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What can we do in New York?

Can: Statements Affirmative: Subject + can +  base form of the verb. 

We can take a ferry.

Negative: Subject + can’t +  base form of the verb. 

He can’t take pictures in the rain.

Can: Information Questions Question word + can +  subject + base form of the verb?  What can we do in New York?

   We can get a view of the city.  Where can we see a show?

   We can see a show in Broadway.

Can: Yes­No Questions Can +  subject + base form of the verb?  Can we go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral?

Can he get an umbrella?

Uses of can: 1.

The most frequent use of can in conversation is to talk about possibility.

You can see Times Square.

Uses of can: 2.

To ta l k a bout a bi l i ty. I ca n swi m but I ca n’t di ve.


T o mak e a r equest . Can you let me your laptop?

Uses of can: 4. To make a suggestion. 1.

You can take a taxi .

5. T o ask for and give per mission. Can I use your cell phone?

Uses of can: 6.

To order something to eat or drink.

Can I havecoffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.?

Can’t means that something is not  possible. You ca n pict ’t tak ure s. e

Use of Can  

Using can or can't

Use of Can  

Using can or can't