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Introducing AVNF49-ES Monitor the status of devices connected to EtherSound and react in consequence September 2010


AVNF49-ES Why a new product ?  EtherSound is a support for audio transmission AND for control  All equipments parameters can be controlled and modified remotely, through AuviTran ESMonitor software  For some applications (security, sensitive applications…), EtherSound can provide unique advantages in terms of control and monitoring Absence of a device on the EtherSound network (failure, shut down…), connection broken… Mute of a canal or of a device Stand by mode on a device, defective power supply on a device, over limit parameters…

 AVNF49-ES is a hardware EtherSound Security Controller  16 isolated General Purpose Inputs (GPIs) and 16 relay outputs (General Purpose Outputs or GPOs), that can be controlled and monitored through the EtherSound network  It can be programmed to check the status of devices linked to the EtherSound network, even remotely: pooling of all parameters every 100 ms  No need for a software PC after initial programmation September 2010


AVNF49-ES Physical presentation


GPIs and GPOs remotely monitored and controllable over EtherSound 15 addressable GPOs + 1 “general” GPO (active for all defaults)

September 2010


AVNF49-ES Key features  Possibilities of each AVNF49-ES connected to an EtherSound network: Pooling of up to 15 equipments connected to an EtherSound network Pooling of up to 24 registers, from up to 15 equipments Switching On or Off 15 addressable GPOs + 1 “general” GPO, not addressable Scanning the status of up to 16 GPIs (On or Off) Detection of « Primary Master » status on the EtherSound network: this detects a connection problem on devices before The AVNF49-ES on the EtherSound network  Scanning of a security channel among the 128 EtherSound channels     

 AVNF49-ES can be completed by a specific software application, for security needs:  Graphical supervision of the equipments  Logging of defaults  Actions like E-mail or SMS sending in case of problem

=> Contact us for this kind of project September 2010


AuviTran AVNF49-ES + Nexo NXAmp Unique additional features

 EtherSound connected NXAmps can provide important information about its internal parameters for the system, such as:  Impedance over a specific threshold for each channel  Impedance under a specific threshold for each channel  Temperature limit overrun for each channel

 The combination NXAmps + AVNF49-ES provides unique supervision features about the amplification system  NXAmps are also equipped with GPI and GPO, and can communicate through that for actions  The status of the NXAmps can be graphically supervised graphically through an optional additional AuviTran software September 2010


Application example: control of equipments in a stadium

September 2010


AVNF49-ES ESMonitor Control page Manual Error Acknowledgement for clearing alerts General parameters for controlling the EtherSound network and the AVNF49 device

Configuration menu for setting up the scanning the EtherSound connected devices GPIs status indications

GPOs status indications

September 2010


AVNF49-ES Alerts generation principles

 Pag: Paging  Possibility to pool one of the EtherSound channels (defined as security channel) and activate alert if audio is detected on this channel

 Pool: Pooling  Starts pooling the status of the EtherSound connected devices, such as configured in the setup of parameters  An alert is activated as soon as a preconfigured error status is detected on any equipment connected to the EtherSound network (through scanning of the corresponding registers)  If one of the scanned equipments does not answer to the recurrent pooling, an alert is also activated

 GPI: GPI status scan  If one of the scanned GPIs changes of status (from off to on or from on to off), an alert is activated September 2010


AVNF49-ES Alerts generation principles

 WD: Watchdog security system of the AVNF49-ES device  The micro code which manages the pooling is pooled itself.  If this micro code becomes defective (bug, infinite loop mode…), the Watchdog alert is activated to announce a defect in the pooling system

 Sem: Semaphore  If, for any reason, the AVNF49-ES device cannot operate and cannot provide information on alerts in real time, the Semaphore alert is activated

 PM: Primary Master alert  If the a connection problem appears on the EtherSound network before the AVNF49-ES (device shut down or cabling error), the AVNF49-ES can detect it: it becomes Primary master and triggers an alert

 Temp: Real time feedback of internal temperature of the device

September 2010


AVNF49-ES - Setup menu for scanning the status of the EtherSound connected devices Setting the alert mode of the AVNF49: •“Static” requests an manual Error Acknowledge •In “Autoreset” mode, this acknowledge is automatic after errors have disappeared •“Test PM” activates Primary Master alert mode if defined

Setting the fan mode of the AVNF49: Automatic on temp condition or forced to a specific speed

September 2010

Definition of the GPIs to be scanned If a box is ticked, tan alert is generated on corresponding GPI status Definition of the EtherSound connected devices to be scanned, and assignation of the status to the GPO Example here: GPO 1 alert if the status linked to the indicated register of the NXAmp shows an anomaly Setting the luminosity of the of the AVNF49 front face LEDs


Reference, timetable

 Reference AVNF49-ES

 Date of availability: Now  Software versions  ESMonitor version 3.9.4 and later

September 2010


Sept 2010 - New AVNF49-ES  

Introducing AuviTran AVNF49-ES: monitor the status of devices connected to EtherSound and react in consequence

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