hands, unmotivated and not actually doing very much besides lazing around watching TV or working at the nearby takeout restaurant. I do think that traveling or volunteering while you are young is a good idea and an organised gap year of this sort is therefore ideal, but why not do it once you have obtained some qualifications, as something to work towards. I know that one of the main reasons for considering a gap year is to, excuse the cliché, but “find yourself” and figure out what you

would like to do with your life. After going to a few university open days, however I realised that tertiary education institutes have cottoned on to the fact that many first year students are indecisive as to which courses to take. In the first year there is therefore a wider range of subjects to which you are exposed so that you can make an informed decision as to which you would like to major in. If this does not work for you, you could even do a general degree. Then there is the question of funding. I’m sure that the majority of us would plan to pay, if not entirely then mostly, our own way through our gap year, but unfortunately gap years tend to err on the expensive side. The question is then, where will the moola come from? If you are planning on paying for your studies by means of a student loan then you will be put back a whole year of saving up to pay it off as opposed to taking a gap year after you have completed your course. You will then be able to do work relating to your studies, for which you will get paid better and gain experience in your actual career field. If you take a gap year most of your friends who went on to university or college straight after school will be a year ahead of you and in a different stage of their lives, and although it is good to meet new people, this could put strain on the relationships with your friends and mess with your social life a bit. Most of the people will be younger than you are and therefore at a different emotional level and

Emma Louw although, as you get older, small age differences tend to matter less and less, the difference between first and second years is apparently still quite evident. It is also rather difficult for some of us to make the transition back into “learning mode” and to find motivation for taking on the large amount of work there is bound to be at tertiary level, especially after a year’s break as procrastination is the thief of time, you may end up putting off your studies. Unless you revise during your gap year (now that REALLY doesn’t sound appealing) you are bound to forget large amounts of the knowledge which you may require for the course you plan to take. In the short term here may also be other reasons why it may seem unnecessary or not very appealing to go back to your studies. It could be because you have been given opportunities which you do not want to refuse. You have felt how satisfying it is to earn a salary and don’t want to go back to being a penniless student or you have gotten caught up in a different life style, place or people. The point is that tertiary education is a wonderful, not to mention important, experience that if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience, you should grab with both hands (ok, I definitely sounded like a discouraging parent there). I hope that I haven’t talked you out of taking any sort of gap year, but that you only understand better what it may involve and can now decide if a gap year is the thing for you.

NEWS |913

having a ball in the

study hall Cue girls straightening hair, painting nails and tottering on the tightrope that is their new shoes. The Dress probably changed three times throughout the last week, and the Date has been phoned multiple times, to confirm the time of arrival. It is fun being a girl, is it not? The night of the dance arrives sooner than you would think, and after cooing over dresses, dates and décor, the fun really starts. Or attempts to. The hostel study hall is not the first venue to come to mind when one imagines a night of “getting down on the dance floor” with friends. However, strings of fairy lights, Chinese lanterns and music went a long way changing how the party goers saw their venue, and eventually the party was in full swing. The dance floor, while never empty, could never quite be described as “packed.” This was the side effect of having a magnificent social area in the hostel quad, complete with rustic hay bail benches, a coffee stand, and the most

Kristina van Zyl

14| NEWS

incredible chocolate éclairs to grace the hostel ever. Miniature clouds of perfection and the incentive of good conversation enticed many guests to spend their time in the company of friends outside. While there were many obstacles that required careful manoeuvring, the Hostel Dance Committee did a wonderful job, ensuring the “Hostel Brakke” an evening to remember.

ontmoet die KONYN ‘n Wollerige gemmerglans pelsie, donkerbruin starende ogies, met ‘n persoonlikheid soos dié van ‘n mens. Ek stel bekend, my sagte vriend, Piet. Piet vorm deel van die kleinste konynras, ‘n Nederlandse Dwerg, wat op die meeste soveel as twee suikerpakkies weeg, 2kg. Die grootste konyn (natuurlik ‘n ander ras) is ‘n volle meter hoog is en baie swaarder. Dan val hierdie gróót happie nog boonop onder Spanjé se ranglys van gesogte disse ook! Piet, is dalk van die kleinste klein, maar moenie sy aptyt onderskat nie: hy skep as dit kropslaai reën! “As hy dan soos ‘n koning lewe, gaan hy seker nog saam met jou universiteit toe ook?” Volgens my is dit nie onmoontlik nie, want volgens die Guinness World Book of Records, het die oudste konyn die ouderdom van ‘n wettige 18-jarige behaal! ‘n Konyn as troeteldier en ‘n haas in die veld, is familie van mekaar, maar hulle is twee verskillende diere wat nie net op grond van hul habitatte baie verskil nie (die haas leef bogronds en die konyn ondergronds) maar ook op talle ander gebiede, soos hul gewoontes. Al is Piet se ras nogal skaars, sal konyne nie sommer uitsterf nie, want hoekom anders lei die gesegde stééds “teel soos konyne”. Konyne kan normaalweg 8 - 12 kleintjies elke maand kry, alhoewel Piet se ras slegs 2 - 3 kleintjies op ‘n slag

kry, waarvan daar gewoontlik net 1 bly leef, wat sy ras net nog meer spesiaal maak. Dis moeilik om presies die prentjie van hoe ‘n konyn geskou word te skets. Jy moet demonstreer hoe om ‘n konyn goed te versorg deur hom sonder chemikalieë te bad en uit te kam, omdat hulle gereeld verhaar. Om ‘n tipe onvoorbereide mondeling dan aan die beoordelaars te bied, is die grootste uitdaging op die ou end. Jy moet ‘n wye spektrum kennis oor konyne hê asook jou eie waarnemings en observasies kan maak. Die kuns lê daarin om goed voorbereid te wees op enige vrae wat na jou kant toe kom en steeds kop bo water te bly, al stap jy anderkant

uit sonder die erkenning waarvoor jy gehoop en gewerk het. Van die dag wat ek die paar weke oue, wriemelende skepseltjie grootgemaak het, het ons nie net ‘n normale mens-dier verhouding opgebou nie, maar ‘n spesisale onbreekbare eenheid geword.

Carmari Marais


“YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO REACH THE COMMUNITY” It is always such a special way to end off your day by making someone else’s. Being part of the Interact committee challenges and encourages us to really reach out to our local community. Below is a short overview of what the committee has been up to thus far. Our first interact outreach for 2016 was with Rusoord Old Age home. A friendly group of Larrie girls went to share some love and Easter chocolates with the elders at Rusoord, across the road from our school. We really enjoyed chatting to some of the old Larries there (who send all their love and prayers) and thanking the staff for all they do for the special elders at Rusoord. It surely was an outreach filled with plenty of storytelling and

16| NEWS

warm hugs. Thank you to all the Interact members who came along and for all the Easter eggs donated. We love you Rusoord. Op 18 April 2016 het ons Drakenskein-APD (Association for People with Disabilities) gaan besoek. Ek dink nie een van ons het geweet waarvoor ons onsself inlaat nie. Om mense te ontmoet wat minder as jy het, maar steeds meer gelukkig is met wat hulle wel het, het ons almal ’n bietjie laat wonder waaroor die lewe regtig gaan. Hulle het vir ons gewys met watter projekte hulle besig is. Die hoofprojek wat hulle op die oomblik aanpak, is om potloodsakkies en handsakke vir ‘De Villiers Chocolate’ by Spice Route te maak. Hulle maak hierdie produkte van

sjokoladeboonsakke en ou jeans. Daarna het hulle ons harte verryk met ’n gebaretaalklas waar hulle vir ons (in gebaretaal) gesing het. Dit was ongelooflik om hulle opgewondenheid vir musiek te aanskou, wat party van hulle nie eers kon hoor nie. Later is ons ook gevra om deel te neem in die pret en ek dink dis oomblike wat elke Larrie wat daar was, verewig sal koester. Dit was ons eerste uitstappie na Drakenstein-APD, maar dit was beslis nie die lasste keer nie. Ons het besluit om jeans en ou hemde in te samel om hulle te help om voort te bou aan so ’n innoverende projek. Enige donasies sal waardeer word.

Jenna Laughton & Evette Smith

“Who likes yellow jelly beans? Well, no one does. They are banana flavour. That is just gross.”

Who likes yellow jelly beans? Well, no one does. They are banana flavour. That is just gross. Most people just throw them away without a thought. Nothing special and no value. Well, friend, you are not a yellow jelly bean. Psalms 139:14-17 says, “For you created me in my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” We all have those days where we feel like the yellow jelly bean in the packet. Everyone seems to prefer the other colours, the other friends. We wonder whether there is anything special about us. Psalms 139 tells us that God created us and knit us together. He made us unique and different from anyone else. We were not just an afterthought, but yet fearfully and wonderfully made. God took time out to make you. The idea communicated through this verse, is one of care and intricate design. God made you perfect and every freckle, dimple or beauty spot God purposed for you. But what about my friends, the girls around me? Are they yellow jelly beans? No, certainly not. We are all perfectly made. We need to be valuing each other and realising that we are all wonderfully made in God’s image. There are no yellow jelly beans in God’s packet. So the next time you happen to feel like a yellow jelly bean, stop that train of thought and remember what Psalms 139 says.


jelly bean

Amy van Rooyen


RYLA Hoe beskryf mens ’n kamp wat jou grense verskuif het, maar waar jy terselfdertyd soveel pret gehad het? Vertroue. Dit is maar net een van die vele faktore wat by die RYLA kamp uitgedaag is, wat ek van 19-22 Maart by die Karmelkampterrein in Franschhoek bygewoon het. RYLA is ‘n kamp wat twee keer ’n jaar regoor die wêreld deur Rotary vir Interact-leiers gehou word. Die kamp was vir leerders regoor die Wynland en dit was hoofsaaklik in Engels aangebied en deur Engelse leerders bygewoon. Ek het niemand daar geken nie, omdat ek die enigste een van die Paarl-omgewing was, maar dit het my forseer om nuwe mense te leer ken. Die mikpunt van elke aktiwiteit was om vertroue in die onderskeie spanne te bevorder. Daar was aktiwiteite wat jy doelgerig moes kommunikeer, sonder om te praat, wat nogals ’n uitdaging was, aangesien jy jou span van geen kant af geken het nie. Van hindernisbane waar jy jou geblindoekte maat, wat aan jou vasgemaak is, deur die rivier moes kry, tot potjiekoskompetisies, waar ons gebrande potjie (geadverteer as “lightly smoked potjie”) gewen het. Die kamp het regtig uiteenlopende en kreatiewe leerervarings gebied! Ek het selfs ’n abseilaktiwiteit aangedurf, wat op die ou ent ’n ongelooflike ervaring was, al


Evette Smith het my bene goed gebewe toe ek afgaan. Ek het glad nie geweet waarvoor ek myself inlaat toe ek instem om op hierdie kamp te gaan nie, maar soms is dit goed om iets “blindelings” aan te pak. Jy weet nooit, dalk kan dit vir jou van die beste lewenservarings bied, jy moet net bereid wees om te gaan. Ek het beslis baie geleer oor leierskap, spanwerk en hoe om daardie potensiaal van leier-wees, wat soms diep gebêre lê, te ontsluit. Hierdie kamp was beslis elke oomblik werd en lewenslange herinneringe is gemaak! Wonderlike idees vir toekomstige Interact-projekte is uitgeruil en ek kan nie wag om dit ons eie te maak in La Rochelle nie.

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I do not enjoy winter at all, I am definitely more of a summer person. But with the 3 weeks June-July holidays coming up, I have decided to make peace with the fact that the weather is what it is and embrace it in the best ways possible. So, ladies here’s my JuneJuly holidays, miserable weather fix:

Museum Exploring I know it doesn’t sound like the best idea, but trust me Cape Town is full of cultural and historical history. And as a proud Capetonian it might do you well to find out a bit more about our heritage. Besides I am sure you can twist your parents’ arm to fund your day by saying it is an ‘educational’ outing. The top 3 museums in my opinion are: - Robben Island Museum – Robben Island is located just off the west of Cape Town. This is where Nelson Mandela served for 18 years of his 27 years detention during Apartheid. This museum was built to be able to show you the struggle endured by Nelson Mandela and many others. You take a ferry to the island and back, all information is found on their website, go check it out. - District Six Museum – This museum serves as a memory of the residents of District Six that were forced to leave their homes and community during Apartheid. Although I have not yet been their myself I can imagine it to be a very sad and special museum. - Bo Kaap Museum – This one is my personal favourite, if you are looking for some lovely bright photos with your friends you have to pop in here. This Museum is the oldest building in the area and is found in a colourful neighbourhood that is also known as the Malay Quarter of Cape Town.

Visit the Bay Habour Market I have heard so much about this market and I would say it’s about time I go and check it out myself. The Bay Harbour market is found at the old Hout Bay Harbour and is extremely popular among lo-

cals and tourists. If you enjoy seafood I am sure you will enjoy their fish factory. If you’re not a huge seafood fan there are more than 100 other stalls to explore. ranging from draught beers, artisan food stalls to arts and crafts and so much more. To create just the right atmosphere there are often live musical performances. The overall vibe of the market is amazing and I am sure it will provide an Instagram post along the way.

Cape Town Watershed

Inside away from the rain, with 150 stores to explore, consisting of 365 different brands. Ceramics, furniture, fashion and jewellery, I can assure you there is something here for everyone. The Watershed is still quite new to the V&A Waterfront and is full of friendly faced entrepreneurs that own stores and are excited to show you what they are capable of. The Watershed has a very inspiring and creative atmosphere. The Jubilee Exhibition Hall is also found at the V&A Waterfront and hosts various famous exhibitions, live entertainment and workshops. If you feel you need a little more than just a holiday to get rid of high school stress you can also have a look at the various treatments at ‘Wellness’ in the Watershed.

Getting Out and About

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful, unique and fascinating cities in my opinion. There are so many places to explore and so many beautiful parks to walk in. Save this outing for a less wintery day. With the right pair of boots and a warm winter jacket, a trip through Cape Town would be the perfect way to spend a day of the holidays. Take a walk down Long Street and pop into all the interesting second hand shops and little boutiques.

Enjoy a run/walk along Sea Point Promenade. Winter is not the time to get lazy and forget about staying healthy and fit, Girls. “It’s cold” or “it’s raining” is not a valid excuse. This is one of my favourite places to go for a short run; make it a family outing if you want. You could even take a walk through Green Point Park and try out some of their outside gym equipment. If the weather allows it you could even pack a picnic basket to take along. You can see the most beautiful views of Cape Town and your surroundings from the park. I feel we are so privileged to have parks like these available to us in our home cities. And that’s why I really enjoy making use of them and being reminded of how blessed we all are.

Home Sweet Home Sometimes it’s just nice to chill at home and spend time with your girlfriends. Invite someone over, order pizzas and find a great movie to watch. Winter is there for blankets, movies and hot chocolate, so embrace it. It’s always fun to try out some new recipes; you can give this term’s Avanti’s recipe a go. The list of movies to watch is never ending, whether you’re addicted to FRIENDS, enjoy mean girls on repeat or want something scary and exciting to watch, I am sure you will be entertained for a rainy winter’s day. I know second term is a wild one, especially with all the studying that needs to be done in the last few weeks. So use these holidays to catch up with your friends after spending most of your time behind the books. There are many more stunning places to see and explore all over. Enjoy the holidays, girls, and I hope my 5 pointers are of use to you for the cold weather lying ahead.





Ice cream:

Rain is pouring on the rooftops and fuzzy blankets arrays your favourite couch…was there ever a better time to try out thi delicious ice cream recipe? Refrain from labelling ice cream as a summer desert, but if you really need a reason to ea ice cream in the winter, here you go: 1) You don’t need a reason. 2) See reason number 1!

Ingredients: • • • • • • •

1 1/2 cups heavy cream 1 1/2 cups whole milk 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 4 ounces semisweet chocolate, fine chopped 4 large egg yolks 3/4 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Method 1. 2. 3.


strainer over a large heatproof bowl and set aside. Combine cream and milk in a large saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Remove from heat and whisk in cocoa powder until incorporated. Add chocolate and whisk until completely melted and smooth; set aside. Whisk egg yolks in a large bowl until smooth. Gradually add sugar and whisk until mixture is pale yellow and thick ened, about 3 minutes. Slowly pour about a quarter of the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture, whisking con stantly so the hot mixture doesn’t scramble the eggs.

Pour chocolate-egg mixture back into the saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the mixture thickens slightly and coats the spoon, about 5 minutes. (When you draw your finger acros the spoon, it should make a mark through the mixture, which should not run back in on itself.)


Remove from heat and strain through the prepared fine-mesh strainer. Stir vanilla extract into the chocolate base, then set the bowl over the ice bath to cool to room temperature, about 15 to 20 minutes


Remove the chocolate base from the ice bath, cover, and place in the refrigerator until completely chilled, at least 3 hours or overnight. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The ice cream will keep in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 1 week.

Kim Ayford


Tips and tricks on Diy The

Cotoncandy Frappucinno

The food section of this term’s Avanti is all about breaking down Winter Food Stereotypes! Hence… The inspiration for this article came from Starbucks, a name that everybody knows .A coffee shop assorted coffees, smoothies and milkshakes, even Cotoncandy Frappuccino! (Tip: including cotton candy in this recipe would be first prize, but I compensated by adding some marshmallows that tasted really good).

Ingredients: For the • • •

1 cup Raspberries ¼ cup sugar ¼ cup water

For the • • • • • •

raspberry sauce: Frappuccino

½ cup milk 2 cups of vanilla ice cream 3 tablespoons of the raspberry syrup ¼ tsp vanilla syrup Red food coloring Whipped cream and any topping you desire

Method: Take the raspberries and blend with ¼ cup of water and 3 tablespoons of vanilla syrup. Heat the syrup in a sauce pan with the rest of the ingredients (water and sugar). When the sauce starts boiling, remove it from of heat and let it cool down. Tip: before adding the raspberry syrup to your sauce pan, sift the syrup to ensure a smooth mixture.


Start with the


Add ice (10 blocks), milk, vanilla syrup and ice cream to your blender. Add the red food colouring (one drop). Add your raspberry syrup (keep a bit for topping) and then blend until smooth. Tip: if you want to add marshmallows, take 5 marshmallows and briefly heat it in the microwave (no longer than 20 seconds, stirring every 5 seconds). Top with with cream, marshmallows and raspberry syrup. And there you have it! Your own Starbucks beverage.

Summary: Fun:

To make my own Starbucks drink was definitely exciting and fun. I love engaging and trying out new recipes. Cleaning up would have been a definite downside to this recipe, but I am thankful for our dishwasher. Even though the Frappuccino tastes amazing, this recipe cannot “cook up” that same peppy Starbucks vibe. They don’t merely sell coffee, they sell the experience.

Affordability: Making the Starbucks beverage at home is not very economical, seeing as raspberries cost R55. So if you are on a budget, rather buy a similar product from the shop. Quality: The Starbucks beverage, to be honest, tasted like a normal Spur milkshake. I think the “name” of the drink, carries more weight than the actual taste of the Frappuccino.

Rating: Dear Tumblr Starbucks drink, I give you 2 out of 5 flowers, seeing as I could buy a similar tasting beverage at Spur, without the muddle of doing it myself! Sonja Frank


WIGGY SAYSY For many women, winter is the season of absolute fashion sorrow. No short-shorts, crop tops, excuses for swimwear and the sudden demise of the summer tan that took you months to perfect. Winter separates the minnows from the true queens of style, where the art of layering and combining classic basics with high fashion statement pieces form the backbone of looking stylish for any given occasion. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that being stylish equates to feeling uncomfortable or that you have to own more items of clothing than you care to count. An effortless, yet fresh look can be achieved with the right combination of must-have winter basics. The secret to looking as good as possible is really no secret at all. Sure, wouldn’t we all like to look like Victoria’s Secret Angles? The reality is that each body type is different, no one type better than another. The trick is simply to highlight your own personal attributes.

stay stylish this


Here are a few staples that I feel no closet should be without:

1. Denims

There is no denying that this magnificent invention is a real asset to any wardrobe; their versatility knows no bounds. Choosing the correct style, colour rinse or material is as important as washing your hair regularly. Don’t assume that every jean is for everyone! Anyone who has ever picked up a fashion magazine knows that you should dress your shape, so I won’t preach to the converted, but do realise that you should purchase a pair of jeans that complements your daily style.

2. Boots

Boots are able to transcend all limits: from casual to being more smartly dressed, they are the holy grail of winter footwear. Invest in a pair of leather riding boots or classy ankle boots. When wearing longer boots, opt for skinny fit jeans paired with longer socks or leg warmers to finish the look. Make sure these are the same colour or a complementary palette to the boots. Grey socks are ideal for any boot colour. If you are wearing ankle boots, cuff your denims to reveal just a sliver of skin. It gives the look a polished finish. Also remember to avoid boots with excessive detailing, as this could limit the style of outfit you wear them with.

sons. High-end retailers like Chanel have embraced the trend, whist sporting retail giant Nike definitely leads the way in terms of sleek, feminine designs. Don’t discount Adidas though; their collaborations with designers like Stella McCartney and a certain Mr. West have not gone unnoticed by adoring fans and fashionistas alike. Espadrilles are ideal for ladies not wanting to always wear lace ups. Top tip: unless you have a wallet deeper than most, your first sneaker purchase should always be of a more classic (almost timeless) nature. What is the point of owning one really beautiful pair of peach sneakers only to discover that every time you wear them they are the sole focus of your ensemble? Sometimes they should merely be an added element, not the main event.

4. Statement coat / jacket

5. Knitted sweater

Here is your chance to add something fun and quirky to your wardrobe. The knitted sweater is the bridge that links tailored fit to comfort. The main idea to remember with any sweater is that there is a fine line between too tight and too baggy. A sweater should not sit too tightly, but also not be so baggy that you look like you are wearing something your grandfather thought was fashionable in the 70’s. The colours, textures and necklines vary by such a great margin that this piece is your real opportunity to show off how fabulous you are. A final note Winter is the season for some goto staple looks, paired with the individual “seasonal updates” that you add every year. Take the time to build up a wardrobe with the idea of quality over quantity, while paying attention to detail like styling and accessories. Stay stylish!

Think parka, trench coat or leather jacket. And yet again, the message remains the same: stick to a basic colour i.e. black, grey, nude or brown. A statement piece such as this is something of an investment that should be wearable over a number of seasons and never seem to go out of style.

3. Sneakers

Comfy-chic has definitely made a comeback in the past few sea-















Five years ago, Ntando Mahlangu was sitting in a wheelchair. Today, he runs the 400m in a World Record time of 50.08 seconds. He was born with a rare condition known as hemimelia, a condition in which the bones in his legs failed to form properly. He underwent a double leg amputation when he was just 10 years old. In 2012, he took his first few nervous steps. Less than four years later, he is running against South Africa’s best. At this year’s National Championships for the Physically Disabled he set a new

official T42 (Double leg amputation) Men’s World Record time at the age of 14. He further set new African Records in the 100m (13.34 seconds) and the 200m (26.20 seconds). To add to the gold medal tally, he went on to win the 800m. With these times he qualifies for the Rio Paralympic Games. Ever hungry for more, Ntando took the challenge of competing against able-bodied athletes. At the South African SubYouth, Youth, Junior and Under 23 Championships in Germiston, he ran against South Africa’s best U15 400m sprinters. Youth, Junior and Under 23 Championships in Germiston, he ran against South

It was here that I stood outside the discus circle in utter and complete awe of Nthando. His determination is almost tangible. Picking up speed with every step, he won a bronze medal. Despite his incredible success at such a young age, Nthando remains a humble boy from humble beginnings. His advice: “Remember who you are and where you come from and grab all the opportunities that come your way.” There is no doubt that he is destined for greatness. Watch this space and remember the name Nthando Mahlangu.

fun facts 7,5 million tickets will be sold during the event.

85 000 soldiers will ensure safety 70 000 60 000 10 500

306 205 17

for fans and athletes. volunteers will be selected to help during the Games. meals will be prepared for the athletes every day. athletes will take part in the Games.

sport events will take place.

countries compete against each other. days - the duration of the 2016 Olympic Games.

did you know ?

the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens, Greece in 1894. - The opening ceremony will take place in Rio’s Maracanã Stadium. - It will be the first time that a South American country will host this event. - Golf and Sevens Rugby will return to the Olympics as an official Olympic sports. - The Olympic Torch relay started on the 21st of April in Olympia and will end on the 5th of August in Rio de Janeiro. - This year’s mascot, “Vinicius”, is a blue and yellow creature representing Brazillian wildlife. - The 2016 Olympics slogan is “Viva sua paixão”, which means “Live Your Passion” - Do not miss this fun event. Set your reminders and let the countdown begin!

Nicola Terblance

The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!


JUDO chop You might have heard the name, Tonet Tallie, shouted at many athletics events this year. This talented grade 8 learner, however also achieves fantastic results in a completely different sport – Judo!

Irine van Zyl


GIVE A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF JUDO? Judo is a dynamic martial art that demands both physical strength and mental discipline. From a standing position, it involves techniques that allow you to lift and throw your opponent onto their backs. On the ground, it includes techniques that allow you to pin your opponent down to the ground, control them and apply chokeholds or joint locks until submission. WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION AND WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO KEEP WORKING HARD? My mother, who went to the Sydney Olympics for judo, is my biggest inspiration. Henriette Moller (Athens Olympian) is my main coach, but having my mom as a training partner and coach motivates me to always do my best. She knows when I can truly push myself that little bit harder, but she also knows when I have had enough and need to stop. Having two Olympian coaches definitely motivates me to want to follow in their footsteps. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PAST YEAR’S JUDO ACHIEVEMENTS AND YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT YET. Starting in February I took part in the national trials and was selected to participate in the Commonwealth Judo. As I was send to Scotland to compete at and attend a training camp. At the Sportif International, I placed second. At the Commonwealth Championships I knew I had trained hard and I that I was prepared but I was still very nervous. It was a tough fight as the girl from Botswana was unknown, but I threw her for an ippon (10 point throw) and I won, so I was the Commonwealth champion!

HAS IT ALWAYS BEEN YOUR DREAM TO RECEIVE YOUR PROTEA COLOURS FOR JUDO? Yes, it has always been a dream. My mom surprised me by having the Protea embroidered onto my judo gi, this was even more special to me than receiving my Protea tracksuit. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO KEEP A BALANCE BETWEEN JUDO, NETBALL, ATHLETICS AND ACADEMICS? ANY ADVICE FOR ALL THE BUSY LARRIES OUT THERE? It does get hard, I train every day. Sometimes I train three times per day, depending on the season, but I have learnt to manage my time and ask for help if I need it. I am very fortunate that my coach believes that my other sport compliments my judo, so she is very understanding when my school sport clashes with training. If I am not able to go to judo training I will do uchikomis (static training) at hostel. I am also still learning how to balance sport and academics, so my only advice would be not to be afraid to ask for help. WHEN IS YOUR NEXT BIG COMPETITION? We have our National Championships in July at Carnival City in Johannesburg. WHEN DID YOU START DOING JUDO AND WHEN DID YOU REALISE THAT IT IS YOUR PASSION? I started judo at the age of 4 and I am currently a brown belt. I am grading for my junior black belt at the end of the year. My mom always says judo is in our blood, it becomes a way of life. I can’t imagine my life without it. I have a passion for all sports. The more active I am, the happier I am, but my first love is judo.

“Judo is a dynamic martial art that demands both physical strength and mental discipline.” |31



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Freezing weather: check! Warm fuzzy blanket: check! Creamy hot chocolate: check! Latest edition of Avanti: click...buffer...and CHECK! Enjo...

Avanti Term 2'16  

Freezing weather: check! Warm fuzzy blanket: check! Creamy hot chocolate: check! Latest edition of Avanti: click...buffer...and CHECK! Enjo...