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The Birth  of  Suicides   By  Samantha  Albanese       In fashion we have many faux pas and tragedies, but I’m talking

about the ones that everyone faces whether they follow fashion or not. Suicide is never fashionable, nor should we ever ignore or degrade those who contemplate it as it is a serious mental state that one must be in to want to leave this earth. To feel so misunderstood and worthless is similar to a painting. When a painting or work of art is misunderstood, and has less of a profound meaning, the value may seem worthless but that’s the very beauty of it; only the creator holds the singular meaning to the brilliant work. The only individual that should understand is the sole creator himself or herself. Isabella Blow, one of my own personal “muses” when it comes to finding oneself, lived a rather full life that everyone around her enjoyed. Her mere presence led to curiosity and investigation due to intriguing interest. She was appreciated for her brilliance and truly avantgarde presentation; she lived a life of visual extravagance. Yet she still felt something missing, a theoretical hole in her heart, a fragment from her soul disintegrated; enough to take her own life. A few years later, one of her many treasured finds, Alexander McQueen, who Issie discovered while he was still studying at Central Saint Martins in London. The two became seemingly inseparable and were both synonymous and unique in concept at the very same time. As his career soared due to her encouragement and exposure, it is alleged that they drifted apart, of which happened with others eventually leading to a deep depression and her demise. Unable to cope with the significant losses in his life, shortly after his mother’s death Lee followed his loved ones to the Elysian Fields. How tragedy could be so artful, one could never understand, but that’s the beauty of it, only they can comprehend it in the end. ◆

The Birth of Suicides  

Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen and the art of death and meaning of life.

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