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We really value our client feedback, and try and provide the best services we can. Please quote “M002” when contacting us to help us with our communications.

AV:Activ Professional audio visual and interactive services.


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hello from us Who AV:Activ are and where we work. Whatever it is you need for your business, AV:Activ can deliver with a cost effective and professional approach. Based in the heart of the country - Birmingham, we travel all over the UK to provide installation and servicing to our clients. AV:Activ can supply and install projectors, interactive projectors, TVs and display screens, music systems with embedded ceiling speakers or wall mounted speakers, digital aerials and satellite dishes, Freeview and Sky distribution, PA systems and more! When working with the health and leisure sectors, we go even further. AV:Activ installation engineers can install TV & and music across multiple channels and stations to your fitness equipment with state of the art wireless transmitters and receivers. AV:Activ can even sort out getting the audio and visual elements into the attachable and embedded screens in equipment such as Life Fitness and Technogym machines. And for those machines without screens, we can sort out free standing ones for you too. A wealth of experience & company heritage. AV:Activ have over 20 years experience in the audio visual industry and have worked within the health and leisure, commercial, educational and public sectors. AV:Activ are the only complete audio visual solutions provider you will ever need. We can supply and install any AV specification you may need, and with a rapidly growing client base we can offer many options that are often overlooked. Making the perfect partner for your AV requirements, AV:Activ can supply excellent and tailored support and maintenance packages for all aspects of your installation. AV:Activ supply equipment as well as install it.

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We are currently building an online ordering system allowing easy and direct access for our clients to leading edge products and all the information they would ever need on them. This will help clients build quotes and also gain access to information and equipment they might never have thought of. AV:Activ will leverage this online system, sending information and ideas from all areas of our work to bring the latest trend and technology right to your door.

An overview our products & services All our services listed right here. In alphabetical order, here is a rough overview of all the equipment and services AV:Activ supply:

Projectors & Interactive Projectors

Digital Signal Reception

There is no denying the power of a projector in the meeting room. Presenters gain the power to better display their information, and the listeners sleep less. But what if, for a nominal extra amount, you could add interactive features to the presentation? Statistics show that a presentations information retention is multiplied 10 times in most cases. The presenter can interact and highlight parts of the presentation and the sleepers can even wake up and join in adding ideas and circling stuff. It becomes more fun, so everyone tries and absorbs that bit more.

Many types of business require TV reception, whether in the form of Freeview, Freesat or Sky, we can accomodate any requirements. AV:Activ can supply and install digital aerials and satellite dishes for all your needs.

LCD & Plasma Displays There are many reasons for having displays mounted throughout your business. Health and safety updates and notices, business news, advertising or just making your staff and clients relax with a bit of TV in the quiet areas. AV:Activ can source, install and service any of your display needs.

Music Players Primarily dominant in the health sector but on the rise in corporate areas, our music systems can make any task easy. From relaxing background music to pumping dance studio sessions, we specifically choose mature products that are easy to use by your staff. With an assortment of features to fit any budget, AV:Activ can tailor to you exactly.

PA Systems These play a vital part in many areas of many types of business. Whether you are a health club, business or educational establishment a PA System is a must. Perfect for crowd control during health risks, locating staff or making all personnel aware of impending visitors you can make much use out of these systems. AV:Activ have even installed these into schools where the use them as in house radio stations for the students to use!

But these are not limited to board rooms. In-house training rooms are becoming more and more popular to keep costs down, and throw a projector into traffic heavy area like a canteen or waiting area to add TV or advertising to staff and clients alike.

Static, Mobile & Electric Projector Screens AV:Activ can supply all types of projector screen. Static are normally wall mounted and stationary, for boards and projectors that never move. Mobile boards normally come as folded up and on a stand. Electric screens, are normally mounted to the wall or ceiling, and lower down for use via a remote control. Electric screens can even be installed above a suspended ceiling and come down through a cut out hole in the ceiling for extra effect in highly custom situations.

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An overview our products & services All our services, continued. Speakers

Wireless Receivers and Transmitters

It’s no surprise that ordering a PA system or music player without speakers is a bit daft. But why not throw some into the boadroom or training room? Adding sound to presentations and training is a great boost to information absorption. Other scenario’s are embedded ceiling speakers for background music and larger wall mounted variants for dance halls and sports rooms etc. AV:Activ can also provide portable speakers with attachable mics and players, see the Mipro section for more details.

If you need to get audio from your TVs, radio stations and music system to your cardio equipment, we supply and install the very best and latest in wireless cardio. Or simply replacing your old wired transmitters and receivers? Then look further through this mag for some options.

TV and Sound Distribution For when you need your Freeview, Sky or video to reach more than one screen.

Voting Systems These are great. Gaining a massive uprise in the education system but also in the corporate scene too. These devices can provide anonymous feedback to gain critical votes on anything at all! With live stats on the votes these are brilliant devices.

Stock Items It’s not only the hard-core hardware that we supply. Everything from instructor headmics to headphones for retail via your business are available directly from us.

Consumables AV:Activ even go as far as supplying screen cleaning kits for your displays and equipment, cd player/dvd player cleaners and even batteries and chargers and cables for audio and digital use.

Interactive Whiteboards Found in thousands of classrooms, these boards are one of the biggest leaps in education ever. But these little beauties are now being used all over the place in all sorts of uses, from the boardroom, training rooms and decision making environments like police stations for illustrating data as it happens.



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AV:Activ supply and install a full range of gear for the health and leisure industry.

CARDIO equipment Replacing or new, wireless cardio for all. MYE 800 Replacement Receiver The super compatible new MYE Eclipse Series Wireless replacement receiver takes the hassle out of upgrading your old Cardio Theater and BroadcastVision receivers. Headphone jack: Easy to access and replace when faulty by your staff. Keeping costs down.

The MYE Eclipse Series receiver is packed with the latest state-of-the-art wireless technology and features including combining 900MHz or 800MHz and FM Radio in one unit. As the industry leader in entertainment technology, superior MYE performance and reliability make this the last entertainment receiver you’ll ever need to purchase. • Self-Diagnostic Headphone Jack – flashing icon alerts maintenance personnel when to replace faulty headphone jack. No more down time or upset customers! • Sleek Compact Design with Large Easy to Read LCD Display Screen. • New Secure Grip Mounting Band – combines traditional and new mounting technologies for quick and secure installation on any cardio machine. • MYE Eclipse Series Wireless Replacement Receivers work with all 900/800MHz and FM TV transmitter brands including: Cardio Theater, BroadcastVision / BVE, MYE Entertainment, Enercise, Audeon, TV Audio and FM Radio Combined – now your customers can enjoy both TV audio and local FM radio!

Purchase just the pull out part and have them delivered straight to you.

They fit all major brands of equipment including COMING SOON!

TV on a stand - For machines without screens attached. AV:Activ will soon be producing and selling a free standing screen solution for cardio equipment. These easy to setup screens will be ideal for those that do not wish to be tied down to a single supplier in regards to machine repair. The screens are one of the most likely parts of a machine to break. This can lead to an expensive call out from the supplier as only they can carry out the repairs on the equipment. Release you repairs from the supplier and open up to the possibility of lowering costs by separating the screens.

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leisure related hardware It’s not just the machinery we look after... To supply the health and leisure industry doesn’t mean just looking after hardware, the staff and clients all have needs... Coloured dance studio lighting AV:Activ can supply and install an amazing coloured LED lighting system that can be hooked up to a music system for in synch lights changing to the beat of the music.

Stock and Accessories Headphones AV:Activ can supply headphones for you to sell to your clients and customers, these are available in bulk. Other accessories include cleaning products for display screens and cd/ dvd equipment. Using these can help reduce replacement and call out costs.

Cleaning Products AV:Activ can provide cleaning products for all areas of your business. Looking after and doing basic maintenance can help expand your products lifetime and thus lower costs, so should be taken very seriously. From screen cleaning to cd/dvd player cleaners, we can provide anything you need.

Batteries & Chargers Instructors Microphones As we all know, an instructors life is a hard and fast paced one. This of course leads to the equipment being treated hard too and inevitably leads to damage of the equipment over time. AV:Activ can supply leading brand name replacements without delay and at a competitive price.

That’s right! We even supply state of the art rechargeable batteries and chargers. The brand we supply are gaining an excellent name in the industry for their “Green” values. Produced with the planet in mind, quick charge times, long lasting use and size changers make them an awesome yet cheap battery.

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Providing a class leading service to the business and education sectors.

This is where the magic happens. A fully fitted state of the art media centre with all the gubinsinstalled.

sound & vision Perfect solutions to get your message seen. Adding a friendly or exciting ambience to any business is easy, and AV:Activ have the skill and the knowledge to help.

If you need some sound to accompany your screens, background music or a PA system, look no further. After a quick survey, AV:Activ can offer a full range of speaker systems designed specifically for your space. From embedded ceiling or wall speakers to attachable or mounted speakers. Should you need a bigger sound for a dance hall or spin studio, then we can supply some huge massive monster speakers too.

AV:Activ can supply and install any size TV or display unit you will ever need. Whether it is multiple plasma/lcd’s on the wall for TV stations or data, or cardio equipment mounted or free standing. We can help with all these. AV:Activ can install TV/Displays to all types of wall in any area, and hook up the picture and sound. Even if the screen is far from the source, we have the technical knowledge to make it happen. AV:Activ use only leading brands in TV technology including plasma, lcd and upcoming oled screens. We also supply audio visual services for the leisure industries equipment, such as Life Fitness machines with built in or attachable screens. Wiring the TV signals from sources like Freeview, Freesat and Sky.

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projectors and screens Perfect partners for the perfect presentation. Overview


AV:Activ can supply and install any type of projector and screen for you, along with various options depending on your requirements and needs.

Other additions can be things like DVD Players, MP3 players, Freeview/Freesat and Sky.

Projector / HD Projector These vary in brightness (lumens) and vary in spec depending on how much ambient light there is. There are two common types, normal (medium) range and short throw. The medium range are normally mounted via a pole from the ceiling on a bracket. The short throws are normally mounted from the wall as close as 30cm (and getting less) from the wall! These have less shadows and normally a stronger image.

Screens for all Static Mounted to the wall or free standing on a frame.

Plug it in So how do we get our image and sound onto the screen, and into the speakers? AV:Activ will supply and fit a face plate onto the wall (or somewhere). This will allow easy and simple access by just plugging straight into the wall and off you go. Or, if you want a bit more outlay a wireless projector can be used (although sound will still require wires.)

Where can they go? AV:Activ have installed projectors into all manner of businesses. From schools, meeting rooms, training rooms, gymnasiums and even into pubs and clubs.

Manual Mounted to the wall but needs to be pulled down to use. Electric Wall mounted, but comes with a remote to open and close. Sizes range from 2ft up to a whopping 30ft!

Sound There are usually a couple of options here, and they depend largely on the size of the room. Smaller rooms will be able to get away with self powered speakers, much like the ones attached to common PCs and laptops. Another option is to have an amplifier with separate speakers, this will allow more than 2 speakers at a louder volume. This will need either a rack for the amplifier to be mounted in, or a lockable storage cupboard. Page 10

VGA/PC Input Audio In/Out Mounted on the wall

Sky/Sky HD PC Speakers or Amplified powered speakers.

Example of items you could have.

Freeview/Freesat DVD Player Amplifier MP3 Player Rack: Mounted on the wall or Mobile.

xxx xxx xx. xxx

There are times where you just need it that little bit louder...

music systems A system for every type of installation. Cortex Digital Music Gateway

This rack based solution provides a bridge between your music and an amplifying unit. Simply plug in your digital music source in the form of a USB stick, flash drive, external USB hard disk or iPod and the Cortex system will take control of the music on the device. Pitch bend, speed alteration, shuffle, track programming and random continuous play are just some of the features on this gateway. A good option for health centres and gyms for background music. Most commonly with a small usb flash drive filled with music for random music all day long.

Numark Digital Music Gateway

This gateway has been developed specifically for use with an iPod compatible device. Simply plug in you iPod device and the gateway will take control, allowing you to control the music via the front panel or the supplied remote control. Perfect for gymnasiums or gym instructors needing a mobile solution that will work with the iPod they already own. Often used in a mobile rack:

JVC Boomblaster

This is a quick all in one option for those needing a single portable solution. Often being used in pool side situations where mains power is a limited option, used with our high power rechargeable batteries these devices are perfect. They are able to play CDs and MP3 CDs, have a USB port for external flash drives/hard drives and last but not least an iPod dock hiding your precious iPod out of the way. Although highly adaptable with good level of sound, it is quieter than other solutions here as it relies on its own built in amplifier and speakers.

Mipro Large Scale Sound (See next page)

The images above are the front and back of the device.

If your looking to fill a bigger room with sound, and need high flexibility then you may need to look to the Mipro series. Loud built in amplifiers, excellent sound quality, can be powered by mains or batteries (from Mipro). Highly flexible, these devices can take additional modules: • UHF & VHF Receiver Modules • Wireless Interlinking Transmitter • IR Multi-Media Digital Player Modules • USB Player Modules And have additional extras: • Microphones, Batteries, Stands, Covers.

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professional sound & pa The Mipro range deals with every occasion.

Wireless Transmitters The Mipro range of solutions cater for all the occasions and uses you could ever think of.

Expandable Fully expandable with various modules from wireless radio transmitters, cd players and digital and usb players. Multiple wireless microphones are available on the higher end products too.

VHF Receiver Modules UHF Receiver Modules

Digital Music Modules

Loud to Even Louder These products range from a healthy 30watts RMS upto a whopping 170watts RMS! At that level, your clients should be able to here you on the moon!

CD/USB Players

Perfect Fit Don’t be misled by the compact size of these highly efficient portable PA’s. Lightweight and powerful, they can be hand carried, shoulder strapped (smaller models), on a flat surface or mounted on a mic stand.

Protective Carry Cases and Batteries

Protected Protective carry cases are available too, to keep your prized possession in good shape and away from bad weather.

Upright Stands

With Mipro by your side, no one will feel left out.






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getting interactive Enhance the situation with interactivity. Providing installation and setup for the leading brands in the interactive world. Leading brands AV:Activ can provide and install all major brands when it comes to the world of interactivity. With brands like Promethean and Smart Technology taking the lead, there are others such as Genee and mainstream manufacturers like Epson sneaking rapidly from behind with some amazing quality products with a price to match. AV:Activ can help you decide which product is best for you.

Interactive Touchscreens The Genee Touch range gives you all the advantages of a whiteboard without the drawbacks. All screen sizes come with a variety of features, which are usually found on an interactive whiteboard, such as a tactile and responsive screen and cutting edge “drag and drop� functionality. It can also be mounted almost anywhere in the room as there is with no projector to worry about.

The Genee Link The Genee Link is an addon that turns any projector into an interactive projector! The Genee Link is a stand-alone interactive module. Once installed, it gives any projector interactive capabilities. Simply calibrate the camera module with your projector, install the LightPen II software, and begin interacting.

The Genee Link is an awesome new adapter for converting your projector into an interactive projector!



Compatible with all projector brands. Interact on any flat surface.

Interact in real-time without inconvenient delays.


The Genee Link provides interactivity to institutions which already have projectors, without major investments, and builds on the existing hardware.

The Genee Link has all the features and benefits of the renowned Genee View series.


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interactive continued... Take a tablet and get some feedback.... Smart Boards with Projectors

Interactive Projectors

Smart boards can enhance any room where teaching, data analysis, reports, training or general meetings take place. They offer a superb method of the user EPSON EXCEED YOUR VISION being able to interact with the information on screen, as well as add and modify data on the fly from people giving input. From Smart Board drawing outlines to taking notes directly on the board and information.

Epson have stepped up to the mark with the EB-4x Series. This all in one solution can project onto most surfaces and give you all the interactivity you would need without the need for the interactive board element!!

Being able to select, change, highlight and pull information from other sources in an interactive manner has a massive bonus to the amount of information taken in by the participants. When you go further and start adding the voting and feedback systems, you will notice massive improvements in information absorption and learner improvement.

Epson EB-4x

This gives some obvious cost savings over other products. The software lacks some of the higher end features of the likes of Promethean products such as converting written notes to text, but most other features remain. This product can also work along side the Promethean software too! You will just need to check licenses.

Slates and Tablets

Voting Systems

Slates and tablets are also on the rise. They add the ability to take control of the interactive display as you walk around! Yes, draw on the board, interact and make notes on the presentation from anywhere in the room.

Now you have seen the boards, the projectors and even the slates/tablets for interacting with the presentation or whatever it is your doing. But what about getting feedback from the people sat down in front of you. Whether your teaching and want your students to answer a question, or in a meeting and want anonymous voting on a business idea - the voting and feedback systems can provide an invaluable resource for on the fly feedback. Genee Slate

Keep the results to yourself, or have them display on the board! Watch the charts grow as the votes come streaming into the presentation, then save the details for use later.

With these devices, you can walk around a large presentation talking and casually guiding the speech, or hand over the pad and let your audience get involved while you manage it from the main PC.

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Promethean Smart Response ActivExpression.

Promethean Activote.

Genee iQ Pad.

flying high with av:activ...




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