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01 The Company 02 The Team 03 The Offer

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01/ The Company

Auxitec is a company created in 2001. Its main objective is to provide its customers with consumables, equipment, tools, labor protection, hardware and other common needs of the industry, with the most prestigious and recognized brands and manufacturers

AUXITEC is included in a trading company, as a full member, called GESIN Group with 21 territorial branches and a volume of purchase of more than 250 millions which permit us to achieve important commercial deals

Adaptation is Evolution

Business models /segmented solutions AUXITEC company




self store

global store

Stock management

Need Diagnosis

Finding Solutions

AUXITEC company We target large companies with full or partial supply needs for activity, thanks to a network of business experience over 25 years in the sector.

Service Need

Self Store

AUXITEC self store We target business customers and especially to SMEs and freelancers who meet their needs by acquiring products directly and not through commercials. For them we provide more than 50,000 references in a facility of 2.500m2.

Business models / segmented solutions Need to Stock

Global Store in AUXITEC

AUXITEC global store

We target customers with supply storage needs. We will be your Stock 0 policy, maintaining a constant store in our facilities of the products used in your ordinary activities.

Need to Stock AUXITEC warehouse management

Management of your Warehouse

We target customers who want their store to be managed independently. Auxitec will review products consumed in their physical store and replace what is missing. Clients not have to worry about orders, they always have at their disposal what they need for their activity.

Business models /

segmented solutions

Auxitec Procurement Outsourcing [APO] Comprehensive expert management of the company purchases

We aim to be your single source aggregator, that expertly will manage the purchase and supply of all or part of the materials necessary for production.

3. 4.

1. 2. 3.

Improve process efficiency. Improvement in quality. Integration in customer policies: price, terms, payments, etc..





Reduction of the number of orders, invoices, etc. Reduction of administrative work. Decreased number of Suppliers. Lowering materials cost.



2. 3. 4.

Integral or partial supply of materials. Purchase through Ecommerce. Maintenance and repair of equipment. Treatment with other suppliers to the client.

02/ The Team

Expansion Department

Finance Department

Sales Department

Store and Logistic Department

Marketing Department

Purchase Department

03/ The Offer


Adhesives, Glues and Thongs




Special fixation

Cutting Tools

Power Tool

Heating and Fans



Hydraulic Tool


Lifting, Towing

Milling and Drilling

Hand Tool


Ladders, Scaffolds

Grease and Oils

Air Tool

Whorkshop Furniture


Workshop Machinery






Industrial Wheels



Contributors Years of experience has allowed us to have great alliances and agreements with the most prestigious manufacturers in the sector. Trust and mutual support has allowed us to grow and get exclusive distributions with many of them.

04/ The Client

The client/ additional services Transport Own transport and service agreement with logistics companies for faster and efficient deliveries.

Quality “0� Returns Policy. Priority attention to incidents.

Ongoing relationship with the customer Consulting newsletters, discounts, campaigns, promotions.




Courses for clients about welding, protection, regulations, etc..Our customers are always informed!

Creating the largest online store for industrial supply.

customer club, discounts, store promotions, gifts, certificates, etc.

Expandimos fronteras Auxitec has defined a system


communication with the customer through its Marketing Executives in a constant process of training in product and business management.

For Auxitec Internacionalization is a maxim that follows daily. Export Department works for the exchange of experiences and external collaborations.

Success Stories The work carried out for more

than 11 years in the field of industrial supplies, has given us the ability to access prestigious companies to which we provide a comprehensive service.

05/ The Compromise

Organization focused on customers Commitment of the whole team for each project

Our compromise commitment to excellence

Commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in services Mutually beneficial relationships with customers Optimal purchasing management Direct relationship with each customer

Auxitec S.L. is certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

Our Goal Pursuing always Total Quality.

C/GOIKOBERAZA, 12 Polígono Ind. Júndiz 01015 | Vitoria-Gasteiz T 945 29 00 06 F 945 29 04 51 |

Auxitec - Industrial Supply  

Auxitec's corporate presentation, including the whole categories of products, working sistems and quality certifications.

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