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TrackRec TrackRec is a low speed track geometry system applied on track maintenance machines, aimed at supporting railway operators in recording track geometric parameters during the execution of maintenance works, such as track renewal, ballast cleaner and tamping.

Parameters Acquired: • Alignment • Longitudinal Levels • Cant • Cross Level Difference • Twist • Mean gauge on sliding base Parameters Calculated: Alignment Standard Deviation Longitudinal Levels Standard Deviation Cant Standard Deviation

Wrails Theoretical Track Geometry Data Input

Wrails is a modern computering system for track theoretical geometry data input which allows tamping machines to calculate the track geometric data during maintenance and new construction.

A.M.S. Avantgarde Monitoring System A.M.S. is a diagnostic system designed for remote monitoring of the temperature of the long welded rails in order to:  Detect temperature in far places  Promptly report achievements of certain temperature thresholds  Calculate temperature over time trend  Increase significantly the safety traffic levels

Measuring systems  
Measuring systems