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SAP OpenText ECM Solutions:

Employee File Management

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Business Value Solutions Tailored to meet specific SAP business process requirements Procurement Excellence

Strategic Sourcing

Supplier & Contract Mgmt

Order to Pay

Production and Operation Excellence

Production & Quality Mgmt

Project Mgmt

Enterprise Asset Logistics & Distribution Management

Customer Excellence

Brand Asset Mgmt

Sales Account Mgmt

Customer Billing Sales & Service Order Mgmt

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Financial Excellence

Customer Invoicing


Expense Management

Accounts Payable

Human Resources Excellence

Manage Employee Info

Talent Sourcing & Acquisition

Reward & Retain

Information Technology Excellence

Data Archiving

Paper Archive Elimination

Legacy Decom

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Records Mgmt


SAP’s ECM Portfolio: An Expanding Partnership with OpenText

Document Presentment

Portal Content/ Site Mgmt

Extended ECM

Employee File Management

Travel Receipts Management

Invoice Management and OCR

Digital Asset Management

Automated document generation personalization and multichannel distribution (e.g. billing statements)

Document Mgmt Collaboration and Site Mgmt embedded into SAP NetWeaver Portal

Complete ECM with productized SAP Integration

Automate HR File administration and enable self service scenarios

Automate receipt handling and streamline expense management process

Minimize data capture effort and human intervention.

Optimized management of rich media assets

Streamline accounts payable processes

Integrate media into marketing communi-cations

Business Workspaces Enterprise Records Mgmt

Document Access 360 degree information access Archiving (Enterprise Library) Secure, compliant, cost-efficient storage of information

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Typical issues due to paper-based employee records Paper file 

No parallel access possible

Frequent copying and mailing of the files (“paper tourism”)

Digital personnel file 

Simultaneous access from everywhere

Reduction of handling times

Various search criteria

Restrictions to unauthorized access cannot be guaranteed

Different formats (email, paper, Microsoft Word), one medium

Integrated into workflows of SAP HCM

High storage costs and effort

Save storage space and costs

Manual checks to ensure that retention periods are observed

Automated retention management

All files are consistent, reliable and compliant

Error prone processes, misfiling or total loss of the paper documents

Often compliance issues

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Scope of Solution: SAP Employee File Management Capturing: Scan, Drag & Drop Barcode, eMail, Self Service Upload, Mass Import … Flexible Folder Structure

Web Access for HR Professionals, Manager & Employee Self Service

SAP Employee File Management by OpenText

SAP GUI Retrieval for HR Professionals

Guest -User Access

Integration of SAP Documents and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

HR Processes, Follow Up, Workflow …

Employee Interaction Center


Secure Deletion, Activity Logging

Secure Archiving Retention Management

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How it Works - Manage Employee Information Shared Service Center

HR Manager





SAP ERP HCM Suite Employee Self Service Upload

Employee Data Document Processing Hire-to-Retire

Email FA X Paper

Document Scan SAP Document Access Enterprise Scan


HR Legacy Decommissioning Historical Reporting and CopyrightPrintlists © 2013 Avaali. All Rights Reserved.

Audit Report Analytic s

Character Recogniti on Automated Content Entry

OpenText Capture Center

Document Creation

Targeted Employee Communications

Content Management


Distribute through Multiple Channels

SAP Document Presentment

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Content Management best practices for Managing Employee Information 1 Historical data archived with records management strategy 2 Central repository for current digitized records 3 Secure access and audit trails 4 HR business process centric 5 Centralized communication templates

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Key Benefits of Managing Employee Information CIO

Leverage existing SAP ERP HCM investment and extend business value Be competitive HR Shared Services


Talent Management 

Agile Service Delivery

Employee engagement

Process costs and efficiencies

Increase Process Efficiency 

First call resolution

Access to non-SAP content

Quick search

Reduce paper tourism

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Reduce storage costs

HR IT Manager

Reduce Cost

Compliance Manager

Mitigate Risk

One platform strategy

Reduction of training and administration costs

Enterprise-wide Records Management for SAP and non-SAP content

Consolidation of IT systems and reduction of interfaces

Single set of retention policies to manage content lifecycle

Reduced corporate exposure to litigation and regulations

Reduction of storage costs

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