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How to Get Into Investment Banking  - an Overview Are you looking for a career in finance? If you are a finance student or a working professional seeking a career in thefinancial sector, this article is going to be a helping hand for you. Along with the key financial sectors, I will also be discussing the professional courses which are required to bag these dream financial jobs.

The governments give special attention to this sector and every year they come up with very lucrative packages, which help in generating the bunch of career opportunities in this industrybeing considered as a backbone of the economy. Which area should I focus on within the sector? Although finance as a sector is vast and there are many job profiles available. However, in this article,we’ll be covering some key finance profiles, which are very famous in thefinancial world. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: This is one of the most sought after aprofile in finance. The role of portfolio managers is to manage both institutional and HNI clients’ portfolios. Usually, the person at the top acts as a

head, and the team known as analysts under him performs various tasks required in managing the portfolio on a daily basis. The role of the portfolio manager is basically to review the performance of theportfolio and make the necessary changes, essential in delivering the committed returns.

It is hard to start out in this role directly. Typically, the CFA designation and 5 to 6 years of work experience as an analyst is the minimum requirement to become a portfolio manager. Jobs of portfolio managers are found at Investment banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, etc. CORPORATE FINANCE: Corporate finance is one of the core finance jobs, which includes taking strategic investment decisions to maximise the shareholder’s value through long term and short term investments.In this area, you have to tackle with lots of complex business problems and your problem-solving skills will make you successful here. Generally, the CFA designation is amust to start a career in corporate finance and salary packages also comparatively good. INVESTMENT BANKING: Although there are various domains under investment banks, EquityResearch is one of the prominentareas. Equity research analyst is required to follow a particular company or sector

and provide buy or sell recommendations based on their analysis for mid to long term investment point of view. Likea regularjob, they have to prepare detailed research reports, which they send to clients periodically. Analysts have to visit and meet key management personnel of the companies they are following, they also need to attend analyst meets which companies conduct time to time. In-depth knowledge about the company or sector and accuracy of their recommendationhelp in getting the regular promotions in this domain. Equity research and financial modelling course from any reputed institute or CFA designation are required to get this profile. TRADING: Trading is one of the most exciting jobs in thefinancial world. Trading jobs are getting very popular and widespread these days as firstly, there’s no particularrequirement of any designation like CFA or any specific degree to start with, and secondly, there’s no age restriction in starting a career in trading. Traders or commonly known as technical traders grow rapidly in their career based on their experience and charting skills. Trading jobs are generally found at broking firms, hedge funds, investment banks, insurance companies, money management firms and proprietary trading firms. Although CMT designation gives some value to tradersresume manyinstitutions, hire traders based on their trading skills and experience. Salary increases with experience and accuracy. What should you make a note of? It is quite understood that many people are attracted towards finance jobs because of higher salary packages but people who are ultimately successful in thefinancial world, are very passionate about their roles and most importantly they keep on updating their skills and knowledge. So, test yourself in any of the above areas, only if you have genuine love for finance. For more details shoot mail: or Visit:

How to get into investment banking an overview  

Although finance as a sector is vast and there are many job profiles available. However, in this article,we’ll be covering some key finance...

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