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Welcome to first issue of AVA magazine COVER SHOOT: After work FEATURE: Joakim Heltne - Twisting Train She keeps the streets empty FEATURE: Jacqueline Harriet - Desert Storm I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream FEATURE: Rebecca Fexby - Another sunny day There is nothing to to, but I don’t care when I’m with you Pause Windmills and rainbows


on the cover: photographer: linnea jacobson content page: photographer: hanna lauridsen


Welcome to the first issue of AVA magazine. A magazine created by two bestfriends who wanted to try something exciting and new. The whole idea behind the magazine is to collect peoples’ photographic talents and share them around the world! These amazing and talented people need to be heard about and seen, and that’s exactly what we are accomplishing!

The two bestfriends live in Norway and are soon to be 17. Ida is a Norwegian red-head that loves to be behind the camera and capture beautiful moments while Joanna is a half Irish, half Greek brunette that doesn’t really have a hobby, at least nothing in particular. ida-marie fiskaa, editor in chief joanna sheridan, editor

If you would like to submit something to the magazine or ask any questions you can contact us at:

AM: WHY DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH? J: Because when I take pictures, I forget everything else. It’s kind of like a relief for me, somehow. I just focus on the pictures, the model standing in front of me, and try to make the best pictures I possibly can. I really love it. AM: WHAT MADE YOU FASCINATED BY PHOTOGRAPHY? 1!0KVU»[YLTLTILY^OH[THKLTLMHZJPUH[LKI`WOV[VNYHWO`PU[OLÄYZ[ place, because it’s so many years ago. However, the thing that I like the most about photography nowadays is the chance I get to create something beautiful with just my mind and the camera in my hands and show it to the world. I guess photography makes me see the little things in life in an even more beautiful way than I would without it, if that makes sense. AM: DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A PHOTOGRAPHER. J: I aim to be a professional fashion photographer. I know I have a really long way to go to get there, but I’m positive that I’ll make it if I just work hard enough. I am a very minimalistic person, and I hope and think [OH[ T` WPJ[\YLZ YLÅLJ[ [OH[ 0 SPRL [V ZLL T` WPJ[\YLZ HZ TPUPTHSPZ[PJ and simple but still interesting to watch rather than empty and boring. AM: FILM OR DIGITAL? 1!0TVZ[S`ZOVV[KPNP[HSHUKOH]LHSTVZ[UL]LY[YPLKÄSTI\[0YLHSS`^HU[ to explore it more. I’m going to study at Oslo Fotokunstskole this year HUKTVZ[SPRLS`UL_[`LHYHZ^LSS;OLLU[PYLÄYZ[`LHYVMZJOVVSPZKLKPcated to analogue photography, and I’m looking so much forward to it! AM: WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO SHOOT MOST AND WHY? 1! 7LVWSL KLÄUP[LS` 0 [OPUR [OH[ HKKPUN WLVWSL [V L]LY` WPJ[\YL ^V\SK make it more interesting. No exceptions. Almost, haha. No, but I really think that people add a certain feeling to every photograph, and makes it more exciting to watch.

AM: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR WORK? J: Minimalistic, mostly. As I said earlier, I really like to keep it simple. I love to look for the perfect locations for days before going there to take the pictures I’m planning. Mostly I look for places with very clean architecture or scenery. I try to make photographs with simple surroundings and then make them interesting to watch by adding some strange styling or unusual poses, etc. AM: WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION? J: Oh man.. Too many to mention.. I get inspiration from sooo many different people. Photographers, supermodels, musicians, artists.. If I were to start listing all of them, I would go on for days and days.. Haha.

AM: WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS? J: Hopefully on the cover of Vogue or something. Not me, obviously, but my pictures, that is. Ha.. I’m allowed to dream, aren’t I? No, but really.. I hope to see myself as a successful fashion photographer, working with the best people, both models, stylists, designers and the big magazines.. It would be a dream come true! I guess only time will show if it really does so..


THE STREETS EMPTY PHOTOGRAPHED by angelina belle bergenwall STYLED by mewita mickelsson MODEL is ellen @ sthlmsgruppen

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PHOTOGRAPHED by jacqueline harriet MODEL is jessica @ industry HAIR by paula peralta STYLING by brandon sapin MAKEUP by paula mauricio

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i scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream photog raphs by !"##"$%"&'()*+# model is ,-##+$%"&'()*+# more at$.//0122.+"'3/.+3.4'*+*56748*04/594:

y Fexb ppen a c c u Rebe thlmsgr y b s PHED n @ OGRA Ellisso T O H P ara is S L E MOD

AM: WHY DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH? AND HAVE LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PHOTOGRAPHING? R: I photograph becaus it makes me so happy. I feel so alive when I take my camera and just go out. I have photographed all my life. But it wasn’t until 2005 I seriously started. But at that time my photos sucked. AM: WHAT MADE YOU FASCINATED BY PHOTOGRAPHY? R: My parents and grandfather have always taken photographs of us when we were kids, so I got fascinated by it. When I was little I always ousted to sneak up to my grandfathers room and sit there and look in his albums from the sixties. His photos was incredible. So I wanted to be like him. AM: DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A PHOTOGRAPHER. R: I’m kind of shy. I don’t like too say what the model should do. I think that the model can do it self. But if it’s some idea that I got, I say it. But I’m very shy and scared. I think.. But.. I’m learning too say something. AM: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACHIEVE? R: I would like to have my photos in famous magazines like Vogue, Elle and Lola. I want to work with talented people. Models, stylists, makeup artist, art directors. Everything.

AM: WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHER AND WHY? R: Oh, I have many. But I think that Annie Leibowitz is my favourite photographer because she has this passion for it(not that nobody else has it). But her photos of her beloved Susan, her private photos, are incredible. They are so beautiful. Her editorials and portraits are really amazing too, but the private photos. Amazing. I also love Tim Walker’s work. I would like to be in his brain and mind, for a day. His photos are so magical and fairytale-like. Linnéa Jacobsson and Lara Jade are also big inspirations for me. They give me such lust for making cool photo shoots and too really aim for it. Linnéa is also just 14 and she’s kind of famous already. She’s amazing. It’s crazy. Such and inspiration.

There’s nothing to do but i don’t mind when i’m with you EDITORIAL by Lill-Veronica Skoglund

pause Photographed by Tine Katrine Model is Pernille Gulette

!"#$%"&&' (#$) *("#+,!' Photographer: Katie Eleanor Model: Jette Lindner @ Bookings Make-up: Christine Zemura Clothing: Kee Boutique

!"!# magazine // august issue

AVA magazine issue one  

Issue #1 of AVA magazine. A magazine created to share people's photographic talents with the world. Made by two young girls, living in Norwa...

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