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“For any successful work, it owes to thank many”

First and foremost I would like to thank my Mum and Dad for their constant care and blessings.. No one walks alone & when one is walking on the journey of life just where you start to thank those that joined you, walked beside you & helped you along the way. Over the years, those that I have met & worked with have continuously urged me to write a book, to share me knowledge & skills on paper & to share my insights together with the secrets to my continual, positive approach to life and all that life throws at us. So at last, here it is. So, perhaps this book & it’s pages will be seen as “thanks” to the tens of thousands of you who have who have helped to make my life what is today. Hard work, knowledge, dedication & positive attitude all are necessary to do any task successfully but one ingredient which is also very important than others is cooperation & guidance of experts & experienced person. All the words is lexicon futile & meaningless if I fail to express my sense of regard to my parents & sister for their sacrifices, blessings, prayers, everlasting love & pain & belief in me. I also want to thanks My Team Manish Jain, Mehul Waghela And my Company SCSI for their Continues support. I solely claim all the responsibility for any shortcomings & limitations in this book.

The information provided in this eBook is to be used for educational purposes only. The author holds no responsibility for any misuse of the information provided. This book is totally meant for providing information on "Gmail Hacking�.

MananRockx, 18 years old.., He is Computer Geek and Independent Computer Security & Digital Intelligence Consultant and One of the Best States Pioneer Information Security & Cyber Crime Investigator And Consultant. The young and dynamic Personality of Manan has not only Assisted in Solving Complex Cyber Crime Cases but has also Played an Instrumental Role in Creating Awareness about Information Security and Cyber Crimes.... Born in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, His Currently Pursuing his Diploma in Computer Science with Software Engineer in Parul University, IN. MananRockx Started his Own Computer Hacking, Security, And Consulting Forum [Hackers World-Hackers of Tomorrow, IN] After His Developed Projects likes Mobile Based Control System Exhibiting, Fake Call, Call @ Your Own Number By Another Mobile His Sharp Acumen for Technology. Also He Known as Serial Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker, Cyber Crime Consultant/Defender/Prosecution, Penetration Tester, Cyber Security Expert/Investigator, Encryption Specialist, Google Hacker, IT Computer Security Guru, Digital Evidence Analyst, Cyber Law Expert and Overclocking Champion....

How to Recall Sent From Gmail? 1) Login into Gmail 2) Go to Setting > Labs

3) Then go to undo Send option and enable it and save it. 4) Then go compose mail and send mail. 5) By default, gmail gives you a 10 second window of time in which you may undo sent e-mail.

Insert your Image in Gmail Background? 1) Login into Gmail 2) Go to Setting > Themes 3) In Image Scroll Down to the end of the page and click on “create your own theams”

4) A now POP up window will open. 5) There select you your own colour combination for your inbox and a background image for a themes.afterupload photos and “chose your image”. 6) When you are done just click on Save and close.. 7) Now you can see your own custom theme in action in your gmail account…

Open Multiple Account in Same Browser? 1) Login into Gmail 2) Go to Setting > Account And import 3) Then go Personal Setting Add AnotherEmail Address you own (Multipal Account)

4) After the Adding Account go to your main Setting and Add Account‌

How To Delete Gmail Account? 1) Login into Gmail 2) Click on Name And Email Address at the top of The page and then select Account setting from the drop down menu.

Integrate Facebook Twitter In Gmail? 1) Login into Gmail 2) To add facebook,twitter in gmail account you have to enable “add URL by gadgets” functionality in gmail from gmail labs.

3) When you click on save changes it reloads gmail again now click on setting.

Now From hear we can add facebook,twitter into gmail. If u want add facebook then copy and paste… Facebook Gadgets By MananRockx Twitter Gadgets By MananRockx

4) Login into facebook and use facebook into your gmail account.

Most Contacted Email Address In Gmail? 1) Login into Gmail > Contect Sidebar 2) Click the Export and choose the “most connected� option in the drop down to export all those email add in singale CVS. 3) Save file to a safe location as you might need if it your gmail account is hacked..

How To Find Gmail Account Creation Date? 1) Login into Gmail 2) Setting > Forwording and POP/IMAP and under POP Download Setup : POP is Enable for all mail that arrived since your date

Gmail Googles Gmail Labs provides an interesting feature to prevent you from sending mails that may you may regret later. It does so by asking you to confirm whether you really want to send that email.

When you send an email during your specified time, it prompts you with various mathematical equations which you have to solve before it will send out your email. If you’re too out of it to fire up the calculator, your email will have to wait till another day.

Insert Image in Google Mail? 1) Login into Gmail 2) Setting > Lab 3) Scroll down the list of option until you come to “inserting image� and click on enable

4) Click on Save button at the bottem of the page 5) Now compose and and click the icon box that gives you the option to either browse on your computer to get an image file to upload or to enter the URL of an image file located on the internet

How to delete Automatically Delete Spam Massage? 1) Login into Gmail Setting > Mail Filter 2) Now Click on Create a New Filter


At the “Has the words” box, put is:spam and click “Next Step” then one pop up will open click on “OK”

Backup your Gmail Account online. 1) Login into Gmail Setting > Account And import 2) Check mail using POP3 > Add POP3 Email Account 3) enter the email address of your main Gmail account that you want to backup

How To Send Mail in Future. 1) Download The Softwre From here Bombergmail 2) Then, go to compose mail and then to the option (Save now and then to Send Later) and you can choose the duration at what time you want to send mail.

And now, your Message can be sent. In case, if you want to reschedule or make any changes you can click on Boomerang and do the rescheduling.

How To Find Big Mail. 1) Download The Softwre From here Findbigmail

2) You can continue to use your email and will start to see results while it is being scanned. This may take just a few minutes or more than an hour depending on your mailbox size and location. We’ll send you an email when it’s Complete

How To Send Self Deleting EMail. 1) Create an Account in Self Email

Compose your email as usual in your own email program –> type: on the end of your recipients email address (they won’t see this) eg; –> send the Email.

When recipient get the mail & click on it then automatically following message will come & message will self destruct with in 1 minute.

After that sender will get the report mail regarding the date, time & location from where recipient has read the mail.

Serch your mail Without login GMail. Greplin allows you to search your emails without having to login to your Gmail. Other than Gmail, it also supports Google Docs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Drop box, and many more applications. All you need to do is to link up all your accounts with Greplin and you will be able to search them all in one place. 1) Ctrate your Account in Griplin

Convert your Mail into Task. 1) Taskforce is a Gmail extension that converts your emails into tasks and allows you to manage your tasks right within your inbox. 2) Ctrate your Account in Griplin and login With Gmail 3) Grant Permition to Acsess your Account 4) Install the extension for your browser (Firefox, Chrome)

How To Track Mail. Read Notify is the original tracking service of its kind, and remains the most powerful and reliable email and document tracking service in the world today. In short – Read Notify tells you when your tracked emails and documents are opened / re-opened / forwarded and so much more. First sign up in

Register there. Once registered, send a mail to your victim by the email id you registered at But before sending the mail just add “” with the victims id.. for example And then send it.

Check Your Mail Inbox for Read Notification Details.

Didtheyreadit Email Tracing. Did They ReadIt is a leader in providing a low cost, easy to use email tracking service. In the last few years we have been featured internationally in newspapers, magazines, and television and our services are used by some of the largest corporations in the world. We are based in Houston, Texas and have branch offices throughout the world.

Polite Email Tracing. Polite Mail is software tools for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Our Polite Mail for Outlook client software adds the tracking tools and marketing features you want in Outlook and connects to the Polite Mail Server, which collects the tracking data 24/7.

Password Protected Email. 1)

Open 

Now enter “your name”, “your email address”, “Recipient email address” and set a “secret password”. You have to inform this secret password to receiver through phone call, text message, email etc. Receiver cannot read your mail until he/she know your secret password. Now you compose your private mail content. Enable the option “I accept the term and condition” and click on “Submit”.

Receiver will get an email to read the message you sent.

Protecte Email ID From Spam. Open You can use this site in addition to a spam blocker and antivirus program to protect your email account, protect your computer, and hide your email ad


Email Cover provides this free service which hides your email address in a CAPTCHA image to help prevent spam email being sent to your email address. This dynamically created image never looks exactly the same, making it just a little harder for spam bots!

Email To Image And Java Script On this site you can convert your email address or telephone number to an image.

protect Email Account With With a tool called, you can protect your e-Mail address by hiding it behind a simple test.

Revolution of Email. Year 1965 1971 1977 1977 1982 1982 1988 1989 1989 1990 1990 1992 1993 1993 1996 1997 1997 1998 1998 2000 2003 2004 2006 2006 2007 2010 2010 2011

Revolution of E-mail Email was introduced in MIT Ray Tomlinson sends the first network email on ARPANET A standard format (RFC733) is proposed to enable sending email across the internet U.S. postal services begins to see email as potential threat to mail volumes First known use of the word ,“email” Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is introduced The first commercial email product, Microsoft Mail is released for the Mac CompuServe offers Internet Connectivity and email service to its subscribers IBM releases Lotus Notes 1.0 HTML Email is introduced , allowing for rich formatting within messages Email spam begins Microsoft Outlook for MS-DOS has been released AOL and Delphi connect their proprietary email systems to the Internet BellSouth and IBM Unveil Simon Personal Communicator, the world’s first mobile phone with a PDA features including email capability Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith introduced “Hot Mail” one of the first free Web- based email services Microsoft Outlook 97 was released, offering a central hub that includes, Email, Scheduling, Contact Management, Task Management , and a journal module Yahoo introduced “Yahoo Mail” “You’ve Got Mail” premiers at the box office Microsoft outlook 2000 includes the ability to customize and incorporate personal, corporate and web-based information in one place Microsoft introduces Entourage mail for MAC Microsoft Outlook 2003 includes junk mail and Anti-phishing filters and the ability to receive mail from multiple accounts The Federal Trade Commission codifies email spam laws Social Networking sites Face book was opens to the general public Outlook 2007 was released, with native support for RSS feed and the ability to receive the messages Google makes Gmail available to the public Worldwide. Outlook Mobile on Window phone7 and Outlook for Mac 2011are released. Face book announces plans to incorporate Microsoft Office Web Apps into its messaging system. Associated Press Style book changes “e-mail” to “email”.

Dangerous Email Attechment.                     


Possible Windows registry attack .chm Possible compiled Help file-based virus .cnf Possible SpeedDial attack .hta Possible Microsoft HTML archive attack .ins Possible Microsoft Internet Comm. Settings attack .jse Possible Microsoft JScript attack .lnk Possible Eudora *.lnk security hole attack .ma_ Possible Microsoft Access Shortcut attack .pif Possible MS-Dos program shortcut attack .scf Possible Windows Explorer Command attack .sct Possible Microsoft Windows Script Component attack .shb Possible document shortcut attack .shs Possible Shell Scrap Object attack .vbe or .vbs Possible Microsoft Visual Basic script attack .wsc .wsf .wsh Possible Microsoft Windows Script Host attack .xnk Possible Microsoft Exchange Shortcut attack .scr Possible virus hidden in a screensaver .bat Possible malicious batch file script .cmd Possible malicious batch file script .cpl Possible malicious control panel item .mhtml Possible Eudora meta-refresh attack

How To Find Valid Email Address. This email checking tool connects to the mail server and checks whether the email exists. For valid email addresses, you can view additional intelligence including pictures, web, blog and local searches. Click the info Button for interesting research data on email addresses.

Go to this link -

Online Email Tracer EmailTracer is a tool to track email sender’s identity. It analyzes the email header and gives the complete details of the sender like IP address, which is key point to find the culprit and the route followed by the mail, the Mail Server, details of Service Provider etc. EmailTracer traces up to Internet Service Provider level only. Further tracing can be done with the help of ISP and law enforcement agencies. The message-id will be useful for analyzing the mail logs at ISP.

Remove Sidebar Ads In Gmail. Visit click on the “Add Rapportive to Gmail” link to begin downloading. Once installed, head back to Gmail (refresh, if need be) and click into any email to see your sender’s social data in the sidebar

True Switch. True Switch is a Windows Live product for you to bring your messages and contacts from other mail services into your Hotmail account. Just enter the address and password of your Gmail and Hotmail accounts, and then you can back up all your inbox and archived Gmail emails to your Hotmail account, from the oldest to the latest, the backup ones will appear immediately. Visit

Massage in Your Mobile. When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you via your mobile device, a voice call, IM, or even delegate the message to someone you specify. Link

Save your Friends From outdated Email

Send Mail in Your Mobile. 1) Sign up And login Accout With 2) After Signup you will get a confirmation code on the Mobile to prove your Authentication, if you verify the code your account will be activated. 3) After that Go to Mail Alerts Section, which is just located besides, see the bellow image.

4) Login to your Gmail account 5) Setting > Forwording-POP-IMAP Option 6) Select ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to� option & Enter your Way2SMS Email there 7) You will receive gmail confirmation mail alert on your mobile with subject line containing confirmation code. 8) Copy and paste the verification code in Gmail verification box. Click On Verify. 9) Finished. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your gmail id.

How to find if your gmail account is hacked. 1) Login into gmail Account 2) At the bottom of your Gmail inbox there is a ‘Last Account Activity’ section. Click on ‘details’ to launch the full blown monitor

3) See your Gmail Account recently

4) Sign out All Other Sessions – If you forgot to sign out on a public computer

How to Protect your gmail account from getting hacked. 1) Go to your Gmail Page 2) in the top right side of the Gmail page, click on "Settings" 3) Then at the bottom of the general settings page, select the “Always use https� option, and click the Save Changes button

Use keyScrambler to protect your self from keyloggers Keyloggers are little programs that can even pass through your security software at times.They are a nightmare since they send back all information you type back to the person who wrote the virus. So anytime when you type your password, the hacker would get access to it.

Gmail Account Security With 2



1) Go to your Gmail Page and login into your Gmail Account 2) You can enable 2-step verification through a new link on your Account Setting Page

3) Start Setup

4) Edit > Turn on 2nd Step Verification

How To Trace Sender Information. 1) Go to your Gmail Page and login into your Gmail Account 2) You can enable 2-step verification through a new link on your Account Setting Page nd Click on SHOW ORIGINAL

3) Look for “Received: from” Received: from *] by 4) [] can be different for every mail, as this is the IP address of the sender 5) Now Trace The Sender Using This IP.

How To Back Mail into Pendrive. You can backup your All E-mail in to your PC or Pen drive by using Microsoft Outlook express. You can also use software that is MailStore, It is the best software for Email archiving and backup software .You can download Mailstore software from the official website of Mailstore. Click on the .exe file at your USB stick and click on Archive E-mail.

Click on Archive Mail > Google Mail

Click on Next. Here you can configure the backup options.


Sync Docs. SyncDocs is a free program which allows you to synchronize files between your computer and your Google docs account. It is similar to what DropBox is for your other files.

Using Gmail as a Hard Drive. Gmail Drive creates a virtual file system around your Google Mail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.

Gspace. Gspace is a Firefox plugin that allows you to use your Gmail account for online storage. File extensions are not an issue; you can upload any type of file which includes music files to stream directly with this Firefox extension {Windows,Linux,OSX)

G Watchman. GWatchman is a windows portable freeware Gmail and Google Reader update notifier. It is easy to use and can be configured with few clicks. Only thing that you have to do is provide your Google account information i.e. username and password to this application and select a time interval between 30 seconds to 3 hours in which it should update itself. If you do not want it to auto update, you can disable it but in that case you have to click on them to get updates. Clicking on the icons will open the respective pages in your browser. Read more:

G Notofier. The Easier Way to Check your Gmail.

List of Gmail Apps. Findbigmail: Find Big Mail helps you to identify the big mails that are taking up tons of storage space. It scans your inbox and sorts the emails with file attachments into various folders. Attachment with file size less than 500KB are labeled as “My Big Mail” while bigger than 2MB are labeled as “My Ultra Big Mail”. You can then switch to those folders and delete those big emails to free up storage space. Away find: When you receive an urgent message, Away Find will notify you via your mobile device, a voice call, IM, or even delegate the message to someone you specify. Rapportive: Rapportive takes the email addresses of the sender and builds a profile based on all the other social networks – like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – where that person may have a presence. Gist: Gist is a contact manager with a social angle. It has more of an emphasis on allowing you to flesh out contact data than Rapport does, which is all about pulling in data from other services. Gist for BlackBerry smartphones is a personal tool that enables you to access and organize your contacts in one place; updated with the latest news everywhere you need it. Boomerang: Boomerang allows you to schedule your emails to be sent at a particular time. It is a great tool for busy people who like to plan ahead of their schedule. You can compose an email now and schedule it to be sent a later time. Greplin: Greplin is a personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one easy place.Greplin indexes the information you create on different websites (like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook) and provides lightning fast search of all your information. Sanebox: Automatically filter your email of spam and unimportant messages to only see the emails that are important. Other inbox: Other Inbox is an organizer for your Gmail account. Once installed, it will scan your Gmail inbox and sort your emails to various categories (via label). It also has an “unsubscribe” category where all mails placed in it will be automatically unsubscribed. Even if the unsubscribe link does not work, you can be sure that emails from this sender will not appear in your inbox again.

Google Password Decryptor. The Google Password Decryptor is the FREE tool to instantly recover stored Google account passwords by various Google applications as well as popular web browsers. Most of the Google's desktop applications such as GTalk, Picasa etc. store the Google account passwords to prevent hassale of entering the password every time for the user.

How To View Hidden Password Behind. You can use this script when someone has checked the remember me button in the login form of any website and to reveal password from that saved asterisk or encrypted password. After opening the web page paste the JavaScript given below in the address bar and hit enter

javascript:(function(){var%20s,F,j,f,i;%20s%20=%20%22%22; %20F%20=%20document.forms;%20for(j=0;%20j<F.length;%20++j) %20{%20f%20=%20F[j];%20for%20(i=0;%20i<f.length;%20++i) %20{%20if%20(f[i].type.toLowerCase()%20==%20%22password%22) %20s%20+=%20f[i].value%20+%20%22\n%22;%20}%20}%20if %20(s)%20alert(%22Passwords%20in%20forms%20on%20this %20page:\n\n%22%20+%20s);%20else%20alert(%22There%20are %20no%20passwords%20in%20forms%20on%20this %20page.%22);})();

Web Browser Pass View. Web Browser Pass View is a password recovery tool that reveals the passwords stored by the following Web browsers: Internet Explorer (Version 4.0 - 9.0), Mozilla Firefox (All Versions), Google Chrome, and Opera. This tool can be used to recover your lost/forgotten password of any Website, including popular Web sites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Gmail, as long as the password is stored by your Web Browser.

For Crome

For More Browser Software Download from Here

Hack Gmail Account Phising Technics. First of all download the Gmail Phisher And Extract Zip File. Extract the zip file now you will get three files as given below:

Upload all the three files to any of the free Web hosting server. Some Free Web hosting servers are given below you can also find few more for yourself. ď&#x201A;ˇ ď&#x201A;ˇ Once you have uploaded all the three files to web hosting server now you have to send these ( to your victim. Now After sending Phisher to victim, once the user logs in to his Gmail account using your Phisher, his user ID and password are ours...And these are stored in log.txt what you have to do is just refresh your Web hosting account files.

Hack Gmail Account Using Gmail Hacker. Download Gmail Hacker from

Enter your email ID and your password and select the option build ď&#x201A;ˇ Now send the Gmail hacker file to victim tell him that this software is to hack Gmail password. ď&#x201A;ˇ Ask him to fill all the information required in it and then click on to Hack them.

 As he will select the “Hack them” option he will get an error. And you will get his Email Id and Password on your mail.

Hack Gmail Account Using Keylogger. Download Gmail Hacker from

1. Run the key logger file on your pc and click on “Create new”

Now, enter the information as follows:  Email address: your email address (Gmail recommended)  Account Password: Password of your Email address.  Key logger Recipients: Enter your Email address Click on next

Now Enable the Attach Screenshots by hitting on it. Enter the Duration (time in minutes) to receive email Key logs. After that Hit "verify nowâ&#x20AC;? If you get a message saying verified, your good To go, click next

 Now enable the “Install Key logger” by clicking on it.  Name the file anything you want and select Installation path as “Application Data”, click next



Next Now, “Enable Website Viewer” by clicking on it. Next


Now, Enable the “Enable File Binder”. Click Next

Now, Enable the “Enable Steel Password”. Click Next

Fill all the information by yourself. And click on next.

Now, hit on “Save As” and select the location where you want to Save your key logger server file. And click on “Compile Server”. Now Compile has been done.

You have successfully created a key logger server file. Now, simply Send this file to your victim via email, once the victim runs our key Logger, we will key logs every 10 min via email.

Hack Gmail Account Using Web Jacking. Download Backtrack From hear Backtrack OS The web jacking attack method will create a website clone and present the victim with a link stating that the website has moved. This is a new feature to version 0.7. When you hover over the link, the URL will be presented with the real URL, not the attackerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s machine. So for example if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re cloning, the URL when hovered over it would be When the user clicks the moved link, Gmail opens and then is quickly replaced with your malicious webserver. Remember you can change the timing of the web jacking attack in the config/set_config flags. 1) 2) 3)

open your backtrack terminal and type ifconfig to check your IP Now Again Open Your Backtrack terminal and Type cd /pentest/exploits/set Now Open Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) ./set

Press 1 Enter

Press 2 Enter

Press 6 Enter

Press 2 Enter Site Cloner

Enter the URL of the site you want to clone. In this case and hit enter. SET will clone up the web site. And press return to continue.

Now convert your URL into Google URL using and send this link address to your victim via Email or Chat


When the victim goes to the site he/she will notice the link below, notice the bottom left URL, its

When the user clicks the moved link, Gmail opens and then is quickly replaced with your malicious webserver. Remember, you can change the timing of the web jacking attack in the config/set_config flags. (After the Login) See

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Gmail Hacking  

Author - Manan Shah

Gmail Hacking  

Author - Manan Shah