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Diagnosis: Cracking.

Baseframe maintenance and services for WTGs from GE速 to Vestas速.

W I R H A B E N V E R S TA N D E N .

DIN, ISO, EN, ETC. We have in depth expertise in high places – such as your WTG baseframe. That lets us speak open and honestly about the true condition of your WTG. Our expertise is embodied in highly skilled personnel and nationally and internationally recognized certifications. Our services don’t just comply with various standards; they go above and beyond.

Ser vice: It’s more than just a face. We believe that face-to-face contact and communications will lead to the best solutions for your needs. Being OEM independent, we will always be upfront and open about any defects in your wind turbine. Honest. Fair, and personally. Ingo Daniel and his team look forward to hearing from you by phone or e-mail: Phone: +49 (0) 5971 8025-210 E-mail:

Diagnosis: Cracking.

Baseframe maintenance and services for WTGs from GE® to Vestas®.

Our qualifications at a glance. Qualifications are also about selecting a strong capable partner. That is why we work with WPT, experts in non-destructive materials testing of WTGs. • High-quality craftsmanship provided by well-trained specialists • Extensive experience in WTG repairs • Welding and steel structure qualifications to DIN 18800-T7 Class E, ISO 3834, EN 287-1 111/135 • Includes all necessar y certificates and training for working on WTGs • State-of-the-art equipment • MT2 certification as an in-house quality control system during work on WTGs • Ongoing refresher courses and certifications for our employees (internal and external)

We tailor our quote to your needs. You can expect the contract we offer you to be upfront and open, too. We believe that contracts are about trust. That is why we carefully adapt our services to your needs. From flexible service modules to complete maintenance contracts. Visit to learn more.

• Profound expertise and extensive experience with statically and dynamically loaded steel structures • In-house laboratory for analyzing structural elements for defects and non-homogeneities through various non-destructive testing methods • Able to perform inspections and repairs anywhere in the world

Availon GmbH Jacksonring 2 | 48429 Rheine | Germany

W I R H A B E N V E R S TA N D E N .

Two paths, one destination: Baseframe quality assurance. 1. Needs-based maintenance on a case-by-case basis. With needs-based maintenance, we come whenever you call. We will visit your site as soon as you call us or discover a crack or any other issue with your baseframe. We will analyze any damage and repair it at your request.

Experience: More than just a supporting role You respect the power of the wind – whether you operate one turbine or an entire wind farm. And you know from experience not to underestimate this power. Good wind sites in particular pose tremendous challenges in terms of materials and equipment, especially for the baseframe. As the backbone of your WTG, it is exposed to enormous shear forces and bending moments. They can push the materials used in virtually all types of WTGs – not just older units – to their outer limits and beyond. The result: Cracks or unstable weld seams on the baseframe. Repairing them is highly labor-intensive. Unless, of course, cracks are identified in an early stage. With our extensive experience and profound expertise in WTGs, we know the importance of assuring baseframe quality so you can restrict the wind’s impact to exactly where you want it: On your bottom line.

2. Maintenance throughout the WTG lifecycle. We sign a contract agreeing to perform all the services required to inspect and repair cracks, no matter how much time and effort this may entail. You delegate: A lot of responsibility. You gain: A sense of security. After all, our maintenance covers the entire lifecycle of your WTG. “ Vestas” and “VCS” are registered trademarks of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, DK. “GE” is a registered trademark of GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, US

Our ser vices:

• Maintaining the operational reliability of your WTG • Inspecting and assessing the baseframe and repairing damage in cooperation with highly regarded partners • Non-destructive materials testing • X-ray, ultrasonic and visual inspections for detecting cracks • Performing MAG, TIG and arc welding to repair cracks in steel structures • Removing peak stress points and preventing damage to steel structures through welding and grinding • Preventing and delaying new cracking in dynamically loaded steel structures

The repair was successful. The figures on the left show normal pictures of the inspection site. The pictures on the right show the inspection site under black light during a magnetic particle inspection.

a glance. Inspection and testing methods at WPT-Nord GmbH, Many options, one expert. Our partner, ng: has extensive expertise in material testi • Dye penetrant inspection • Magnetic particle inspection • Eddy current testing • Radiographic testing / X-rays

• Hardness testing / specimen production • Phased array ultrasonics • Photogrammetry • Videoscopy

r • Under preparation: Ground penetrating rada


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