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AVA. magazine // issue #3

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Frost The Tale of the Woodland Child The Hustle Blinded by such a Kind Evilness As we all do it this time Graveyard Mind





fashion 34 Bethany Struble 88 Ebba Zingmark interviews 68 Rachel Thalia Fisher 122 Sofie Olejnik

writings 04 Letter from the editor 66 by Hanne Hovland 168 Memories

These past months have been great. We have received lots of amazing submissions from you, and I won’t lie, we had a really hard time choosing. On our third issue, we decided to do something different. We wanted to include fashion and style in AVA. We wanted it to be something more. Something that is exciting and interesting for more people. Fashion is big, and fashion is beautiful. And we want AVA to be big and beautiful. AVA has grown alot since the first issue was released in August. We have received so many views! More than we could ever hope for. I can’t even put in to words how much this means to us! I guess that we’re all excited for Christmas, and the new year that is soon to come. It is time to forget the past, and take a step into the new year with a free mind and spirit. It is time for us in AVA to discover new talented souls for futures issue. Flip through all the pages of this issue, and be inspired.

lots of love,

ida fiskaa editor-in-chief

editor-in-chief Ida-Marie Fiskaa


Joanna Sheridan


Ailera Stone, Andrew Lu, Anette Schive, Angela Marklew, Bethany Grace, Claire Huish, Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite, Emma Lauren, Faye Sampson, Lauren Engel, Rachel Thalia Fisher, Sofie Olejnik, Rebecca Fexby, Bethany Struble and Ebba Zingmark


on the cover: photographer -anette schive


If you would like to submit something to the magazine or ask any questions you can contact us at:

Valerie and her Week of Wonders

Photography ANGELA MARKLEW Makeup & Hair TEAL DRUDA Styling ERICA CORONADO Model ALYENA KOEHLER (LA Models) Clothing provided by MIR & MOOKHI

something g

got a hold on me Photographer Rebecca Fexby Models Petronella E and Julia F


Photographer Claire Huish Stylist Sophie Clark MUA Harriet Franklyn Models Emmy @ Profile and Anna @ Bookings

bethany struble This is Bethany Struble. Bethany is a 19 year old blogger from Los Angeles, CA. Her passion for fashion branches from her early dress up days and photo shoots. She’ ve always loved dressing up ever since she was little.Â

Describe your personal style. My personal style is ever changing. I love to try new things! I just wear what I like and I get dressed according to my mood! What is your favorite accessories? My favorite accessories are sunglasses and cuff bracelets. What fascinates you by fashion? I love that fashion is always changing and it never gets boring! What do you do beside fashion? Besides blogging and fashion, I work a lot in the music industry. I have worked on many awards shows and written some music for television. I act and model and I’m also a full time mother! What do you hope to achieve when it comes to fashion? I would love to be able to publish my own photography in fashion magazines or work as a stylist!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years I will hopefully have a great job in the industry. I want to travel to a lot of different countries and then live somewhere in Europe to settle down! Who or what inspires you? I get inspired by all sorts of things! Mostly my mood or music while getting dressed, but for photographs, I get inspired by whats around me! You told us that you are a photographer. Do you combined fashion while taking pictures? I definitely bring a lot of fashion into my personal photography. I love to do editorial type shoots or even simple portraits with beautiful pieces of clothing or jewelry. Can you show us whats inside your bag? In my bag I have my Iphone, camera, Naked palette, nail polish, sunglasses, and some crayons for my daughter.





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1. Wallet. 2. Camera. 3. Nail polish. 4. Some crayons for her daughter. 5. Naked palette. 6. Sunglasses. 7. Iphone. 8. And of course, her bag.


elegant candor The shoot was based around the theme of youth and ‘when we were young’. I took an elegant russian woman and put her in a nursery school. It was supposed to contrast the elegant nature of a mature woman against the ‘do as you please’ nature of a child. I had the model eat crayons, ‘play’ in a playhouse and interact with items that she would no longer be at all connected to. Beauty is something we strive for as we get older, this shoot was supposed to prove that you can still look beautiful being as careless and silly as you like.

Photography: Bethany Grace Styling: Loli Lo Hair styling: Olga Karpecka Assistant: Alexandra Boada

AUTUMN DISMAL Photography: Andrew Lu Model: Tina Jiang Styling: Tina Jiang & Andrew Lu Hair & Makeup: Tina Jiang

You all see them, you all hear about them. And if I say “Tim Walker”, “Nirrimi (Firebrace) Hakanson” or “Sally Mann”, I guess it’s a really good chance that you know who they are. And it is indeed for a good reason, I don’t think I’m the only one who can admit that they really inspire us with their masterpieces. But on the other side, they are not the only photographers that inspire my warm heart. I love Corinne Day’s photos of lovely Gemma Ward in Australia, and absolutely adore Antonio Ysursa’s Dragonfly collection. Elijah E. Castson’s beautiful portraits, Emily Tebbets gorgeous and colourful photographs – They simply make me smile and dream about a world that I’m not living in. So natural and beautiful – and this is what makes me wanting more of myself, going further than yesterday, and reaching for the sky, even though it has no limit. I guess I just wanted to remind all of you that even though you’re not far, you’re not that far away – far away from reaching your dream in photographing. Everyone that I’ve mentioned in this text started from the ground and built their self up over the years that have passed. And how, you ask? They never gave up. Give your best and search your mind for what it hoards, you are more talented than you think.

by hanne hovland


tched Photo


y Rac hel T Mode halia Fishe up/As r l: E sis Cloth tant: Andre sther Kim es: R achel a Kenned y Thalia Fishe r


Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your photography. I grew up in Greenwich Village, NYC, surrounded by a family of artists and a rich and diverse culture to draw upon. Throughout my life I always had a natural passion for drawing and painting, and by around middle school, that passion transformed into photography. I started off with a small point and shoot camera, simply taking pictures of things I thought were beautiful; intricate light and shadows on the pavement, small patterns and rich colors in nature, my friends, family, and my cats. With time my passion grew into something more, it consumed me, and ultimately turned into something I needed, and something that people responded to. What fascinates you by photography? I think photography is extremely fascinating because of its potential to effect people in different ways. Just one photograph can evoke so many different emotions in a person. It’s one thing that can never be taken away from us- not by the media, the government, or anything else- and that’s a person’s natural and instinctive reaction to a photograph. It’s something that I cherish and think about a lot when it comes to my work.

What words describes you as a photographer? I’d say determined and passionate. When I’m shooting I’m so involved with the shot that I want, that I completely enter into my own world. The only thing that exists in my mind is that shot, and nothing else. I’m definitely a very interesting person to shoot with in that way. Who is your role model and why? I’d say Nirrimi Hakanson, a fellow Flickr photographer who started off just as we all have, and has worked herself up to become very successful. To me she represents the world of wonderful young photographers out there striving to make it in the industry, and proved that it is indeed possible. Even with her endless success, she photographs for love instead of money; and to me that is a huge inspiration.

What is your favorite childhood memory? There isn’t one memory that I can directly pin-point as my favorite, but I’d say just the general feeling of being young and free and seemingly limitless. It’s bittersweet to think of the intricate games my brother and I would play, and I wish I could have that imagination back. Where does that wonder go when we grow older?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? There are so many possibilities! Possibly still working as a freelance photographer, maybe I’ll be working for a magazine somewhere, or maybe I’ll be working for a photography agency. But regardless, I’ll be doing what I love and nothing could ever take that away from me.

Do you have a hidden talent? I’m freakishly flexible. I mean that… What advice would you give to other young aspiring photographers? Just keep on striving to do what you love, wherever you are in your life. If you hit a tough road and aren’t feeling inspired, make your work about that internal struggle. Never ever stop.

Frost Photographer: Anette Schive Model: Mari Borgersen @ Heartbreak

We in AVA wants you to meet Ebba Zingmark, a sixteen-year-old girl from a small town in northern of Sweden. She has a passion for fashion. She is daring, and love making unexpected combinations, and she absolutely loves finding unique vintage-clothes.

TEE, i wish this was a vintage collection PANTS, mango SHOES, converse

Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your passion for fashion. I’m a sixteen year old girl from the north of sweden. Ever since I was little I’ve been interested in colors and shapes, so my interest in fashion came very naturally to me. I love making unexpected combinations, and I love finding unique vintage-clothes. Besides that I love the forest, my two dogs and my friends. Describe your personal style. My style is very various, depending on my mood and the weather. But I really love the vintage and retro-style! What is your favorite accessories? My cap, my backpack and my glasses! What fascinates you by fashion? The fast-changing trends! One day you think a garment is totally wrong, and the next day you feel like you want to wear it forever! What do you do beside fashion? I model now en then, study media and hang with my friends.

What do you hope to achieve when it comes to fashion? I want to make people make the trends their own, and not just follow them perfectly. I want people to dear using weird combinations without caring about what others think! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I have no idea! But if I got to choose, I would be traveling theworld with a nice boyfriend. Back in sweden I would have my own second hand-shop and a house by the sea. Can you show us whats inside your bag? I always have my computer, my phone and my purse in my bag. Besides that, a lot of crap! Old receipts, broken pens, school-papers and so on. Who or what inspires you? Everything! Old ladies on the bus, the color of the sky, creative persons on or people in the movies.

JUMPSUIT, romwe TIGHTS, iwearsin STOCKINGS, iwearsin

SKIRT, motel rocks SHORTS, motel rocks

TEE, i wish this was a vintage collection PANTS, mango SHOES, converse


PANTS and SWEATER, iwearsin COLLAR, romwe

The Tale of the Woodland Child “ � Like a butterfly, the woodland child dances amongst golden leaves and brambles, breathing life into her hillside world. Her clothes take flight in the evening breeze and the last of the sunlight whispers sweet nothings as she passes by.

Photography & Styling - Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite Makeup & hair - Natalie Ford Model: Bex Lendon

Joshua Blazer by RELIGION Shirt by UNCONDITIONAL Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN Kim Blazer by VERO MODA Shirt by RAG AND BONE Bow tie is STYLIST’S OWN Braces are STYLIST’S OWN


Photography by Faye Sampson / Models: Josh @ A Stylist: Aliya Zaidi / Stylist Assistant: Zain Khan / Photogra


AMCK & Kim @ Bookings / MUA: Carmen Goetz aphy Assistant: Stuart Berham /

Blazer by AQUA Skirt by BLACKHEART Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN

Blazer by AQUA Skirt by BLACKHEART Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN



Joshua Blazer by JIL SANDER FOR UNIQLO Waistcoat by TED BAKER Shirt by UNCONDITIONAL Trousers are STYLIST’S OWN Belt is STYLIST’S OWN Scarf by PETER WERTH Kim Cape by JUST FEMALE Body by DIRTY PRETTY THINGS Suspender belt by LASCIVIOUS Stockings are STYLIST’S OWN Shoes by BEA COOPS Gloves by DENTS

Joshua Blazer by RELIGION Shirt by UNCONDITIONAL Trousers are STYLIST’S OWN Belt is STYLIST’S OWN Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN Kim Blazer by VERO MODA Shirt by RAG AND BONE Trousers by RELIGION Shoes by BEAU COOPS Bow tie is STYLIST’S OWN Braces are STYLIST’S OWN


Blazer by AQUA Skirt by BLACKHEART Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN

Joshua Blazer by RELIGION Trousers by ODEUR Shoes by BARACUTA Body chain is STYLIST’S OWN Kim Blazer by AQUA Skirt by BLACKHEART Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN

Joshua Coat by UNCONDITIONAL Jacket by MAHARASHI Leggings by HORACE Kim Coat by BLACKHEART Corset by ETERNAL SPIRITS Trousers by BARBOUR Ring by HOUSE OF HARLOW Necklace is STYLIST’S OWN

asian dreams r: Sofie Olejnik Photographe Li Model: Qian

Meet Sofie Olejnik, a young aspiring photographer born in Poland, but grew up in a city called Dortmund in Germany. Sofie believes that photography gives her the opportunity to capture the beauty and carisma of a human being. Her pictures are full of details and dreams. Read the interview and take a look at her magical pictures.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your photography. I was born in Poland but grew up in Germany in a city called Dortmund. I am happy I did not live in the middle of the city but closer to the nature. I like silence more than a loud and hectic city. For me photography gives me the opportunity to capture the beauty and carisma of a human being. No matter if it´s a girl wearing a touch of fabric who is wandering barefoot through the woods or a wonderfully styled girl. Both can be very challenging and can tell a story. What fascinates you by photography? It is the variety and creativity. There is no end. What words describes you as a photographer? I am detail-lover and I like carisma in a photo. Who is your role model and why? My role model is my sister who lives in Berlin right now . She makes her dreams come true. She is a strong person and I trust her a lot.

What is your favorite childhood memory? I have a few but I remember that everytime I was in the water I felt free. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Of course I have wishes and imaginings where I see myself in 10,20 or 30 years but I don´t want to put myself under pressure by planing my future. I would love to be more succesful with photography but most important to me is having days full of laughter and a healthy family. Do you have a hidden talent? I misplace things all the time. What advice would you give to other young aspiring photographers? Don´t give up ! Trust yourself and be patient. Things need its time to happen. First of all photography is supposed to make fun.

blinded by such a kind evilness Photographer: Emma Lauren Make Up: Gayle Carbajal Styling: David Pena and Erica Lavelanet Hair: Courtney Bednarowski Model: Arianne @ Red All dresses are by Edixon Valdez

as we all do it this time “

A chill creeps up my spine, I shudder at the cold. I cup my hands over my mouth and breath hot air into them.  The camera follows me.  I sit, hugging my ankles staring into the shutter in the lens.  Making the most of this opportunity, I pose- angling my shoulder inwards and leaning my head in the other direction.  The photographer likes it-- a smile creeps onto Lauren’s face.  She says “Few more” and I fight the cold, stretching my arms into elegant positions.  I block my emotions and gaze into the depths of the camera, looking back at my reflection.

Photographer Lauren Engel Model- Martini Simeckova [Elite] Makeup artist- Tammy Au Hair stylist- Agnes Choy Stylist- Bernadette Au


mind Photography, make up, styling: Ailera Stone. Model: Kamile Tumelyte

a Nongluk

written by Bonit

It’s funny how the December weather can bring back so many memories. You’d think that the cool air and the decorated trees would remind you off the holidays, your family, and curling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. Here in Los Angeles, it’s not like that. Wintertime would probably feel like a particularly cool fall day in a place like New York City. There are no Douglas Fir trees but massive Palm Trees that overlook the city like guardian angels. You don’t see people strutting down the street wearing layer after layers of coats. Here, a simple sweater and some boots would suffice. But most importantly, wintertime doesn’t remember me of the holidays; it reminds of a certain Saturday night in May. There was a blur of traffic lights, car lights, street lamp lights, and any kind of light you can imagine. For midnight, it was pretty damn bright. You turn around and everything was a distortion of people and flashes. There’s a band playing some song I don’t know, and the scene was pleasantly chaotic. It really didn’t feel like a spring night, and the chilly breeze only made everything much cooler than it already was. I remember it like it was yesterday. The local contemporary art museum was throwing some sort of festival celebrating street art and all the cool hipster kids were attending. The exhibit was very nice with eye catching installations. The music was fantastic, very fun to listen too. The street style was also a very fascinating portion of the night. As great as these things were, they’re just little specks in my memory. The thing that haunts me the most was that certain boy. Downtown LA can be a funny thing at night. You turn around one corner and you can find a shabby man playing on his guitar. You turn the other corner and you can find a serious businessman yapping into his blackberry. I turn one corner and I run into a boy. For a second, we just stood there, recovering from our collision. It felt like he was the only person there, and it seemed like all the rushing cars and all the loud people didn’t matter anymore. The band was playing some obscure hipster music they I probably never heard of. There was a cool breeze that went by me, but that wasn’t what sent chills down my spine. He inched closer to me, as if he wanted to reenact our little collision again. I know I should’ve been confused at what he was doing, but to me it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I stepped closer to him too until our bodies were gently touching. I tip toed and leaned in and my lips barely grazed his. Within a second, our lips were pressed together and we were kissing. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and in response I ran my fingers through his blonde hair. In all honestly, it probably lasted about eight seconds, but those were the eight slowest seconds of my life. We pulled away a couple inches and I could still feel his hot breathe on my lips. The red and green traffic lights projected on his face, and it seemed as if the colors were dancing on his freckled skin. I could feel my eyelashes brush against his cheeks. I looked into his hazel eyes one last time, and walked back down the sidewalk. To this day I still wonder who he was or what could have been. I look back and I wish I stayed for a little bit longer. The little what- ifs still get to me, and they always will.

AVA. magazine // issue #3

AVA magazine issue three  

Issue #3 of AVA magazine. A magazine created to share people's photographic talents with the world. Made by two young girls, living in Norwa...

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