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MURIEL by Morgan Chidsey w w w.morganchidsey.com

A NEW START Hi! Its been a while! AVA has had a hiatus of over two years, and the magazine had an unfortunately abrupt stop after the third issue. But now we are back! Even though it took a couple years.. When the first issue of AVA came out Ida and Joanna were around 16 years old, and what started out as a small publication quickly reached more and more people. Ida started attending the Norwegian School of photography last fall, and the idea to rekindle AVA along with fellow students came about in spring. Joanna is no longer apart of the working editor-team but gave Ida and the rest of new members, her blessing to continue the legacy. Along with Ida, Kristina, Maria and Alexander, I am stoked to bring AVA back to life again. With the new team, the revamped version will hopefully reach some of the same people who were drawn to AVA in the first place, along with new readers. Being older, a bigger group and more experienced will hopefully create a stronger magazine. In this new ÂŤSeptember IssueÂť we hope to show the diversity of the photographers in the editor-group, along with great submitted editorials from all around the world. AVA is all about showcasing the works of young, aspiring and talented photographers, and we hope this issue continues where the others left of in case of quality and variety. We are excited to re-start the adventure, and hope you will follow and contribute also in the future. - Mikkel /AVA Magazine

submit? if you would like to submit or if you have any questions you can contact us at: the.avamagazine@gmail.com


(DE) CONSTRUCTED by Angela Marklew

ELEMENTS by Kristina Lang-Ree

DA ZED AND CONFUSED by Gabrielle Assaf

MURIEL by Morgan Chidsey

SHADOWS by Alexander Thorsen


by Maria Pasenau

BLUEPRINT by Mikkel Walle

MAGDALENA & DANIEL by Katarína Támová



HEROINES by Nikol Herec

ON THE TRACK by Ida Fiskaa



(De)Constructed Photography by Angela Marklew www.fstopinertia.com

Hair by Victor Mendoza Makeup by Ashley Joy Beck Styling by Tsangse Lhamo Manicurist: Pilar Lafargue Model: Bianca Wilson @ (Vision Los Angeles)

ELEMENTS by kristina lang-ree model: øyvind h // trend models mua: ragnhild haavardsholm blom

DAZED AND CONFUSED Photography by Gabrielle Assaf www.gabrielleassaf.me Model: Natalie Popova of JE Model Styling: Heather Sanders Makeup & Hair: Diana Cortez

”BLUEPRINT” photography by Mikkel Walle www.mikkelwalle.com Models: Marcus

A & Jørgen B

// DP - models

Daniel: sweater - Zara bomber jacket - Zara trousers - Bershka shoes - Pull&Bear Magda: sweater - Zara skirt - Zara shoes - Pull&Bear

MAGDALENA & DANIEL Photography by Katarina Tamova www.katarinatamova.tumblr.com Styling: Nina Ford Hair and Makeup: Hanny Lednar Models: Magda, Daniel - PURE MODEL MANAGEMENT

Magda: Sweater - Zara Skirt - Zara Daniel: Sweater - Zara Bomber jacket - Zara Trousers - Bershka

jacket - Bershka top - Zara pants and shoes - Pull&Bear

sweater - Bershka trousers - Zara hat - H&M

jacket - Bershka top - Zara

sweater - Zara bomber jacket - Zara sunglasses - Norgaard

sweater - Zara bomber jacket - Zara trousers - Bershka shoes - Pull&Bear

Daniel: sweater - Zara bomber jacket - Zara trousers - Bershka shoes - Pull&Bear Magda: sweater - Zara skirt - Zara shoes - Pull&Bear

WALTER QUIET I’m Walter, and Im 20 years old. I live in Florence, Italy and I have just finished photography school. Who am I? I don’t know exactly who I am, but I often ask myself that question. I find the closest thing to an answer when I go outside with my camera and my friends. We drive around in a car and search for adventures!

When and how did you get into photography and start photographing?

tever, joy comes from little things, the important thing is to stay together.

My approach to photography was a slow process, several things got me into it. I started photographing with my best friends around three years ago. We spent whole days just recording and documenting our friendships. At first I shot almost everything with a camera I have gotten as a gift from my dad, a compact digital camera.

Do you have a favorite photographer? Who and why?

After some time I bought a reflex camera and I started to evolve, studying photography techniques, but at the same time trying to keep my images natural and instinctive. Another element that got my into photography is Ireland. My cousin lives there, and the first time that I went there I fell in love with the nature. Observing the amazing green landscape, the sky full of clouds, the ocean and the very friendly people. From that moment on it was pure love for adventure, human relations and life. I organized trips with my friends, and we have now explored Switzerland, Amsterdam, Prague and a lot of places in Italy. What is the ”perfect picture” for you? For me the perfect picture is a picture that is able to excite, to translate what you feel inside into images. That the person who sees the picture can immerse themself in the reality of the photograph. This is why I only shoot my routine situations and my travels with my friends, instead of models. How is a normal day in your life? Wake up in the morning with my girlfriend. Go out searching for new places with my friends. Spendingthe day on the bank of a lake, in a forest or in an abandoned place and coming back home with new experiences and good pictures. Or I spend the day at home, cooking a good lunch with friends and my girlfriend. While it rains we do wha-

I don’t have a favorite photographer, but I’m very inspired by tumblr pictures and various photographers that I follow on there. I also love the story of painting , like the romanticism, school of Barbizon and such. I have learned a lot from art and history. Do you see yourself working with photography ten years from now? I don’t know for certian where I will be in ten years because when I started I had a different lifestyle and style of photos. Photography gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people, and find jobs. I hope to have the same sensibility to the themes that I said before, but one thing is for sure: I will have my camera in my rucksack!

�For me the perfect picture is a picture that is able to excite, to translate what you feel inside into images. I want the people who see the pictures to immerse themself in the reality of the photograph.�

What do you want to achive with your photography? I want to continue to do what I do every day: convey my emotions to others and reaching the most people possible. I also hope my pictures can help me and other people, and function as a relief valve from bad things in life. I want my pictures to remind me of things in life that are good, although problems will come and go. I have some other projects also, for example I am doing a video with a musician friend. I want make a book that tells about our experiences and I want to collaborate with other people that have the same ideas and passions as myself. http://www.walterquiet.blogspot.it/

MURIEL Photography by Morgan Chidsley www.morganchidsey.com Model: Muriel Hollins @ The Dragonfly Agency MUAH: Amanda Janae Olsson Stylist: Nicole Johnson

SHADOWS Photography by Alexander Thorsen www.alexanderthorsen.com Model: Rebecca L // Trend Models MUA: Ingrid Malmo

CATIE MICHEL Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you? I am a 19-year-old student studying animal sciences at Cal Poly in California. Although I am pursuing a career in science, photography and art are extremely significant passions in my life. To be honest, this particular question really stumps me. It’s very difficult to objectively tell you ‘who I am’. The reason that I am a photographer is so that I can answer this question without using any words. I go about my life always consciously acknowledging moments I feel are important. Moments that make me feel things and remember things, and I take snapshots of them with my mind. I remember both big and small moments in mental photographs, and I try to recreate them with real photographs. These creations are, essentially, who I am. When and how did you get into photography and start photographing? I became interested in photography when I was fifteen. I had created a Flickr account, mainly to follow other photographers because I thoroughly enjoyed exploring their work. I

eventually grew so vigorously inspired by those talented people that I set out creating my own ‘365 project’ with a basic point and shoot, without the slightest idea as to what I was doing. I would simply photograph things I liked, things I thought were beautiful, and things that made me uncomfortable. I then acquired a DSLR, and my interest in photography to ok off exponentially from then on. What is your favourite photography subject? I mainly shoot human subjects, outside. My main subjects are my close friends, people I’ve only just met, and myself. There’s something about going on adventures to places I feel are important to people I’ll never meet, with stories I’ll never know. My documentation of such places with the people I’m with is a small tick mark on a timeline that is constantly in flux. I like to think that I’ve held down a brief moment that could be of some significance to the people in my photographs, to a stranger who barely glances at them, or to the people who have loved these places long before me

Do you have a favorite photographer? Who and why? My favorite photographer is Diane Arbus. After a long career in the fashion industry during the 1950s, she ventured beyond the modern concept of conventional beauty and explored subjects who were considered social rejects and ugly ‘freaks’. She cultivated meaningful and personal relationships with these subjects and bridged the gap between what people want others to see and what they actually saw. I admire her most because she exposed such a raw and unaltered side of life by being captivated by all kinds of people. She shook the world with her work. In what way do you want your photography to affect others? When I am photographing, I am closest to myself and to the earth. There is a life force and a deep vital unrest within me to create. I am so inspired by nature and by other people that I have found what makes me feel most human. I want my photography to be the self-portrait of nature’s quickening beauty and a translation of the collective emotions of its inhabitants. I believe that translating magical moments people feel when they see something beautiful, or hear something beautiful, into something of their own creation, is a direct line into understanding what it means to be alive. I want to inspire other people to open up their creative channels and allow their own forces to flow through.

Photography by Maria Pasenau www.pasenau.tumblr.com Model: Karoline Barstad

Heroines Photography by Nikol Herec www.nikolherecova.tumblr.com MUA: Natalie Wita Models: Pure Model Managment Production: www.mintyfinty.cz

Nikol has created an editorial inspred by some of her favourite book-characters. The book and autohor the image is inspred by is listed along with the clothes the model is wearing.

Karen Blixen - ”Out of Africa” Shirt - ”Red poppy Stories” / ushy.te

John Irving - The World According to Garp Tank top - KLING Shorts - LaFormela

Boris Vian - L’ecume des jours Dress - ODIVI

George R.R Martin - A Song Of Ice And Fire (Game of Thrones) Dress - Leeda Crown - Janja Prokic

Stieg Larsson - Millenium One Pice Red Puppy Stories / Ushy.te Necklace - ODIVI

Haruki Murakami - 1Q84 Leggins - youngandprimitive Blouse - Lothe Bag - Herschel

George R.R Martin A Song Of Ice And Fire Dress - Leeda Crown - Janja Prokic

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Love in the Time of Cholera Skirt - Red Poppy Stories /ushy.te T-shirt - Marie Rejznova Necklace - Compania Fantastica

ON THE TRACK Photographer: Ida Fiskaa Model: Julie M.V.B // DP Models MUA/Styling: Margareta Molnes

Profile for AVA Magazine

AVA magazine, The September Issue  

We are excited to relaunch AVA magazine!

AVA magazine, The September Issue  

We are excited to relaunch AVA magazine!