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Why  Are  There  So  Many  Women  Crying  on  TV?     I  would  like  to  watch  one  TV  show  without  seeing  a  woman  cry.  By  my  estimates,  every   single  non-­‐scripted  show  on  the  air,  on  every  channel,  in  every  time  slot,  in  every  genre,  will   have  at  least  one  woman  cry  in  every  show.  It  doesn’t  matter  if  the  show  runs  daily  or   weekly  or  infrequently  –  it  doesn’t  matter  if  the  show  is  about  real-­‐life  (60  Minutes)  or   entertainment  (Amazing  Race)  or  buying  property  (House  Hunters)  –  the  result  is  the  same.     I  recently  asked  some  friends  to  submit  the  names  of  shows  they  watched  where  someone   cried.  The  results  are  unbelievable,  especially  when  you  think  about  the  number  of  shows   involved,  the  number  of  hours  aired  and  how  many  people  are  witness  to  this  ridiculous   out-­‐dated,  embarrassing  stance  of  writers,  directors  and  producers.     So  what  does  all  this  crying  this  mean?  Well,  it  means  both  men  and  women  working  behind   the  scenes  believe  seeing  someone  cry  makes  for  great  television.  And  two,  it  perpetuates   the  centuries-­‐old  belief  that  women  are  weak  and  vulnerable  and  can’t  handle  simple  tasks   without  breaking  down.  Women  can’t  buy  a  house  without  crying.  They  can’t  live  on  a  fake   TV  island  without  crying.  They  cry  when  someone  leaves  and  they  cry  when  someone   arrives.  They  cry  in  cartoons  and  they  cry  when  entering  a  country.  They  cry  when  pitching   a  product  and  they  cry,  well,  they  just  cry.     Personally,  I  am  fed  up  with  the  ridiculousness  and  laziness  of  this  phenomenon.  When  will   it  end?  Next  up:  why  every  scripted  show  and  film  contains  gun  violence….     60  Minutes  Sports   60  Minutes   Nightline     48  hours   Beyond  Scared  Straight   20/20   Dateline   Oprah's  Lifeclass   Glee   Mantracker   Dog  the  Bounty  Hunter     Locked  Up  Abroad   Real  Housewives  of  ____  (all  of  them)   Dr  Phil   Border  Security   Amazing  Race   Entertainment  Tonight   Simpsons   Biography   Keeping  Up…  Kardashians   Lifeguard   Gladiators  

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