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Celebrating uniqueness not trends! FALL SPECIAL FEATURE


Nola talks Nola’s Notions, Fifty5 Thursday, and Fashion Alert.


Galland Homes takes the Spotlight to create the perfect ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Trinity Aironaut

Designer Lillou Merlin is featured in a stunning pictorial by Trinity that showcases some of Lillou’s Fall best.

Publisher/Editor’s Note

To open up my Publisher’s Note a word to the masses: If we forget ourselves, we are no longer slave to our selfishness, greed, jealousy, hatred, prejudice, favoritism and therefore no longer feel the need to hurt others, gossip or lies of others. We are free to just LOVE one another. Nothing Strengthens authority so much AS SILENCE. Again I am tested to the 100th degree, but as always I feel sorry for those who need to hurt others to make themselves feel we move it on down the road. L’Amour Productions had a fab fab charity in conjunction with Models Giving Back and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I am beyond happy to announce that we raised


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

48,458.00L with all the monies directly donated to Model’s Giving Back. Everyone involved had such a great time! L’Amour Productions did an open casting for new models with the theme Cirque, and all of them did such an amazing job that the show and charity event was done completely around these models. To make it even better, all of the models gave their time for the Cirque De L’Amour Show, as well as 1/2-hour time slots to be part of the Cirque Side Shows. They enjoyed all the rides, model boxes, trapeze, silks, stilts, and the DJ’s and dancing. The models not only put in their time during the show, but all stayed throughout the entire event. I was

beyond proud and happy with how all of it turned out. The models also went on bidding wars for the items donated by designers such as Chop Zuey, Face Paint, original art from Sabine Mortonwold and so much more. Thank you to all of the designers and vendors who participated in Cirque De L’Amour. Diversity Magazine works very hard to bring interesting stories from around the grid. This issue is no exception to this rule. Our Fall Special Feature is all about Lillou Merlin Design. We have an amazing story with one of my most favorite house creators on SL, Robert Galland. We also feature the amazing and sweet work of Nola Hellershanks, Owner of Nola’s Notions and Fifty5 Thursday. Read an original story by Ahn Avion titled “Keys”. Check out the recap of the Cirque De L’Amour event, and of course the Mexican Couturier Fashion Show produced by Owl Braveheart...and MUCH MORE. Don’t forget to join ISSUU and follow and like L’Amour Diversity Magazine. Also visit to stay up-to-date with all that is L’Amour.

n i m a h J Ava Ava Jhamin CEO Publisher/Editor L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Celebrating uniqueness not trends! ISSUE 8, OCTOBER 2016 STAFF PUBLISHER/EDITOR Ava Jhamin CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jena Adder FASHION EDITOR Trinity Aironaut WRITERS Ahn Avion, Ava Jhamin, Jena Adder, Rhiannon Colclough, Sita Writer, WilloBreeze PHOTOGRAPHERS Alex Avion, Ava Jhamin, Jena Adder,  Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba, Trinity Aironaut DIVERSITY MODELS Ava Jhamin, Ahn Avion, Alex Avion, Bai Nigtfire, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Jena Adder, Sita Writer, Tony Lee Desrosiers, Trinity Aironaut, VanessaDelRio Underwood, Vichonette Constantine ON THE COVER Model/Photographer Trinity Aironaut The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ©2016 L’Amour Productions. All rights reserved. Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



12 Spotlight - The Realism of a Home An Interview with Robert Galland

of Galland Homes, creator of quality and luxury homes with unique architectural elements.

24 Fall Special Feature - Lillou Merlin Sita Writer gets acquanted with the very talented Lillou Merlin followed by a stunning pictorial showcasing Lillou’s designs, photographed by Trinity Aironaut featuring Diversity Magazine models.

44 Designers - Nola Hellershanks Ava Jhamin talks to Nola about her

companies (Nola’s Notions, Fifty5 Thursday, and Fashion Alert) and learns more about this enterprising, innovative visionary.

58 Community - Who Are You Voting For & Why? Ava seeks out Americans on SL who gladly


share their thoughts about the candidates in the upcoming US Presidental Election.

Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

66 Arts & Entertainment - Let’s Dance Getting to know Phoenix Dance Team

Ahn Avion interviews the very talented, close knit group of dancers.

74 KEYS - An Original Story by Ahn Avion.

89 Willo’s Wanderings - Doctors Without Borders WilloBreeze, Diversity Magazine’s newest

columnist, wanders around SL with her companion to various events, and reports back with reviews and favorite finds.

94 Fashion - Model’s Workshop Styling Challenges Jena Adder give us lots of valid reasons why

every fashionista/model should take part in the MW Monthly Styling Challenges.


Cirque de L’Amour Fundraiser for Breast Cancer.


Izel Couture and L’Amour Productions show recap.

110 118

31st PAZZO Style Challenge winner. Mr. & Miss Model International 2017 news.

122 Technology - Mesh v. Non-mesh Rhiannon Colclough asks “Do I have to make a choice”

between mesh and non-mesh, and talks with two designers about their own experiences adjusting to the changes in SL.

125 Social - A Blogger’s Life Ava Jhamin offers her opinions on what bloggers

and designers should expect from each other.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



The Realism of a Home An Interview with Robert Galland of Galland Homes By Ava Jhamin At one point I asked if Robert could give me textures full perm so that I wouldn’t have to bug him. He said he could not, but didn’t mind helping me. Well after asking for the 1,000th time he finally sent the textures. Although, as fabulous as they were, I never used them for anything other than to fix my screw ups.

Robert Galland is Owner and Creator of Galland Homes and has been designing homes since 2006, specializing in quality and luxury with an emphasis on incorporating unique architectural elements in each home. I don’t think you can be on Second Life for almost eight years and not make friends with the people who created your homes. For me, Robert Galland of Galland Homes was just that—a friendship that started with my mess ups on my home. I would put my logo on walls and floors and just make it a mess.


I think for me Galland Homes has always been one of my faves. I own a lot of them, including my favorite “The Sedona”—a big two story ranch-style home. I just fell in love with the detailing of his homes. I met with Robert to dive into his creativity and see what makes this remarkable man and friend tick. Ava: What brought you to Second Life, Robert? Robert: Specifically, a lead on my Yahoo page about ten years ago brought me to SL. I was just going to check my email and saw an article about a virtual world with a working economy and it caught my eye. Continued next page...

Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


I created my account that evening and, I may be mistaken, but I believe that day still holds the record for new sign ups in Second Life. At lease it did at one time, or so I heard. Ava: Tell me what you started to do when you came to Second Life? Robert: I explored. It was kind of fascinating to search and see what a diverse world was already here. I landed in a dance club and was welcomed by the people there who were only too happy to help a new


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

guy out. Those people became my first friends and that experience led me to do some hosting. However, it only took a few weeks before I wanted to learn how to build. I had bought land, a house, and a pool and wanted to modify something, but saw I did not know how. So, I went off to a sandbox and started playing around with some prims. I had always enjoyed building and even wanted to be an architect when I was a child, so not surprisingly,

I started to build a house, and opened Galland Homes about three months later. Ava: Can you tell the Diversity Readers about Galland Homes? Robert: Galland Homes brings me great joy and I hope that my efforts to create have been enjoyed by many others through the years. I am approaching my tenth anniversary in business here, so hopefully I’ve done something right. It’s very humbling to still have support in Second Life to be

honest. I’ve always looked at Second Life as a place to escape and perhaps experience things virtually that we cannot do everyday in our real lives. We can visit exotic locations and own sports cars. We can fly, whether ourselves or in planes etc. I have always wanted Galland Homes to bring some of that magical feeling to housing as well. We may not all have mansions or beach front bungalows in real life. You can here. So, it’s always been a mix of trying to capture something luxurious while also offering something comfortable. Continued next page... L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Ava: Can you please also tell our readers what inspires you when you make homes in Second Life? Robert: I have always enjoyed architecture and often get inspired to create something I have not done before or to do something better than I have done before. When it comes to an actual design idea for a home, inspiration can come from any number of elements. Perhaps, it is the look and feel of a vaulted living room and I consider, well, what kind of house would that work in and what design can flow out of that one room. Sometimes, I have an idea for a front facade more generally and the design flows from that. It’s a fluid process. Ava: If you could change anything about Second Life, what would that be and why? Robert: Had I been here a few years earlier, I might have pushed Linden Lab to consider a default camera angle that lent itself to the construction of a world scaled more realistically. I’ve always built assuming a 7-foot human was walking around with a camera over their shoulder. Thus, our spaces are usually higher than the horizontal space present would really call for. It’s worked in SL, but I think if something like Sansar [Linden Lab’s new platform for

user-created social VR experiences] emphasizes a more natural orientation, virtual architecture will follow suit. Ava: Robert do you do custom homes? Robert: I have in the past, but not for some time. I am not closed to the idea and it is possible someone could present a project I feel compelled to do. The fact can be that with my schedule, custom work may take from the need to keep projects and inventory flowing into Galland Homes. I would never refuse to listen to a proposal, though (smile). Ava: Can you share with our readers what to expect from a Galland Home? Robert: I hope I deliver a quality product both in style and function that someone will make a “home” out of. I also believe customer services should be emphasized and try very hard in this area. I am not alone. I’ve had a valuable and talented employee, Meldina Ashbourne, since 2008 who is amazingly kind and patient with our customers. Ava: Are you now doing mesh homes, and if so, was it a hard transition for you? Robert: I only build in mesh now. Everything is really 100% original Continued next page...


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

mesh and has been for releases really going back a few years. I love the ability to create in mesh and have become more and more comfortable with it. The transition was not so much hard, as it was demanding of persistence and effort. I mean, the concepts can be learned by anyone. It’s the time it took to learn it without formal training that I think is the barrier to many. As with prim building I just kept my head down and learned and I’m still learning. Ava: What have been the challenges of running a business for you in SL? Robert: This may sound weird after almost ten years in business, but I have never thought of my business here as challenging. I have simply always loved it. It is a wonderful creative outlet and unlike what I do in real life. If I had to come up with an answer, it would just be managing time to be able to build. Real life can be demanding (smile).

Robert: I just hope to keep creating and I think I want to return to some larger homes, which I have not done in a few years. It is probably time to explore some larger mesh homes of a few styles. I’ll be blessed if I am still working on these things in another ten years. Ava: Thank you so much Robert for sitting down with me and letting our readers into your home. I know for me what always kept me going back to Galland was the patience and the amazing customer service. Thank you again and thank you for creating wonderful homes where I am proud to say “Welcome to my home!” n

Links & Landmarks: Galland Homes Store

Ava: Where do you see the future for Galland Homes?

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Fall Special Feature

The Phantasmagorical Style of Lillou Merlin By Sita Writer

Lillou Merlin discovered Second Life back in 2007 and like many of us she was immediately hooked. For Lillou SL was a sanctuary of sorts. “Sometimes life plays a dirty trick on us and deals you something that you are never ready for.” says Lillou, “At the time I lost a member of my family, and following that I got sick and I had to give up many things including my work and activities in real life. My brother told me about SL and advised me to try just one time. I loved to create and when I tried SL it made me smile and gave me an outlet for my creativity.” As Lillou explored SL her creativity was rejuvenated. She explains, “From the beginning I was amazed


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

by the genius of the creators. Particularly the creators of magical sims that I find fantastic. There are so many sims that are so beautiful that it makes me want to spend hours just staring at every tree, every flower, every light. I also greatly admire some fashion designers who always make me dream.” Lillou’s fashion style is whimsically imaginative and it is inspired by her love and passion for the many dreamlike mystical worlds that can be found in SL. “For me, my fashion designs are motivated by the magical fantasy worlds of SL.” She adds, “I explored many different worlds and met the most extraordinary people. I became fascinated by some of their phantasmagorical costumes. I began looking for special fantasy costumes to wear, such as one that was the color of the sun embellished with glistening wings or an outfit composed only of flowers.” Continued next page...

Lillou Merlin - Owner & Designer, Lillou Merlin Design Photographed by Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba (meishagirl) L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Unfortunately, Lillou couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, so she decided to start to create her own clothes. She spent hours that turned into many days and weeks studying tutorials here and there, and states, “My imagination caught fire with the challenge of creating in SL especially since I could no longer exercise my passion in real life. With my newborn passion, I saw that my creative spirit would continue to grow and evolve through SL.”

I cannot do what I did before in real life, but thanks to SL I can continue my passion much more easily. But I always make clothes and doll furniture for my granddaughters.” Initially Lillou created outfits only for herself, but with the support and encouragement of her family she decided to open a small shop and explains, “It is empowering to see how my store has grown and fulfilling to receive messages of encouragement or thanks

I enjoy meeting great people who are always ready to assist or encourage. It’s a beautiful thing.

Lillou is not only creative, she has perseverance and the intellect to navigate the technical aspects of the digital world. “I have no training. I learned day after day thanks to tutorials and with the advice of my friends. And, I continue to learn. That’s what is very interesting too; I always had a passion for creating all kinds of things.” Lillou adds, “In real life I was creating many decorative items made of feathers, twigs of trees and all I could recycle. I made clothes and furniture for dolls. Today,

from clients. New technologies abound and give a way of working that is changing all the time. It is never routine and best of all, I enjoy meeting great people who are always ready to assist or encourage. It’s a beautiful thing.” The trick of course to SL commerce and creativity is balance. Lillou explains,“It can sometimes be challenging to combine RL and SL time. Having a business on SL takes time. The biggest lesson I have learned besides patience is Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


how to manage my day. Patience is paramount in my opinion—I have accepted the fact that it takes time, hours and even days to create the ‘perfect’ garment for sale. Commerce is important to expanding my store, but the satisfaction of my clients and the beauty of my garments are critically important to me as well and the foundation of my business.” In terms of inspiration, Lillou is inspired by some of the best. “I am fascinated by the beauty of the costumes from movies such as Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Sissi, Donkey Skin, Cinderella, The Duchess and more. As for RL fashion designers, I love Dior of course, Vivienne Westwood, Tony Bowls, and many others. I am also inspired by the fantastic dresses that my granddaughters dream of, a film score, or even a strutting bird. I know it sounds silly, but that’s the way I am RL or SL. I’m the same dreamer at heart.” Lillou has an interesting branding process that is as complex as it is thoughtful. The bottom line is that if she doesn’t like it, she won’t sell it and states, “I try to make clothes the best I can and I want them to be accessible to everyone. I put myself to the maximum instead of client and instead of people following me for years now. Is this what I wanted to do? Would I buy this as a customer? If it does not please me, I do not sell it. I have whole boxes of creations that I put


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

aside because they didn’t come out like I wanted them to.” As for the future, Lillou would like to enlarge her store. She has told Diversity Magazine that she has many new projects in mind, but that she is limited at this time by the lack of space. She explains, “I’m patient and I know my store will continue to evolve. I cross my fingers for a larger parcel so that I can offer even more to my clients. On the other hand I know it will break my heart to move. I have been on this small piece of land for seven years and it would hurt to leave—it has been my refuge. But, I don’t lose sight of what I have and I am grateful for having a nice store, loyal customers and so many beautiful friends whose kindness often brings me to tears. It makes me feel privileged.” Lillou enjoys meeting new people in SL and has put her heart and soul into every design she has ever created and sold. “My shop is not the most stylish shop,” she states, “but I do my best to make people feel at ease and to leave my shop with a smile. This is what makes it all worthwhile—it is very important to me.” n

Links & Landmarks: Lillou Merlin Store Lillou Merlin Blog

The following pictorial showcases Lillou Merlin Designs modeled by Diversity Magazine models and photographed by Trinity Aironaut. Model: Trinity Aironaut Outfit: Lillou Merlin Design Jeannette Gown - Cream L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Model: Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba (meishagirl) Outfit: Lillou Merlin Design Savy Dress - Orange Headpiece and Flower Piece (included) L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Model: Ava Jhamin Outfit: Lillou Merlin Design Sibylle Dress and Hat - Brown


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Model: Vanessadelrio Underwood Outfit: Lillou Merlin Design Selena Tight Dress - Khaki and Cathy Halloween Hat


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Model: Vichonette Constantine Outfit: Lillou Merlin Design Sorsha Mesh Dress and Headpiece - Black L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Model: Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba (meishagirl) Outfit: Lillou Merlin Design Rea Gown - Brown


Nola Hellershanks

Owner of Nola’s Notions, Fifty5 Thursday, and Fashion Alert

Nola Hellershanks, Owner of Nola’s Notions, Fifty5 Thursday, Fashion Alert


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


Getting to Know the Diversity that is Nola Hellershanks By Ava Jhamin, Photographed by Jena Adder First I must confess that of all the events that are on Second Life, Fifty5 Thursday is one of the oldest. I myself have done Fifty5 Thursday since I started on SL over seven years ago. One of the stores that has been in Fifty5 Thursday for a while is Nola’s Notions. This is the store of Nola Hellershanks who is also in charge of getting out Fifty5 Thursday to the masses on SL. I sat down with Nola to let the L’Amour Diversity readers get to know and hopefully join Fifty5 Thursday and enjoy the amazing store that is Nola’s Notions. Ava: Hi Nola. First off thank you for sitting down with me so that we may get to know the lady behind Nola’s Notions, Fifty5 Thursday and the other businesses you own on SL. Tell us what brought you to SL?

Nola: I came to SL after I watched a CSI New York episode called Down the Rabbit Hole. Ava: That episode seems to have brought the masses to Second Life. Tell us what you started to do when you came to SL? Nola: I started modeling after sitting in those earn Linden chairs forever to buy what I needed (AOs, skin etc.). My first modeling job was with Yula Finesmith. I was one of the first Finesmith Jewelry models. Ava: Can you tell the Diversity Readers about Nola’s Notions? Nola: Nola’s Notions is a Home and Garden store with diverse creations you will not see in other stores. Many items are exclusive, meaning all or parts of the items used are made outside of SL by me and my husband. I also take parts of other Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


full perm creators’ items to create a whole new item. For example, the dress on a few of my fairies is actually an upside down Christmas tree. There are many communities in SL and I try to be open within my creations. Ava: Nola where does your inspiration for such creative items come from? Nola: The fairies all come from my childhood, growing up in the forests around Mount Rainier, things I imagined. And other things I make I do to help inspire other creators to see outside of the box. For example I made flower pots from a pair of mesh shorts. I want people to see that just because we all create using the same items, we can make them different and unique by using our imagination. Ava: What a clever woman you are. I love that Nola. Do you do custom work at all? Nola: Yes, I will change up any item in my store if a customer wants. Some petite avatars like smaller items, some want tip jars etc., but I also do full perm custom mesh items, as well as scripting. Ava: What for you have been the challenges of running a business in SL?

Nola: Keeping up to date on Terms of Services (TOS), getting to know the many communities SL has, and the language barrier. Ava: If you could change anything about SL what would that be and why? Nola: I would change how businesses are defined here, or educate those who buy, creators and consumers on the differences. Meaning those who actually design and create and those who simply color change and slap on a texture already made for the specific item (a working project of mine since mesh came to be). Ava: I do think there’s a big difference with those who create and those who color change, Nola. I think especially since mesh, it’s clear to see who work from template and who, like yourself, create the mesh template. Continued next page...


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October Nola’s Notions - Sleeping Stone Lady2016 Fountain

Nola’s Notions - Large Tree with Garden & Statue

Nola’s Notions - Forest Friends Stump

Nola’s Notions - Elven Rendezvous

Nola’s Notions - Forest Secret

I think that everyone should go check out Nola’s Notions. A lot of my decorations are from Nola’s, and just like Nola said check out the fun different items in her fantastic store. I wanted to also ask a few questions about Fifty5 Thursday. I know for me I have done Fifty5 since day one on Second Life. How did you get involved with Fifty5 Thursday, Nola? Nola: It was actually created by Yula Finesmith, the person I got my first modeling job. She asked me to manage it for her. It was not long

from 55L-100L. These items and their makers are checked weekly before the sale. This not only means to be sure it is ready, but quality, TOS from full perm maker and Linden Labs are followed, along with Fifty5 Thursdays standards. Ava: I know as a woman with multiple businesses how hard it can be. How do you juggle time your between Nola’s Notions and Fifty5 Thursday? Nola: I take Sundays off! Fifty5 Thursday is a lot of notecards and textures. It literally takes more than

I want people to see that just because we all create using the same items, we can make them different and unique by using our imagination.

after it started she offered to sell the business to me entirely. Ava: For the readers who may not know of Fifty5 Thursday (laugh), can you explain to them what it is? Nola: Fifty5 Thursday is a weekly sales event, as far as I know the first on the grid. Designers offer up to six items per week, many of these items are new items being introduced for the first time,

36 hours to complete from start to finish, but I’ve been doing it every week for the past seven going on eight years, I have learned how to spread that time. As for Nola’s Notions, I take Sundays as my day to create, and get ideas, then I just do my building between. My husband also helps. Ava: Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? Continued next page...


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Nola’s Notions - Flower Bed Exclusive

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Fashion Alert is a group with over 340 of SL’s top designers...It also has fashion bloggers and modeling agencies.


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Nola Hellershanks hard at work at her office Photo by Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba

Nola: (Laughs) I don’t normally advertise my store, usually just in Fifty5 Thursday. I am also the owner of Fashion Alert, a group with over 340 of SL’s top designers (not just clothing, home and garden is a fashion too). It also has fashion bloggers and modeling agencies. I also do some work in the breedable communities (seven years). Many may have seen me as a CSR (Customer Service Rep) in the breedables. Ava: I didn’t even know a lot of this, so I know that I have been very informed during this interview, Nola.

Thank you so much for sitting down with me and doing this article. You are a delightful little lady, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings for you. Nola: Thank you Ava for thinking of me. It was a pleasure. n

Links & Landmarks: Nola’s Notions Store Fifty5 Thursday Blog

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Who Are You Voting For & Why? For The People By The People By Ava Jhamin I think more than any time in history that I can remember, the 2016 elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are taking it to a whole other level. To say that it is so heated is an understatement. To say that both have had low blows with each other is just what this campaign is all about. Are the real issues being lost in the debates and sideshows? I know that everyone has their reasons for voting for who they are voting for. I thought it would be fun to have random people express who they are voting for and why. Let’s see what the Diversity of SL says about it!!!!!!!! Maiacer Lysette The two party system in the United States has not always been the norm. Originally, the election for President of the United States was not set up as it is today.


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

According to the history I learned in college, and information I reverified on Wiki and through the Library of Congress under the system then in place, each state was to choose a number of electors equal to its representation in Congress. Each elector would have two votes: the candidate who received a majority of the votes would become president and the runner-up vice president (Presidential Election of 1789: A Resource Guide). All sixty-nine electors cast a vote for Washington. The second round of votes were divided between eleven other candidates; John Adams received the most and was elected vice president. I point this out only because this prevented the Vice President from being just a duplicate of the President and a person to perpetuate an ill-thought out plan. The idea of Donald Trump as president frightens me. He is

misogynist, elitist, a racist in my opinion, and the older of the two candidates. If he becomes president, the prestige of the United States will decline and he will have us in a nuclear war within six months of his inauguration. Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946 (age 70 years 3 months as of this writing). Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born October 26, 1947 (age 68 years 11 months as of this writing). And with all things being equal, this makes Mrs. Clinton the younger

of the two, and less likely to have a heart-attack in office. According to the Huffington Post, Trump has a history of being racist and they offer thirteen examples. Hillary Clinton has been working for the rights of minorities and children since she was 21 years old. Lifestyle Women Magazine documents the remarks he has made in public since 1990. The American Conservative states “The idea that Donald Trump (Donald Freaking Trump!)­is Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


the embodiment of American populism is, to me, a sign of political decadence. The man is a plutocratic billionaire known only for his flashy swagger, his boundless egotism, his trophy wives, his casinos, and for being a reality TV star.” Morgan Whitfield-Mickalobe (mmorganwhitfield) - Virginia, USA. I am voting for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. I am tired of the same typical rhetoric of the Democratic and Republican parties, both will lead this country to nowhere. Dr. Stein is the only candidate who is taking climate control of this planet seriously by advocating to “Create millions of jobs by transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, and investing in public transit, sustainable agriculture, and conservation.” Even if this plan is not viable, at LEAST, she is concerned about the welfare of our environment. Ron Cerise To me. I’m with Clinton. I don’t think it’s even fair when I hear people say the lesser of two evils. She has more experience than all


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

other candidates. His negatives pale in comparison to the whiny little bitch Trump is. Pardon my French but the only way to describe him is to say he’s an asshole. He’s a thin skinned bully. Ava Jhamin I am voting for Gallagher because I think both of the candidate suck. We could either have a man that is going to start World War 3, or a “Politician”. I don’t think we have had a decent president since Kennedy. Suki Rexen I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she is the lesser of the two evils, and I feel Donald Trump is very wishy washy and a misogynist. Bai Nightfire I do not know who I am voting for yet. I am still figuring things out and knowing me I will not know until I get there and then I will see. Rhiannon Colclough I am voting for Clinton, mostly because at least I know what she plans to do. Trump is not anyone I would want making diplomatic visits or policy decisions...can you imagine him having access to

nuclear weapons? The candidate I really wanted was Bernie, but you can’t always get what you want and right now, for me, it’s most important to keep Trump as far away from the White House as possible. I don’t agree with all of Clinton’s policies, but I agree with enough of them that I could be comfortable with her in the White House. Abby (Aibyou Nakamura) Who I am voting for and why? Hillary because she’s not Trump. If given a choice between a radical and a criminal, I’ll take the criminal, they’re more predictable. >.< Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba I do not know who I am voting for either. I will make sure that when I do I let Ava know so when she does the follow-up article, she can put it in the magazine...same with Bai.

US Presidential Election 2016 is on

November 8th Get out and vote!

So stay tuned readers because we will talk to the same people and do a follow up story on how they felt with who got elected and where they think our country will go from here. n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Arts & Entertainment

Let’s Dance

Getting to know Phoenix Dance Team By Ahn Avion When you think of dancing in Second Life, what comes to mind? For most, the first thought is usually of the dance ball HUDs at clubs, the pink and blue balls that appear or the drop down menu of limited choices of a lot of the same dances that show up at any other club or event. Don’t you

fiery passion we all share for dancing. We are dedicated to friendship and respect within every aspect of our lives.” When I came up with the idea of writing about the team, I had in mind the typical Q & A interview—throwing

Phoenix is very close knit group of dancers who do not judge your ability but encourage growth. get tired of seeing the same moves over and over though? Move over stale dances! You want to see some REAL moves? Check out a performance from a professional SL dance troupe! Yeah, you read it right—SL has dance troupes! I recently had the chance to meet with the Phoenix Dance Team to talk about their moves, their motivation, and their inspirations. Their group motto reads, “We’re a tightly knit team of dancers and creators born from the ashes of the


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

out questions for the members to answer, doing some editing, and voila! The more I learned about them as a team and as individual members, however, I came to realize just how much of a family they truly are. All of the members of the group have been, or still are, members of other dance groups. Though none of them are new to dance, there is still a difference in skill levels. Some of the dancers have become directors and producers of their own dances which is no small feat! Each director is in charge of his/her own song choice,

like attitudes that can pop up when a bunch of highly talented individuals gather. While it is the directors that ultimately decide the song choice and choreography, they do take suggestions and input from other team members.

choreography, costuming, staging, and special effects, all of which can take days to weeks to put together depending on the level of production she/he wishes to achieve. “I like the freedom here. We RARELY do themes, which allows my artistic freedom to paint the picture I am feeling in the moment,” said Kellan (Kelika Dubrovna), one of the group’s directors. “Phoenix is home,” added Zach Starostin (Zachbrig). Ray Lobo (Nevar Lobo) also added, “A very close knit group of dancers who do not judge your ability but encourage growth.” Because the team is so close, it affords them the ability to concentrate more on creating rather than calming diva

Fukuju Amaterasu says, “I’m a backup dancer and all of our directors seem pretty open to suggestions. Not just for music and themes, but also to the small details. It seems that they appreciate input and are not so arrogant as to think that it’s their way or they highway. Though ultimately all decisions ARE theirs, they still listen.” Ray Lobo has a different take. “I want suggestions in my directing. If they find ways they can help me learn I want to hear about it.” SoCo (Southerncomfort Magic), the group owner, “Anyone in this group that needs help, we will help them. From suggestions to teaching how to do certain things for a dance and always help when asked even if it’s to hop on a mover. People will help out!” Kellan takes a look at the bigger picture. “I have asked for it, I have called on others to look at dances I am not for sure on, and received input and even made some changes based on input. Dance isn’t only about me, it’s about my audience and my dancers Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


because, without them, I would only be dancing alone on a platform.” When it comes to choosing the music and moves, the answers are as varied as the muses. Lily Pussycat says, “I’ll hear a song and it just hits, usually everything comes from the song. I can see the set and costumes listening to the radio.” Ray Lobo adds, “I think its how I am feeling that week. It’s a very personal choice and sometimes I can be driving down the road and hear a song. Suddenly an idea or image comes to my head and I know I have to do it.” For Sebastain Bourne inspiration can appear in the form of clothing. “I usually start with a song but have on occasion started with a costume.” According to Kellan sometimes life itself can be inspirational. “It varies. Sometimes it is just what I see as a


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

vision in my head when I hear a song. Sometimes I have been inspired by a painting or what is going on in my life at the moment. Or like in the case with our away show, I picked a song that felt what the theme was and is. Dance can also be cathartic. For me at least. I have done a dance about my father who passed away. Depression, special causes like for Orlando, relay for life, autism. It just varies.” Should you get the chance, I highly suggest coming out to check out the Phoenix Dance Team. They perform every other Saturday at 6pm SLT with a 2pm SLT performance once a month as well. October 8 - 2pm & 6pm October 22 - 6pm November 5 - 2pm & 6pm November 19 - 6pm December 3 - 2pm & 6pm All times are SLT

When you go, consider leaving a tip. The tips are divided among each of the directors that perform that night. The group owner, SoCo, doesn’t keep a single linden for herself. In fact, she generously pays for, well, everything! Zach Starostin (Zachbrig) says, “She pays the DJ, the host, and anything else we need for the troupe and never says anything!” Dyhann Gibbs even went the sneaky route, or tried. “I tried to slip money to her. She doesn’t take it.” The shows are free. Quick change Vegas style productions to music of all types and genres (being from Vegas, I know all about this kind of thing).

Bring your friends and a willingness to have a good time! If you’re interested in becoming part of the team, contact SoCo. No experience required! n

Phoenix Dance Team Established November 2015 Officers SoCo (Southerncomfort Magic), Lily Pussycat, Sebastain Bourne, Ame Starostin (Amethyst Starostin), Seth Oleander Website | Facebook

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


Arts & Entertainment The following is an original story by Ahn Avion

Arts & Entertainment

KEYS - An Original Story By Ahn Avion, Photography by Alex Avion The whole last month has been nothing but shit. My mother died from complications of pneumonia. The doctors tried so many things but nothing worked. It was the longest two months of my life. It was bittersweet when she passed; I was both grateful and heartbroken at the same time. My dream job of being a journalist - correction, a SERIOUS journalist - for a major cosmopolitan magazine was flushed down the toilet when the editor’s grandson was hired on in an effort to learn the family business when the old man croaks. The snot-nosed punk hasn’t even graduated college yet, never been in the field, let alone have a clue about how to run a magazine. I shouldn’t complain too much. I do still work there, such as it is. Then there’s the hole in my dining room wall from the frat boys that call the other side of

the wall ‘home. Apparently, there was a big game on, an argument ensued about an official’s call, and the appropriate response was to throw a baseball. The thrower missed the intended’s head but hit the wall just fine, taking with it the poster-sized framed picture of the cover of the magazine my first story appeared. It took two weeks for the super to get someone out to fix it and then another week to repaint the walls. All of the walls, because of course the color in the can no longer matched the faded color on the walls. That I had to do myself. When you’ve never painted before, you don’t always think about drop cloths until you’re cursing the fact that you don’t have one, so now I have bits of carpet that look like a Jackson Pollock painting. The carpet people come in about two weeks. The biggest news story of the last decade or so has Continued next page...


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

been about the discovery of immortal beings. As always, with groups of people that are considered different from the idea of the social norm, there was praise and persecution. How many are out there? Can they procreate? How did they get that way? Can nonimmortals become immortal? What dangers do they pose to mortals? Do they have powers other than the really great anti-aging cream? Are they to be considered gods (oh the mess this question brings to the religious!)? Who is the oldest among them? That has always been my most curious question - who is the oldest? The rumors and tales of this mysterious being have spread like wildfire. The media has referred to this being simply as Athanatos, the Greek word for ‘immortal’. The only thing I can figure is that it was one of the easier word names to pronounce on national television. Those immortals that have made themselves known, some by choice, others by government intervention, have the same baseline story, but the details start to become hazy when asked about origin or Athanatos. A few have come forward declaring

themselves as Athanatos but are rarely believed to be him. It takes a blood test to determine if someone has the genes of an immortal, all of that DNA/genome stuff that would take weeks to explain, and even that would only scratch the surface. No one is telling how the government can ascertain the true age of an immortal, but whatever their methods, reports of someone being Athanatos are debunked before long. The oldest known immortal is over 5,000 years old. The story was that she was captured when a known immortal called her out in exchange for his own release from one of the first internment camps set up shortly after the discovery of immortals, but neither have been seen or heard from since. By internment camps I mean the place they tried to pass off as some kind of research center but looks scarily like internment camps complete with electric fences and shooton-sight security. I started writing about some of the stories and rumors about Athanatos, not only due to my curious nature but there was a chance that my hard work would lead to the editor Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


job I had been pining for, or at least until the snot-nosed punk showed up. Well, ok, I still pine for it, but that’s another story. My columns about Athanatos have afforded me a lifestyle better than my mother and I had known though, even with the ability to call in the best doctors, none of it could save her. The doctors are just as baffled now as they were then. It has been a month to the day of my mother’s passing, and the feeling of loss is just as strong now as it was then. That is the reasoning I’m going with to describe the massive headache that has plagued me since I woke up. It’s so bad that I don’t trust myself to drive to work. I thought about a cab, but with a headache this size also comes the lack of patience for slow moving traffic and heavily-accented drivers. After all the time I had taken off during my mother’s last weeks, it sounded like a shitty excuse to call in for a headache. The office was about 5 city blocks away so, with a sense of hope and determination, I was off. One block down and 4 to go, the headache began to abate.


Maybe I just needed the exercise; I could live with that. Two blocks down and it was better still. For as bad as the pain was, I was almost willing to run to work - almost When I drive to work, I would have to make a right hand turn to avoid the one way street. It takes longer but what can you do. There was something oddly fascinating about taking the straight road this time. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been on it in so long I forgot about the different businesses, or maybe it was because the more I walked the better I was feeling. Whatever the reason, I was walking into a strange familiarity. Halfway down the block, I started hearing music, soft jazz I think it was. Smooth and soothing, it drew me closer until I found myself standing in front of Keys, an exclusive jazz club for the rich and elite. The doors were open, with workers going in and out with furniture. By the look of things, the carpet was about to be replaced. I could relate. Before I had realized it I had moved inside the club to get a better look.

Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Continued next page...

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


It was opulent yet inviting. All of the lights were on which, when added to the natural light the open doors allowed in, gave each texture that much more definition. The walls, even in this much light, were a red so dark it was almost black

with a gold fleur de lis pattern. Half moon booths lined the far walls, each table with its own mini chandelier and candles for more intimate settings. The bar was on a second tier three steps higher than the rest of the place. Just one row of the five shelves of liquor along the back bar was worth more than my yearly salary. Just contemplating the cost of a drink was enough to prevent me from trying it, not because I couldn’t afford it but more out of fear that I’d like it too much and spend my life savings in an hour. Along either side of the bar were sets of double doors that


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

led back into the kitchen area, and I could only assume that wrought iron spiral staircase in the far left corner went upstairs to the offices. There was a stage area along the right wall with a dance floor so smooth and black it could double as a mirror. I stood there facing the stage and could imagine the band there and people dancing, smiling, forgetting about the life outside these walls. It was like a trip back in time and I reveled in it. Apparently, I reveled a bit too long as I did not see or hear the man approach. “Like what you see?” he asked in an accented voice, light enough to understand yet heavy enough to ascertain I had no idea where he was from. Startled, I blinked out of my reverie and felt myself grinning like a dork. “Uh, yeah, sorry. Always wanted to see what the inside of this place looked like,” I confessed. The man smiled, and it was a genuine one, yet there was something unsaid lingering in his gaze. He stood a good couple inches taller than me which was rare given that I’m 6’ 3”. He had long black hair down to the lower half of his back that was straight enough that it had its own kind of glow when hit with the

morning’s sunlight. He wore an all black Hussar jacket over black soft leather pants. With finely chiseled features, he looked no older than 25, but the intensity in that deep blue sapphire gaze belied a soulsearching wisdom so very few come to know. There was a familiarity about him, but I was certain I had never seen him before. He was pretty but not

understand, but I recognized the accent as the same as the man that now stood beside me. When the man on the stairs met my gaze, he stopped mid-step, one hand on the railing and the other holding a tablet. The next words out of his mouth were in that other language but, with the tension and stress in the syllables, well, that just didn’t need translating. “He looks like her,” he said in as much surprise as

He was pretty but not in an effeminate way, handsome but not rugged. He was, for lack of a better term, living art.

in an effeminate way, handsome but not rugged. He was, for lack of a better term, living art. He put me in mind of someone that could get anyone, or anything, he wanted with little effort; he had that kind of prowess about him.

showed on my face. The man next to me nodded once and moved to a booth to sit. Something told me I should follow and sit, so I did. The other man stood and stared a moment longer and then disappeared back upstairs.

“You favor your mother,” he stated simply as he turned, walking with his arms behind his back, holding his left wrist, his head dropped as if in some deep thought. I turned so quickly and sharply that my shoes squeaked on the un-carpeted floor,my steps elongated and fast to catch up to him. I opened my mouth to start asking questions but was cut off by another voice as someone came down the spiral staircase. He spoke in a language that I couldn’t

The moment I sat, the front doors closed and the room was oddly empty save us. All of the workers I had just seen, the bar keep that had been setting out glasses for the evening ... gone. It was intimidating, or it probably should have been,but there were too many questions swimming in my head that could no longer be contained. “You know my mother? How? Have we met before? How’d you Continued next page... L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


know her?” Yeah, good way to stay cool man. For as long as I could remember, my mother was as much of a hermit as anyone could be as a parent. Overprotective and doting, supportive and fearful for my future. He chuckled in that patient kind of way, slow and easy. Then there was a deep silence. I let it linger and thicken until I thought he wasn’t going to answer at all. “How is your headache?” He asked with concern. I wasn’t sure what surprised me more - that he knew I had had one or that it was gone. The question almost sidetracked my thoughts for a moment, but I finally managed to find my words and use them. “You have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know quite a bit about me but I know nothing about you. You owe me some answers,” I added with conviction. He gave another single nod then motioned with his hand towards the drink that was now in front of me. “Drink.


I will do my best to explain. I fear you will not make it to work this day.” I looked down at the table and yes, in front of me was an almost full bottle of Glenfiddich Whiskey. Glenfiddich had a barrel of Scotch whiskey that has been aging since New Year’s Eve of 1955. When Janet Sheed Roberts, the granddaughter of Glenfiddich’s founder William Grant, passed away at the ripe old age of 110, the company decided to honor her by making 15 bottles from the said barrel. Four were kept by the family, while the rest were auctioned off. What wasn’t in the $94,000 bottle was in the glass in front of me. To drink or not to drink. You can bet your ass I did! He waited until I took that first sip, watching my reaction to the floral, fruity, and sweet taste. It was easy to see why it was worth so much, and on the heels of that thought was the fact that if this was what he was presenting me while he told his story, it was going to be one hell of a story. n

Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


OFFBEAT ENTERTAINMENT cordially invites you to their upcoming CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA, a Linden Labs Verified Event that will be held from Sunday November 27th - Sunday December 4th. We will have some exciting events for the entire family throughout the week including The Looking Glass Tribute Band performing as the rock legends QUEEN on Wednesday November 30th at 8 am. Our extravaganza will kick off November 27th at 8 am slt and will house 20 amazing vendors that will provide some wonderful items for your holiday shopping needs. Proceeds from the event will go to the victims of the Orlando, Florida tragedies families and Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. We are looking for sponsors, advertisers, entertainment, and vendors. Read below. For a full list of events, sponsors, etc please visit our website Our Christmas Extravaganza will be a week long event that will run from November 27th - December 4th. We are hoping to feature vendors, live events, and holiday themed movies. We will have give aways and a ton of surprises and maybe a special guest fresh off of his trip around the world. Vendors will receive a booth to decorate and will be able to set up their merchandise.

We will be offering small booths and large booths (size and dimensions of the booth to be determined). We are offering vendor space at a discount until November 15th, 2016. A small booth will cost $200L, 25Â prims for the entire week and a large booth will cost $400L, 50 prims for the entire week. Advertisers, we would be thrilled to do a cross promotion with your business. If you are interested in advertising our Christmas Extravaganza we would love to place and ad for your company at our festival and on our website. Performers will receive 100% of their tips whether you are a theatre troupe, singer, etc. and will also receive $2000L from OFFBEAT TV. Bloggers, we will send you all press releases, photos, etc to your e-mail address. Anyone and everyone performing, sponsoring or blogging will be listed in all press releases, etc. You may buy your 600L ticket here. Thank you again, Kyle Burum

Willo’s Wanderings

Willo’s Wanderings Hi...My name is Willo...WilloBreeze. I have been wandering through SL for about three years now peeking into here and poking into there. I have worn a few different hats on my journey— sometimes as a Hostess, sometimes as Management, sometimes Student, Certified Model and Business Affiliate Owner. One of my favorite things to do in SL is shop. Yes, I have been bitten by the shopping bug and love finding unheard of little shops, bargains and events. The last is what brings me to L’Amour Diversity Magazine as a columnist. My companion is Frog and you will often see us together, hopping from place to place. My recent wanderings took my best shopping buddy and me to the “Doctors Without Borders” event. We went at different times of the day to see if any time was more crowded than the other. Seemed fairly quiet each time we went and the lag monsters were kept at bay. The sims were divided into different areas, each reached by following a brick path off of the main hub, which featured a huge fountain, horse drawn carriages, auction area and Gatchas. Of course, our favorite area was in

clothing. We found some great bargains and were pleased to meet some very nice designers (if you missed the Buy One Get One from EverAnAngel you missed a huge bargain). I was very pleased that so many of the venues had great items for sale and were giving so much to such a great cause. I hope that you all took the time to visit, shop and donate for such a worthwhile cause. We found many bargains in many of the different areas, including landscaping/gardening and home decor. Many of the designers featured one of a kind exclusives just for this event and many of those items came home with me. I must admit I get reminded after one of these forays that yes, we do have a prim limit on our land!!! It gives me a chance to redecorate (hahaha). If you missed it this year, please be sure to mark your calendars for next year. Your generosity benefits those around the world who would not otherwise have much needed medical help. Well done Doctors Without Borders!!! Well done!!! n L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


October blogger of the month


Model’s Workshop Styling Challenges It’s Free. It’s Educational. It’s Fun! By Jena Adder, Model’s Workshop COO & Co-Owner Model’s Workshop has been an outlet and a much-needed forum for models, stylists and many in the fashion business to express themselves, hone their skills, and meet and network with others in their field. We pride ourselves on making sure our programs are offered FREE of charge to anyone who wants to learn. We don’t compete with modeling agencies. In fact many of our Group Members are agency owners who have supported Model’s Workshop for many years. We are happy to offer our facilities, our expertise, and the resources models need to succeed in fashion. One of the key programs that Model’s Workshop offers is the monthly Styling Challenges. Our dedicated volunteer staff organize and choose themes that range from classic to new fashion trends. Whatever the genre these challenges give models a stage to showcase their styling abilities,

practice their runway skills, and get valuable feedback from their peers. The friendly, educational atmosphere is meant to motivate new models as they continue to perfect their styling skills. They are judged and given feedback by professional models, designers and others in the fashion business. Participants are asked to prepare a style card that not only lists each element of their outfit, but also includes their inspiration, making for some very interesting stories. We’ve had some amazing stylists on the Model’s Workshop stage, including Eleseren Brianna, COO Continued next page...


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

September 2016 “Fall Trends” Styling Challenge Winner PeterCarter (middle), MW Styling Challenge Committee Chair AriannaJasmine (right) and MW Committee Staff Aorist Chunes (left). Photo by Jena Adder. L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


August 2016 “New Worlds” Styling Challenge winner Rockinman1. Photos by Lira Savira.


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

and Fashion Editor of Kultivate Magazine, winner of MVW 2015 and model; Paradox Messmer, winner of MVW 2016 and model; Beatrice Serendipity, Fashion Designer at Ghee, model, stylist and photographer; Ava Jhamin, Owner & CEO of L’Amour Productions; Vikeejeah Xevion, Head Designer at Loovus Dzevavor; Antyfreeman, Store Manager at David Heather, model and blogger; and our very own Model’s Workshop Founder, Monica Balut. Ava Jhamin states, “If it wasn’t for Model’s Workshop, I would not be the stylist I am today.” Many others have credited Model’s Workshop for helping them at some point in their modeling career. We are extremely happy to know this, and it is one of the reasons we work hard to continue to offer the programs that Monica Balut started seven years ago. We want to make it clear that Model’s Workshop does not

compete with any other styling competitions on SL. There is no cost to enter our Styling Challenges, and there is no obligation to buy new things in order to take part. We encourage everyone to use what they have in their inventory to put together a look based on the theme of the month. We want you to SHINE and GET NOTICED!!! The Winner of each Challenge is featured in various magazines, such as Diversity and E N V Y magazines, as well as on the MW Blog, and of course, bragging rights for a month at Model’s Workshop. It’s FREE. It’s EDUCATIONAL. It’s FUN! All fashion enthusiasts, models (new and experienced) are welcomed to use our stage. If you would like to participate in future Styling Challenges, visit the Model’s Workshop blog for details on how to enter and how to prepare your style card...then come visit Model’s Workshop in world to SHOW IT ALL OFF! n

October’s Styling Challenge: Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Date & Time: October 19th at 5PM (slt) Visit for more details.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Cirque de L’Amour Fundraiser for Breast Cancer

A Circus for a cause By Rhiannon Colclough, Photographed by Alex Avion This is going to be an unusual article, as it is going to bend, if not absolutely break, all the usual rules of journalism. Rules like, “no using the word ‘you’, no extended quotes” and such. The reason is, I am writing this story about my experience in the Cirque de L’Amour fundraiser show on September 24, 10am, for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This show meant a lot to me personally, as I have lost far to many people to cancer, including my late husband. Not only that, but this show was an extravaganza in every sense of the word!

The show was featured inside a huge big top tent with three rings in the center of the tent. You could almost smell the popcorn and hear the hubbub of performers and audience alike. We started out on a platform, eight duos in all, as JewelofDeNiel, the director of the show, called down each group to the backstage. From the backstage, each group would go through all the rings then back up to the platform; at the end, for the finale most of the groups walked around the first ring, spacing evenly around as they stopped and posed. Some of the group had to be picked to go out in the audience and perform Continued next page...


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


there after their performances in the rings. I was dressed in a blue skin with black jumpsuit, crazy wild hair and glowing balls attached to my hands. Sabine Mortenwold was my partner for the event, and she looked as crazy as me with her spacewomanon-acid outfit, glowing in greens and golds. Ava Jhamin was the MC; the other models were LaAngel Jewell and TristsanO Resident as cute little clowns, Resmay Bloodstorm and WilloBreeze as a zebra and zebra trainer, respectively, carousel twins Abby Nakamura, QueenBrat Bracken. Aorist Chunes and Dakota Lavarock as circus cousins, with their performance of a “Moth to a flame.”Aorist with huge wings and Dakota with a big golden tail and headdress, Irene105 was a caged woman and her partner portrayed a futuristic woman surrounded by stained glass. Bai Nightfire was a dragon tamer along with Paige Darkfury as a dragon, Karessa Karas and Liberty Lighthouse were bird women of SL and Mely Gibbs was the Horse Whisperer even if a carousel horse. It was fun and frolic, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Of course, we knew it was for a good cause, which helped a lot, as I was nervous as all get out! It was very intricate: for each round, one group would move to the next ring, one group would move backstage to enter, and another group was coming out to backstage. Fortunately, we had quite a few practices! It was odd - up to the time of the show it seemed like time dragged, then suddenly it was time for the show and time seemed to speed up until it was over and we were all standing around the ring for the finale! And despite crashes and lag to the max, we enjoyed ourselves. And after the show, there were rides and places for us models to pose. Little carts with auction items were all over, waiting for people to bid on them. We raised 48,458.00L which will be given to the National Breast Cancer Foundation via Models Giving back. The best part was that we got to entertain the people of Second Life by bringing the magic of acts like Cirque de Soleil to Second Life. Just look at the pictures, and you can see that L’Amour Production put on an amazing show. n

See more photos from this awesome event on the L’Amour Productions Flickr

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine


Izel Couture and L’Amour Productions

Fashion With a Bit of ¡Ola! By Rhiannon Colclough Photographed by Alex Avion On Saturday, September 17 at 10am, fashion took on a decidedly Spanish flavor when Izel Couture partnered with L’Amour Productions to put on the Mexican Courtier show. The setting was magnificent for this show - an elegant two-story stage with many stairways, very much in a Spanish Cassena Montañesa style. To add to the effect, lovely Mexican-style music played in the background. The models walked all over the different stairways and runways, with two models sharing the runway at times. The hostess, Lis Darkfold, knew how to add to the atmosphere, and Ava Jhamin was there in the gorgeous Emperatriz Pasion, one of Izel

Couture’s dresses. Here is how Lis described it: “has detailing very Spanish inspired and flares to a beautiful pink skirt. It comes with the matching crown, earring and collar, and looks stunning.” That should have been the byword for the show, as stunning fashions could be seen at every entrance of a model to the runway. Izel designs for both men and women, which was a wonderful breath of fresh air— sadly, not too many designers design for men. The models, Resmay Bloodstorm, Denis Lenoir, Rienna Rieko, Mely Gibbs, Andyy Braveheart, QueenBrat Bracken, and Owl Braveheart, Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


showed off some of the most gorgeous fashion seen on the runway. Some of the outfits were even complete in and of themselves, with shoes and jewelry included with the outfit. Even the names of the outfits were evocative, such as Moulin Rouge, Flame Men, and Delpho. The way the models moved on the stairways and walkways of the runway, you were given plenty of time to look at the outfits and see the incredible detailing. The audience, a large one, was appreciative of all the work and vision that went into this show.


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Productions has amazing,diverse shows, as can be seen in the shows they put on... so if you get a chance, make sure you attend a show, as you will be entertained and enlightened! n

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



31st PAZZO Style Challenge By Ava Jhamin This past 31st L’Amour Pazzo Challenge was a great success. We decided to go back to Pazzo’s roots with the speed challenge. L’Amour Productions first started doing Pazzo Style Challenge as a speed challenge. That meant that all models were to go to the runway, they would be given the style challenge and they had 20 minutes to go and style, come back and walk using four poses. We then fell away from that and started giving challenges that were not easy but participants had a week to get it all done. Now Bai Nightfire, COO of Pazzo Style Challenge, is mixing it up, doing regular style challenges mixed with speed style challenges.

The venue was at the Cirque de L’Amour circus tent. We did it there so the audience could enjoy the fun and give to a great cause – Model’s Giving Back. We had five participants at the start before we gave a 45-minute time limit and gave the theme out which was Rockabilly. Two models did not return in time alloted and were disqualified, which is the pitfall of a speed challenge. After a hard choice, the judges picked Saori Kido Rey (Saori440) as the winner of the 31st L’Amour Pazzo Challenge. Congratulations Saori! n

Saori Kido Rey (Saori440) 31st Pazzo Style Challenge Winner Rockabilly Speed Challenge


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

(l-r) Winner Saori Kido Rey (Saori440) Runners Up Catalysis and Zaria Zenfold

Challenge yourself... Contact Bai Nightfire Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Issue 8, October 2016 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine


Mr. & Miss Model International 2017 The Competition Where “YOU” Represent Yourself!!! L’Amour Productions, Ava Jhamin, and Cyberdawg Foxclaw are pleased to announce the Mr. & Miss Model International 2017© (MMI). This competition is unlike any other in SL as you will represent “YOURSELF”. You will participate in runway, photo, and group challenges that will highlight you as a model, stylist, individual. Submission of your work, photos etc., will reflect who ”YOU” are as an SL Avatar. MMI prides itself on being the first competition on the grid that does not care who you are behind the screen, only who you are in the Second Life realm. Our goal is to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us. To celebrate who we are, where we come from, and share with others our mission for SL. Also MMI will also work with the winners to organize a charity of their choice and what they’re passionate about. We invite you to participate as this competition is open to anyone in SL regardless of schooling or lack thereof. If you reside in SL you are welcome

to be a part of our competition. No voice verification!!! (We were the first major competition to implement this). YOU BE YOU. All scoring and judges’ comments will be available within 48 hours of each challenge, and will be given to each contestant at a Feedback Meeting held after each competition. MMI’s competitions are not only fun and unique, they also challenge each contestant to think outside of the box and grow as individuals and stylists. MMI winners receive amazing prizes that include Lindens, products from sponsors, modeling opportunities, and scholarships to various modeling academies. YOU WIN BIG in more ways than one as you develop friendships with fellow contestants during the competition, and learn valuable modeling and styling tips from experienced MMI instructors. We pride ourselves on being not only the first of its kind but also the most honest competition. n

For the “Official” Press Release, entry rules and event schedule, visit us at

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016



Mesh v. Non-mesh Do I Have To Make a Choice? By Rhiannon Colclough Mesh has become not only popular but almost de rigueur in so many fields, such as home furnishings, fashion, and avatars. It’s become so ubiquitous that there’s almost not even a squeak of protest. However, there are people who have not embraced mesh and still torture prims like crazy. But with the opening of Sansara looming, and with the rumors that only mesh will be allowed or promoted there, are they a dying breed? Or can non-mesh be appreciated along with mesh? Nola Hellershanks, a mesh maker who makes a wide variety of items, and Hig Bing, a self-described “old school texture maker and prim torturer,” discussed their views on the subject.

process. Some thing like unwrapping is more difficult to do.” The reason she works in mesh may surprise some, though—it’s not necessarily for saving prims or land impact. She adds, “It allows for better detailing.”

Nola, who has been working on mesh for three years, has a store dedicated to selling her mesh creations, Nola’s Notions. She uses Blender, although she admits that it is not an easy program—she states that the ease of learning depends on how fast you learn and how dedicated you are. (That seems to be a common complaint about using Blender). She further adds, “It’s also a tedious

Considering that the reason most people want mesh to reduce land impact, this is an interesting view... although that would explain why people love mesh bodies. Nola explains how that detail can be captured: “ is so much easier to add multiple textures to do more of what we call (faces). You can have up to eight faces per object.” She does admit, however, that there are


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

“Many think it is mainly a prim saver, but that really depends on how high detailed you get. If you look in my store, many things are a bit higher prim, because I like more detail. Some mesh makers keep prims low and end up with flatter tires will be more of a decagon, instead of smooth or items will disappear when you move a few meters away, due to removal of low to mid-levels of detail.”

minuses to mesh, “Poorly made mesh can create lag if they are not optimized properly. It costs Lindens with upload fees. This is why we use Second Life beta grid to test before uploading, since quality mesh can cost a bit of money.” Her view on how easy it is to learn to make mesh was also very surprising, “[Mesh making] is very easy, and you don’t even need to use a program to make mesh. Any full perm prim you create can be turned into mesh by exporting as a DAE and importing back into SL...or you can turn it into convex hull and it will act as a mesh with reduced land impact, though it does not work the same with sculpties. DO NOT torture (twist, hollow, cut, slice etc.) and add materials to regular SL prims or you may end up with a 1k+ land impact. Remember to test in a sandbox or the beta grid.” She also has a surprising view of mesh kits, “They are great, as long as they don’t come with premade textures. Too many buy them that way and don’t do anything more then set

them for sale. This makes it so the customer ends up buying something NOT original and more than likely see the exact same thing being sold at different prices all over.” Many of us have probably experienced that and it

can be amusing or frustrating at times. The most shocking response, though, was her closing comment, “Mesh is just another way to create. Don’t rely completely on it, since sometimes a basic prim or sculpty will be easier, less primmy, and more cost effective.” On the other hand, Hig Bing, a clothing creator for nine years in SL, is not too keen to work with mesh, as she explained, “Well, there are many reasons why I don’t do too much mesh, one of them being that Continued next page... L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


I tend to lag a lot and mesh makes me lag (lol), but also...well, I am a well known building teacher, which means “prim-torturer”. I have been known for producing 100% Hig made stuff, which is not the case with mesh.” She went on to explain, “Believe it or not, although I do sell some mesh now (more and more to be honest, to satisfy customers’ requests), I really don’t feel comfortable knowing some parts of my outfits weren’t originally created by me, but that I had to purchase a full perm template.”

She looks back at all the people she’s taught and who are now teaching others. “Building is cool. I used to teach it in many different schools. Because of RL crap happening, I had to reduce my SL activity and I gave up teaching, but I really miss it. Some of today’s teachers are former students of mine. I was very flattered when some told me they missed my classes; one even told me I was the reason why she wanted to become a teacher. Now whenever I go and take one of her classes, I feel so proud!”

She went on to explain her view on prims, “These days, people tend to consider that if it is not mesh, then it is crap. I totally disagree with that point of view. Some non-mesh items can be absolutely fabulous.” When the opinion that her clothing was a good argument for the value of primwork, she demurred a bit, “I wasn’t so much thinking about me as about other designers that inspired me back in the days.” Sadly, though, fewer and fewer people appreciate prim work. Hig discloses that she is “about to shut down my store every month; people hardly ever buy stuff from me now because it is not mesh.” (her store’s location). But as she acknowledges, “You can’t oblige people to like something that is out of fashion or forbid them to follow a general trend.”

She further explains why that matters to her, “That’s when I realize some people have never stopped torturing prims, still have a classic avi, and still torture prims and make old school templates.” She elaborates, “I gave up learning mesh. I prefer being good at what I do, even if I am old fashioned.”


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

It’s a debate that will continue for some time to come. Hopefully, we will all have access to a wide variety of building tools and materials. As this article shows, there is no one clearly ideal way to go, and many people mix mesh and non-mesh—a classic avi wearing mesh clothing, an avi with a mesh body and classic head—so it appears that we will be enjoying the best of all worlds for a while yet! n


A Blogger’s Life By Ava Jhamin as far as blogging goes, I wanted to discuss a few things not only as a blogger and a blogger manager, but also as someone that understands what it is the designers expect and what bloggers can expect in this rising field.

My History as a blogger I have been blogging since 2009. I started blogging as a PR tool for designers that were doing shows with L’Amour. It was a tool to tease for shows and give props to the designers. I loved doing it and the designers loved me doing it. I then started blogging for dear friends, the first one being Lillou of Lillou Merlin Design, which was the first show I ever did under my old agency. Then gradually more and more asked if I would do it. Obviously it was a no brainer for me, as I loved blogging, and I loved giving them the PR and seeing if it made a difference in their sales. It did and I have never stopped. Where is blogging in SL going Now as we have a whole new gig

Do I believe that blogging will take the place of fashion shows? No, I do not. For me that would be like saying that will happen in real life. Never! We want to see the flow of clothes, how they look on the body and all done up to perfection. This shows all of us what the designs could be using our own imagination. Blogging as an art form I look at blogging in Second Life as an art form. You can take a master piece of art and put it in a room with 20 people. Every one of those people are going to have their own thoughts, feelings and take on what the piece of art is to them. I see blogging the same way: some may love some may hate. Again for me and me alone, I only care that the designer is happy with my work. Anyone else... well in the whole scheme of my life... it doesn’t matter. Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 8, October 2016


I don’t except all to agree with me and they don’t have to. And if you feel that strongly about it you are more than welcome to write something up and send to me for the December issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine. What is expected of a bloggers As a teacher in Second Life who teaches students about blogging, I feel very strongly and tell them If you blog for anyone and you accept an item from your bloggers group, you must blog that item. If you accept items and don’t blog them, to me that is stealing. If you are a blogger for designers, make sure you follow their guidelines, and if you feel the expectations from the designers are too much, then graciously bow out. I personally don’t believe we should just get a designer’s creations for free. As bloggers I do feel we have a worth and should get paid on top of getting the clothes. I feel most bloggers work very hard and should be compensated for that with both clothes and Lindens. I also feel, and very strongly on this point, that if you are a blogger and designers have specific rules, follow them or don’t apply. Each and every designer has their vision for their brand and you can hate it, disagree with it, and have a choice of just not do it.


Issue 8, October 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Designer responsibilities I feel that if designers don’t have exactly what they expect on a notecard in the box of items to be blogged, they cannot come back and bitch later. It is not up to the blogger to get the SLURL, LM etc. Anything and everything that a designer requires of the blogger should be on a notecard in the box of items to be blogged. If you would like certain specifications on how to style for a blog, then state it. If the designer has certain requirements and the blogger isn’t meeting those requirements, do they deserve to be let go? Absolutely! Again it’s not personal, it’s just business so know what you’re signing up for. The topic of designers using bloggers and shopping events vs. agencies doing fashion shows came up not too long ago. Do I feel that this will take work away from me? Heck no I say! The fashion industry is forever changing and as an agency owner, blogger, all of it, you have to change with the times. I have all along taken on new designers, did a fashion show, blogged their designs, and then put them in events. You have to go with the flow in Second Life or you will die. n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine

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L'amour Diversity Magazine Iss 8 Oct 2016  

Check out the Oct 2016 edition of L’Amour Diversity Magazine now available. The Fall Special Feature showcases designer Lillou Merlin. Our S...