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Great value in so many values. Availon introduces itself.



Long-term yields require long-term experience. Decades ago, wind turbines still had names like TW600 or EW1.5s, and energy production of wind was given short shrift. “Our power comes from the outlet” was what people said back then. And other than a few pioneers, hardly anyone was interested in how electricity got into the outlet in the first place and what kind of electricity it was. Ulrich Schomakers was interested in that from the very beginning. He grew up with wind energy, and he ended up making a big impact on it, too. Especially by developing specific solutions based on the customers’ requirements to ensure them high yields on the long term. Complemented by Markus Spitzer’s expertise in business administration, the former SSB Service GmbH gave rise not only to Availon, it turned the pioneer of yesteryear into the vanguard of today.

Ulrich Schomakers (MBA), CEO

Markus Spitzer (MBA), CFO

• 19 years of experience in the field of wind energy (Tacke, Enron, GE®, SSB)

• 12 years of experience in finance

• At Availon since 12/2006

• Previous experience: Studied business administration in Hamburg, Project Manager (ERP), Controller, Commercial Manager, Finance Director

• At Availon since 08/2007

• Previous experience: Project manager, Service Manager, Head of Field Operations Europe, GM Global Product Service & Warranty

“GE” is a registered trademark of GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, US.

Every day, we get a little bit better.   And we’ve been doing so for decades. From pioneers in pitch systems...

... to independent service specialists covering all brands.

1970 • Establishment of SSB Elektromaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

2007 • Establishment of SSB Service GmbH

1972 • Development of the first special drive systems

2009 • Opening of the Competence Centers in Norderstedt, Hamburg

1992 • Entry into the wind energy market

1998 • Serial production of the pitch system for the 1.5 MW class

2008 • Opening of subsidiary Servicios Eólicos in Madrid, Spain

and a subsidiary in Des Moines, USA

2010 • Opening of subsidiary Rome, Italy

Renaming: SSB Service becomes Availon

2011 • Opening of subsidiaries in Erfurt, Germany and Sweetwater, USA 2012 • Acquisition and integration of Voith Industrial Services GmbH


We listen. As the world’s leading independent service provider in the megawatt class, we simply want to inspire you with our services. Your high standards for service can only be met by someone who understands your requests and requirements as well as you do and acts as if they were a partner at your company.

What we stand for: • Open and partner-like customer dialogue on equal footing • Dependable services covering all brands according to your requirements • Technical competence and continuous turbine optimisation • High customer and employee satisfaction

The benefits of Availon. What Availon stands for and what you get from it: … in comparison with manufacturers:

… in comparison with other independent service providers:

• Service for all brands

• E stablished Competence Center (in-house engineering expertise)

• W TG service is our core business and focus of our company • Complete transparency regarding faults and defects with WTGs • Tailor-made solutions • Quick reaction times and decision processes • Unparalleled flexibility (in spare part procurement and more)

• W  e develop our own updates • T he first and only independent from GL Certified service provider • H  igh technological competence • C  omprehensive, modular range of services • International presence


With this many aces we don’t have to hide our cards. Transparency is a major aspect of our corporate philosophy. That’s why we are happy to give you a glimpse into the aspects of our company which make Availon a dependable partner for you:

Our corporate structure – professionalism knows no bounds.

• Our solid corporate structure

Availon GmbH

• Our secure financial background • Our comprehensive range of services which consistently tailored to suit your needs

Availon Holding GmbH

Availon Iberia S.L. (Spain)

Availon Inc. (USA)

Availon S.R.L. (Italy)

WPT Nord GmbH


Plenty of financial security behind us.

Parcom Deutsche Private Equity


Thanks to Parcom Deutsche Private Equity. Parcom Deutsche Private Equity (PDPE) is an independent private equity firm which has been investing long-term equity capital in mediumsized companies with above-average potential for growth since 2007. Or to put it in the words of a successful CEO: “We don’t treat our business like a sprint, but like a marathon.” Needless to say, this is a major benefit to Availon on the long term: • PDPE subscribed equity: € 250 million • Partner-like relations

Availon Holding GmbH

• Aimed at sustainable appreciation • Realisation of long-term growth and development strategies

Dependability at every level. At Availon, all our doors are open to you. Whatever requirements you have. However challenging the demands of your WTG may be. Because we not only guarantee maximum dependability at every level, we also have any number of solutions available to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your WTG.

Customer & Availon WTG Service


WindKeeper® Basic

Efficiency potential and cost reduction through:

WindKeeper® Basic Modular


Diagnostics of base frame and/or generator mount

(Technical support, engineering services)

Optimization (yield)

Reduction (failure)

Individual (Data and requirement analysis, customer-specific solution)

Measurement of base frame and generator mount Gearbox analysis


Drive train analysis

(Interfaces linked with banks, insurance companies and administrators)

Foundation analysis

Product expertise


Repairs of base frame or lifetime service

WindKeeper® Complete Modular WindKeeper® Complete

WTG Inspection

Certified quality management (ISO 9001), work safety management (OHSAS 18001) and environmental management (ISO 14001), plus GL certification of technical competence Competence Center & development of overlapping technologies Maintenance and repair, 24/7 remote monitoring, spare parts management, rotor blade service, troubleshooting & fault analysis, technical advice

Requirements expertise

Quality expertise

Technological expertise Service expertise


Signed and sealed and confident. Wind turbines are valuable investment goods. But they are costly to build. Keeping them on a consistently high quality level on the long term requires regular investments – in maintenance, repairs and optimization. And all that also has to come at the right time. But when is the right time? We’ve asked ourselves this question and had our answers reviewed by independent parties. The result: We’re on the right course.

Our quality management: As excellent as your WTG. Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is the only one who can put their stamp on us. And we are delighted when they do. Not only do we have an ISO 9001-certified quality management system, we are the very first independent service provider to have received technical certification from GL: • For our management, performance, analysis and documentation of external assignments • For our staff qualification • For our troubleshooting and repair processes

Our work safety management: Systematic responsibility. It is especially our personnel who are in the front line when it comes to fulfilling the day-to-day wishes and ­requirements of our customers. The tasks they have to deal with are highly challenging, so safeguarding the lives and health of our employees is one of the fundamental goals of our company. For that reason, we maintain a work safety management system that is certified to OHSAS 18001. Our commitment to work safety is a core aspect of our corporate culture and an expression of our responsibility towards people and the environment. Our environmental management: More than just a certificate. Working in the field of renewable energies, our company is committed to protecting the environment, with no ifs and buts. It therefore goes without saying that our ­environmental management is also certified by GL to ISO 14001. That means that as well as complying with all statutory regulations, we are also dedicated to achieving our own ­ambitious environmental goals.


Handle residual risk with a smile on your face. Short circuits, excess current or excess voltage are just a few of the risks which could cause unforeseeable turbine downtime. A full-service agreement alone is not enough to cover such risks for WTG operators. This is why we have developed an operator framework agreement with our insurance partners which provides additional insurance to supplement our full-service agreement. This transfers your risk to two dependable partners at once, making the operation of your WTG much more secure.

Total relaxation – even in the face of natural catastrophes. The insurance policy even covers property damage caused by lightning strikes, earthquakes and floods.

At home wherever there’s wind. Rheine, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Since 2007: Jacksonring 2, 48429 Rheine

Since 2008: Calle Ayala 7, 1°izq, 28001 Madrid

Hamburg, Germany

Rom, Italy

Since 2009: Aspelohe 27b, 22848 Norderstedt

Since 2010: Via Appia Nuova 71, 00183 Rome

Erfurt, Germany

Des Moines, USA

Since 2011: Mittelhäuser Straße 70, 99089 Erfurt

Since 2009: 3060 SE Grimes Blvd., Ste. 500 Grimes, IA 50111

Rostock, Germany

Sweetwater, USA

Since 2012: Am Hechtgraben 18, 18147 Rostock

Since 2011: 1113 Lamar St., Sweetwater, TX 79556

A telephone call is well worth its while. An e-mail, too. Find out more about our range of services at, send us an e-mail or call us. We look forward to hear from you. Headquarters: +49 (0) 5971 8025-0 Advice: +49 (0) 5971 8025-210 Remote Monitoring: +49 (0) 5971 8025-250 E-Mail:

Availon Holding GmbH | Jacksonring 2 | 48429 Rheine | Germany |

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