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How We Work With You At Auxilium Mortgage we believe that a home is more than a roof over your head. It’s where friends gather, families are raised, and memories are made. While buying a home can be a rewarding experience, it’s also an important cornerstone in your financial plan. We don’t simply view a mortgage as debt, but rather an overall piece of the monetary puzzle. Choosing a mortgage is as important as choosing the house itself; you will want one that fits your needs, feels secure, and that overall you’ll be happy with in the long run. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be! With the right mortgage broker you will spend less time worrying about your finances and more time enjoying the home you deserve. As an independent, locally owned and operated mortgage brokerage, we are not accountable to a national or head office, but instead, accountable to our clients! With access to over 50 lenders, ranging from Canada’s largest banks to smaller credit unions and trust companies, we’re able to save time and money by shopping around for the best rate and product. Additionally, our years of knowledge and experience provides us with a bigger picture view of what lenders look for and how they qualify borrowers. Simply put, we have the expertise to get your mortgage approved, quickly. Mortgages can be one of the most intimidating aspects of the home-buying process, which is why we take the time to break down the process, explain the terminology, and determine how you can get the most for their money. Managing every detail of the transaction with the realtor, lender, appraiser, credit agency, and lawyers, our mortgage brokers will keep you up to date throughout the entire process. As a team we are committed to helping you maximize your mortgage and minimize your payments; our goal is to have you mortgage free as soon as possible. Auxilium Mortgage is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, meeting BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

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Meet Your Team The Auxilium Team has over 100 years of combined financial experience. We work as a team to provide the highest level of customer service to you.

Kam Brar Owner, Mortgage Planner

April Corbett Mortgage Planner

Kam has been involved in one form of lending or another for over 18 years. From his days in the auto industry to the mortgage industry today, he has actually lost track of how many clients he’s assisted in obtaining financing. However, throughout all this time he’s never lost focus on why it is what he does: the clients!

Real estate lending and investment have been the mainstays of Keith’s life’s work. He has been a licensed Mortgage Broker since 1978, and currently co-manages a Mortgage Investment Company (MIC) as well as operates his own investment company. In an effort to better understand the Keith Rettinger broader economic spectrum, Commercial & he has held a Canadian Investment Specialist, Securities Course Diploma for over three years now. Mortgage Planner

Licensed as a mortgage professional since 2008, April is always ready to assist our clients. April’s strength lies in her ability to relate to people and tell their stories well. Her outgoing personality combined with her training in Business Management makes her a great fit for the Auxilium team. April’s diverse background includes skills in finances, credit education, communications, bookkeeping and data management.

Having spent 5 years as a manager in the high end retail market, Rebekah has honed her relationship building skills. Her ease in communication and her professionally relaxed nature make her a top liaison between Auxilium Mortgage and our present and future clients and realtor partners. Rebekah regularly attends Rebekah Janzen business and community Business Development group meetings in order to represent Auxilium Mortgage. Coordinator

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Meet Your Team

Nicole Barrett Client Care and Insurance Liaison

Debra Wright Mortgage Planner

Nicole brings 15 years of Customer Service experience in both the financial and insurance industry. With her time spent working in a bank – as well as several years in the insurance industry working with customers for their auto, home, and travel insurance needs – Nicole’s goal has always been to provide excellent customer service and find the answer to any and all questions brought to her. Renowned in the community with 25 years’ experience in the banking industry, today Debra is a key member of the Auxilium Mortgage team. Offering exceptional service, innovative ideas and a personal approach, Debra can assist with defining, setting, and achieving your mortgage goals.

Brenda Odak Administrative Assistant

Martin Kim Mortgage Planner

Brenda was born and raised in Kenya, and moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 2003. During her twelve years in Ottawa, she studied business marketing, and gained nine years of supervisory, management and customer service experience. New to the mortgage business, her goal is to tap into her experience gained from previous industries, to help Auxilium Mortgage become even more successful. Martin moved to Victoria to attend Camosun College and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting & Finance. Martin’s background is in financial accounting and taxation having experience working in public practice and industry. His ability to analyze numbers enables him to find solutions for his clients that make financial sense.

Supported by: • Michelle Monahan-Brar, Controller

• Katherine Lim, Digital Marketing Specialist

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What We Offer Auxilium Mortgage is a one-stop shop for mortgages, home insurance, life and disability insurance. By working as a team, we are able to each bring our expertise to your file. Our unique services include: Credit Education through our Rent No More in 24 program

FREE First Time Buyer’s handbook

Over the years we’ve found that clients who desired to be homeowners, but weren’t, shared common challenges: primarily past/present credit issues and the lack of a down payment. It was out of a genuine desire to assist them that the “Rent No More in 24” program was conceived.

Buying a first home is one of the biggest financial investments most people will ever make, and for many it can be a stressful, scary experience. However, with research and the right people by your side, you can take the process step-by-step to break into the real estate market with confidence.

Our program works in ten easy steps. We start with credit & budgeting 101, then we tailor a solution specifically designed to tackle your unique problem. From there, we help ensure that you stay on the path to homeownership, finally culminating in you ending up sitting in your own place and enjoying the little things in life, like your morning coffee.

The Auxilium Team does more than just providing financing. We help alleviate many of the fears faced by first time buyers and provide sound, quality advice to get your new life started on the right foot.

Monthly Newsletter.

Short-term or Bridge Financing.

Annual Follow-up Program.

This curated email keeps both you current with the latest industry news and expert advice from our team.

In specific situations, we are either able to obtain or provide directly bridge or short term financing to ensure that your deal can be completed.

We check in regularly with you in order to continue providing excellent service well after the mortgage has funded.

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Reviews “We were struggling finding a mortgage with bad credit history from when we were younger. Auxilium Mortgage helped my fiancé and I purchase our first condo together and start rebuilding our credit. Thank you to April, Kam and their team for all of their hard work.” – Luke O’Kelly-Lynch “Kam and his team at Auxilium were fantastic. Kam made good on his word and was able to get us a mortgage with favourable terms when our bank wouldn’t. He was always quick to respond to emails and phone calls and very helpful in walking us through every step of the process.” – Tristan & Rebecca Clausen “As a single, self-employed first time home buyer I was unsure I’d be able to get my first home on my own. Kam was able to find what would be best for my needs and always made sure I knew what was going on. He was easy to deal with and I am beyond happy with the outcome and being able to get exactly what I wanted.” – Danielle Whitney-Griffiths

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The Mortgage Process Mortgage financing can be a very complex process. Often, the greatest source of anxiety is simply not knowing what stage your file is at. As we go through this process together, we ask for your patience. We are working to strengthen your application, to ensure that you get the best solution, and ultimately to make your entire mortgage experience as smooth as possible. STEP ONE: Meeting & Pre-Approval This first step involves us getting to know you a bit better, as well as taking a complete and comprehensive application. We typically do this either in person or via telephone. If in person, we recommend that you set aside 1 hour for this meeting. We’ll ask you to bring in some documents—you can also email them to us in advance—which we’ll review with you. We’ll also check your credit and typically try to provide you with some idea of the possible mortgage solutions available. If by phone, we recommend that you set aside 30 minutes. Once we’ve covered the basics during our call, we’ll email you a checklist for the remaining documents we need. After all the documents have been received, we’ll review your file in full and update you with the possible solutions we can provide.

STEP TWO: Mortgage Approval Once you’ve given us the “green light” to handle your mortgage, we get your file off to the lender that best meets your specific needs and requirements—and of course has the best solution. It can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week before we hear back from the lender, and we will update you with the expected timing. Our goal always is to be mindful of your deadlines and strive to meet them. Each lender has a different process to follow, so we can’t tell you exactly what to expect. Typically, the lender will review documentation, and may require an appraisal or additional documents at this stage. It remains important to forward these details at your earliest convenience to complete your file. After the lender has reviewed your file completely, they will issue a final sign-off, confirming that we have met all of their conditions. If your transaction involves a purchase, we will notify both you and the realtor that you are now free to remove your financing condition. Occasionally, there may still be minor information the lender requires that won’t be possible to get until closer to your closing date. We’ll provide an update and a reminder about these details so that you provide the lender with all the necessary information and your mortgage is funded on time!

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What Happens Next? STEP THREE: Solicitor Instruction & Closing Review Once we’ve received the “File Complete” from the lender, we will instruct the lawyer acting on your behalf. During this instruction process, we will send them all the details with respect to your transaction. In addition, 7 to 14 days before you are set to either take possession of your new property or complete the refinance of your existing one, we will contact your lawyer to ensure that there are no issues and everything is on track for a timely close. If for any reason you will not be physically able to attend your lawyer’s office to sign the paperwork (such as a pre-planned holiday and/or trip), you need to notify us immediately so that other arrangements can be made.

STEP FOUR: Lawyer Visit Approximately 3 to 7 days prior to your closing date, you will need to meet with your lawyer to sign the mortgage documents. Prior to the appointment, you must ensure that you have the following items taken care of: • You have the balance of your down payment funds accessible, as you will need to provide the lawyer with a certified draft to cover the down payment and other closing costs. Your lawyer will contact you in advance as to this amount. • You’ve arranged for home insurance with the loss payable to your chosen lender. Our team and/or your own insurance provider can assist you with this. You will not get the keys to the property until you have adequate insurance. Your lawyer will go through the documents with you, paraphrasing each individual section. If you would like to review the documents in detail, we suggest that you ask the lawyer to send the documents to you PRIOR to your meeting. The documents are very lengthy and you will not have time to read them while in your lawyer’s office.

STEP FIVE: Possession Date & Move In Finally, on the big day, you will receive your keys and possession of the house, at your agreed upon time. It is important to have your realtor or a third party, other than a family member, walk though the property to inspect the condition you are receiving it in. Check for things like missing lights, curtain rods, etc., or property damage that was not disclosed to you. It is more difficult to make a claim against the seller if you do not have an independent party to support your claim.

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The Importance of Documents We collect most of the paperwork for your mortgage during the first 2 steps of the process. These documents are required by the lender, and in some cases by government regulations, in order to approve your mortgage. In our experience, getting all of these documents at the beginning of the process is essential and will make your journey through the following steps much easier. For our initial meeting, we’ll send you an email – either before the in-person appointment or after our phone call – with a document checklist outlining the paperwork we’ll need to do a complete assessment of your file. It’s imperative that you provide all of the documents requested. Our team needs all your documentation before even starting to work on your file. We need the information to find you the best possible solution, and the lender will want a copy in order to complete your deal. Some of our lenders will review documentation with the submission, while others will review after they have issued an approval; some others will only review documentation after a client has accepted their finance offer. Sometimes lender approvals can come back with additional documentation requirements, and we will notify you of such requests in a timely manner. Once again, it’s imperative that you forward any additional documentation at your earliest convenience. As well, depending on your file, an appraisal may be required. If one will likely be needed, we will advise you as soon as we can. If you are purchasing, the appraiser will have minimal contact with you – normally only to collect payment – as access arrangements will be done in conjunction with the realtor. However, if you are looking at refinancing, the appraiser will coordinate an appointment directly with you, and we may also ask you to obtain an appraisal up-front prior to us submitting your file to a lender. Sometimes lenders require “fair market rent” letters; once again, if this is going to be needed for your file, we will advise.

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Insurance Solutions Getting insurance can be complicated, and involve a wide range of factors. Getting the right insurance policy can help protect your investments, and save you thousands of dollars. We are passionate about: • Getting the answers you need about your insurance; • Making sure you understand your policy; • Providing you with top value in a product that’s right for you. Our team works with Canada’s largest insurance providers, enabling us to serve you with more insurance options and the best deals. We take the time to listen to your circumstances and customize coverage specific for your situation. If you are in the process of buying a home, most lenders require that you have insurance as a condition of your mortgage. We work with new home buyers daily, understand how the mortgage industry works, and can create a plan to satisfy the insurance-related qualifications. If a problem should arise and a claim needs to be filed, you can count on us to deliver exceptional customer service. Our experienced team can offer advice and means to quickly resolve your claim, and get things back to normal. You can’t put a price tag on everything, but it is critical for you to protect your investment and belongings the best you can. Meet Your Insurance Professional Nicole Barrett, Client Care & Insurance Liaison Nicole brings 15 years of Customer Service experience in both the financial and insurance industry. With her time spent working in a bank – as well as several years in the insurance industry working with customers for their auto, home, and travel insurance needs – Nicole’s goal has always been to provide excellent customer service and find the answer to any and all questions brought to her.

Insurance Services provided by InsureLine Brokers (Auxilium)

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Imagine working with people who care! At Auxilium Mortgage we believe that a home is more than a roof over your head. Meet our team and lear...