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Strategic Decisions: Dynamic talents in Work Places by Mrs. Kiran Bhatia Tandon, Ex- Talent Acquisition Head, Stryker Ms. Kiran also walked us through the changes in the recruitment, culture assimilation and her very own derived word Recruption, which means disruption in recruitment. Ms. Kiran shared her thoughts on why most of the start-ups falter, with the fastmoving life failing to understand continuity as an art and parcel of creating a culture and a fit to that culture. She placed further emphasis on how people can drive themselves with the idea they have to get the success.

MBA 1st Year Co-ordinators after completion of the Admission Process

ACCOLADES Tanay Naik, Saket Mulmule and Ketan Bhosale from MBA 1st Year have been placed 1st in the Strategy and Consulting Case Study event, Case Crypt at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

The Shifting Paradigm: Navigating Natural Stupidity through AI by Mr. Sahil Nayar, Associate Director - HR, KPMG Mr. Sahil emphasised on the idea of adaptation and enhancement of our skill-set driven by: true leadership, the ability of the workforce to learn; and the corporate’s ability to train people quickly through effective learning systems. We, as humans are resistant to change and it is the job of the leader to make the change gradual and easier for others. Downsizing does not really serve as the answer, which lies, hidden away in 'up-skilling'; making the workforce ready and trained to deal with different work cultures. As an employee, one needs to have intellectual bandwidth; the intent to learn the new skills; and agility i.e. the capacity to ramp up to changes.

Saransh Chauksi from MBA 1st year, has been shortlisted for the IIM Ahmedabad Summer School Program

ALUMNI CONNECT Workshop on Startups by Mr. Rupesh Mor, Class of 2005, founder and manager of multiple successful startups

4 days, 100s of candidates from pan India, 54 volunteers from MBA 1st year, the admission process for the batch of 2018-20 turned out to be a buoyant process because of its high turnout ratio. The process saw the proficient management skills of 1st year students who carried out the entire process with ease. These four days brought about a unique opportunity as well as the possibility of experiencing first hand for the volunteers to try their people management skills and build the team spirit amongst themselves. Student driven event management at MBA IIT Kanpur has always been successful in inculcating the ability among people to step into the shoes of leaders bringing about a degree of efficiency in various processes. The students move from strength to strength stepping up from carousels to accolades.

UPCOMING ARTICLES • HR and Analytics - Sudipta Khan, 1st year, MBA • Servitization and the Manufacturing Revamp - Subham Chattopadhyay, 1st year MBA • Big Data in Supply Chain – Orchi Bhattacharyya, 1st year MBA • The Crypto Bubble: The Point of View of an Investor – Rehan Atiqulla, 2nd year MBA • Economics in Sports: Moving Money For Entertainment – Manjunath Muralidhara, 2nd year MBA

TECHKRITI ‘18 MBA 1st Years, Ketan Bhosale, Pavan Vepada, Monu Singh, Nonu Sharma, Prashant Tiwari, Sanath Shetty, Snigdha Jain and Shivang Goyal serve as the coordinators and managers for various events in Techkriti 2018!

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Avant Garde News Letter March  

Bringing you up-to-date on all events till March!

Avant Garde News Letter March  

Bringing you up-to-date on all events till March!