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The wolf

160 x 160 mm 24 pages Plasticized pages Soft-padded cover Round corners


From 6 month-old

A new character for children to identify with: Little Wolf! O. Lallemand - E. Thuillier

Little Wolf Goes on the Potty

Little Wolf Goes to School

From 3 years-old

Little Wolf Loves his Cuddly Toy

Little Wolf is Scared of the Dark

Little Wolf Celebrates Easter day


Children will spend hours playing with this activity book! They will find pages to color, stickers to create stories, games‌ and many more! A nice way to play with their favorite character.

230 x 230 mm 48 pages + 4 pages of stickers Paperback

The Wolf's activity Book

From 3 years-old

MY LITTLE ALBUMS TO LISTEN Listen to the stories of the Wolf! O. Lallemand - E. Thuillier

210 x 210 mm 10 double-pages Board book with round corners Sounds: 20 seconds per page

2 The Wolf Who didn't Want to Walk anymore

The Wolf Who Wanted to Change his Color

210 x 210 mm 32 pages Flexi-cover (Hardcover is possible)

the wolf


From 3 years-old

Discover three new funny adventures of the wolf! O. Lallemand - E. Thuillier

The Wolf Who Was Traveling Back in Time

The Wolf Who Didn’t Like Christmas

The Wolf Who Celebrated his Birthday

One day, the Wolf discovers in his attic something incredible: a book to travel back in time! There he goes traveling from the time of dinosaurs to Casear era, and even to the moon! What will the Wolf discover during this journey through History?

Wolf definitely hates Christmas! This holiday gives him a headache. Moreover, everybody is busy cooking biscuits, decorating, or writing letters when Wolf wants to play. So will he find someone to play with? Will he finally be able to appreciate Christmas?

The wolf’s birthday is coming closer! He is so happy to get older that he decides to organize a birthday party with all his friends! Everything is ready but unfortunately his friends don’t seem to be as excited as he is. Angry, he goes sulking in the forest where he’ll find a magic bottle. What will happen to him?

210 x 210 mm 196 pages

From 3 years-old



One book and 6 stories to enjoy!

At last available! A new friend to read the stories with!

O. Lallemand - E. Thuillier

This book proposes to (re)discover the first six stories of the famous Wolf! Children will find in this volume: - The Wolf Who Wanted to Change his Color - The Wolf Who Loved Himself Too Much - The Wolf Who Was Looking for a Lover - The Wolf Who Did not Want to Walk Anymore - The Wolf Who Wanted to Travel the World - The Wolf Who Wanted to Become an Artist Funny stories of the most famous of the wolves to read again and again with children!

My Wolf's Stories


Early Childhood From 6 month-old


Book: 220 x 150 mm + handle 5 double-pages self-end

A cute little collection for babies!

This new collection is composed of 2 nice and soft cloth books, with colourful illustrations, entirely made in embroideries. Each book focuses on a theme adapted to toddlers, and each page contains a sentence for parents to read to the baby.

The Farm The book is composed of 8 illustrations. At the farm there is: a pig, a horse, a rabbit, a duck, a donkey, a sheep, a cow and even a fox!

From 12 month-old

Colours The book is composed of 8 illustrations: a tree, a tractor, a cat, a strawberry, a cloud, a bicycle, a dog and a rainbow!


190 x 190 mm 10 double-pages Board books with round corners

A new collection of cute little heroes for toddlers, with colourful illustrations, simple stories, and each time a theme appealing to young ones.

Little Fox and the noise in the dark Mélusine Allirol

From 12 month-old

Philomene wants to help her friends Cyrille Meyer

Bao the panda mimics his friends Natacha Godeau - Aurélie Abolivier

Confetti wants to play with his mum Aurélie Desfour - Sigrid Martinez


A cute collection of board books to help toddlers discover the world around them.


In the same collection: - Transports - The Bath - Animals and their Babies - Let’s go to the Bed! - Farm, Human Body - A day with Baby - Small Insects - Colors

150 x 150 mm 8 double-pages Board books with round corners Foam-padded cover

Let's Eat!

Easter Day

Early Childhood


230 x 250 mm - 6 double pages Board books with round corners Die-cuts - Flaps - Elements to touch

A new collection for toddlers, to help them discover their own daily world!

From 24 month-old

Christine PompĂŠĂŻ - Ed Carosia

Sleeping Time

Mum and Dad

My First Steps

My Cuddly-Toy


From 6 month-old

In each book, five items are represented. Each time, there are drawings accompanying a real photo of the object or the animal, in order for children to identify and remember it more easily. Christophe Boncens In the same collection: - Pets - Farm - Forest - Savanna - Firement - Transportation - Music Instruments - Night animals - North Pole Animals

160 x 160 mm 5 double-pages Board books with one sound on each double page. In the Sky

Small Insects

The Sounds of the Body

MY BATH BOOKS Fun books for children to play within the bath! Each title is available in a little bag, with a plastic toy corresponding to the character. When bath becomes a game! Sigrid Martinez

Bag: 190 x 145 mm Book: 140 x 140 mm with a handle Toy: 60 x 60 mm

From 6 month-old

5 Quentin discovers the seabed

Sophie is Having Fun Underwater with her Friends

Early Childhood From 18 month-old


180 x 180 mm 2 titles: 165 x 165 mm 4 double-pages per book Mechanisms on each page

This new box contains 2 books with nice and colourful illustrations, which will help toddlers discover shapes in the house and colours of the nature. Thanks to mechanisms to activate on each page, this book is much more attractive. Julie Mercier

Move it - Early Learning Box

From 24 month-old




Three new titles in our best-selling collection! These boxes include four all-board and feel-and-touch books to help toddlers become familiar with animals! Christophe Boncens

Animals to Protect


Box: 330 x 170 mm + feel and touch Books: 160 x 160 mm 4 double-pages Board Books and feel and touch In the same collection: - My Animals Box - Farm Animals Box

6 Water Animals

Board books 260 x 315 mm soft touch cover with round corners 26 pages

Early Childhood


From 24 month-old

A collection of imagery books into a search and find! With perfect illustrations for young children, sweet and full of colours at the same time.

Discovering my First Animals

Discovering my First Words

Magali Clavelet

SĂŠverine Cordier


From 24 month-old

This collection mixes sounds and elements to touch in order to make little children more aware of their surroundings. The illustrations are very realistic, so that children can recognize all the animals more easily. The elements to touch will make them experience new sensations.

220 x 170 mm 8 pages Board books + sounds module


Savanna and Jungle Animals

Farm Animals


Early Childhood 200 x 240 mm 32 pages Plasticized pages Hard cover with round corners


From 3 years-old

4 new titles in this collection which aims at helping children discover shapes and colours thanks to nice illustrations and poetic texts.

Draw me a Tree

Christophe Boncens

Draw me a Boat

194 x 260 mm 20 pages Wire-o-binding Hardcover

Draw me a Clown


Children will be able to learn simple information about 20 different jobs: the place where the job is practised, the name of the job and the action! Full of lovely illustrations, children will have fun trying to gather all the right information or creating new jobs!

Draw me a Dragon

Draw me a Truck

Draw me a House

MY FEEL AND TOUCH ALBUMS A new title in this collection offering original stories with elements to touch on each double page, to awake children to their sense of touch thanks to a wide variety of textures. From 3 years-old Little Rabbit is really sad : he just lost his cuddly-toy. But his friends from the farm will help him look for it! In the same collection: - Flee’s jump - Little Turtle Goes on Holidays - Doggie is a super-hero too! - Dragonney is clumsy - Little Giraffe Celebrates her Birthday

Little Rabbit is looking for his cuddly-toy Yann Walcker - Jannie Ho

Funny Jobs


Rita Giannetti

From 3 years-old

210 x 210 mm 8 double pages Hardcover with round corners

170 x 217 mm 24 pages Flexi-cover

Picture books


From 3 years-old

Follow the extraordinary story of two Elves on Earth! Anne Ducourtial - Bruno Robert

Stig and Lumi at Mr. Knock Knock's

Stig and Lumi at Mrs. Boss'

210 x 210 mm 32 pages Flexi-cover (hard cover is possible)

Stig and Lumi at Mrs. Reinette's

Stig and Lumi at Mr. Big Shell’s


Stig and Lumi at Mr. Pincer's

From 3 years-old

A creative and cheap collection. Each title has an original story around the main values of life: friendship, tolerance, solidarity... More than 26 titles available!

Clotilde Goes on Summer Camp

Pipo is a liar!

Cedric Wants to Be an Only Child!

Clotilde is a little owl and she is very shy. One day, her parents tell her that she is going on summer camp for the holidays. The problem is that she doesn’t want to be far from her family. She has been told summer camps were horrible! But today is the D-day! Will Clotilde enjoy this summer camp?

Pipo is entering a new school today. But what will he say to the other? There is nothing interesting in his life… And what if he invented a little? So on Monday, Pipo is a famous singer. On Tuesday, a detective. On Wednesday, a billionaire. And so on… It is not possible anymore! His classmates decide to play him a trick in order to make him understand that he has to stop lying.

Cedric is a little marmot living in the Alps. He is also a hang-gliding champion! He has everything to be happy… Except the fact that his little sister is following him everywhere he goes! Will Cedric be finally alone?

Yann Walcker - Romain Mennetrier

Yann Walcker - Emmanuel Ristord

Aurélie Desfour - Coline Citron


Picture books

250 x 350 mm 40 pages + ends Hardcover


From 7 years-old

Travel with the one who discovered the New World! Catherine de Lasa - Carole Gourrat

This picture book is dealing with the most famous and incredible journey of all times, the journey of Columbus through the eyes of one of his apprentice sailor, Alonzo. In 1492, he took on board to discover India. As time goes by, the crew starts to lose hope, until one day, when they see a new land … Did they finally arrive in India? What will they discover?

The Incredible Travel of Christopher Columbus

From 7 years-old

Available in the same collection: - Elinea the Guardian of the Ocean - Peter and the Moon - Romeo and Juliet - The One Who Wanted to Change the World - Cleopatra - Sissi - Evita – Queen of the People - The Snow Queen - Oliver Twist - Give me the Moon - Balalaïka - The Reflection - In Search of Happiness


A unique pop-up to discover the greatest legends from Greece! Rita Petruccioli

This new title presents eight scenes amongst the most famous legends from Greek mythology. Each scene is made with sobriety and elegance in a “theater play” way thanks to the pop-up technique. It allows the enlightenment of the different characters and of the sets, and gives each scene a greater beauty and depth, thanks to the extreme thinness of the die-cuts. Available in the same collection: - La Fontaine's fables - The Most Beautiful Fairy Tales


Greek Mythology

Hardcover 340 x 233 mm 10 double pages showing 8 scenes pop-up on each double-page

Box: 232 x 185 mm 5 books: 221 x 172 mm 32 pages Flexicover

Picture books


From 3 years-old

5 different themes to discover original and classic fairy tales!

Tales with Animals - Tales with Adventures - Tales with Wolves - Tales from Around the World - My Tales with Princesses and Princes

170 x 217 mm 24 pages Flexi-cover


From 3 years-old

A collection for children to discover the most famous fairy tales in the world!

Cinderella Sejung Kim

Snow-White Romain Mennetrier

Beauty and the Beast Colonel Moutarde

The Three Little Pigs Marie Morey

The Little Red Hen Nathalie Choux

The Princess and the Pea Gaia Bordicchia

The Little Mermaid Coralie Vallageas

Pinocchio Mayana Itoïz

Peter Pan Mellie Théïs

Jack and the Beanstalk Virginie Guérin

Hansel and Gretel Mathilde Lebeau

Mr. Seguin’s Goat Jean-Claude Gibert

In the same collection: - The Wolf and the Seven Kids - Puss-in-Boots - Hop O' My Thumbs - Donkey Skin - The Ugly Duckling Sleeping Beauty Eléonore della Malva

The Bremen Town Musicians Little Red Riding Hood Laure du Faÿ Virginie Martins-B

Goldilocks and the three bears Marie Morey



240 x 280 mm 112 pages Hardcover Soft touch


From 6 years-old

Fabulous stories by the author of The Jungle Book! Rudyard Kipling - Sébastien Pelon

Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book, wrote for his daughter 12 fables with animals from jungle and savannah as main characters. Full of mischief and humour, these timeless stories bring the readers in the universe of "The Cat That Walked by Himself", of "How the Camel Got His Hump" and of "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin". The 12 stories written are together in the same book, for children’s greatest pleasure and entertainment.


Just so Stories

MERMAIDS OF THE WORLD Thirteen mermaids from all around the world are all gathered in this book to tell their stories. Children will discover on each double page the life and adventures of one of the mermaids.

Tonight With…is gathering many different stories with princesses and fairies, in 172 pages. This title gathers 41 different stories all beautifully illustrated. Little girls will love following the adventures of their favorite princesses!

215 x 275 mm 172 pages Hard cover

155 x 210 mm Hardcover with die-cut 16 double-pages

From 5 years-old

From 7 years-old

12 Mermaids of the World

Tonight with my Princesses and my Fairies

200 x 125 mm Paperback cover 40 detachable postcards Glossy aspect on each postcard


novelties From 7 years-old

40 beautiful postcards to offer or to put on the wall!

A book composed of 40 detachable and original postcards with horses. Girls will be able to send messages to all their friends! Easy to handle and useful for every occasion, these cards are ready to be sent‌ except if they prefer to keep them to decorate their room of course! The beautiful pictures were carefully selected in order to please all the horse-lovers!

My 40 Postcards with Horses

Box: 260 x 200 mm Book: 255 x 200 mm Hard cover 176 pages Notebook: 160 x 120 mm 80 pages Paperback + 2 pages of stickers 80 x 80 mm + 1 bracelet


From 5 years-old

A box composed of many different elements linked to the universe of horses and horse-riding. The perfect gift for all the horse-lovers!


13 My Horse-Rider Box



From 5 years-old

Discover the stories of 12 princesses! Calouan - Cathy Delanssay

Box: 310 x 275 mm Plastic window 6 jewels Book: 215 x 265 mm Hardcover 14 double-pages

My Princesses’ Jewels Box is a cute box for all the young princesses. In this box, little girls can find a beautiful book with 13 tales, and 6 lovely jewels they will find in the stories.

Mother Nature and the Twelve Princesses

My Princesses' Jewels Box

From 7 years-old

The Story: Mother Nature is not as majestic as she used to be. She would like to seduce the Season Guardian. So she decides to travel the world in order to change her mind. During her trip, she meets twelve beautiful princesses. Mother Nature decides to offer to each one of them a jewel which testifies of their extraordinary beauty. At the end of her trip Mother Nature is feeling much relieved and is now open to love‌

MY JEWELS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD A nice collection for girls to create their own jewels!

My Friendship Bracelets with Paola from Brazil

This new collection is composed of little creative boxes focusing on different little girls around the world. Each box contains a book explaining step by step how to create the girl's favourite jewels, and the corresponding accessories. The two first titles are My Friendship Bracelets with Paola from Brazil, and My Liberty Jewels with Kate from England. Little girls will have 10 models of jewels explained in each title, but they will be able to do at least 10 other creations!

Box: 245 x 200 mm. A ribbon to close it. Book: 170 x 170 mm Paperback cover 42 pages + Different accessories in each box

14 My Liberty Jewels with Kate from England

Box: 270 x 240 mm Book: 160 x 215 mm Hardcover 96 pages 3 accessories



From 7 years-old

A lovely box to play being a real star!

The book

My Star Box

1 autograph notebook

Box: 300 x 220 x 55 mm Book: 160 x 200 mm hardcover, wire-o binding 80 pages + high quality accessories


1 microphone

1 pair of glasses

From 7 years-old

A nice box for children to play being a chef and realize real and easy recipes. The box is composed of a recipe book and of accessories to realize the best dishes!

1 book full of recipes

My Little Chef Box

1 whip 1 wooden spoon 1 spatule

15 4 baking tins

Activity books From 4 years-old


These boxes are very complete and perfect for the little artists! The two first titles are focused on animals, and on princesses. Each box is composed of one book and of many accessories!

I Create my Animals Emilie Lapeyre

I Create my Princesses Lilidoll

From 6 years-old

Box: 320 x 190 mm Book: 180 x 180 mm Soft cover 56 pages + accessories

Accessories: 4 pages of stickers, 2 stencils, 6 printed cards, 4 felt pens, 4 crayons, 1 stamp


Book: 242 x 320 mm Hardcover, canvas corner 36 pages + 2 pages of stickers

The ideal book to create beautiful drawings, just like a professional artist! Léa Fabre The idea of “My Drawing Book” collection is to propose a very complete set of artistic activities to children. This title is composed of 30 drawings to color up and complete, advices to learn drawing and stickers to personalize each creation! Also available: My Drawing Book on Horses

16 My Drawing Book on Princesses

115 x 170 mm 38 double-spreads 1500 stickers Flexi cover Closure system: Elastic


From 7 years-old

Practical pocket books with more than 1500 stickers each, to put whenever and wherever you want!

Special Agenda

220 x 170 mm 48 pages Paperback 150 stickers

Activity books

Special For Girls


From 5 years-old

Girls and boys will have fun for hours with these activity books!

Rose the Princess Mathilde Paris - Betowers

Laura the Horse-rider Mathilde Paris - Doriane Soukiassian

Ninon the fairy Mathilde Paris - Emilie Ruiz

Clovis the Knight Mathilde Paris - Claire Wortemann

Elliott the Taxi Mathilde Paris - Mattia Cerato

Juliet the Performer Mathilde Paris - Doriane Soukiassian


Activity books


From 7 years-old

Book: 220 x 300 mm Paperback 52 pages A giant world map 10 papertoys

Create the most famous monuments of the world! Rozenn Bothuon and Jonas Le Saint

World Monuments as Papertoys!

- The Eiffel Tower, France - The Big Ben, England - The Great Wall of China - Saint Basil Cathedral, Russia - The Taj Mahal, India - The Statue of Liberty, USA - The Sagrada Familia, Spain - Great Sphinx of Giza , Egypt - The Golden Gate Bridge, USA - Pisa Tower, Italy

From 6 years-old


Learn how to be more creative with your pranks!

260 x 200 mm 96 pages Wire-o binding 30 stickers, 4 fake degrees, 6 stencils, and one envelope full of surprises

Clemence Masteau - Romain Guyard

This title is an original concept which mixes lots of activities and pranks! The child will discover through the book 6 different school themes: in the classroom, in the schoolyard, in the corridors, in the canteen, in the gymnasium, and in the library. An envelope full of surprises like fake diplomas, a photo to complete and much more can be found! For all the children who dream of inventing new sports, or of preparing the “ideal menu� for the canteen!


The Book Forbidden to the Teacher!

233 x 195 mm 26 pages - plasticized hardcover, wire-O' binding easel shape - 1 felt pen (optional)


Activity books From 5 years-old

The books are composed of 25 different pages of search and find games, divided in five different themes. More than 200 elements will have to be found by children, promising hours of amusement! Thanks to the special felt pen, and to the plasticized pages, children can do and redo the games.

Search and Find - For Little Ones

277 x 400 mm 9 double pages Hardcover

Search and Find - The Differences

Search and Find - Everything and Everywhere


Search and Find - The Solution

From 6 years-old

An amazing book by its size and by all the detailed settings children will discover. Children and adults will have fun for hours finding the 10 recurrent characters and the 40 elements per pages.

Giant Search and Find - Time Travel

9 different and very detailed times explored: Prehistory, Egypt, Antic Roma, Middle Age, Renaissance, 17th century, 19th century, the Belle Epoque, The 70s, and even the future.



300 x 225 mm Hardcover, wire-o binding Easel 122 pages


From 6 years-old

Sciences become easier to understand!

Melanie Perez and Alice Vettoretti - Laure Cacouault

Learning Sciences

More than 50 different scientific experiments. Funny and easy to realize with high quality photos and adapted explanations, children will love to understand how their natural environment works! 6 scientific sections: the 5 Senses, Water, Light and Colors, Mechanisms, Life and Earth, and Ecology.

From 7 years-old


Boxes with different themes containing each 50 cards with 3 questions/answers. A total of 150 quizzes per box, for the little geniuses!

The Human Body

Animals to Protect


The Countries of the world

Box: 155 x 130 mm 53 cards: 95 x 140 mm

20 Water

Farm Animals

Prehistoric Men

The Space

Box: 220 x 322 x 30 mm Book: 148 x 210 mm 96 pages Board: 600 x 400 mm 32 magnetic pieces



From 7 years-old

A fun way to learn about the infinity of space! Thomas Tessier

My Space Box contains a giant magnetic tray designed as space! The child will have to reconstruct rocket and explore the big mysteries of space!


From 6 years-old

A new collection which offers a playful and progressive learning of English language with 5 different levels.



Book: 190 x 260 mm Hard cover – Wire-o binding 72 pages – Plasticized pages This new collection offers a playful and progressive learning of English language.

o Less


s. picture er the s und K. etable images.) – LEE ACH the veg ity s les – SPIN Activ the names of légumes sou 1. Quelle SALAD est la ques des lete PER – – PEP a) Wha Comp lète le nom t your nam tion qui correspo RROT – CA c) What (Comp e? nd à cette b) Wha is your nam ONION réponse TO – e? d) Is t your name is? ? My nam MA TO what your e is Emm 2. Com name? a. ment a) Mother dis-tu mère et K père ? L __ __ c) Mother and father and baby R 3. Com __ __ ment dis-t b) Siste P __ __ r and brot u ces chiff a) Three, d) Gran her res en angla two, ten __ O dmother c) Four, is ? cinq __ __ and gran nine, seve , neuf, huit T __ dfather n b) Five, 4. Quel six, eight est le e d) Five, a) Monday 5 jour de la nine , eight semaine ? c) Thur sday


b) Frida y d) Sund 5. Com ay ment dis-t u « s’il te a) Sorr y plaît » en c) Freedom anglais ? b) Excu se 6. Com d) Pleas me ment s’app e elle cette a) Kitch en pièce de c) Bedr la mais b) Livin oom on en angla g-roo is ? d) Bathroom m



7. Com ment a) Potato. appelles-tu ce légume ? c) Tomato b) Caps icum d) Salad 8. Com ment appe lle-t-on a) Sister en angla and moth is les pare c) er b) Mot 9. À quel her and nts de tes Brother groupe father parents de mot d) Gran and father a) Kitch ? s appartien en, living dmother -roo t ce nom and gran c) One, two, five, m, bedroom, dfather bathroom ? Saturday seven b) A mop , d) Mon a dustcloth, a broo day, Wed m, dust nesday, 10. Que Friday, Sund pan l est le ay chiffre suiva a) Three nt ? Seve b) Four n, Six, Five, c) Ten … d) One 46

C __

__ __



Find the ☀

S __ __

__ T



to – Ba



ion –



picture. (Relie

les fruits à la

bonne image.) banana (banane


pear (poire) apple (pomme


pineapple (ananas)

__ D

S__ __

orange (orange


mot qui

– Leek

respon ne cor


– Carro


peach (pèche)

ion –

er – On

strawberry (fraise)


Which are the


to – Ch

– Toma


t – Pe

Carro her –

with the correct

d pas

ch – Spina

– On



le ouve fit. (Tr

s not

that doe

__ __



Match the fruits

O __

__ N

fruits in the

basket? (Quels

In the basket, there are the following fruits (Dans le panier, il y a les fruits suivants) :

sont les fruits

dans le panier


ch. Spina




NOVELS ears-old



From 6 y

From 6 y

From 6 y

A Baby-Sitter? No Thanks!

The Cloud Maker – Berengere is angry

Cosmos express 2: The Forbidden Planet

The second volume of Lili’s adventures! This time she and her new little brother will have to support the baby-sitter. But what a surprise when they discover that it is actually a robot! How will the evening go with such a baby-sitter? First volume: A Little Brother? No Thanks!

Berengere is always angry. Until the day she meets the Cloud Maker, the school garden gnome who has magic powers. With one move of his magic wand, and with lots of humour, he will help Berengere to see the good side of things and to be a little less angry!

The second volume of Tim’s adventures. With his dog Bibop and his sister Pamela, they fly to Ultranet planet for a delivery. Once there, they discover a planet so clean, that it is not normal… And indeed, they are throwing their garbage on another planet! How will they change things? First volume: The Planet Muncher

From 7 years-ol

From 6 years-old


The Dragon-Boy The Big Book of the Night Hard-Tooth and Short-Leg in Flabby-Belly Kingdom

The Dragon-Boy The Son of Water and Fire Hard-Tooth and Short-Leg in Nice-Mirror Kingdom


Hard-Tooth and Short-Leg are two terrible pirates! They sail to and fro the seas hoping to steal boats, houses and why not kingdoms. They failed each time they try… but maybe this time.

Ervael and Lena live in the territory of Ogrand, a place where dragons and humans have been at war for centuries. Everything opposed the two children: Lena’s family hunts dragons while Ervael is attracted by them. Yet, when he finds out he is becoming a dragon, Lena decides to follow him in his escape. He must find The Big Book of the Night to know the true story of the dragons. What will they find during their quest? The end of our trilogy for young fantasy readers… and dragon fans!

NOVELS ears-old

From 7 y



From 7 y

From 9 y

Schools from around the World Disappearance in Hanoi, Vietnam

Schools from around the World The Ice-Skaters from St Arsene, Canada

I’m Sorry Simon

In Dao’s school, in Hanoi, a new student arrived. His name is Thanh. He never speaks and it seems he is hiding something. Dao is very curious and one night she decides to follow Thanh. What will she discover? And how will Thanh react?

Marianne and Felix are going to St Arsene School in Quebec. Marianne is ice-skating while Felix is playing hockey like a pro! One day, Felix is accused of not having done his homework! Marianne knows it is not true and starts her investigation…

Mona is five when she first meets Simon. But she sees him again only eight years later, in the little town they are living in and during the German occupation of France. Simon is now called “Louis”, and he hides himself from the soldiers. One day Mona denounces Simon. What will hapen?


From 7 y

From 9 years-old

The exchange Every child dreams of having Esther’s birthday present: a horse! His father just offered her a beautiful pony named Django, but Esther soon realizes that it has disappeared, and even worst, was exchanged! Esther starts the investigation…

Anatole Bristol’s Investigations Stealing is not playing

Anatole Bristol’s Investigations Mysteries and Pale-Faces

Anatole is a young detective and wants to become a pro, just like his grand-father was. He likes to note down everything that is important about his school friends on his notebook. Two new mysteries will test Anatole's talent. First volume: The Prankster Gang


memory books

Book: 245 x 285 mm 12 pages – Board book Foam-padded cover


A wonderful and colourful book to keep sweet memories of baby’s first months. Parents will be able to personalize everything: texts, photos, baby’s prints…

The different parts: - Before I was born (my parents) - My Family Tree, Here I am - My astrological sign - My bedroom - My meals - My bath - My sleeping time

MEMORIES OF MY SCHOOL-YEARS This new titles is a nice and colourful book to complete in order to keep memories of a child’s school-years. Class photos, drawings, anecdotes… everything a child (and parents) will want to rediscover years later!


Book: 245 x 285 mm 12 pages – Board book Foam-padded cover


My handprints My growth My health record book Little things from everyday life My first birthday My great family moments!

MY FAMILY AND I, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STORY! A nice book to discover genealogy in a playful way! Children will have to reconstitute the family tree and complete the book as they wish, thanks to drawings, photos and questions to answer to.

Book: 270 x 270 mm 60 pages – Wire-o binding Foam-padded cover

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