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Krishna Avanti nurtures each child in educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight. Their experiences here constitute a journey of self-discovery.

We motivate children to become reflective, articulate and independent thinkers.


thics, Sanskrit, philosophy, the creative arts, and values-based humanities are some of the distinctive features of our rich and challenging curriculum. Pastoral care and personalised learning encourage every student to grow and develop according to their own optimal pace and propensity.

Our students develop personal virtue and leadership, side by side.


haracter development is integral to school life. Music, sport, drama, leadership training and yoga and meditation enable and enrich students, helping them develop courage, discernment and perseverance. A healthy vegetarian diet promotes reverence for life and the Earth’s resources.

Students experience an uplifting and inclusive sense of spirituality.


ur education fosters appreciation for the divine. The school especially aspires to rekindle awareness of the essential spiritual identity that unites all living beings, transcending designations of age, race, gender, species, ability and faith affiliation.

“I will offer teaching to all and live by what I teach.� Chaitanya of Nadiya: 16th Century teacher, social reformer and spiritual leader


haitanya emphasised spiritual equality and advocated that humanity can be united through a shared love of God, expressed through the singing of His many names. His message inspired a great spiritual renaissance and continues to resonate with people from all faiths.

The long-term happiness and fulfilment of every child lies at the very heart of all that we do. Welcome to Krishna Avanti.

Krishna Avanti Primary School - Prospectus 2011  

Krishna Avanti Primary School belongs to a family of schools under the umbrella of the Avanti Schools Trust, an organisation which strives t...

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