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PORTFOLIO Drawing · Painting · Design Yecheng Ava Zhao

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What is the barrier between life and death? A gargantuan fish wandering in the deep ocean, its bones and flesh co-exist. Life flashes from bare skeleton.

A set of drawings I drew after reading Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. To reflect the theme, an Eastern style was utilized: geometric shapes, symmetrical arrangement, color blocks and a vibrant use of colors all suggest a traditional approach.





The internal and external turmoils of the main character are portrayed by twirling colors.

A cosmopolitan road of followers chases the prominent monk; but the protagonists' inner conflict urged him to deviate from the normal.

A connection with The Alchemist. Both books depict a cyclic pursuit of enlightenment.

The book ends with the protagonist's return to a pond where he began, a place absent from secular clamor.

LETTING IMAGINATION SOAR Clothes have wrinkles; mountains have ranges. While having origins of completely distinct nature, they resemble each other with their delicate curves and relentlessly changing colors. Thus nature finds its place in the artificial realm.


What is living? The meticulous lining of butterfly wings delicately delineates the beauty in such a fragile creature.

Color can certainly express emotions. Black and white has its own merits–the tension is easily built. Who doesn't love manga?


This is one of my earliest works on color. For the first time I tried to merge colors of very distinct kind: indigo and bright orange, pink with a dull green...undoubtedly it is messy; but the magic of swatches greatly enchanted me ever since.

Again, this was done a long time ago. I learned to incorporate a little rule and reason in mixing colors.

Color blocking. Spilling out ideas on my canvas to get an overall ambiance.

EXOTIC VIEW A gypsy girl who I referenced actual indigenous people for clothing. The street, the cat and the brusque flower signify a fantasy theme. The overall tone is warm, with the light coming from the far right.

CHRISTMAS? The bright contrast of green and red was utilised in several tones.

SIMPLISITIC Color patches. Inspirations on a whim. It only takes a few random thoughts to compose a picture with the possibility of conveying much more.

Pictures tells stories, cartoons tell engaging ones. Learning to condense a world of capricious ideas into artworks is very pleasing.

So much are involved in those minuscule, singular strands that makes up us. Taken from video animation "Forth".

Learn how tiny we are, even in a technologically advanced world. Taken from video animation "Forth".



School notebooks' covers, 2018

田格本 Design for homeroom T-shirts, 2019


姓名: 班级:

姓名: 班级:

Crafting for StuCo thanksgiving cards, 2019

School's Chinese newspaper, 2019

Illustration for grade's poetry book cover, 2017

Various designs for the 8th grade promotion ceremony, 2019

Backdrop board design for the 8th grade promotion ceremony, 2019


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