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KUMZITS 2018 24 - 26 August 2018 Campos do Jordão - São Paulo - Brazil Bulletin #1 - Version 2 - 16 April 2018

BULLETIN #1 GENERAL INFORMATION AND PARTICIPATION RULES About the event The 2nd International Gathering of Jewish Scouts and Friends - Kumzits 2018 has as objectives: - To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Avanhandava Jewish Scout and Guide Group; - To gather Jewish Scouts and Friends to exchange educational practices and develop Jewish Scouting activities and programmes worldwide; - To foster the development of Jewish Scouting in Brazil. The event is organised by Avanhandava Jewish Scout and Guide Group, in partnership with Congregação Israelita Paulista (CIP). Kumzits is a Yiddish word that combines the two words ‫( קום‬Kum, come) and ‫( זיץ‬Zits, sit). This word connotes a pleasant evening around a campfire, with songs and guitars. A word designed for an international meeting of Jewish Scouts. Date and Location The event will be held from Friday, 24 August to Sunday, 26 August 2018 at CIP’s campsite in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo state, Brazil. Campos do Jordão is about 180km from São Paulo city. Participants can opt in for a city tour offered on Thursday, 23 August, prior to the event. Food and Lodging Food and lodging are included in the participant fee. All meals will be certified Kosher. Participants will be lodged in 6- to 8-person rooms with bunk beds.

Programme Optional: Thursday 23 August City tour of São Paulo, historical landmarks and Jewish sites Full Programme: Friday 24 August Morning: Bus trip to Campos do Jordão campsite, arrival of participants, and opening ceremony Afternoon: Activity on Avanhandava’s history, panel on the World Scout Interreligious Symposium and Network, and Best Practices Showcase Evening: Cabalat Shabbat service Saturday 25 August Morning: Shacharit service, panel on “Judaism as a Five-Legged Table” Afternoon: Panel on the Interreligious Dialogue Badge, International Afternoon and Havdalah Evening: Kumzits Campfire Sunday 26 August Morning: General assembly of the International Forum of Jewish Scouts Afternoon: Closing ceremony and departure to São Paulo Note: this programme may be subject to change. Participation The 2nd International Gathering of Jewish Scouts and Friends - Kumzits 2018 is directed to: - Representatives of Jewish National Scout Associations; - Representatives of Jewish National Committees and Teams; - Representatives of Jewish Scout and Guide Groups; - Representatives of other religious fraternities that have WOSM consultative status; - WOSM and WAGGGS officials; - Escoteiros do Brasil and Federação de Bandeirantes do Brasil officials; - Friends of Avanhandava Jewish Scout and Guide Group. Please be aware that the event is limited to 70 participants in total. Registration Registrations must be made until 31 July 2018. Please contact for details. Participant fee The participant fee includes all meals, lodging, transportation between São Paulo city and the Campos do Jordão campsite, and the participant kit. The fee is USD 126 per person. Please contact for payment options.

Further information A Bulletin #2 will be provided, regarding meeting points and times, participation materials, details of the participant kit and further information. SĂŁo Paulo, 16 April 2018

David Beraha Head Organiser, Kumzits

Rudi Solon Coordinator, Avanhandava 80 Years project

Daniel Kaufman Mattone President, Avanhandava Scout and Guide Group

Fernando Brodeschi Vice President for Latin America, IFJS


Kumzits 2018 - Bulletin #1  
Kumzits 2018 - Bulletin #1